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Filmed at ‘Cocoa Beach’ and full of beach vibes, Caribbean beats and colourful vibes, ‘Wil Berrios’ releases the wonderful ‘Cumbia Junto Al Mar’

‘Wil Berrios’  a.k.a Wilfredo Berrios Mendoza arrives on the world music scene with the vibrant, warm, melodic, uplifting, rhythmic and festival party sound of new single ‘Cumbia Junto Al Mar’.

‘Wil Berrios’ is an artist and musician who was born in Trujillo Colon Honduras in the Caribbean.

‘Cumbia Junto Al Mar’ is the debut music video from ‘Wil Berrios’ with it’s fragrant world flavoured Extravaganza of rhythmic sound with an overall warm, tropical Caribbean vibe.

When asked about more about the song and video, Wil Berrios said:

My new single is ‘Cumbia junto al mar’ and the video was filmed, recorded and produced at ‘Cocoa Beach’.


The incredible warm and festival party fuelled new single ‘Cumbia junto al mar’ was recorded at ‘Tampa Flat Paris Recording Studios’.

‘Wil Berrios’  a.k.a Wilfredo Berrios Mendoza is currently based in Orlando Florida and is rising high on the world music scene.

Join ‘Wil Berrios’ for the Best Caribbean Pop Party Sound!

will berios single cover


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DISCOVER RAP AND HIP-HOP: Crown Prince of the Ville ‘Philly Blocks’ returns with a bang on shooting hot new Rap gem ‘Mr.17th project’

It’s the Crown Prince of the Ville after giving you the highs & lows of hood life in the Ville (Louisville,ky) with “Days of our lives“, then taking you back down memory lane with “Average“.

The incredible Philly Blocks now returns with another batch of Bar’s packed with self affirmation about what makes him not only a 502 street Boss, lyrical Boss, but the boss ofTeam 563“.

So press play and Channel that Inter boss inside of you with the visual to CEO from the Mr.17th project.

The History of Boss Philly Blocks

Philly Blocks was born as Juancinto Neal on September 10, 1988 in Louisville, KY in the USA.

Philly Blocks grew up visiting family on the east coast, Midwest in Philadelphia and Chicago and says:

“I’ve always had an east coast delivery and being heavily influenced by many east coast rappers. I chose Philly as my surname, As for Blocks it stems from a brief stint in the streets as a youth, hence the name Philly Blocks”.


The Almighty General of the infamous #Team563 brand originating from Louisville, Kentucky, ‘Philly Blocks’ has been described by Tunecore as a “rapid growing independent guru”.

Business influences like Master P, Nipsey Hussle, Damon Dash and Rocko were ground breaking in Philly Block’s eyes to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Listen to ‘Mr. 17th EP’


Philly Blocks TEAM 563

Stay in touch with Philly Blocks via Twitter and IG @phillyblocks

‘Triangle Clique’ release big record ‘In Chiwanna’

Is diminishing inclination of mood and prevailing boredom stimulations is your current outset?

Then congratulations! Engaging with us today will be the most promising decision you ever made being the justification for your mental satisfaction. “Triangle Clique”, the only name that will dominate your life through a flower path and is solely what we call universal prodigy which itself is the only present you will be needing.

Now embarking on the title “Triangle Clique”, they are a trio from New York city who founded themselves on the entity of awesomeness and redefining music. Magical Right?

Well we haven’t even initiated yet. But addressing the first query, who is “Triangle Clique”? For your knowledge, the answer is plainly talented, the solely correct response and why wouldn’t it be. Succeeding from New York to the stages of the world, the trio itself is encompassing of three brothers all of which are the characterization of competence and inspiration with songs like “chiwanna” that dwell in the psyche and souls of others leaving behind a permanent impression that can never be eliminated.

Lit beats to groove on and never lasting impression of marvelousness is the specialty of “Triangle Clique”, the music of whom is the instance of majestic universalness which renders everyone groove to the fire tracks and savage raps engraving in their disposition making them crave for more and more. Cool Right?

