L.A.’s Kstar Finessen Drops New Music from Behind Bars

From the heart of Los Angeles, CA, emerges Kstar Finessen, an independent hip-hop artist with over eight years in the game. Initially diving into the world of beat-making under the alias @SwaggeyJBeats, Kstar soon shifted his focus toward songwriting and recording, collaborating with various producers to craft his unique sound. Despite his entanglements with street life, which led to a prison sentence for assault with a gun, Kstar’s passion for music has remained unwavering.

Currently serving his sixth year, Kstar is gearing up to drop his first project in seven years from behind bars. The anticipation is high, with his recent singles “Every Penny Season” and “Slave to the Money” receiving surprising acclaim for their quality, especially considering his circumstances. As he approaches his release date, Kstar’s determination to make waves in the music industry is stronger than ever.

Kstar’s journey in music has been both exhilarating and challenging. Navigating the complexities of the music industry and investing his own money into his career has taught him invaluable lessons about the power dynamics and the necessity of self-belief. His commitment to his craft is evident in the countless hours spent on promotion, studio time, beats, and performances, all done independently without a major support system.

A pivotal moment in his career was his first trip to New York, where he performed at Hip Hop Seazon. This experience underscored his dedication, as he ventured solo across the country, driven by his passion for music. His latest single, “Slave to the Money,” is a testament to his journey, reflecting the style that initially garnered him a loyal fanbase on SoundCloud.

Kstar’s early days were marked by relentless networking and ensuring his music stood out. His strategy has always been about authenticity and creating an unmatched style. His story, captured in the independent short film “Kstar Finessen – Valifornia Savage,” and a plethora of material on YouTube and SoundCloud, offers a glimpse into his artistic evolution.

Despite the hurdles, Kstar Finessen’s commitment to his artistry is unshaken. As he prepares to re-enter the world, he’s ready to hit the ground running, bringing with him a renewed vigor and a wealth of music that speaks to his resilience and talent. For those looking to delve into his journey, exploring his tracks on major streaming platforms and his early works on SoundCloud is a must. Keep an eye out for Kstar Finessen, as he is undoubtedly set to make a significant impact on the hip-hop scene.


Instagram: @Swaggey_johnsonways

Tiktok: @Swaggey.Johnson

YouTube: youtube.com/KstarFinessen


Spotify: Kstar Finessen

Apple music: Kstar Finessen

Tidal: Kstar Finessen

Pandora: Kstar finessen

AMAZON MUSIC: kstar finessen

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Global Reach: SAT GAME’s Latest Single ‘Pap Smear’ Spreads Across Borders Now on Hollywood’s A-List

We are pleased to announce that the new single ‘Pap Smear’ from ‘SAT GAME‘ is now on our prestigious Daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it night and day on the playlist + it will also be played daily as a special HIP HOP POWERPLAY at 7:45 PM Pacific USA time for the next month.

Straight out of Detroit, Satgame—aka SAT GAME drops new single ‘Pap Smear’. Satgame’s sound can best be described as “catchy, thought-out, put-together” music.

For Satgame, creating music comes down to making time to create—that’s when he truly gets inspired. Writer’s block comes and goes for the artist, but freestyling and playing instruments frees his creativity when he devotes time to doing just that. Throughout grade school, the young Satgame performed in showcases, beginning what would eventually become a career in music. In college, the artist would freestyle with friends to pass the time. In 2014, he released his first album and never stopped.

Over the years, Satgame has collaborated with artists under his label including Bongo Boy Records’ Volume XVI and on Bentley Records with the track “My Bentley So Cold.” He caught the public eye in 2014 with his work “Heart of a Warrior, Vol. 1” and has been steadily releasing hits since.

Weaving intricate lyrics with hip hop essentials, the artist is true to his style and his fans. With a global reach, Satgame is looking to taking his sound overseas to gain more traction and connect with international fans. He’s not limited to one niche. In fact, the artist wants to reach out to listeners of “different races and religions” that all come together in support of his sound.

While he has yet to perform in front of an arena, Satgame is looking forward to live performances in the near future. “I’m going to give them everything out of my catalogue,” says the artist. Fans can look forward to Satgame’s energy and drive, as well as his full portfolio of music.

Speaking of music, what are Satgame’s passions outside of the art? “None. I live, die, sleep, and breathe music. There’s no quitting,” Satgame exclaims. With that level of dedication, it’s undoubtable he will create impactful work in the years to come.

Make sure to stay connected to Satgame on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.





Elevate Your Playlist with SupaFuse’s High-Quality Tracks

In today’s fast-paced world, music has become more than just a form of entertainment; it’s a soundtrack to our lives, a companion through every moment. With the advent of technology, the way we consume music has evolved, giving rise to numerous streaming platforms vying for our attention. Among these, one platform stands out for its unique approach and commitment to delivering an unparalleled listening experience: SupaFuse.

SupaFuse isn’t just another music streaming platform; it’s a revolution in how we engage with music. Founded on the belief that music should be more than just background noise, SupaFuse aims to create an immersive and enriching environment where users can discover, explore, and connect with music on a deeper level.

So, what sets SupaFuse apart from the rest?

A Curated Selection of Tracks

Instead of quantity, SupaFuse focuses on quality, offering a carefully curated selection of tracks from a diverse range of genres. Whether you’re a fan of rap, r&b, hip-hop, or afrobeats, amapiano, or alté music, SupaFuse has something for everyone.

Community Engagement

Music is a universal language that brings people together, and SupaFuse is no exception. With its vibrant and active community of music lovers, SupaFuse provides a platform for users to connect, share, and discover new music together. SupaFuse fosters a sense of camaraderie and belonging among its members. There is a points system available, where users can earn points which can be used to redeem exciting products and services on the SupaFuse platform. Points can be earned by following your favorite artists, following playlists, liking tracks/albums, etc.

Commitment to Artists

At SupaFuse, we believe in supporting the artists who create the music we love. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring that artists receive fair compensation for their work. Through the artist support system, SupaFuse strives to create a sustainable ecosystem where artists can thrive and continue to create the music, we all enjoy. Artists can receive support (in form of donations) on their profile on SupaFuse.

In conclusion, SupaFuse is more than just a music streaming platform; it’s a celebration of music in all its forms. With its curated selection of tracks, vibrant community, and commitment to artists, SupaFuse offers a truly unique and immersive listening experience. So why settle for ordinary when you can experience the extraordinary with SupaFuse? Join SupaFuse today and discover the perfect blend of music, only on SupaFuse.


Unveiling ‘Trenches’: BigMay202’s Poignant Single Echoes Life’s Realities on the Hollywood A-List Now

We are pleased to announce that the new single ‘Trenches’ from ‘BigMay202’ is now on our prestigious Daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it night and day on the playlist + it will also be played daily as a special HIP HOP POWERPLAY at 8 PM Pacific USA time for the next month.

We are thrilled to unveil the immensely talented hip-hop artist, BigMay202, who is poised to make an indelible mark on the music industry. Hailing from the challenging neighborhoods of Chicago, BigMay202 brings an unparalleled authenticity to his music, providing a powerful reflection of his personal journey.

Having grown up in the tough streets of Chicago, BigMay202 witnessed the harsh realities of life, including tragic murders and brutal gang wars. These experiences left an indelible impact on him and his family, leading them to make the difficult decision to relocate to Arkansas when BigMay202 was just 8 years old, following a traumatic incident he had witnessed.

However, the pursuit of a fresh start was riddled with challenges for BigMay202. He faced various obstacles, which eventually resulted in his placement in juvenile detention at the tender age of 12. It was during these trying times that music emerged as a form of therapy, allowing BigMay202 to process and share his past experiences.

Now, at the age of 14, BigMay202 has made remarkable strides in his music career. His YouTube channel has garnered over 85,000 views and his songs have been inducted into Discovery Mode on Spotify, where he showcases over 60,000 streams. The talented artist, originating from the Englewood area of Chicago, specifically 65th and Green Street, has even dominated Google’s search engine results.

Through his music, BigMay202 offers a fresh and unique perspective, sharing stories of resilience, struggle, and triumph. His determination to overcome adversity and create a better future for himself and those around him is palpable in every lyric he writes and every beat he produces.

As BigMay202 continues to hone his craft and share his music with the world, we anticipate great things for this rising hip-hop sensation. His journey is a testament to the power of music as a means of self-expression, healing, and inspiration.

Meet BigMay202, a remarkable 14-year-old individual hailing from the challenging neighborhoods of Chicago. Since a young age, BigMay202 has been an eyewitness to the harsh realities of life, including theft, murder, and brutal gang wars. These experiences deeply impacted him, leading him to relocate to Arkansas at the tender age of 8, following a traumatic murder he witnessed.

Despite his efforts to seek a fresh start in a new environment, BigMay202 found himself facing adversity once again, as he encountered various challenges that led to his placement in juvenile detention at the age of 12. Yet, even throughout these trying times, he has discovered solace in music, turning to it as a form of therapy and a means to process and share his past experiences.

BigMay202’s music is a reflection of his authentic journey, capturing the true stories he has encountered along the way. Each verse and chorus he composes is rooted in his personal encounters, making his artistry deeply genuine and heartfelt. Through his music, he aims to not only heal himself but also shed light on the reality many individuals face, particularly those living in the trenches of Chicago.

BigMay202’s commitment to expressing his truth is both courageous and inspiring. By sharing his story through music, he demonstrates resilience and a determination to overcome the obstacles he has faced. These true stories he shares are not only a reflection of his personal experiences but also an invitation for listeners to gain a deeper understanding of the realities of life in Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods.

BigMay202 is a rising hip-hop artist whose music reflects a powerful journey from the challenging neighborhoods of Chicago to the pursuit of a better future. Through his profound storytelling and authentic style, BigMay202 captivates audiences and offers a unique perspective on resilience and triumph. With notable achievements on platforms like YouTube and Spotify, BigMay202 is an artist to watch as he continues to make waves in the music industry.

Let us continue to support BigMay202 as he harnesses the power of music to heal, grow, and inspire others with his authenticity and unwavering spirit.

To experience the remarkable talent of BigMay202, follow his YouTube channel and stream his music on Spotify.

Empowering Voices: DJ LiKWUiD’s Impact on Women’s History Month

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, it’s essential to shine a light on trailblazing women who have left an indelible mark in their respective fields. Among them stands DJ LiKWUiD, an award-winning hip-hop fusion artist and activist whose influence extends far beyond the realm of music.

Born Faybeo’n Mickens, DJ LiKWUiD hails from Columbia, South Carolina, where her love for music and activism was cultivated from an early age. Today, she stands as one of the top women emcees, or femcees, in the nation, with features in prominent publications such as Ebony Magazine, AOL Black Voices, The Source, and Okayplayer. Her journey as an artist and activist is deeply intertwined with her commitment to amplifying marginalized voices and fostering inclusivity in the music industry.

DJ LiKWUiD‘s musical style, often described as “traphrobeats,” is a fusion of house music, hip-hop, and afrobeats, reflecting her diverse influences and Gullah ancestry. Through her music, she explores themes of identity, resilience, and empowerment, inspiring audiences to embrace their authenticity and stand up for social justice.

As a Hip Hop Cultural Ambassador to the United States and a Voting Member of the Recording Academy, DJ LiKWUiD plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the music industry and advocating for diversity and inclusion. She is also an inaugural member of GLAAD’s Black Queer Creative Summit, further cementing her commitment to LGBTQAI+ representation and empowerment.

In addition to her musical endeavors, DJ LiKWUiD is a passionate educator and activist, serving as an Artist in Residence at NewsBeat Podcast and collaborating with various bands and collectives, including @EllaMaeFlossie. Through her work with Banjee Boombox, a QTBIPOC festival collective she co-founded, she creates safe spaces for women, non-binary individuals, and LGBTQAI+ artists to showcase their talent and share their stories.

As we honor the contributions of women throughout history, let’s celebrate DJ LiKWUiD and her unwavering dedication to music, activism, and empowerment. Follow her journey on social media and explore her music to experience the transformative power of her artistry. Together, let’s continue to uplift and amplify the voices of women everywhere.


Official Website


J Maurice’s ‘Baddie’: A New Hit on the Hollywood A-List – Redefining the Hip-Hop Landscape

We are pleased to announce that the new single ‘Baddie’ from ‘J Maurice’ is now on our Daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it night and day on the playlist + it will also be played daily as a special POWERPLAY at 5 PM Pacific USA time for the next month.

J Maurice continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible and redefine the hip-hop landscape with a proven sound that combines the best of hip-hop, rap, R&B, and diverse global influences to come up with an eclectic sound that cuts across multiple dimensions. When it comes to his rap skills, he has proved to be a more than capable emcee who takes cues from daily-life happenings and constructs thought-provoking verses that leave audiences craving for more. He is one of the most hardworking emcees in the industry, and his extensive discography attests to his relentless work ethic and unwavering dedication to his craft.

“BADDIE” is one of those tracks that leaves a lasting impression thanks to the infectious melodies, easily relatable and fun lyrics, and an epic music video that complements it and elevates the track to new levels.

A huge testament to J Maurice’s versatility prowess, he takes the best of hip-hop, dancehall, and afrobeats to come up with a banger that stays in the mind long after the final notes have disappeared thanks to the catchy hooks, memorable chorus, and infectious beat.

This track solidifies J Maurice’s position as a trailblazing hip-hop and rap artist who is not afraid to stretch the limits of his own imagination and push the boundaries of creativity in order to create something with wide-ranging appeal.

The music video accompanying this single is pure cinema; it is eye-catching, with the thick and beautifully slaying ladies dancing and enjoying the music, which is the perfect complement to the song both in storyline and symbolism.

To say that “Baddie” hits closer to home would be an understatement. I feel that this track deserves more attention and critical acclaim than it is getting and really highlights the limitless creativity and versatility of J Maurice who is always on top of his game.

When it comes to delivering, this is the embodiment of A-game and such an easy recommendation to any music enthusiast, especially those who dig hip-hop and dancehall.

To watch the music video, make sure you subscribe to J Maurice’s channel, like, and share this work of art.

Follow J Maurice on Instagram and Tik Tok for the latest developments.


