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‘Armored Dawn’ release a touching cover of Johnny Cash’s ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ in powerful metal mode on the playlist now.

The music manager for said that he loved the new single ‘Wayfaring Stranger‘ from ‘Armored Dawn’. It’s very refreshing to hear such a touching song produced in powerful metal mode and it works well, keeping the feel of the original, but lacing it with giant guitars, Metallica-esque vocals, thundering drums and earth-shattering solos. This amazing new cover version of ‘Johnny Cash’ is now on the daily playlist and will be played throughout the day and night in general rotation + as a special powerplay at approx 7 PM Pacific USA time every day for a month or more.

After a successful comeback with the official music video for “S.O.S.”, and the brutal single “Tides”, Brazil based, Metal band ARMORED DAWN has released their newest single “Wayfaring Stranger”, a heavy version of Johnny Cash’s song.

“Wayfaring Stranger” was recorded at renowned Dharma Studios and mixed and mastered by renowned producer Heros Trench, a Latin Grammy winner, with more than 200 bands under his belt.
The band decided to record a new version of the song after some members had watched the movie “1917”, whose soundtrack features “Wayfaring Stranger” in a scene that brings a lot of reflection to the audience. The song is popular from the American Christian songbook, and it talks about a lonely walker who goes through the odds of this world, and hopes to get to heaven, the place where his loved ones already are.

The current lineup of Armored Dawn, which includes Eduardo Parras (vocals), Tiago de Moura and Timo Kaarkoski (guitars), Heros Trench (bass), Rafael Agostino (keyboards) and Chris Oliveira (drums), continues to work on future releases.

The band’s upcoming album, Brand New Way, was produced and recorded at the renowned Dharma Studios, in São Paulo, by Rodrigo Oliveira and Heros Trench, mixed by Chris Lord Alge and mastered by Ted Jensen, two top names in North American music production. Acclaimed since the 1980s, having won 5 Grammys, Chris Lord Alge has worked with some of the world’s greatest music legends such as James Brown, Prince, Joe Cocker, and Tina Turner, as well as legendary soundtracks such as Rocky IV and Batman.

Sound engineer Ted Jensen, renowned for his work at the renowned Sterling Sound studio, has mastered albums by the Eagles, Jean Michel Jarre, Santana, and Norah Jones, for which he received a Grammy in 2002. In the heaviest fields of music, he worked on the most recent albums by The Pretty Reckless, Death by Rock & Roll, and Death Magnetic, by Metallica, as well as albums by bands such as Korn, Disturbed, Alice in Chains, and Papa Roach.

Create a concept, find the right partners, work to make it all cohesive and invest in the potential to pursue your goals. From this perspective, Armored Dawn appeared in 2014 and became relevant in the Brazilian metal scene. After all, they toured alongside great bands such as Saxon, Megadeth, Scorpions, Whitesnake, Europe, Hammerfall, Rhapsody, Fates Warning, Sabaton, Tarja, in addition to participating in the Motörboat, the cruise of the legendary Motörhead.

The first two albums, Power of Warrior (2016) and Barbarians in Black (2018), were produced by important professionals such as Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Jörn), Bruno Agra (We Are Harlot) and Kato Khandwala (The Pretty Reckless, Papa Roach). The third, Viking Zombie, was produced, mixed, and mastered by Rodrigo Oliveira and Heros Trench.

Presenting a sophisticated and versatile metal, the group collects great works in music videos, such as the super production “Sail Away” and “Beware of the Dragon”, shown in all movie theaters in Brazil during the trailers for the movie Aquaman. Besides them, “Ragnarok” and “Animal Uncaged” (recorded at the Rockfest Festival, at Allianz Parque, São Paulo, when they played to around 37,000 people) have millions of views on YouTube.

During the pandemic, they released the single “Stronger Together”, very well accepted by the fans, as well as the two most recent, “S.O.S.” and “Tides” which came out in 2022. The fourth album in Armored Dawn’s career is currently being produced by the band.