Well, their commitment to this lifelong love of music is what propels them truly worth listening and biasing as diversity in music is the essence of life. Not only that, with countless albums and tracks devoted to the fans and several more set to broadcast they clearly hinted the world that there not here to play games.

Popularity reveals the best in artist by unleashing the potential they have. Quite the perfect viewpoint for “Triangle Clique” who exhibited their popularity in pretence of the world at the time when Jim Reyes (with Diva Records) requested them to perform at club as people were vacating. Insane to think that an entity like Jim Reyes saw the potential in the trio that was about to set the world on fire by establishing new trends and aspirations to attain. Suppose, a club with a crowd of people and the unique sound infused with Hip Hop, Urban and Latino vibes. Literally nothing but a heaven. That’s the power of “Triangle Clique” who even before their debut created such a clamor among the industry who would state that “The bosses are coming”.

Growing up in a crime infested Elmhurst, these boys didn’t let destiny take over their path. Yet driving their own way but achieving recognitions such as performing in the venues including Latin Quarters, Calle Orange, Club Tabu, Roxy’s Night Club along with forming a record label “Triangle Clique LLC” with its own recording studio and reaching the target of 1000 tracks all from their blood and sweat, we cannot dare imagine the new possibilities these healers will create.



Talented Irish musician and author ‘Dar.ra’ is back again with a groovy new tropical rock direction on the banging ‘Rise Like The Sun’

While we as a world speed forward on an uncharted flight to an unknowable destination, predictions and hearsay is all you hear in the backseats on this excursion into a strange new Paradigm.

One prediction that has come to play out is Dar.Ra whose album New Kinda Normal released in 2019 told of tales of future society changes, while the front cover art showed a couple walking down and empty high street in a bubble.

Did he know something we didn’t at the time and was anyone paying attention to the fine lines of that release. Since we have seen massive changes and other artists not releasing any new material, we have seen more out put from Dar.Ra rather than less.

The EP ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’ was an honourable attempt to give the Keyworkers and Frontline Heroes of the Pandemic something more than just a round of applause, something that people could sing and show their Love, with proceeds given to Frontline worker charities.

The ‘Whisky n Honey’ EP featured a great Bowie style track with sublime subplot of a Love given up on for a pursuit of fast love and neon highs only to end up empty and alone wishing for a life that will never come back.

The Lights Dark Nights remix was the epitome of genre called ‘Rock Step’, which Dar.Ra claims to have invented. If you’re looking for the blueprint you can find it on this EP and the ‘New Kinda Normal’ Album

The latest release schedule doesn’t let up with a new single ‘Rise Like The Sun’. A Latin rock groove that cuts through the current climate like a hot knife through butter.

Uplifting sunshine grooves with remixes from Colombian to India, the UK with a few European mainland connections thrown in for good measure. The lyric suggests not been held down by the people in high places, the unknown powers who make decisions about out lives that we have no control over.

‘I want to rise like the sun and hold back for no one’ is a lyric sung with power and persuasion by Dar.Ra who takes a further dig at those powers by singing;

‘I wanna live the dream with impunity like the rich do with ease’, ‘I been crying crying out loud I been down in the dirt the dirt and the dust,
Trying to reach up from the gutter to the stars’

Sums up the frustration of the singer to be heard in a world that is obsessed with money and power rather than concern for the real issues that we face as a human race.

Dar.Ra has a way however of making the Music and melodies sound so sweet that you would miss the subliminal storylines that lurk beneath the clean mixes and beautiful musicianship on each track he puts out.

On the ‘Rise Like The Sun’ single there are 6 mixes all named after different places on the globe in an attempt to bring the world together rather than see ourselves separated by colours and creeds. Columbian Sun Cut is the real deal in the Latin house area and Vidula a producer from Sri Lanka puts his distinct flavours on his Indian Sun Remix.

The other remixes come from Dar.Ra and have an Indigenous theme to them as is also reflected in the Cover artwork which pays homage to the Aboriginal national flag.

Rise Like The Sun’ is out on Kusha Deep Music this fall.