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Breaking Boundaries: The Quantum Plane’s ‘Detroit 2 Flint’ Commands Spotlight on Hollywood Daily A-List – A Hip-Hop Journey from Detroit to the World

We are pleased to announce that the new single ‘Detroit 2 Flint’ from ‘The Quantum Plane’ is now on our coveted Daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it night and day on the playlist + it will be played as a special RAP HIP HOP POWERPLAY at 4 PM Pacific USA time for the next month to come.

Marquan Williams is a multi-talented vocalist, rapper and entrepreneur who dons the moniker of The Quantum Plane. The enigma is at the fulcrum of an evolving hip-hop scene. Quantum is a very different and uniquely wired musician who isn’t afraid to break the rules and push the boundaries of our perception with his deeply layered and well-crafted production. Born and raised in Detroit, MI , his drive, focus, and tenacity will lead him to become a relentless and unstoppable force in the independent circuit.

Quantum is making music that is driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, and tell his story his way. As an artist, music is the vehicle by which he expresses himself. He began writing music from age 11 and began rapping in his teens. He writes lyrics that draw from his experiences and by using his musical acumen he articulates stories and shared perspectives that will connect with audiences across the spectrum.

Quantum combines various unique and experimental sounds with his intricate wordplay and often dabbles in various contrasting flows resulting in Hip hop centered fusions that are still firmly stitched together by emotive undertones. This all culminates in Quantum producing an enjoyable, and easygoing musical experience that is authentic and grounded in reality. His overarching ambition is to empower people through his gift and to be remembered. He is driven by the desire to share emotion through music and to impact lives in a positive way.

Listen at Spotify

Experience the Unforgettable: King Camil and Project Pat’s ‘Life We Live, Pt 2’ Now on Daily Rotation and RAP POWERPLAY

We are pleased to announce that the incredible ‘Life We Live, Pt 2’ from King Camil and Project Pat is now on the Daily A-List Playlist + it will also be played as a special RAP POWERPLAY at 1 PM Pacific USA time to start your afternoon for the next month.

In the dynamic world of rap, where authenticity often takes a back seat, King Camil emerges as a lyrical powerhouse, and his latest release “Life We Live, Pt 2,” featuring the renowned Project Pat, is a testament to his artistry. The track, a sequel to his earlier work, transcends the boundaries of conventional rap, offering a soul-stirring experience that delves deep into the intricacies of life’s struggles and victories. From the outset, “Life We Live, Pt 2” presents itself as more than just a song; it is a thought-provoking and immersive musical journey. The haunting and cinematic aura set by the creative production lays the groundwork for an emotional narrative, heightened by resonating keys and intricate percussion that propel the listener into a realm of introspection.

King Camil’s lyrical game and storytelling prowess, hallmarks of his craft, finds new vigor in the company of the venerable Project Pat. Their synergy on this track is palpable, creating an enthralling narrative that resonates with the listener. Each verse unfolds with a relentless passion, weaving tales of resilience, ambition, and the relentless pursuit of a better life. The magnetic energy exuded by both artists is infectious, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s psyche.

The undeniably powerful message embedded within the verses transcends mere motivation; it serves as an anthem for those who have braved adversity and conquered insurmountable odds. The relentless beat acts as an ally, providing a dynamic backdrop for King Camil and Project Pat’s raw and unapologetic deliveries. Their verses are not just words but a clarion call to persevere, to rise above personal turmoil, and to embrace the journey of life with unwavering determination.

As the track progresses, the musicality evolves, unveiling new layers and depths that add a rich fullness to the composition. King Camil and Project Pat’s unwavering commitment to authenticity shines through, underscoring the value of speaking from the heart and resonating with the shared human experience. “Life We Live, Pt 2” embodies the essence of their artistry, encapsulating the essence of the human spirit’s resilience and the triumph over adversity.


KingCamil on IG, Tiktok, FB and X.

Turn Up the Vibes: Lucas Pulse’s powerful and sleek ‘Hands Up’ Takes Over The Hollywood Daily A-List playlist

We are pleased to announce that the funky, sleek, melodic and dope new single ‘Hands up’ from ‘Lucas Pulse’ is now on the Daily A-List Playlist. This great new track combines rap and electronic pop with a funky and majestic modern production and top-class rap. Hear it day and night on the playlist + it will be played as a special POWERPLAY at 12 PM Midday Pacific USA time for the next month.

Sing your heart out and vibe to the infectious beat’ of ‘Go Lo Lo’ from ‘Sador’ on the playlist

We are pleased to announce that ‘Go Lo Lo’ from ‘Sador’ is now on the daily A-List Playlist. Hear it night and day on the playlist + as a special AFROBEAT POWERPLAY at 8 PM Pacific USA time every night for the next month.

‘Go Lo Lo’ is the latest global Afrobeat hit from ‘Sador’. Sador is a genre-blending artist who skillfully combines rap, singing, and an innate ability to vibe to the beat. His music transcends genre boundaries, seamlessly fusing rap, Afrobeat, R&B, and hip-hop including a coveted co-sign from the legendary producer Timbaland also worked with WESTSIDE BOOGIE.

With a talent for storytelling and a passion for rhythm, Sador offers a unique and unforgettable musical experience that invites you to rap along, sing your heart out, and vibe to the infectious beat.

Stream on All Platforms Now


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Anticipate the Release of ‘Ball Angel’ as Kee Beez’s ‘CA Luv’ Takes Over the Hollywood Playlist.

We are pleased to announce that the incredible new single ‘CA Luv’ from world renowned rapper ‘Kee Beez’ is now on the daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it day and night on the playlist + it will also be played daily as a special RAP POWERPLAY at 7 PM Pacific USA time every night for the next month or more. Watch out for his highly anticipated forthcoming album ‘Ball Angel’ coming out soon on Thumnatian.





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Sejoya Strikes Gold with ‘Ya Know’ – The Ultimate Rap Sensation on the playlist.

Prepare for a thrilling ride with Sejoya’s ‘Ya Know,‘ as it weaves a cinematic suspense and sleek production in perfect harmony. The song’s sexy beats and strong, distinctive rap vocals deliver clever rhymes that are irresistibly catchy. Let the dark atmospheric synths and groovy swing take you on a cool and addictive journey.


‘Ya Know’ from Sejoya is now on the daily A-List playlist + will also be played as a special RAP POWERPLAY at 3 PM Pacific USA time for a month or more.

Announcing the latest drop from the incredibly talented Sejoya, hailing from the vibrant Bay Area – her brand new single is out now! Get ready to be blown away as she takes the entertainment industry by storm with her highly anticipated rap anthem, “Ya Know.”

With “Ya Know,” Sejoya is set to redefine the game, showcasing her mesmerizing vocals, potent lyrical prowess, and undeniably urban model looks. This track is an absolute must-add to your playlist, so don’t miss out on the musical journey she has crafted for you! Grab it now and experience the magic of Sejoya’s artistry.

Listen at Spotify

Musical Maestro Jfons Drops Emotionally Charged new single “Can I Get a Minute”

“Can I Get a Minute” by Jfons offers a perfect balance of sultriness and sophistication. Its seamless blend of classic R&B beats and sleek production will have you hitting the replay button.


“Can I Get a Minute” by Jfons is now on the daily A-List playlist + Listen out for a special Radio interview with Jfons himself at 7:30 PM Pacific USA time every day for a month or more.

Loganville, Georgia In a recent interview, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the talented artist, Jfons, whose single ‘Can I Get a Minute’ has been making waves in the music industry. Hailing from the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, Jfons revealed how music has always been an integral part of his life, starting with his grandmother’s background in singing for the legendary Mahalia Jackson.

“I was born into it,” Jfons shared, “my grandmother’s passion for music seeped into my veins, and from the young age of seven, I found myself playing the piano and writing lyrics. Music brought my family closer during special events and holidays.”

When asked about his major musical influences, Jfons mentioned the likes of Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Ronnie Milsap, Lionel Richie, and the Hawkins family, especially Edwin Hawkins. These artists have left an indelible mark on his musical journey, shaping his style and approach to music-making.

Regarding the recording process, Jfons doesn’t confine himself to one place. He shared, “I don’t really have any designated place; I’ve recorded my music in Houston, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, and New Orleans, Louisiana.” This willingness to adapt and explore new environments is evident in the diverse elements present in his single ‘Can I Get a Minute.’

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, Jfons revealed, “The song ‘Can I Get a Minute’ blends different styles like Hip Hop, street beats, R&B, and a swag of party hype. It’s about a guy just asking a female he sees mostly every day if he can get a minute of her time.” The catchy tune reflects his ability to mix various musical genres seamlessly.

As for potential alive or dead collaborations, Jfons expressed his excitement about working with artists like the late Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Steve Perry, hip hop sensations Drake and LL Cool J, and Ludacris. These potential partnerships are a testament to his broad musical taste and open-mindedness.

Jfons’ journey in the music industry has seen some notable successes, including singing at the iconic Apollo Theater and performing with the group Foru2see in Las Vegas. He also crossed paths with music industry veteran Lou Pearlman of the Backstreet Boys during his time in Cleveland, Ohio, and had the opportunity to connect with artists like the Rude Boys and Gerald Levert.

When it comes to distributing his music, Jfons has made his songs accessible to fans worldwide. His music can be found on various platforms, including SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes Music, and DistroKid.

For aspiring artists, Jfons had some valuable advice to share. “Never be afraid to try new music ideas,” he urged. “Don’t limit yourself to one lane of music, and most importantly, never give up on your dreams. Always put your creativity first.”

Jfons’ dedication to exploring diverse musical styles and his willingness to evolve as an artist have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping the unique sound of ‘Can I Get a Minute.’ With influences from legendary artists and a passion for creative expression, Jfons is poised to make a lasting impact on the music scene. His single ‘Can I Get a Minute’ is not only a testament to his talent but also a reflection of his boundless potential as an artist. As his journey unfolds, music enthusiasts around the world eagerly await the next chapter in the story of Jfons.

Listen at Soundcloud


Hot on the Hollywood Playlist: Da-Mind’s Impactful Single ‘Dat Aint Cool

Introducing a revolutionary approach to hip-hop, Da-Mind presents a paradigm shift that challenges the conventional criticisms associated with the genre. While hip-hop often endures judgment due to its negative lifestyle associations, Da-Mind sets himself apart from his peers in the industry. Instead of gravitating towards rappers who flaunt material possessions and extravagant lives, he directs his focus towards the fundamental essence of the culture itself. His ultimate objective is to initiate change and infuse positivity into the frequently overlooked and obscure aspects of hip-hop.


Listen out for Dat Aint Cool’ from ‘Da-Mind’ now on the daily playlist + as a special POWERPLAY at 1 PM Pacific USA time every day for a month or more.

Da-Mind’s message is a shared encounter that transcends boundaries. He actively engages his audience, shedding light on the destructive nature of street life and its pervasive negativity. Shifting one’s mindset is undoubtedly a formidable task, yet Da-Mind firmly believes in the exceptional power of music to transcend these barriers and impart knowledge to listeners. As a representative of the streets, he shares stories that deeply resonate with us, while simultaneously presenting an alternative side of hip-hop that challenges our preconceived notions.

Da-Mind’s journey has been shaped by invaluable life lessons. Fueled by an unwavering passion for change, he captivates audiences who yearn for the wisdom embodied by this young artist. Through his tireless pursuit of passion and introduction of fresh perspectives to the culture, Da-Mind’s movement appears boundless. However, he acknowledges the challenges that lie ahead on his path and eagerly embraces them. When individuals with similar aspirations unite, their collective message becomes potent and unmistakable.

Immerse yourself in the world of Da-Mind and bear witness to his latest single, “Dat Aint Cool.” By doing so, you will directly experience his unique perspective and grasp the profound impact he is making.





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Addictive Melodies and Hip-Hop Flair: “Whatever She Likes” ft Ty Dolla Sign by Intelligent Diva on the Playlist

With its sleek beats and entrancing synths, “Whatever She Likes” by Intelligent Diva featuring Ty Dolla Sign transports you to a world of entrancing melodies and hip-hop flair. The efficient and classy rap verses, combined with the pristine production, create a wall of sound that immerses you in the infectious energy of the track.


‘Whatever She Likes’ from ‘Intelligent Diva’ ft ‘Ty Dolla Sign’ is now on the daily A-List playlist and will also be played daily as a special POWERPLAY at 1 PM Hollywood time for a month or more.

The talent coming from Jacksonville, Florida is amazing. It just doesn’t receive enough recognition due to changes in the algorithms on social media. However, Intelligent Diva seems to have found another angle for ensuring her music is being heard globally around the world.  The multi-genre artist and executive ceo of her own two record labels Intelligent Diva Music and Diva Underground Records seem to be taking on the world by storm.

Intelligent Diva who has a fulltime career in technology is definitely showing how she combines all of her niches together to sell and market across the globe.  Her latest accomplishment is the release of her new single “Whatever She Likes” ft Ty Dolla Sign.  While the 3x billboard artist has an extensive list of hit records which have charted on the radio.  Her single was released today on July 7th, on all streaming platforms. There Born as In addition to this the artist dropped music visuals which consists of a live animated music video, lyric video and non- lyric video which were directed and produced by the music artist .

The single is definitely a club banger which keep you on the dance floor.  Intelligent Diva delivers some lyrical lemonade which tasteful with a lot flavor. The combination of the rapping and singing harmonies is a nice blend. We definitely must say for an independent music artist and label she is definitely delivering something refreshing.

Live action is a powerful mode of video making. Intelligent Diva is the first independent music artist from Jacksonville, Florida to emerge music and technology together by creating a live animated music video.  She also assisted in creating the design of the animated characters, the game design scenes, and the NFT characters.  These music artists included all forms of animation into the music video from 3d animation, 2d animation and even her own talking NFT character.  The artist is also tapping into television, where she has created her own TV show called Guess Who which is showcase some creators and entrepreneurs.

This is super impressive!  Be sure to stream Whatever She Likes by Intelligent Diva ft Ty Dolla Sign on all streaming platforms and watch the amazing music videos and visuals. You won’t be disappointed.


Follow Intelligent Diva on Instagram

Stream On Spotify


Record Company – Intelligent Diva Music

Funky and Irresistible: Jardaker’s ‘Where Do You Think I Come From?’ Takes the Music Scene by Storm” on the Hollywood Digital playlist now.

The head of music for hollywoodfm.digital said that he loved the new single ‘Where do you think I come from?‘ from ‘Jardaker’ and has placed it on the daily A-List playlist.