Putting you in a ‘Dancing Mood’, ‘Teeardropz’ aka ‘Jonathan Brown’ drops stunning new single on the Hollywood Digital playlist now. Radio is pleased to announce that the feelgood new single ‘Dancing Mood’ from ‘Teeardropz‘ is now on the daily playlist. Tune in to hear this uplifting reggae banger played at least once per hour on the A-List every day and night for the next month or more.

Teeardropz aka Jonathan Brown, from Trelawny JA, has received much attention over the past year with his song “Wake Up List” on the 2021 Satta Massagana Rebirth Riddim with Manatee Records. He has gained over 500k streams of he song on the Spotify as well as the Boomplay (African #1) Streaming platform. His duet with Cheri Janae in a remake of the song “Perfidia Love” has seen over 250K streams on the Boomplay platform as well as Spotify. His previous in 2020 “Trodding” gave him the nudge on the charts on Amazon as well as iTunes. For his 2020 song “Trodding”,produced by the late Barry OHare, he was invited for interviews on CVM at sunrise, TVJ, E Buzz – Irie Fm, E Blaze – Fame FM, Sun City Radio and The Observer.

“Wake Up List”, on the 2021 Satta Massagana Rebirth Riddim, has been buzzing on Jamaica radio waves over and a favorite and has received airwave plays on Irie FM, HITZ FM, ZIP FM as well as many internet radio stations globally. The song was premiered more recently on Hot 97 in New York by Bobby Konders and Massive B and in the #1 Music Radio Market in the USA as one of the hottest singles to be released more recently. Other global radio stations are adding the “Wake Up List” to their playlist as well as in the UK and radio stations throughout Africa and the Caribbean and Canada. Teeardropz is no newcomer to the reggae community in Jamaica, since he was busy with hit songs such as his 2020 single, “Fast Food” ft Takeova, which the video has continued to garner fans on Youtube, Vevo, and other digital video platforms. Teeardropz is also responsible for “Hot Suh” , “Rich Badness” and “Rich Too”.

Teeardropz is also featured on several more riddims locally including “Amnesia”, “Fresh”, “Money N Guns” as well as more recently “Yellow Tape’ Riddim. The latest single “Dancing Mood” is heating up on the digital platform. The song is an advanced rendition of the earlier song with bigger production performance. The Afrobeat version of the song , “Dancing Mood”, has gained over 1-Million streams on the African Streaming platform, “BoomPlay” Music over the past 4 months, and continues to acquire new fans throughout the continent. The reunion of Teeardropz with Manatee Records label, has been an inspiration to both himself and the President and CEO Calvin “Doc” Flowers since he first voiced on a Riddim the label in the early 1990’s.

The reunion is as if, the past years since he voiced “Party in Session”, were compressed to days as his acknowledgement by Jamaican fans has increased since the “Wake Up List ” hit the airwaves. Teeardropz is currently finishing songs on several other Riddims including “Yellow Tape” Riddim which will be another collaboration between his Countryside Music, and Manatee Records. The video for the latest release, “Dancing Mood”, was finalized recently and will give the fans a sure feeling of that old reggae vibe from the 60’s as Teeardropz blesses his fans with this powerful feel good song throughout the global reggae communities of the world. The video will air on all video platforms throughout Jamaica as well as globally. There are several other tunes which Teeardropz has on deck to be released over the next months. He will soon be on a USA Tour with Irie-FM Radio, in which they are rolling out the streaming platform for the radio station in several major US cities including New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Miami.

Stay tuned as Teeardropz will be posted on the opening page for his efforts at Irie-FM follow him on all social networks including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The new single ‘Love & War’ from ‘Super Fëmmes’ with its touching lyrics, solid pop beat and classy vocals is on the playlist now.

The head of music for said that he loved the new single ‘Love & War‘ from ‘Super Fëmmes‘ with its touching lyrics, solid pop beat, classy vocals that instantly get you singing along, and perfect pop sensibility that comes with a lush pop production. This addictive new pop single is now on the daily playlist and will be played in general rotation throughout the day and night + as a special powerplay at approx 5 PM Pacific USA time every evening for a month or more.