Get ready to groove to the infectious vibes of Jardaker’s “Where Do You Think I Come From?” This catchy song infuses indie rock and rap in a way that’s both refreshing and irresistible. With Jardaker’s distinctive vocals leading the way, this track is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Listen out for it every day on the Daily Playlist + as a special ROCK RAP POWERPLAY at 11 AM Pacific USA time every morning for a month or more.

Introducing Jardaker’s captivating debut single, “Where do you think I come from?” This electrifying fusion of rock and rap invites the audience to ponder the artist’s identity as Jardaker skillfully repeats this rhetorical question, creating an irresistibly catchy hook.

As an artist, Jardaker delves into the depths of self-reflection, contemplating his journey and expression through rap. Setting himself apart from conventional rappers, he explores alternative subject matters and boasts a unique style that sets him apart.

Originally hailing from West Yorkshire and now residing in West London, Jardaker presents a distinctive image. With his flatcap and deep Yorkshire accent, he breaks the mold of the typical rapper within the scene. Through his clever use of punchlines and wordplay, Jardaker tackles topics such as comedy, sustainability, and philanthropy, challenging the conventional expectations of what artists should address in their music.

To stay updated on Jardaker’s releases and upcoming shows, be sure to follow him on social media and keep track of his linktree. Stay connected and witness the journey of this remarkable artist.




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Elevate Your Musical Experience with the Majestic Hip Hop Rap of Mysterious Pimpin Ft Cal Mack’s ‘Charge It 2 The Game’ on the Hollywood Playlist.

The head of music for hollywoodfm.digital said that he loved the new single ‘Charge It 2 The Game’ from Mysterious Pimpin’ Ft ‘Cal Mack’ and has placed it on the Daily A-List Playlist.

Immerse yourself in the allure of ‘Charge It 2 The Game,’ an enthralling Hip Hop Rap track that infuses a dark and grand cinematic ambiance with a touch of mystery and mystique. From the very first note, you will be whisked away to a realm brimming with endless possibilities, accompanied by a melodic rap that exudes charm and confidence. The production showcases exceptional craftsmanship, seamlessly blending soaring orchestral arrangements with brooding undertones, uplifting melodies, and anthemic beats.

Listen out for this hot new track on the daily playlist + as a special RAP POWERPLAY at 7:30 PM Pacific USA time every night for a month or more.

Los Angeles-Based Emerging Hip-Hop Artist and Emcee Mysterious Pimpin Sets High Standards With His Latest Track, “Charge It 2 The Game.

The west coast rap scene has a new contender going by the name of Mysterious Pimpin; this Los Angeles emcee who embodies street rap with his street-glamorous sound that takes cue from the underground scene is the real deal, taking over the airwaves one track at a time in the hope of cementing his place at the very top of the rap food chain. Crediting his late brother Big Chop as his biggest inspiration, Mysterious Pimpin is pursuing their shared dream through their co-owned Grisset Entertainment.

“Charge It 2 The Game” is a masterclass in underground rap. With its onslaught of bars, irresistible hooks, and out-of-this-world beat, this track is sure to increase your appreciation for hip-hop and rap.

Mysterious Pimpin goes really hard and ensures that a listener feels the raw emotions and that gangsta-inspired aggression that is his signature cadence. With a delivery as swift and effortless as dual transmission landing each sick bar and intellectual rhyme in a rhythmically mesmerizing flow to display his innate competency as a storyteller and demonstrate his limitless creativity and versatility!

In its entirety, this track is a seamless showcase of rapid-fire freestyle, taunting bars, provocative rhymes, and masterful flows with captivating hooks in between, making it a radio-friendly anthem that would be a welcome addition to any hip-hop and rap playlist.

This is a clear example of how deeply motivated Pimpin is, as he takes the game by the horns and showcases what he is made up of. In the process, he is creating a self-sustaining empire that will be his legacy and that he hopes will go on to inspire others to achieve massively no matter where in the world they are from.

“Charge It 2 The Game” is a certified masterpiece from head to toe and a track that any rap devotee would appreciate any day!

To keep up with Mysterious Pimpin’s journey, follow him on:

Exploring the Vibrant Sounds of “Living In The Bay” from Cholly J’ Presents ‘D-Lew’ hot on the Hollywood playlist.

The music guru and playlist master at hollywoodfm.digital said that he loved the new single ‘Living In The Bay’ from ‘Cholly J’ Presents ‘D-lew’ and has put it on the High Rotation Playlist.

“Living In The Bay” is a melodic hip-hop rap song that showcases the powerful collaboration between Cholly J and D-Lew. With its strong attitude, smooth soulful production, and vibrant energy, the track becomes an anthem that encapsulates the essence of living in the Bay Area. D-Lew’s commanding delivery and sharp lyrics, paired with Cholly J’s exceptional production skills, result in a catchy and cool masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression.

Listen out for it on the playlist + as a special powerplay at approx 6 PM Pacific USA time for a month or more.

Cholly J, a renowned producer and owner of Mackin Ass Tracks Recording Studio, currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. Originally from the Bay Area, Cholly J was born in East Palo Alto, specifically at 906 Bay Road, a place that held significant memories during his youth. He also spent some time living in San Jose, particularly in Foxdale Mannors throughout the 1980s.

At the young age of 14, Cholly J embarked on his journey in the music industry by starting Mackin Ass Tracks Productions. This marked the beginning of his remarkable career, and in the mid-1990s, he established M-A-T Studios in Mountain View, CA. However, he later relocated it to Oakland, CA, specifically on Durant & MacArthur, in the late 1990s.

In 2004, Cholly J made the decision to relocate Mackin Ass Tracks to Sacramento, CA, and subsequently set his sights on building a new studio in Southern California. Now, he is focused on creating a brand-new state-of-the-art studio in SoCal, continuing his passion for producing exceptional music.

Cholly J is making a comeback with a fresh roster of talented artists, starting with Showtime619, also known as Black Orasi Manny Mayne. This exciting venture began in 2013 and has garnered significant attention. Additionally, in 2012, Cholly J produced the anthem song “Play 60” for the 49ers, which can be found on YouTube.

Throughout his career, Cholly J has played a crucial role in developing numerous artists, working with both big and small names in the industry. His extensive list of credits speaks volumes about his expertise and influence. Notable debut projects from 2006 include YUNG BUNDLE (aka Da P.A. PRINCE), DOUBLE AA (aka BROTHA COLDY), CHOLLY J Straight Up and Down Pimp, CHOLLY J Presents Business Savvy, and CHOLLY J Mixtape (untitled).

Cholly J’s credits extend even further, featuring collaborations with renowned artists. Some of his notable works include the CHOLLY J NOTHIN BUT HEAT Compilation, featuring artists like Too Short, Digital Underground, 3x Crazy, Poohman, Just Mellow, AA, JT Bigga Figga, King Gorge, Mr. Mix of 2 Live Crew, Cydal, and others. He also contributed to Just Mellow’s debut album “Since Day 1,” featuring Too Short, with eight tracks.

Among his notable credits, Cholly J has worked with artists such as Talon, Sean-T, D-Lew, Too Short, Littles (Mobb Deep), JT da Bigga Figga, Ad Capone, Da Federation (Doonie), Kontac, Yung Life, MC Lyte, Money B (Digital Underground), Shock G (Digital Underground), Captain Sav’em, San Quinn, Messy Marv, Agerman (3x Krazy), Pooh Man, Cydal, Twice Berg Slim, B-Legit, Baby Bash, Alibaba, Big Gipp (Goodie Mob), Yung Resse, Richie Rich, Mac Mall, Raw Dog, Johnny Cash, Hood Fellas, High Risk, Fully Loaded, Big Chunk, Mac Dre, Reg, Levitti, Scott Dog (Blakkboi of the Hood Starz), Neva Legal, C-Funk, Rappin 4 Tay, Lil Ric (West Coast Bad Boys), Mystic, Da Unda, Jet Black, Tax Free, Conscious Daughters, Sugar Kane, Mack and AK, Laroo, Flexx, King George, Bloody Mary, Cellski, RBG’s (Righteous Black Gorillas), E Money, X Rated (304), Taydatay (115), Double AA, Cali G, Just Mellow, S.B. (aka Baby Cougnut), Krypto, Black C, and many more.

Cholly J’s contributions as a producer and engineer have been instrumental in shaping the careers of these artists. His vast experience and technical skills have made him a sought-after collaborator. From working with industry legends like Too Short, MC Lyte, and Digital Underground to emerging talents, Cholly J’s ability to bring out the best in artists is evident.

Throughout his illustrious career, Cholly J has been involved in numerous projects, demonstrating his versatility and dedication to the craft. Whether it’s compiling impressive collaborations for the CHOLLY J NOTHIN BUT HEAT Compilation or crafting compelling tracks for debut albums, he consistently delivers high-quality music.


#Cholly J (@intrafficholly) | Instagram

@shwcdrecords | Instagram

Delve into the Alluring Atmosphere of Shivor’s “O Thats It” a new arrival on the Hollywood playlist.

The head of music for hollywoodfm.digital said that he loved the new single ‘O Thats It’ from ‘Shivor’ and has placed it on the Hollywood Digital Playlist.

Prepare to be enchanted by Shivor’s mystical vibes in “O Thats It,” a hip hop, trap, and rap masterpiece. The track features solid hip-hop beats that set the rhythm, while the atmospheric production transports listeners to another realm. Mysterious synths add an air of intrigue, blending seamlessly with Shivor’s strong and charismatic female vocals. With her impeccable rap delivery and unforgettable hooks, this song showcases Shivor’s ability to craft a mesmerizing musical experience.

Listen out for this hot new track on the playlist daily and also as a special daily NEW MUSIC PLAY at approx 1 PM Pacific USA time for a month or more.

Shivor, a gifted artist hailing from Fayetteville, North Carolina, who brings a refreshing and unique blend of hip hop and R&B to the music scene. Embarking on her musical journey in 2020, Shivor delved into the world of piano and voice, and soon found herself collaborating with various producers in the studio.

Staying true to her authentic self, Shivor strives to create music that genuinely reflects her identity as an artist. Collaborating with talented individuals like King Sungi on her previous single, “What You Hatin’ For,” she not only showcases her artistic prowess but also spreads positivity and inspires change in the world.

Beyond her musical endeavors, Shivor actively contributes to her community by partnering with organizations like Samaritan House and engaging in local community services. Her dedication to making a difference shapes the way her music is produced and allows her to leave a lasting impact on those around her.

Shivor’s musical vision revolves around empowering women with confidence, reminding them of their inherent strength. Furthermore, she seeks to challenge the notion that sensuality and being sexy is equated with negativity, instead embracing the idea that it can be a beautiful expression of self.

In summary, Shivor is an exceptionally talented artist from North Carolina, whose original sound in the hip hop and R&B genres captivates listeners while promoting positive messages of empowerment and self-acceptance.



Breaking barriers and pushing creative boundaries: ‘When I lost Control’ from Connecticut USA based ‘The Eynstyns’ is on the playlist.

The new single ‘When I lost Control’ from Connecticut USA based ‘The Eynstyns is now on the playlist. Breaking barriers and pushing creative boundaries, this vibrant fusion of Hip-Hop Rap and dreamy pop vibes brings together the rhythmic intensity of rap with the shimmering synthesizers and catchy hooks of pop, resulting in a genre that’s undeniably catchy and irresistibly cool. The song is taken off their new album ‘Man or Machine’ out now.

This super cool new gem is now on the playlist. Hear it through the day and night + as a special Powerplay at 2:30 PM Pacific USA time approx for a month or more.


The new single ‘I Know You Like Me’ from ‘Intelligent Diva’ with its streetwise, lyrical and rhythmic production is on the playlist now.

The head of music for hollywoodfm.digital said that he loved the new single ‘I Know You Like Me‘ from ‘Intelligent Diva’ with its streetwise, lyrical, rhythmic and harmonious appeal, strong hook laden vocals and overall warm R&B meets Hip-Hop sheen. This addictive and catchy new single is now on the hollywoodfm.digital playlist and will be played on the A-List day and night + as a special powerplay at approx 2 PM Pacific USA time every day for a month or more.

Intelligent Diva, has a huge summer which ahead. Currently, she has a e-kindle book which is on music platforms called the ‘Self-Guide to Starting a Music Career as An Independent Music Artist‘ which is on Amazon. I.D also returns back with a new single a called “I Know You Like Me”, dropping on May 15th. and also, a new e-kindle book which is currently on Amazon.

This single references the social media platform Instagram. The hook is catchy and features the producer SFR Beats. Intelligent Diva tells us this single will be featured on her audio book called “Music Is Art”.  In the audiobook it will be apart of the musical storyline, which will include the voiceover narration, and songs to take you on a musical journey.  Everyone using social media for everything these days, for everything.  This summer, she has some hot features coming up with some major artist, and she also plans on dropping her own open verse library where other indie artist can receive the opportunity to get on a track with the chart-topping music artist herself. To kickstart both projects, she chose a single to include her producer on the hook also. So, if you know you like it, then follow her on IG.

Intelligent Diva is releasing the single under independent record label Diva Underground Records which has successfully had every single she has released to chart on the radio and video charts. The music artist will be releasing a lyric video for I Know You Like Me, and also a music video which will air on VH1 and MTV.

It’s no secret that this year is definitely the year for Intelligent Diva. This independent music artist from Jacksonville, Florida seems to be having an amazing year.  This year Intelligent Diva received six nominations by the International Singer Songwriter Association, which required people to vote and determine who would become the finalist.  Out of those six nominations, Intelligent Diva ft Sean Kingston was voted as Best Vocal Duo in The USA for her hit single “How to Flex”. 

She also has another single together which is called “Fly Together”, which has landed at #1 on 3 different radio charts. Currently, is #1 on the Top 20 Radio Chart on IRMIX Radio for four consecutive weeks, while “How to Flex has been featured on a total of 9 radio charts and is currently remaining in the Top 10 across 3 radio stations. Currently, the single is #2 on IRMIX Radio Station in Detroit.

The music artist states her focus is synch licensing and film. Therefore, she creates music with film ideas in mind. She came with a concept to showcase her music videos which tell a story with her music behind it, to give film directors and music directors possible ideas for scenes of how her music could be featured. Recently, she directed her music videos for both projects, and her music video “Fly Together”, was featured on VH1 on May 5th.

Presave the Single “I Know You Like Me “


Social media Links:



Website Links:


The new single ‘Fly Together’ from ‘Intelligent Diva’ Feat ‘Sean Kingston’ with its immaculate R&B meets Hip-Hop/rap production is on the playlist now.

The head of music for hollywoodfm.digital said that he loved the new single ‘Fly Together’ from ‘Intelligent Diva’ Feat ‘Sean Kingston‘ with its immaculate R&B meets Hip-Hop/rap production, carnival vibes and perfect Island pop sensibility. Once you hear this track it sticks in your head and you want to play it over and over again, while dancing all night to its extremely memorable hook and slick vibes. ‘Fly Together’ is now on the daily Hollywood FM Digital playlist and will be played throughout the day and night + as a special daily powerplay at approx 8:30 PM Pacific USA time every night for a month or more.

Intelligent Diva is making her presence known in 2023 with her upcoming hits and she’s definitely stepping her game up. She recently dropped her new hit single Fly Together which features Sean Kingston.

The harmonies which she adds to the hook with Sean Kingston adds a nice touch on the track.  Next then she hits us with her those catchy lyrics.  Even the beat is catchy. The single is about finding someone who is very special and as a couple you both can grow together.   In order to showcase the meaning of the song, the music artist is also releasing multiple music visuals.  There will be an animated lyric video, a non- animated lyric video, and a music video which showcases couples expressing their love.

The music artist Intelligent Diva, niches involve music and technology so she also showcases her 3d animated character with bit branding of her two record labels Intelligent Diva Music and Diva Underground Records. The music artist is in the process of building her music metaverse, it will include video games and a 3d animated musical series where Intelligent Diva has a love interest. The musical series will include original songs created by Intelligent Diva.

Intelligent Diva, has a focus on her music being placed for synch and video games as well as other content, which she has created and other people who would like to download her music. She’s also heard as the voice actress in her music.  The music artist is definitely reaching her goals and she has more to come. We are super excited about her success and we can definitely see her growth. The billboard artist Intelligent Diva, has also teamed up with Sean Kingston again with her next music release which is called “Fly Together.


You can listen to Fly Together by Intelligent Diva ft Sean Kingston on Spotify

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YouTube Lyric Video

YouTube Music Video

The new single ‘My Everything’ from ‘3KO’ with its positive, romantic and honest rap is on the playist now.

The head of music for hollywoodfm.digital said that he loved the new single ‘My Everything’ from ‘3KO‘ with its positive, romantic and honest rap, warm production and lyrics that are full of love, delivered in a unique and well delivered format perfect for Valentines Day. We have placed this banger on the daily Hollywood FM playlist and will be played day and night in general rotation + as a special powerplay at approx 3 PM Pacific USA time for a month or more.

Dropping My Everything song to the world a week before Valentine’s Day for the ladies to enjoy around the world. Tracy Rucker is a multi-talented vocalist who dons the moniker of 3KO (Tripple Knock Out). Tracy Rucker brings a new element, style of music with his gut punching, core music singing skills, drawing back to the old school 90’s R&B/Hiphop music. His triple threat and punch, is that of his style qof vocals that will hone you in right away to his style.

Born in Bartow Florida, to a father in the military he moved around throughout his early years across the US and overseas. His drive, focus, and tenacity will lead him to become a relentless and unstoppable force in the independent circuit. Tracy Rucker is making music that is driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, and tell his story his way.

In the fall of 2022, Tripple Knock Out, Tracy Rucker won Best Hip Hop Artist for “Where Dem Girls At” for the 2022 Indie Music Channel Awards.

His new single slated for new release in 2023 My Everything, will bring his fans to their feet.

Tracy Rucker will be on the rise in 2023, with many interviews from industry professionals, also appearing on podcasts and performing live shows, Tracy Rucker will deliver that tripple punch that many of his fans are waiting for.

Get in Contact with 3KO.

contact Info@Artist3ko.com 7704215085 Trippleknockout.com . The single will be Available on all digital download platforms stores worldwide. Under TrippleKnockOut

Big Dawg079 returns with his new album “Emmanuel” and is all about determination and good music

Big Dawg079’s new album “Emmanuel” is the return of substance in Hip-hop, and is the 2nd album Big Dawg079 has released in less than a year. Dedication, determination and good music is what you get when you listen.
Big Dawg079 is a Chicago artist, recently released from prison after 24 years, he’s hit the ground running. CEO of 079Cartel Entertainment and Popular Lonerz Apparel, he’s a man on a mission.

Check out his music here:

Stream on Spotify: 

Follow him on Social:
Instagram: real_bigdawg079ig
TikTok: bigdawg0790

Producer Will has invested a lot of time and money into his latest album called ‘Will Tomorrow Ever Come?”

“Will Tomorrow ever come?” is an EDM album with 10 featured songs. Artist Will has taken a lot of inspiration from Avicii, Seeb and Alan Walker.Will grew up in an environment where music dominated when it came to entertainment in South Africa. “There was quite a lot of African dance music in my life as a child. But the music that fascinated me was Rap music from the United States. Then there were Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Eminem, Tupac and Dr. Dre very popular. However, I was the only child who listened to that music, thanks to my cousins who I visited from time to time. I heard nice, simple, strong Gangsta Rap melodies, especially by Dr. Dre and understood how it comes about that people can not live without music.” says the rapper

After hearing Dr. The Dre 2001 record, and the 2Pac All Eyez On Me record, Will already knew then that he might be able to make music.
“I started doing beats and mixing in 2008. I have always had a little more fun projects running. It’s now that I’m starting to take the whole thing seriously. Now that I feel I’m ready to compete for a place among the big producers.”
he continues

‘Will Tomorrow Ever Come’ is the first project he has dared to invest money in. “This new record is the only one that makes me feel like I’m on my way somewhere, so it’s the one that’s my biggest achievement so far.”

But this record is just the tip of the iceberg, which is why he made sure it sounds heavy, with only 10 songs.

Check out the album here: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21ApTI1NgjUmm9aEA&id=C24A79D4C6B891D4%217387&cid=C24A79D4C6B891D4

Follow Will online:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100069577803263

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Will45344460

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/realwillmusic/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyyaMk52-5Ge6kVPXK3qEmg

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sakhile-howard

Mxx Bet has released a new track called ’24 hours’ – the single is about trying to break away from the opportunist way of life

Hip-hop is one of the most innovative genres in recent memory, yet the roots get muddied with each passing day. Mxx Bet’s flair for the golden era of ‘90s rap helps him craft a nostalgic sound that blends the best of the lyric-heavy boom-bap of that time with today’s more melodic trap records.

The Las Vegas native is a student of the game, looking towards artists like Jay-Z for the hustler’s attitude and Eminem for wordplay, as well as a myriad of artists from a variety of genres to teach him how to resonate with listeners no matter the genre. Over the years he has overcome the loss of his mother at a young age and growing up with a gambling addiction and felony convictions to lead the way to a better life. While the music has brought joy and great fun, it as also proved to be therapeutic to share his story with a larger audience and give hope to future generations that they too can overcome adversity. This is all executed with his innate lyricism and unwavering confidence behind the mic as Mxx Bet looks to leave his mark for generations to come.

Mxx Bet has released a new track called 24 hours – the single is about trying to break away from the opportunist way of life and at the same time detaching from society due to social distancing.

Stream the track here:

Follow online and buy the track here:
Apple: https://music.apple.com/us/album/24-hours/1568424311
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/Laf9dvEbAmrSLGDq9
Youtube: https://youtube.com/user/FamilyTiedMusic
Stream here: https://unitedmasters.com/m/24hours
Amazon: https://music.amazon.com/artists/B089C12Y46?ref=dm_sh_VUr9Q1Sal5wE0LhNoaxyzS6FG

Rapper Nola B is riding his own wave and captivating fans with his latest release “Book of Nola 2” – Out Now!

Pressure seems to be the new phrase, or whatever some kids in their room made up yesterday and became “instafamous”. This isn’t that. This is real bars. Imagine a solider coming home and not having a place. There are somethings in life that cause you to stop and say “HE’S SERIOUS”. Maybe it can be from his military background, maybe even that he’s a double major in engineering. Either way it’s captivating and Book of Nola2 rides really well in the car.

“I found myself missing my exit listening to “Wish Me Well”, a melodic track from the production of BigJeezy. The distortion in his vocals blend really well with the track as well as the track “Intoxicated” which features a newcomer by the name of DejaRae. His style resembles a lot of Fabulous and 50 Cent on how he can rap over singing and love hooks. I would definitely recommend BookOfNola2 if you are wanting to hear from artists which remind you of J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay Z.” says Nola B

Collis James Foster professionally known as Nola B is an American hip hop artist from New Orleans, LA. He is also a producer, filmmaker, and independent record label head of HighCouncilRecordings. Being born in New Orleans forces you to not only hustle but it teaches you to think outside the box being as you can get caught up really quickly in my city, said the New Orleans rapper. The businessman recently produced #NHPH NEIGHBORHOOD POTHEADS VOL. 2 which features a few prominent artists in the city. He also produces and films is own YouTube series called HighCouncilRecordings which features artists from all around the country.

Outside of music Nola B has a lot of personal accolades. He served in the military as well as double majoring in engineering from the University of Houston. He also coaches basketball for his local neighborhood park and provides a lot of free services to upcoming artists which include video production, photography, and music mixing and mastering services. “I’m really just gonna keep pushing and getting better personally and professionally, we all have the same 24hrs and I intend to make the most of it.” continues Nola B

Follow the rapper on Instagram: @nolabtherapper @bookofnola @highcouncil2017

Twitter: @nolabr Facebook: Nolaboy1

Watch his music on YouTube: 

Rapper Blow Flyy has his own style and is changing the game with his new single “Blood N Honey”

Blow Flyy who performs out of Toronto Canada, hails from Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia. He is a new age artist with a new thought process; he has his own unique style of rapping. This rapper does it without rhyming. Instead of rhyming verse after verse which is usually the standard way to spit Bars or rap by most or all hip-hop/rap artists, he does not at all. Blow Flyy spits his own unique style of writing his Rap songs & performing them, being a storyteller, with actual storytelling. “Where is it written or who said, or for that matter, what hip-hop/rap Gatekeeper or Pioneer/Icon states, rhyming is a “MUST” in hip-hop to be Hip-hop or considered a quality entertaining hip-hop/rap artist?” says the rapper

With his unique brand of rap music; less vulgar content than most of what you hear in today’s rap, Blow Flyy appeals to rap music listeners of all ages and walks of life. With his Interactive energetic live performances he is destined to make a dent in the industry.

He has just released his latest single “Blood N Honey”.

vizdumb.com said this about his new music:
Monday already. Our mission today is to discover the unique sound that will make our whole week and month. If creativity is rarer and rarer, some artists have the talent to prove that it still exists. Our discovery of the day illustrates our point and today, we are glad to introduce you to Blow Flyy, an outstanding artist that blesses the world with “Blood N Honey”.
Blow_Flyy who Performs out of Toronto Canada, hailing from Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia, is a new age artist with a new thought process, he does it his way, for the Fans, that is without rhyming, instead, being a storyteller.
The rapper surprised us thanks to a unique heavy flow that instantly possesses your mind. Dark synthesizer, big beats, vanguard vibes, Blood N Honey is a must-listen. Blow Flyy delivers a dreamy and haunting vocal performance that makes you literally disconnect from reality. 
The vocal performance, tinted by rock and dreamy melodies, is compelling.
You would have understood it, Blow Flyy has an incomparable artistic flow and attitude.
Blood N Honey is an amazing musical journey, you need to press play right now…”

Watch the video here:

Find his music and follow Blow Flyy here:

Daniel Saighe aka Unstopable’s goal is to create an inspiring rap song that will help people go for what they want in life and make their dreams come true

Daniel Saighe aka Unstopable’s goal is to create an inspiring rap song that will help people go for what they want in life and make their dreams come true.

“I’ve gone through a lot of hardship in my life so I wrote this song to keep me going in life and I think it’ll help others as well.” says the rapper

Listen to his new single “Goals” now.

Follow him online:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unstopable365/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daniel.saighe

Rapper Jay-Day has established a connection and passion for music, and released a new single called ‘Save Me’

Rapper & Singer Jacob Wirth aka Jay-Day grew up in Jefferson, Wisconsin and established a connection and passion for music. Jay-Day brings a unique musical aesthetic and over the years grown comfortable jumping genres and intertwining his perception on life into his music

He has just released a new single called ‘Save Me’

Connect with him here:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officiallyjayday/
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/OfficiallyJayDay
Website: https://www.jay-day.com
Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/jacob-wirth-1
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4W8p0jAvJym8UQyRZzUMhR

#NHPH is a New Orleans based hip hop group which features NolaB, SmokeyRydason, and FLEXDAGREAT, and they have just released their latest track “I’mAGod”

#NHPH is a New Orleans based hip hop group which features NolaB, SmokeyRydason, and FLEXDAGREAT. This trio of rappers represent the entire city of New Orleans being as they’re all from different parts. FLEXDAGREAT provides the renowned swag, Smokey Rydason is the young gunner, and NolaB is the producer and manager of the group. They all RAP!!!

#NHPH have released the new single from the EP (Neighborhood Potheads Vol. 2) entitled “I’mAGod”
it features the whole Pothead gang. FLEXDAGREAT, SmokeyRydason, and NolaB. The music video is also directed by NolaB

Connect with them here:

Instagram: @nolabtherapper @smokeyrydason @flexdagreart1 @highcouncil2017
Twitter: @nolabr
Facebook: @Nolaboy1
Apple: https://music.apple.com/us/album/neighborhood-potheads-vol-2-ep/1555204720

Mr White Dogg and his fleet of cars are unstoppable, so turn the volume up and enjoy the vibe of his latest single “Picture me Rollin”

When Mr. White Dogg went away to a Federal lockup six years ago, everything went on hold and a new life emerged. Now he’s been out two years to the day and he’s the CEO of White Dogg motors.
Depending on the day of the week you may see an S-Class Mercedes, a Maserati, a Suburban, E-Class Mercedes, Multiple Chevy Tahoes or maybe a dependable Honda, depends on how he’s feeling.