What happens when you bring some legit musical icons in a single group? Something quite special. Super Fëmmes consists of Emilia Mitiku, Denise Lopez, Josefine Willers and Mia Schotte (from “Miio”), who managed to accomplish something truly incredible, bringing their collective talent under one roof. Their new release, “Love & War”, is an amazing new studio single with an uplifting flavor.

The production offers a clear and pristine sound that highlights the nuanced sensibilities of Super Fëmmes’s delivery and flow. “Love & War” is a great blend of electronic music energy and contemporary pop appeal, bringing the best of both worlds under one roof. It is not always easy to splice up different styles, but it is definitely a no-brainer for Super Fëmmes, who managed to pull off something truly awesome here.

Super Fëmmes new single “Love & War”, which will be released on February 14, 2023

Written by Jakke Erixson, Max Brandenburger and Tor Eimon, plus the Super Fëmmes member Denise DeDe Lopez.

The song is produced by Tor Eimon and Jakke Erixson, a renowned Swedish musician, composer and producer based in Los Angeles. Jakke Erixson has earlier worked with artists like Christina Aguilera and Rod Stewart and, on the producer side, David Guetta and RedOne among others. Erixson is also one of the composers behind the worldwide hit Kings and Queens by Ava Max.

Find out more about Super Fëmmes, and listen to “Love & War”. This release is going to be available on some of the best digital music streaming services in February 2023!



The new single ‘Satisfied’ from ‘Soph’ with its delicious and entrancing melody, beautiful, personal and introspective vocals is on the playlist now.

The head of music for said that he loved the new single ‘Satisfied’ from ‘Soph’ with its delicious and entrancing melody, beautiful, personal and introspective vocals, and bouncy warm production, that has a suspense and excitement to it, a little like love in itself. This fantastic single reminds us of some Cheryl Crow material. This very original, well written and pure single is now on the daily playlist and will be played in general rotation throughout the day and night + as a special powerplay at approx 2:30 PM Pacific USA time every day for a month or more.

Soph is an Indie Artist from the Midwest, You can find her on spotify under the name of Soph and sophsworldsoph on instagram. She cares about the message and spreading positivity to people who listen to her music. Satisfied is a song about being content with how your life turned out and being happy with the journey of life.




The new single ‘My Everything’ from ‘3KO’ with its positive, romantic and honest rap is on the playist now.

The head of music for said that he loved the new single ‘My Everything’ from ‘3KO‘ with its positive, romantic and honest rap, warm production and lyrics that are full of love, delivered in a unique and well delivered format perfect for Valentines Day. We have placed this banger on the daily Hollywood FM playlist and will be played day and night in general rotation + as a special powerplay at approx 3 PM Pacific USA time for a month or more.

Dropping My Everything song to the world a week before Valentine’s Day for the ladies to enjoy around the world. Tracy Rucker is a multi-talented vocalist who dons the moniker of 3KO (Tripple Knock Out). Tracy Rucker brings a new element, style of music with his gut punching, core music singing skills, drawing back to the old school 90’s R&B/Hiphop music. His triple threat and punch, is that of his style qof vocals that will hone you in right away to his style.

Born in Bartow Florida, to a father in the military he moved around throughout his early years across the US and overseas. His drive, focus, and tenacity will lead him to become a relentless and unstoppable force in the independent circuit. Tracy Rucker is making music that is driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, and tell his story his way.

In the fall of 2022, Tripple Knock Out, Tracy Rucker won Best Hip Hop Artist for “Where Dem Girls At” for the 2022 Indie Music Channel Awards.

His new single slated for new release in 2023 My Everything, will bring his fans to their feet.

Tracy Rucker will be on the rise in 2023, with many interviews from industry professionals, also appearing on podcasts and performing live shows, Tracy Rucker will deliver that tripple punch that many of his fans are waiting for.

Get in Contact with 3KO.

contact 7704215085 . The single will be Available on all digital download platforms stores worldwide. Under TrippleKnockOut