Whatever the choice in car is for the day, his new release “Picture me rollin” (out on all platforms) is surely a fitting title. If you’re going to manifest new cars and money into existence then crank the volume up on this song and picture yourself rollin thru CA on a hot day with music turned all the way up, or if you’re already rollin’ and have everything going your way, you can turn the volume up and cheers yourself. Definitely a great vibe for all.

You can check out Mr. White Dogg at his socials to find out more:

Instagram: @mr.whitedogg
YouTube: http://bit.ly/wd2TYS

Listen to the single here: 

The Great Raw records controversial album in his home studio, after nearly having an intense debate with a preacher.

Cincinnati, Ohio based Brian Napier JR. also known as The Great Raw records controversial album in his home studio, after nearly having an intense debate with a preacher. The Great Raw took his minor frustration & channeled it all lyrically. He teamed up with producers Verleins, Prxphesy Beats, Walk Among kings, & Blunt Chrxst in order to highlight his aggressive distorted vocals by increasing the sub & bass frequency of kick drums on hardcore instrumentals.

This Album reminds us of a fusion of Scarlxrd, $uicideboys & Ghostemane’s songs “Heart Attack” & “Flesh” but with Raw’s own signature Dark Grungy style.

“I was just minding my own casually and then Pastor Nosey the Baptist made it his business to question me.” says Raw.

Apparently Raw’s style of fashion served as an opening for questions with an expectation of a reasonable explanation. This whole back and forth conversation ended with a spark of creative ideas for the artist and influenced the title of his first album Animo Demonium.

The Animo Demonium Album is exclusively available on his website only, because the artist has hopes of connecting with his community without the intervening of streaming platforms. However he has plans on releasing the album on all platforms around August of this year. He has already been featured on GasMask Magazine, World of Goth Magazine, Muzique Magazine and received airplay on Titan Radio. He is offering his recent EP, Book Of Shadows with a bonus track exclusively for anyone who joins his mailing list on his website. This WP is now live on all platforms.

Follow him here:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thegreatraw_tgo
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thegreatrawdv4l
Website: https://www.thegreatraw.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thegreatraw
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvrGU1lbQvK06R4ByT_RJeg
Where To Buy Your Music: https://www.thegreatraw.com/album

Stream his music here:

Hyper artist Danniibabii is ready to make you twerk with her new track ‘Babii Bottle’

“Wassup fam! I’m Dannii aka Danniibabii and I’m one of the hyper artists. I just dropped my new album BBA . I made this album for
summer time. I love making hype music and twerk music. BBA is for us Baddies to act up AND I’M THE ARTIST TO HYPE Y’ALL UP! Babii bottle is the new twerk song to take over.”

Follow on:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CG_WUFWhZAY/?igshid=1hzd936g3cf02
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DanielleSpratt011
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/its-danniibabii?ref=clipboard
Check out ‘Babii Bottle here:

Stream/Buy the new album called ‘BBA’ by Danniibabii here:

Omar Sungar is an up and coming rapper, producer, guitarist and multi instrumentalist and has released a remix of ‘What’s Poppin’?’

Omar Sungar is an up and coming rapper, producer, guitarist, and multi instrumentalist, and is on his way to the top.

What’s Poppin’? is just a remix to show his lyrical and flow capabilities in a way comparable to tons of other artists.

Find more music by searching Omar Sungar on any platform.
Instagram: https://instagram.com/omar_sungar?igshid=1313vfj7v8yva
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/omar.sungar

Website: https://OmarSungar.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/8L7LQ
Buy it here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/omarsungar/each-grain-of-sand
Watch it here:

Rapper Yung Free is changing the game with the latest release ‘Home Run’

Yung Free was born on the West Side of Chicago and is looking to shake-up the rap game and show that the new wave has arrived. Catchy hooks and feel good music are bound to get people singing along to the songs.
Yung Free really want to make a difference in the rap game and also to give back to the community.

You can’t really classify Yung Free music into one category because it’s a different sound. Look for Yung Free in future shows and interviews and be sure to check out his official project “4Dafree” on all streaming platforms!

Check out their new song ‘Home Run’.

Follow Yung Free on Instagram:
Check them out on Spotify:

Rapper Posharay drops his new single ‘You Don’t Love Me’ in April – pre-save the link here.

Posharay is a passionate raw rapper who blends melodic harmonies, Storytelling, African drums, Smooth Guitar and more in his music.

His new single from his upcoming album entitled SIAKA is called ‘You Don’t Love Me’

“Music is my way of communicating experiences we share but sometimes refuse to express due being viewed as weak. Especially when it comes to males and emotions.” says the rapper

This song is all about a relationship experience with a women who changes throughout the relationship, and as the male addresses these changes the women claims nothing is wrong yet her actions speak differently. This leads to the conclusion of the males feeling as though the women doesn’t love him anymore. The male details the vision, plans and love he still has for this women.

The best way to understand the narrative is to listen to the track.

Track is unreleased and will be released 4/10/2021

Pre-save link here: https://ffm.to/4m1e0xg 

The El Clan’s latest single ‘Stages Of Grief’ focuses on how hard it is to lose a loved one.

Joel Benoiton aka The EL Clan is a 20 year old rapper/songwriter from Peterborough England.

“I would say the most unique part about my music is the lyrics, it’s the best way for me to express my emotions and opinions on different subject matters.” says the rapper

His latest single ‘Stages Of Grief’ focuses on how hard it is to lose a loved one. Each verse takes place at a different point in time. The first verse takes place quite soon after the loved one has passed and the emotions are still very raw. The second verse talks about how over time it will feel better and that one just has to keep moving forward. The third verse takes place years later and it shows that just because a person has been gone for so long doesn’t mean that they fade away from your memory.

“This song means a lot to me and it’s about something that everyone will experience at some point.” he adds.

Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joel_benoiton/

Stream here:

‘Ghetto Bonnie & Clyde’ is the latest single from Getting Cash Click featuring Richie Re with a 90s style vibe

‘Ghetto Bonnie & Clyde’ is the latest single from Getting Cash Click featuring Richie Re. This influential group hails from Lake Charles, LA.

‘Ghetto Bonnie & Clyde’ is an ode to Tupac with a duet style 90’s vibe — the overall record brings to life a story of a ride or die chick holding her man down and staying solid no matter what the obstacles. It’s the perfect blending of old-school riding music with a new-school twist.

Formed in 2013, Getting Cash Click consists of Melo, Beanie, and Microwave Boy.

The crew recently signed a distribution deal with Song Music’s ‘The Orchard’ — and “Ghetto Bonnie & Clyde” serves as the first single under their new venture.

So get familiar if you aren’t already and check out their new track below:

Rapper Ronny E wrote ‘Winner Winner’ to let everyone know that success is not a straight line

What do celebrities like the Kardashian’s, Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Janet Jackson, Steven Spielberg, Kevin Hart, Leonardo Dicaprio, Paris Hilton, Daymond John, Mark Cuban, and the list goes on, have in common?

They were all chauffeured by Ronny E.

Now Ronny E has broken into the rap world and has just released a new single called ‘Winner Winner’

Because Ronny E was behind the scenes, he got an in-depth look at what it took to take a dream and turn it into reality. Ronny would rap to his clients, and Daymond John from Sharktank was the first celebrity to share Ronny E’s music. Daymond liked the rap so much that he forced Mark Cuban to sit in the front and be rapped to.

“I can’t lie, that song by my driver, Ronny, is still in my head. I’m a winner, I’m a winner, I’m a winner… he’s so crazy…I love him.
” says Daymond John

Ronny wrote, Winner Winner to let everyone know that success is not a straight line, that you have to take action, if you fail, just do it again, and adjust your action, until you win.

To watch the video of Ronny E rapping to Mark Cuban click on the link: https://youtu.be/jaO_vwNqBeA

Follow Ronny E here and listen to his music here:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ronnyesound/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theronnye
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3rK7WL1XdrJATk8iVdWVTf
Website: http://theronny.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/theronny/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgJDdhEi9-X__Hprbtp6gwA

Kietell is a 23 year old rapper and producer and has just released a new track called ‘Pressure’

Kietell is a 23 year old rapper and producer from Mississauga, Ontario.

His love for music started even before he was born: “According to my parents, my dad would put headphones on my mom’s stomach and I would kick to the beat of whatever my dad was playing at the time, which is why they gave me the nickname ‘Knox’.” says the rapper.

This is why it only made sense for this young rapper to pursue what he truly loves and can’t live without – music.

He has just released a new song called ‘Pressure’.
“My song Pressure was written while I was at work. The workplace didn’t have a lot of work for me to do so I found a spot where I could just zone out and write. It took me about 45 minutes to complete. Then that same day, I went home and made the beat for it. I knew I wanted something aggressive and hard hitting so I had to include those ‘War Cry’ type trumpets, strings, and electric guitars to make an aggressive beat.”

Follow and Stream his music here: http://linktr.ee/kietell
Watch ‘Pressure’ here: 

‘Overseas’ is a brand new single off the recently released EP ”OFF 4 SO LONG” by rapper sandboycairo

‘Overseas’ is a brand new single off of the recently released EP ”OFF 4 SO LONG” by rapper Sandboycairo.

This is a comeback story of a young Canadian rapper who went back and forth between working three jobs and being in a constant state of solitude. Where you can also learn to better know yourself, Sandboycairo is here to tell you this is a blessing from the skies because you mostly grow when you face uncomfortable situations in life, so don’t get jealous, the struggle was always necessary, work hard and smile when other people achieve greatness!

People may have known sandboycairo as ”SLUMDON” back in 2016, an altered version of his ego, where he released a few projects and songs in the world wide web. Let that also be known that around these same years, (SLUMDON at the time) was also part of band named “HELLOTAXI?!” where rap and house music mixed and matched.

Follow him here:

Watch the video here:

DA REAL3ST has released a groundbreaking single entitled ‘No Females’, which highlights the unique tone of his music

DA REAL3ST is an artist with a really special approach to his blend of R&B music. His sound is really powerful and direct, combining lush melodies with really intriguing textures and mesmerizing beats.

Recently, the artist set out to release a new, groundbreaking SINGLE titled NO FEMALES, which really highlights the unique tone of his music. The song will immediately impress listeners with a truly amazing lyrical flow and with a lot of dazzling energy.

In addition to the striking vocal performance, the production of the song is also particularly unique. The tone is absolutely stellar, and it is really striking, particularly when it comes to the amazing balance of every element in the mix. The low end is thick and present, really allowing the mix to be filed with movement and purpose. Moreover, the top end is crisp and warm, adding a lot of definition to the mix.

If you enjoy the work of influential artists in the rap and drill genres with some UK vibes , this release will certainly be one to add to your heavy rotation! You are certainly going to be able to connect with DA REAL3ST’s amazing attitude and intuitive songwriting. This release feels like an instant classic, and it has a sense of familiarity to it, which almost feels like rediscovering one of your favorite records. DA REAL3ST is a master at channeling a wide variety of musical influences, but in such a way the the sound never feels like a trite re-composition of some other artist’s music, but rather something quite original, as a labour of love and passion for the music itself.

Some artists seem to pigeonhole themselves in a single category, but in this case, DA REAL3ST managed to really bring home a diverse and forward-thinking sound, that has a very distinctive spirit. From conception to fruition, this release really hits the mark, and it certainly highlights the artist’s exciting identity. We are certainly gonna stay tuned and look forward to check out what the future holds in store for DA REAL3ST, who is increasingly gaining the attention of audience members and critics alike!

Available here: https://ffm.bio/dareal3st
Watch it here:

Hip Hop artist PurpZ has released his new single ‘Close My Eyes’, which comes off of his album ‘I Cannot Close My Eyes’

Known professionally as the Veteran hip hop artist, PurpZ has released a new single off of his new album called “I Cannot Close My Eyes”

PurpZ details the pain of heartbreak in this new album:
My album is about staying up due to insomnia and dealing with
heartbreak and discovering a new pain

Watch Close My Eyes, the single off of his album here:

Newcomer Kiron is ahead of the game with his new album ‘Head Start’

Best known for his voice, flow and innovative approach to music, Kiron R. Dawkins aka Kiron or Kiron Rasheed is an American Musician, Emcee, Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist.

His writing and delivery style is likened to that of the Golden Era of Rap, R&B and Pop classics. His music is truly a soundtrack and snapshot of life, filled with vivid storylines, well rounded content, and literary imagery that paints a picture in the mind of the listener. In as much as he is socially conscious in his approach, he also provides fun and energetic tunes that bring balance and conceptual soundness to his artistry.

Kiron is a newcomer to the world music scene but is no stranger to music. A lover of instrumentation and fan of great lyrics, Kiron has been writing and composing songs since he was a little boy.

He released his track Ba Lee Dat (feat. Barry Black) on October 30, 2020.
2021 is set to be a busy year for Kiron, with the release of his debut Album, ‘Head Start’.

Connect with Kiron:

Hip Hop artist Fishscale Wooly has released his new album Made In Italy with tracks you can dance, work, party or workout to.

Hip Hop artist Fishscale Wooly released his new album Made In Italy at the end of last year.

The idea of the project came about when he saw the correlation between wearing designer clothes made in Italy and his brand.
Those clothes are very expensive and I find my brand being expensive, like it was Made in Italy so that’s where the name came from.” says the rapper.

This 16 track album boasts a display of super catchy choruses, while having great soundtracks to drive, party, dance, workout, or listen to. The album also features exciting collaborations with artists like Trayvon Pass, Runna, King Shy, Mak Sauce, BlaxxOneHunnid, Wordplayy and Only1yk.

Stream the album here:
Apple: https://music.apple.com/us/album/made-italy/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3vWXuHSqbRYc41ImnoUVxD
Youtube: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_ntSsoFSWMK1ETIMUXt3ZP3WGvX0vE2R1A

Social Media:
IG: @FishscaleWooly
Twitter: @FishscaleWooly
Facebook: Fishscale Wooly

Phaze 3’s new album “A Warrior’s Call” speaks of the strength and resoluteness that having faith has brought her.

It’s often hard to find a good, strong Gospel artist these days who is as abundantly talented and dedicated to her music as Phaze3.

Phaze3 is an up-and-coming artist who combines several genres, her focus being mainly on trap, rap, and of course Gospel. Having first discovered her passion for music while singing in the church chorus in her hometown, Phaze3 has kept her connection with the church strong, and you can clearly see that in her music.

Her latest release, the album so appropriately entitled “A Warrior’s Call” speaks of her faith, and of the strength and resoluteness that faith has brought with it. As a World Religious Leader and a spiritual healer, Phaze3 has seen a lot of what the world has to offer, both in good and bad and she deftly combines all her knowledge to put together this new masterful album of Gospel.

A vibrant and ecstatic display of faith and inner strength that beautifully brings Gospel into the 21st century. If you were under the mistaken impression that this was a genre abandoned in the past, you simply need to listen to “A Warrior’s Call” a couple of times to see that Gospel is alive and well.

“Cosign” is part musical call to arms, part sermon, no doubt inspired by the many group prayers that the artist has led over the years. It is an infectiously happy and positive song that rapidly gets into your bones and enthralls you.

“The Perils”, on the other hand, comes across as much softer while showcasing two different parts of Phaze3 – the soft, melodious Gospel tone, and the hardcore, street rapping style. These two come together beautifully to highlight the duality of humanity, and especially of this beautiful, wonderfully versatile artist.

“A Warrior’s Call” is an album you want to put on if you’re feeling down or stuck in a rut, and what truly astounds is that it’s just as meaningful an album to the agnostic listener as it is to a devout believer.

It’s a great offering that touches on our humanity and strives to bring us together in this age of division. A truly masterful offering from a highly gifted artist.

Stream the album here:

Heart Eyed has just released a new song called ‘Woke Up In’ – a rap about drug addiction

Heart Eyed has just releases a new song called ‘Woke Up In’, produced by Falsecut under the alias Vinnythewizard. This single is part of an upcoming EP title ‘Savers’.
Heart Eyed’s vocal delivery is a mix between Baby Smoove, Rio Da Yung OG, with hints of Curren$y and Drake flows mixed in, all while drugged out on whatever he’s taken that day. The result is a very dry, to the point attitude
that almost forces you to agree with or think twice about whatever he is
rapping about.

The beats are ridiculously hard-hitting, with an unforgivably heavy, yet
bouncy 808 bass line, crisp and in your face drums, and a melancholy/spacious/orchestral melody to bring it all together. This
somewhat confusing mixture is what makes Heart Eyed’s new singles from
his upcoming EP, “Savers” sound rigid, one-of-a-kind, truthful, and
painful when talking about the harsh realities of his own world and the
world around us.

Heart Eyed is not the type to lie to his listener’s; he simply opens the
door to a world potentially unfamiliar to those who haven’t struggled
with drug addiction, a poor/broken family, and loyalty within your group
(among many other topics, some of which seem to appear unrelated or
distant). He plans to continue dropping more songs off the EP/Mixtape as
singles exclusively on his own Youtube channel until the full product is
complete and music video production can begin.

Heart eyed is from New Hampshire, has lived in and connected with many
artists in Boston, and currently stays in Los Angeles as part of his
plan to change the world for the better with his conscious effort and
team of dedicated artists/individuals.

Watch here: https://youtu.be/p8UcuUKX_to

DISCOVER RAP: ‘Prynce P’ Drops new material and a hot ‘Rudolf Triple D Remix’

After releasing the biggest Hip-Hop compilation album out of Dallas, Texas featuring legends like Paul Wall, Lil Flip, Spice 1 and more, P decided to get back to the drawing board and work on 6 more singles before retiring the microphone.

His first single, entitled “The Triple D Cypher” was released on 6/14/18 which also made history in his city as he featured 14 of the hottest rappers out of D-Town. This project went on to hit every Dallas radio station and it landed a placement to be in a college movie (Dig Deep). It featured Dallas favourites like Mr. Pookie, Big Tuck, Headkrack, Keynote, Motian, Eclipse Darkness, Microphone Lewis, Teleoso, Alsace Carcione, Ritchy Flo, Rakim Al-Jabbaar, Bobby Fisha and IQ Muzic.

After the success of the cypher, P went back to the studio and started to work on his 2nd single which he dedicated to Mother Earth. He named it “My Apology” as he featured Motian, IQ Muzic, Bubba, Susy Solis and one of his all-time favorite rappers, K-Rino. This single was released on 4/22/19 (Earth Day) and the video directed by Nima T won an award from The NatiVisons film festival.

After the release of My Apology, he quickly went back to work on his 3rd single which he named, “Reloaded.” Like always, he hand-picked some of his favorite musicians to collaborate with him. He featured: Flexinfab, Flower Child, DQ Hampton, Eclipse Darkness, Motian, GSpook, IQ Muzic and Tony Ballard Jr. This unique track was released on his birthday 7/31 and within the first week of its release, it was featured on 5 radio stations including 102.3fm and 106.5fm in Los Angeles.

Due to travels, Prynce took a break from music but once he got back, he decided that it was time to work on his 4th project. Since the year 2020 had been tough on most, he wanted to create something fun and comical. Thus, he called on his favourite team once again so they can get back in the studio with him. The team included: Eclipse Darkness, Bubba, Microphone Lewis, Keynote, Motian and IQ Muzic as they started to work on “Rudolf – The Triple D Remix,” their version of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.

This single was released on 12/14/20 which also came with an animated music video. It quickly became a favourite with over 9,000 streams on Spotify within the first week of its release.

Prynce is currently in the lab cooking up his last 2 singles with producers Cloak Beats, Vani Music and Billy Syn which he is planning to release mid-2021.


You can check all the updates on www.pohectic.com or follow P on Instagram at @PryncePTheGreat


In 2006, Prynce P recorded a song for Chuck Norris and his fighting show, “The World Combat League.”

In 2012, Prynce P along with Kou and Motian recorded a song entitled “Star Crossed” which was downloaded over 997,930 in less than 8 months.

In 2012, Prynce P collaborated with Grammy rapper Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony as their song “On Fire” hit 8 radio stations.

In 2013, Prynce P released his single “My Paradise” which was featured on Chanel 33.

In 2013, Prynce P received an award from Congress Woman Johnson, Amnesty International and The House of Representatives for his single “My Paradise.”

In 2013, Prynce P’s single “My Gift N Curse” beat out 10,000 submissions and had his track play on 97.9 The Beat.

In 2014, Pohectic Life Records and The Valley of the Kings Studio recorded a song with Houston legend, Paul Wall entitled “And Things Will Never Be the Same…” which hit over 9 radio stations in less than 2 weeks. This single also won one of the hottest singles released by an independent label on 97.9 The Beat, making him the first artist out of DFW to have ever earned two wins.

Pohectic Life Records released their long awaited album entitled “14” on 10/14/16 which features 34 musicians.  As of today, this is the biggest compilation Hip-Hop album out of Dallas, TX, history.

In 2017, Prynce P was on the cover of Javanan Magazine Issue #1352, December of 2017.

Prynce P released the biggest cypher out of Dallas, TX featuring 14 of the hottest rappers from his city entitled “The Triple D Cypher.”

Prynce P released his single “My Apology” featuring his top 10 favorite rapper, “K-Rino.” The music video to this single won an award from The NatiVisions film festival in 2019.

On July 31st, 2019, Prynce P released his single “Reloaded” which had 24 articles written about it including “The Dallas Observer.”

On December 14th, 2020, Prynce P released his comical Christmas single entitled “Rudolf – The Triple D Remix” which came with an animation music video.

‘Hot Money’ is the UK’s Best Grime, Drill, Afro Swing and Trap Producer

Tell us about your background getting to where you are today?

I am a music producer, songwriter, engineer and artist who goes by the name ‘Hot Money’. I own and run my own recording studio facility in London, UK and have worked with names such as Stefflon Don, Stormzy, Krept and Konan and more.

When did you start music?

I started out playing piano from the age of around 7 years old. Later into my teenagers, I got my first computers for music making and started to make beats. Once I started to get good, I attended SAE (School of Audio Engineering) to learn how to make by beats knock and overall mixing techniques.

How did you get into music?

My pops bought me a keyboard for Christmas so I started messing around with the demo presets. After a few months, I asked to learn more about the instrument, he then put me onto a piano tutor.

What is the most challenging thing you have overcome in your life?

Having children whilst pursuing a career in music. When you’ve got the pressure’s of putting food on the table, it steps your hustle to a whole new level.

Are you currently signed or independent?

I am currently independent working on building my own labels.

Who inspires you the most musically?

I am most inspired by beatmakers and producers. I am more of a sound guy so I enjoy listening to the architecture of music productions. Names like Timbaland, Pharrell, Rodney Jerkins will always be legends to me.

Any new music coming out soon?

I’ve got an instrumental album coming out called ‘UK Takeover Vol. 1’. It’s a compilation of beats from UK Genre’s like Drill, Afro Swing and Grime.

What is your greatest achievement as a musician?

One of my greatest achievements is hearing my early Grime instrumentals take over the UK Club scene. The beats also got crazy radio play on the BBC (UK). I ended up getting a Best Producer Nomination from that!

Do you produce your own music? If not who do you work with?

I produce all of my own music in my London recording facility.

Who is one artist you wish you could work with?

Drake would be the ultimate collab. Just the whole energy around his brand can make or break a beat a lot of the times.

Tell us about any new music you have coming out? When is coming out? What is it about?

My instrumental album is out now on Spotify and all the big platforms. It’s a collection of UK inspired beats for rappers and listeners all around the world.

What does a day inside your shoes look like?

My day is filled with answering emails, organizing studio sessions, making beats and working on my goals in other areas of my life.

Anything else you want the audience to know about you?

I’m a Libra.



Serena Deena Interview

Tell us about your background getting to where you are today?

I grew up in a family who is not supporting my dreams and I had to overcome the usual financial struggles that come with that by myself. Luckily my friends always made sure I got to enjoy things growing up. Big up my bestie and my producers who held my hand through hardship.

Where are you from?


When did you start music?

I was singing at the school choir when I was young and I played the electric guitar at some point. I started doing music professionally when I was 17.

How did you get into music?

I started as a dancer and musical theater performer when I decided to get into music.

What is the most challenging thing you have overcome in your life?

It was the loss of my auntie and my uncle in an airplane crash when I was 13.

Are you currently signed or independent?


Who inspires you the most musically?

I like all kinds of music, I’m inspired by singers who write their own songs like Amy Winehouse.

What do you want people to take away after listening to your music?

After listening to my music I want people to take away that I am going to be the next hot thing – giving them the good vibes.

Any new music coming out soon?

27th of November

What is your greatest achievement as a musician?

Listening to my track Dance Floor playing in Dash radio in Atlanta.

Do you produce your own music?

If not who do you work with? No, but I can write. I work on a lot of beats by multi platinum producers and Grammy award winning producers and songwriters.

Who is one artist you wish you could work with?

In terms of UK artists it would be Stormzy and Stefflon Don and in terms of globally it would be Travis Scott and Chris Brown.

Tell us about any new music you have coming out? When is coming out? What is it about?

I have a song coming out called ‘You should know’ on the 27th of November featuring Grammy nominated producer Rmb Justize. It’s about a girl falling in love with a relationship she never saw coming and people talk about it – hot topic. It’s a romantic song talking about the magic between the two and how beautiful it is to know each other so well.

What does a day inside your shoes look like?

Making music, making money and university. Making music, developing my fashion brand and networking online. As a CEO and founder of my own label and fashion brand a lot of things has to be dealt by me.

Anything else you want the audience to know about you?

Get ready to join me in a live stream performance in 2021.


Stream All: http://hyperurl.co/youshouldknow
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsserenabiatch/

Exclusive ‘OCR’ Interview as New Single ‘Sprite’ Drops

Tell us about your background getting to where you are today?

We both grew up in South East London, Thamesmead to be exact. We met each other in school and we’ve been best mates since year 7, grew together over the past ten years, being in the same group of boys etc.

Where are you from?

South East London, Thamesmead

When did you start music?

We Started music in January/February 2020 early on in the year. We were writing a lot before releasing our first song and then we started properly posting ourselves out on socials in June 2020.

How did you get into music?

It was at the beginning of the year, DBE had dropped three tapes in 2019, M Huncho had also just dropped another tape, Nafe was also getting more recognition and we looked at each other and thought, why not? We both love music, love the sound they create, we’d rather be making music than doing a job for the rest of our lives we don’t enjoy, so what do we have to lose? We’ve both loved music for a long time, in particular rap/trap wave.

What is the most challenging thing you have overcome in your life?

We’ve both had to overcome similar challenging issues throughout our lives. Losing loved ones, losing people you thought you’d always be close with because they broke the trust you had, back stabbers, fake friends with fake loyalty, mental health issues etc.

Are you currently signed or independent?


Who inspires you the most musically?

Both our inspirations are similar in some ways, more diverse in others. For example, both look up to the likes of M Huncho, Nafe Smallz, DBE. Individually, Atrip found himself connecting with artists such as JuiceWrld and Rinzo listened to lots of Lil Wayne just to name one each as there’s far too many!

What do you want people to take away after listening to your music?

We want people to take positive and wavy/creative vibes from our music but also the reality that life is tough. You do have pain and tough times, but you will always get through them and be stronger.

Any new music coming out soon?

Yes! Lots! The next single we will be releasing is called Sprite towards the end of November but over the next 2 months leading into the new year, people can expect to see at least 4 new singles.

What is your greatest achievement as a musician?

Our greatest achievement as musicians is just getting into the booth and writing and producing our first song putting it out to people. It can be hard to find the courage to step into the booth for the first time but with the right mentality and people working with us we did it with ease.

Do you produce your own music? If not who do you work with?

We produce our music by finding beats we both like on YouTube and then working with different producers that way. We enjoy reaching out to new producers and finding different sounds that other producers offer.

Who is one artist you wish you could work with?

Picking one is very tough.

If it had to be one Rinzo would love to work with M Huncho, hearing what people say, he’s a really genuine guy, fun to be around and the studio would have incredible vibes. Atrip would love to work with Nafe Smallz, for similar reasons above, plus, he’s met him once already!

Tell us about any new music you have coming out? When is coming out? What is it about?

Sprite is coming out this November. Sprite is a fun song we expect people to play at max volume and have a good time to. Throughout the song there’s mentions of all of the challenging issues we mentioned above. Trust issues, some elements of drug abuse, mental health, other elements of us having fun and enjoying yourself so yeah, quite a mixed bag to say the least. We just met one day and wrote what we felt at the time.

What does a day inside your shoes look like?

Day in the life of OCR is wake up, vibe out, link up and then browse beats, write bars and work on perfecting our music. We spend a lot of time chilling in the car writing, studio and our yards.

Anything else you want the audience to know about you?

We’re just two ordinary guys that want to create great music, consistently and help to influence the music industry. We’re always looking to improve, try new things and always want feedback from people outside of our circle.


Even if you just want a chat, drop us a DM on Insta and we’ll get back instantly (pun not intended).

Instagram @OCR.music and you can find our individual pages there too.

Top Rap Lyricist ‘J Da Proph3t’ is creating deep connections with fans on hot new drop ‘Sky Walking’

Fan favourite “Sky Walking” creates a deep connection between J Da Proph3t and fans. “Sky Walking” is transfixing and packed with emotion. Phrases like “High, walking on the sky, Shoe soles way above”, allow J Da Proph3t to utilizes imagination, one of many skills that contribute to his creation of music. Versatility and creativity are a duo J Da Proph3t is well acquainted with. J Da Proph3t continues to break barriers for rappers.

Adaptable and diverse, are one of many things that distinguish J Da Proph3t as not only an entertainer, but a rap lyricist as well.

Magnificent and engaging J Da Proph3t uses “Sky Walking” to create a story of love, pain, and overcoming. “Sky Walking” is filled with rhythm and words that allow fans to vibe, while overcoming the heartbreak.



Check out “Sky Walking” on J Da Proph3t’s new EP “Prøphici3s of a R3alist”, now available on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and more.

Thinking of You – A New Tune by Rising Music Artist, UnderRoot

If there is one way to transport the body, mind, and soul to a better place, time, and realm, it is the creation and listening of visionary melody. This is one major belief of alternative (pop/rock/rap) artist, UnderRoot (Sulav M. Aryal). The Kathmandu, Nepal born up and coming artist has got the strings and keys to pull to take music lovers and passionate musicians on that quest to a better place, time, and

Some start and finish while some start and never finish. UnderRoot, who is on a quest to finish strong, has never given up even in the face of challenges to give listeners a perfect tune. From tender age,
making music and sharing it with persons around the world has given him unending joy and satisfaction.

Staying stagnant is one thing UnderRoot never does as he has gained experience over the past years to
try new adventures in music. With all the experience amassed, struggles overcome, and risks taken, the artist released four (4) singles across various streaming platforms including Spotify and SoundCloud to
tell his story.

His new track “Thinking of You” is set to bring listeners of various genres to one path of creativity. From dark to bright background vocals, the song brings out a melancholic nostalgic mood, with an orchestral
and a mid-tempo ballad structure.


Thinking Of You _Ft. K7TE_ Artwork

To join that one path to creative visionary music, stream “Thinking of You” now on Spotify:

Smart Link to the song:

UnderRoot Website: https://www.UnderRootMusic.Com

UnderRoot’s Instagram:

UnderRoot’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/underrootmusic

UnderRoot’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Underrootmusic-312448542645678/

Get Streaming

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/2RmWK1ZfJaGuwNoWueYOF9

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/thinking-of-you-feat-k7te/1534266571?i=1534266572




‘Tick Tock Q’ and ‘Day G’ get us ‘Rolling High’ on dope warm new single

The genuine artist is the one who enthrals the soul and mind together. The music audience never listen anything with preconceived thoughts. It is the magic of the vocalist and tunes that makes the audience.

Tick Tock Q and Day G are those struggling souls in music industry. Since last two years they have given diverse musical performances and have burnt their energies for the melodies. The emerging voices of New York City have high names in rap and hip hop music.

Rolling High is the recent track released by Tick Tock Q and Day G.


Both the vocalists have performed extraordinarily. The start of track becomes appealing when the echoes of strings of guitar begin to strike the mind. The short span of the track and quality of rap in Rolling High is flawless package of entertainment.

The selection of set and cinematography is the other addition into the flavour. The wardrobe of the models is perfectly planned with the striking looks. The Rolling High is the voice of youth. The scene of party within the video gives the reflection of freedom and enthralling times of youth. The track has quality of captivating the listener till the end.


The struggle of Tick Tock Q and Day G in Rolling High is mirrored from the work they have offered with little two years they have spent in music world.

They have presented a gem to the audience. The way Rolling High has upheld the balance of each and every component of the music is the impeccable job. 






DISCOVER THE SEXIEST BANGERS: Zimbabwe’s authentic South East London ‘Yxng Prodigy’ gets hot with R&B Queen ‘Selena Jade’ on volcano hot drop ‘Hips Don’t Lie’

Artist and Rapper ‘Yxng Prodigy’ was born in Zimbabwe, later moving to the UK he is now based in the Grime, Trap, Hip-Hop and Rap Capital of South East London.

Yxng Prodigy’ recorded his first song in 2018 with a group of friends  to hone his skills before launching onto the scene as Yxng Prodigy.

When asked why he chose a career in music, ‘Yxng Prodigy’ said:

Music was always a passion of mine since I was in my mother’s womb, when I look back at my life I realise music was always the inevitable purpose for me”

‘Yxng Prodigy’ draws his original inspiration from the spirit and music of the legend Bob Marley, and says “His music stood for his ability to bring people together.

Yxng Prodigy’ teams up with the sexy hot artist ‘Selena Jade’ who’s golden soulful voice and Hips don’t lie in this incredible and Hot as Lava music video.

Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 19.31.39Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 19.31.07


Keep Up with Yxng Prodigy & Selena Jade Now!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yxngprodigy


Twitter: https://twitter.com/theyxngprodigy

Snapchat: Prodigyhimself & Selenaajadeex

Interview: http://topmeganews.com/interview-with-yxng-prodigy-a-solo-artist/

‘Marz’ cuts a classy melodic epic space rap album with hot as lava drop ‘Marz on Earth’

You’re looking for a quality tune or two to pass the summer and help you get over the heat. Who isn’t? But we’ve got excellent news for you, because if you’re here for that, then we’ve got just the thing. We were lucky enough to hit upon an artist that will appeal to listeners of any genre through his smooth, melodic voice and his chill rhythm.

The man we’re talking about here is The Real King Marz, out of Logan, West Virginia. This American singer and songwriter has been on the rapping scene for a few years now, and in that time, he’s really affirmed himself as one of the guys you want to watch. Over the last four years, he’s consistently brought out quality music, and none more so than his latest offering, the album “Marz on Earth”.

As the name tells us, this brand new album deals with anything and everything to do with Earth and humanity, which is why we’re so convinced you’ll like it. You’re human, aren’t you?

The other reason why you’ll like tracks like “Application”, “Shade” or “What It Look Like” is Marz’s unique style and voice. His voice is thrilling, with just the right amount of edginess to it, and yet just enough softness to make him appeal to softer listeners. He doesn’t get in your face, yet he manages to show you his attitude. This guy’s strong, but also gentle. In other words, The Real King Marz’s voice is the perfect expression of humanity – it’s complex, melodic, soft and strong, vulnerable, yet full of attitude.

And as such, it’s a delight for the listener. On this album, you’ve got darker and slower tunes, like “Shade”, but also songs that lift the mood and give you a veritable taste of life in the hood, like “Drive Thru”.

The Real King Marz brings out a lot of sensibility on this latest track, and shows us just what it means to be a human, to love and be a father to your child. He also touches upon other important subjects like loyalty and friendship, and being true to yourself which, if we’re being honest, is what art is all about.

So do yourself a favour, and go listen to “Marz on Earth” if you haven’t already.



‘La Stat’ drops a skilled rap gem with ‘Hour of Destiny’ album

I know you’re tired of hearing about “the next big thing”. Trust me, I am too.

We keep being told that so-and-so artist is the one you need to be listening to, or that someone else is the one to watch, but in this case, he really is. I was just as surprised as you were, but this new artist I wanna talk to you about really is worth checking out.

Why? Because he’s exciting. Because he puts out good music that will obsess you days and even weeks from now. Because “Hour of Destiny” is quite possibly the best album I’ve heard in years, and that alone should be enough to get you to check it out. Seriously, do you know how much music I listen to? So when I say that, well, you better believe it.

Hour of Destiny” comes at your from skilled hip hop artist La Stat, out of Hartford CT. A man with a deep passion for music and a complex understanding of sound and rhythm, La Stat knew early on that this was the way for him to go, and he’s followed his passion relentlessly ever since his youth.

And you feel that in his music. Songs like “Playin Fa Keeps”, sure, that’s one of the bangers on this album, one of those songs that you feel deep in your bones as ringing true and honest. In fact, I think that’s one of the things that really gets me about this artist – the profound honesty and heartfelt quality of each lyric.


Hour of Destiny” is choc-full of great examples of that. Tracks like “Soulful Represent” that speak to you about life and about the role of art in the 21st century. “Soulful Represent” is a compelling exercise in introspection, and since we all do that more or less constantly, it’s easy to see why it’s such a catchy, memorable tune.

Then of course, we’ve got the more hardcore, filled with attitude songs like “Fear No Man”. The type of music that gives listeners the strength to go on and helps them feel strong, like they can take on the world. And that’s exactly what music should do. Good music, at least.

Each track on La Stat’s album fills you with a unique eotion and I could probably fill another page or ten talking about what I feel listening to his killer rhythm. But honestly, I think it’d be even better if you hit the play button and just saw what his music makes you feel, instead.



Apple Music

‘Modrick Buck’ is a fast rising London rapper going places in the Hip-Hop, Rap, Grime and Trap world with a unique sound as he collaborates with ‘Kidd Kidd’ on the catchier than Drake ‘Self-Made’.

Modrick Buck
is a fast rising rapper going places in the Hip-Hop, Rap, Grime and Trap world.

Modrick Buck however doesn’t associate himself with these genres with his musical vision directly focused on his fans.

London 80’s Pop hero Adam Ant felt the same and said in the 80’s “That music’s lost it’s taste, so try another flavour”.

Modrick Buck adopts a similar musical manifesto being open and proud of his independent fight and life journey to becoming a hot named rapper in London City delivering his own unique sound.

‘Modrick Buck’ is a fast rising London rapper going places in the Hip-Hop, Rap, Grime and Trap world with a unique sound as he collaborates with ‘Kidd Kidd’ on the catchier than Drake ‘Self-Made’. – Discover Rap UK

So where does MODRICK BUCK come from ?

Modrick Buck grew up in Africa in the impoverished and corrupt country of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa, between the Zambezi and Limpopo Rivers, bordered by South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique.

Breaking free after defeating personal battles and struggles, Modrick Buck moved to the UK to tell his story with his unique direct spit and musical vision building a fast growing following.


Modrick Buck has already collaborated on a feature with the world famous “Kidd Kidd” who was once signed to the dope G Unit.

Modrick Buck is driven by story telling and strong real lyrical content and is set to run his own ‘Dope Boy Clothing’ brand.


From his humble roots in Zimbabwe Africa to becoming a fast rising breakout artist in London UK, Modrick Buck continues his story telling and unique Rap sound.

Modrick Buck has dropped numerous releases in a prolific manner driven by a love for his fans who he speaks to directly like a strong Rap island of his own.


Already collaborating with one of the biggest names in the game and drawing his infuences from acts like 50 cent, Russ, J Cole, Kanye West, Kidd Kidd and Troy Ave, Modrick Buck now delivers an infectious single with his new dope drop ‘Self-Made’.

‘Self-Made’ is an enchanting beat and melody-driven single with a mysterious African meets Eastern flava and magnificent beats under a catchy, addictive, efficient, distinctive and unique spit and rap that stays in your head. Poppy but dark and cool.


This is catchier than Drake, but cooler and with better more intelligent lyrical content. You can dance like Michael Jackson, but you can also dance through life breaking down your obstacles uniquely like Modrick Buck and Kidd Kidd.

From Africa to the UK a big new name arrives from the trending continent of the music industry and spreading to the world and home of grime London City.

Modrick - Self Made




Official Website



DISCOVER HIP-HOP, RAP and POP FUSIONS: ‘XXL LAVA TEAM’ is back and ready to ‘Start Ova’ as he continues his assault on the Rap, Hip-Hop and Trap world fusing new sounds and beats with an exquisite spit and message.

Rick a.k.a XXL LAVA TEAM launched his musical career at 18 years old getting his motivation from watching his mother struggle to the fullest.

He says “She’s sleeping at work, my motivation comes from wanting the world to know a difference and expose heartbreak”.

 XXL LAVA TEAM describes his childhood as being a major influence on his career saying “I grew up in a single parent household with two fake sisters. My motivation also comes from nobody loving me or respecting me at my lowest and wanting to see a change in peoples faces and body language”.

XXL LAVA TEAM was in a high school band for years and felt isolated, but the music and beats stuck and he found influence in artists like Kevin Gates, Young Thug, Boosie, yfn lucci, Lil Wayne and more. 

DISCOVER HIP-HOP, RAP and POP FUSIONS: ‘XXL LAVA TEAM’ is back and ready to ‘Start Ova’ as he continues his assault on the Rap, Hip-Hop and Trap world fusing new sounds and beats with an exquisite spit and message – Discover Rap, Hip-Hop and Trap

XXL LAVA TEAM has created three 6 track E.P’s since he began recording at the age of 18 and his debut release ‘NTS’ was his breakthrough drop demonstrating his skills and why he is predicted to be the hottest new name on everybody’s lips, already being described as the “Best Music Artist in Toledo”.

 XXL LAVA TEAM states “I’ve got the flair, the style, but most importantly, I’ve got the music to make you move”.

XXL LAVA TEAM talks further about his career, inspiration and musical rise. 

Locale has always been a major inspiration for great music artists of the past, and Toledo has been no different for me. I’ve created a whole new dimension to music, with each new track even better than the last. With music perfect for everyday listening or getting you hyped for a night out, you can be sure I’m going to be the next big thing.


If you think music has become stagnant in the past decade, you’re simply searching in the wrong place, listening to the wrong kind of artists. But your search has now come to an end; my signature musical style elevates the genre to a whole new level.

Check out my tracks for a peek into a new era of banging tunes – you’ll be grooving for the entirety of your train journey home. And if you like what you hear?

xxl lava 2

Get in touch and I’ll see about arranging a show in your city as soon as possible. My music is truly an out-of-body experience when performed live.



xxl bentley records

Go follow XXL everywhere and remember XXL loves you all!!




DISCOVER UK DRILL of 2020: With over one hundred thousand streams, West Thurrock UK drill artist wins all the Rap battles on Rap Trap Radio with dope new release ’20 Style II’ infecting the UK youth nationwide

With over one hundred thousand streams on Spotify, from ‘Captain Morgan’ to ‘Bloodah’, upcoming independent drill artist Dyego is making moves in 2020. This month Dyego’s ready to rack up a few hundred thousand more with new party drill anthem ’20 Style II’.

DISCOVER UK DRILL TRAP GRIME 2020: With over one hundred thousand streams, West Thurrock UK drill artist wins all the Rap battles on Rap Trap Radio with dope new release ’20 Style II’ infecting the UK youth nationwide  – Discover Rap Rap Radio on the playlist

Based in West Thurrock, Essex, Dyego first got into music by performing in rap battles in high school, which slowly turned into studio sessions.

Since then, Dyego’s trademark catchy punchlines rapped over hard drill beats have set him apart as one to watch in the UK drill scene.

“I want people to have fun when they hear my music, just enjoy the sound and not take life too seriously. ’20 Style II’  is a party drill track that people can have fun with.” – DYEGO



‘Dricka’ drops a dope Rap letter to her ‘Mama’ with a classic soul meets Hip-Hop vibe as the fresh artist proves her talent and strength on new single

I think we can all agree that young music with an old soul vibe is the best you can get in today’s music world, and none fills the criteria more than young Alabama native, Dricka.

And when we say young, we mean it, since this gifted rapper and songwriter is only 23 years old, and yet comes across as if she’s lived at least seven decades. That is not to say that her music is in any way old or outdated. On the contrary, she’s got one of the most modern sounds we’ve heard in recent years.

And yet, her latest release, entitled simply “Mama”, will win you over through its old school kind of vibe, and the sheer wisdom inherent in the lyrics.

‘Dricka’ drops a dope Rap letter to her ‘Mama’ with a classic soul meets Hip-Hop vibe as the fresh artist proves her talent on new single – Discover Rap

Dricka is obviously a girl whose mind is as sharp as can be. She’s observant and demonstrates a real skill for paying attention to detail, the sort of skill that is characteristic of true artists.
Her lyrics paint a somewhat grim, yet at the same time hopeful view of life and difficulty, of finding strength and growing up in a world that seems to pay less and less attention to you with each day.

Then, of course, we have her fantastic voice. It has a soulful sort of edge to it, wonderful, and appealing.


Dricka encompasses both a great tenderness and fragility in her singing, but also a sense of resilience. It’s the perfect voice for the song, if that makes sense, as it highlights and expresses the duality of her feelings in writing this. Feeling both strong, as any person who’s growing up and standing on their own has to be sooner or later, but also expressing an almost childish vulnerability.


It’s a very coming of age song, except it has none of the cutesiness we tend to attach to those words. It’s a gritty tune with killer vibes that will really make you think, and we highly suggest you go listen to it if you haven’t yet.



DISCOVER THE BEST NEW HIP-HOP OF 2020: ‘Jay Fox’ Releases Message-Heavy & Intimate Hip-Hop/Soul Album ‘Foxtales: Cold Facts’ – On the Rap Trap Radio Playlist Now

Jay Fox releases his latest powerful, emotional, and intimate hip-hop/soul album ‘Foxtales: Cold Facts.’

The twelve-track album contains strong basslines, catchy melodic elements, groovy beats, and grasping, emotion-filled vocals by Jay Fox.

From the powerful lyricism in ‘W.T.F (Red Clay)’ to the reminiscing, motivating ‘Save Me,’ Jay Fox delivers melodic bliss combined with lyrical depth across the album. Fox’s immersing voice and flow will grasp the listener’s attention. Undoubtedly, the album can impact the listener as it contains every anthemic and grand element for a hip-hop album.


‘Foxtales: Cold Facts’ contains lyricism that will hook the listener due to the artist’s wordplay, relatability, and vulnerability. The heavy beats with the melodic elements give the vocal on each track an energetic, driving feeling.

Attachment_1594990763 (1)

‘Foxtales: Cold Facts’ spotlights the talented abilities of rapping and song writing by Jay Fox. The album merges hip-hop, rap, R&B, and soul elements seamlessly into one perfect album. ‘Foxtales: Cold Facts’ will take the listeners into a musical trance with strong messages, emotion-drenched lyrics, and hard-hitting instrumentation.


Jay Fox is an emerging artist, singer, rapper, and songwriter originating from Newnan, Georgia. The talented artist is quickly making waves in the scene with his unparalleled sound and style. Inspired by his life experiences, Jay Fox seeks to create music that will help people accept vulnerability.

Attachment_1594990592 (2)

Signed to Indy label Powerseat Music Group, Jay Fox’s storytelling lyricism differentiates him from many due to the ability to inspire and show growth through his music.

The talented musician seeks to push the envelope with his sound and bridge various elements from different genres to make a well-rounded, dynamic style.


Jay Fox is fuelled by his passion for music, and his willingness to be the next big artist to breakthrough. With every release, Newnan native will have listeners engulfed into the world he creates with his no-frills approach and realness.

Attachment_1594990592 (1)

Jay Fox is an artist to keep an eye on and ear out for as he is set to cement himself in the music industry for years to come.



Follow Jay Fox:  Instagram 
Follow Powerseat Music Group: Instagram

DISCOVER ALTERNATIVE SYNTH ROCK AND POP: WILDFURZ releases an energetic synth driven rock vibe with a ‘Visage’ meets ‘The Killers’ on holiday with ‘Ultravox’ and ‘Kings of Leon’ mood as he sets the ‘World on Fire’

Based out of Atlanta, GA Artist and Music Producer WILDFURZ has been making waves with his unique blend of Vibey Psychedelic and Infectious Electronic Music.

Originating from San Juan, Puerto Rico WILDFURZ love of music began when discovering his Grandfather’s Spanish Singing Trio Albums which led him to pick up guitar. After a few years between Rock, Rap Groups and a Solo Acoustic Career.

DISCOVER ALTERNATIVE SYNTH ROCK AND POP: WILDFURZ releases an energetic synth driven rock vibe with a ‘Visage’ meets ‘The Killers’ on holiday with ‘Ultravox’ and ‘Kings of Leon’ mood as he sets the ‘World on Fire’ – Discover Rock Pop

WILDFURZ decided to combine his vast knowledge of multiple genres of music into what is now known as WILDFURZ.


When asked about the inspiration behind the song, WILDFURZ said:

I tend to write a lot about the environment and society around me. With everything going on, seeing how people like to virtue signal on social media, without actually making real world contributions, the reality is we’ve all had a part in setting this world on fire and this song characterizes the hypocrisy of it all.



Website: http://wildfurz.com

YouTube: https://youtu.be/KzDCBu5OsrA

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/wildfurz/world-on-fire

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/3CFXsVrscwm6hjWahU8PLN?si=sKV9Vmf7Qi6wZ74o9e1JqQ

Apple: https://music.apple.com/us/album/world-on-fire-single/1516906876?uo=4&app=itunes&at=1001lry3&ct=dashboard

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Wildfurz_World_on_Fire?id=B7fbq3rv4crzjzegyl4jqkidszy

iHeartRadio: https://www.iheart.com/artist/wildfurz-31705873/albums/world-on-fire-103851523/

::: Social Media links :::

Twitter: http://twitter.com/wildfurz/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/wildfurz/

Facebook: http://facebook.com/wildfurz/


The sky falls and you feel secure,

Don’t you wanna run in habit,

And so bored, stoned and floored,

When you think you think about it,

And all this time we spent worth chasing,

Running all night long,

All this time we spent were wasted,

Call it karma calling god,

We set the world onto fire

We set the world onto fire

The post calls that you’re self assured,

Get attention while you’re at it,

It’s so cold, frozen to the core,

When you seek to speak you shout it,

And all this time we spent worth chasing,

Running all night long,

All this time we spent were wasted,

Call it karma calling god,

We set the world onto fire

We set the world onto fire

How can we dare to stare at the sun,

Not like we knew that it would leave you blinded,

Now that we share what is fair with a gun,

What could we do, how can we be reminded,

Take your time now

Take your time now

Take your time now, We set the World onto Fire

Take your time now, We set the World onto Fire

Take your time now, We set the World onto Fire

Take your time now, We set the World onto Fire

DISCOVER RAP TRAP RADIO: ‘Tommy Osborne’ drops his new single ‘Heavenly Intentions’ onto Rap Trap Radio with it’s infectious, smooth, melodic, sleek and street appeal – On The Playlist Now

Rapping a personal, direct and distinctive spit and singing a beautiful smooth melody, Tommy Osborne arrives with his unique, dreamy, reverb drenched soul Trap sound.

The brand new drop from Tommy Osborne is ‘Heavenly Intentions’.

‘Tommy Osborne’ drops his new single ‘Heavenly Intentions’ onto Rap Trap Radio with it’s infectious, smooth, melodic, sleek and street appeal  – On The Playlist Now – Rap Trap Radio UK

East Texas born and based Tommy Osborne drops a majestic, world flavoured Trippy sound with big snares, dreamy pads and an overall melodic big epic sound and voice.

Moving from singing a lovely melody to a real life spit in seconds and with a memorable and entrancing dope mood this is addictive and timeless.


When asked about the inspiration behind the single Tommy Osborne says “Got my heartbroke, made a song about it, got good responses so now i make music for other broken hearts”



DISCOVER THE WORLD’S HOTTEST FASTEST PIONEERS OF RAP IN 2020: ‘Angel Monroe’ is such a unique new Rap Trap Pop Star with a totally distinctive and inventive new sound on ‘Gone’ – On the Rap Trap 24 FM playlist Now

Angel Monroe celebrity cover model, actress and rapper has just released her latest single ‘Gone’.

Angel Monroe remembers that Chris brown dispute when she was defending Chris Brown.

Well it’s no doubt she’s got news of her own new dope drop “Gone”  as it’s rises as fast as she can rap, getting attention on European Radio airwaves and with American Spotify users.

She’s a published model actress, but music is where it’s at for this talent.

‘Angel Monroe’ has just released her latest single ‘Gone’.

To hear her fast unique rap style and iconic voice check out  more from Angel Monroe on her Spotify.

Angel’s got the image to do it all with her song “Perfect image” discussing the real truth of the industry expectations and her latest track “Gone” which scored her airtime on the Radio.



You can also find her on Instagram @AngelMonroeOfficial and Facebook.

DISCOVER RAP AND HIP-HOP: The dreamy rapper ‘ Jxckson’ arrives with a thought provoking epic Rap Trap cut on ‘Trees’– On the Rap Trap FM Playlist Now

Hip Hop and Rap artist Jxckson Released His New Track Called “Trees“. The track is meant to reflect back on the artist’s past before he started making music.

The intention is to relate to young adults through discussing topics like night life, social media, and relationships.


DISCOVER RAP AND HIP-HOP: The dreamy rapper ‘ Jxckson’ arrives with a thought provoking epic Rap Trap cut on ‘Trees’– On the Rap Trap FM Playlist Now  – Discover Rap Trap FM

Jxckson said, “It’s a track letting you know a bit about who I was before I tried to get this music career started, for young adults it’s relatable to the lives they live. From the night life to social Media and the way that relationships are difficult or to find a real one is tough in this day and age.”

The track is Jxckson’s first release and was produced by Patrick Osei at Hot Money Studios.

It features Jxckson soulful vocals layered over a beautiful and vibey instrumental. Jxckson’s unique voice and flow are showcased throughout the track.

Especially when he goes from singing to rapping, switching between the two throughout the track. The beats 808s and beautiful samples keeps the vibe going and gives space for the young artist to showcase his skill.

The track is just a small sample of what is to come from Jxsckson.

He said, “As my first release I believe it shows a lot about my character but also shows that I’m a versatile artist and let people see that this is the start of a lot of great things, I think it’s a true vibe and I just want people to see themselves or relate heavily to what the track is saying and I believe my Lyrics do that.”



Listen to “Trees” here:

DISCOVER TRAP RAP GRIME LOCKDOWN STREET REVOLUTION OF 2020: Globally viral Trap Rap Grime artist ‘Vlad HQ’ is back with atmospheric dark and dope hot new single ‘Tonight feat. RAHLI.

After going viral multiple times, trending new artist ‘Vlad HQ’ is back with dope new single ‘Tonight (feat. Rahli)’.

Based in St. Louis, ‘Vlad HQ’ drops an infectious, dark, entrancing new style and fusion of Trap, Grime, Rap and Hip-Hop vibes.

Building with an eastern world flavoured mysterious guitar atmosphere, over dope phat thick claps and isolated pumped up mellow dark Trap beats.

Vlad HQ collaborates with Rahli on this raw, real and street track to deliver a dark vibed and mysterious sound, that keeps you addicted and infected over solid big wall of sound beats.

This is not just another Trap track, but an open ticket and invitation into experiencing a taste of the mysterious and wild Rap and Grime lifestyle of the sometimes controversial and globally trending new dark kid of Trap ‘Vlad HQ’.

‘Vlad HQ’ is followed globally by fanatics and follows in the footsteps of artists like ‘Keak Da Sneak’ and ‘Dax’ using dark beats and wild, whispery, distinctive spits that always lead to ‘Midas Touch’ catchy hooks, melodies and upfront, explicit, real life rhymes.

Going viral again and with global followers, Vlad HQ is on a world domination mission and is joined by the dope hot Rahli on this Smokey red hot, radical and atmospheric Trap, Grime and Drill fusion.

The hot steamy rap spits it’s way out of the speakers and takes us on a real life journey into the dark, decadent and dangerously hot world of  ‘Vlad HQ’ who is smoking the finest Sh*t.

Lock up your daughters or send them over this is a radical, dope, chilled and tantalising dark vibed Trap track that’s not for your parents. It’s BAD. You know it.

What are the obsessed fans saying about Vlad HQ ?

Fans on Soundcloud are going ‘Vlad HQ’ crazy dropping comments like “This is so sick mad love”, “This is some crazy sh*t”, “Vocal energy is fire, reminds me of Dax, big ups bro”, “I love the dark vibe this song has man” and thousands more after

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Tonight Artwork