Dar.Ra Biography

Dar.Ra is a Music Writer, Producer and Author who earned his stripes with hits for EMI and 21St Century Artists and set up the Kusha Deep Label in the 2000s releasing his first solo Album in 2009, called ‘Soul Hours‘. The UK, USA music press and radio, made Album of the week on Heart FM Spain, supported the album.

One of the tracks ‘Haunted Dancehall’ featured in a Hollywood film staring Hilary Duff and ‘Snakes On Planes’. Dar.Ra played on BBC Radio Cambridge to a million people live when they connected up their regional stations around the Midlands.

Various EPs ‘Now Is Now’, Live For Love, Cease Fire and soundtrack to film documentary ‘City Of Hope’ have also had millions of streams and lead to the recent album ‘New Kinda Normal’.

The Rock N Roll tour de force, that has seen three singles really make some movements happen in America, with well received Music video’s for ‘Rock Steady’ and ‘Night-Stepper’ being shot in NYC, while ‘Diamonds N The Shadows’ being shot in Atlanta.

Tracks have landed number 1 spots on Rock Radio stations around the USA, play-listed on TV stations LA TV, H2O NYC, Nashville Music TV as well as front cover of Hype Magazine, Top Hitz and Music Hit Box in The UK giving Dar.Ra, a very credible big Star status.

With two new EPs out ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’ a tribute to the keyworkers who have stood up to the task of the Pandemic and the Whisky n Honey EP this work continues to shape Dar.Ra’s musical catalogue.

The Beat remix called Bhangra Stance features on the Stand Up EP, is a powerful call to action for change. Top Hitz Music magazine to call the EP number 1 Lockdown release, while Music Mirror called the ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’ track, ‘the Rock anthem that Prince would of written, if he still graced this world’.

Attachment_1600875361   Attachment_1600875420

Dar.Ra has also written two books under his full moniker Darragh J Brady ‘Road Tales’ which is about amazing people with life changing stories that he met while touring the globe and ‘The Night That Jimi Died’ which is about a girl who channels the Spirit of Jimi Hendrix and rises to change the DNA of the World through Music. Both titles have also been given top reviews on Good Reads and Amazon Books.

The brand new single ‘Rise Like The Sun’ is out now on all good digital retailers.



‘Olivia Rees’ drops exciting debut album ‘Exposed’

Stirring figures and eminence of arts emanate from the deepest of compassion and they in configuration of stars twinkle in the darkest of the skies with the sharpest of  light. What an unordinary irony, but exclusively reasonable for the divine sovereignty named as “Olivia Rees” who is inclined to grab you fellas on an excursion of hers unleashing the true meaning of the term “talent” prevailing as supremely passionate and aspirational personality keen to engrave her title on the world.

A green artist, but insanely competent. Is it a certainty or a fantasy?

The answer calls out itself when conversing about Olivia who is debuting to illustrate the world who’s the leader here. Growing up and recognizing the souvenir she had for comprehending the commencement of the tones, the reason was clear and the initiative was seized, to polish the gift, she had restoring it into something stunning, something extraordinary which will bestow a “ray of shining light” onto others and a desire to thrive for and this ray of light was none other than Olivia who plunged to produce music that will bring serenity to everyone. That will have the heartfelt lyrics and bucket full of sentiments that will give a mythical hug for those who will need it.

Have you ever heard of a prism? Well you don’t need to because Olivia is the prism who is gleaming with a diversity of colors and idealizing those tones in her music is the motive of her prism like musical proficiency. Olivia is set on the proclamation of rocking the industry with R&B influenced songs with a disposing genre of hip-hop, a citation of blissful and soothing serenity for the ears and the title “bias wrecker” worth giving. Spicy tone with sugary sentimental lyrics to get you on the veritable bucket full of emotions with songs like “Sugar and Spice” and “Leave it alone” is everything your prism-like playlist desires.

Is Olivia Rees a legend or an entity?

Photo 2020-08-26_ 11 56 56 AM

The answer is both. Crafting edgy music, with tones to reside for and lyrics to relate to which indeed is a legendary entity that will go down in history with her name “Olivia Rees“. And we cannot skip her universal collaborations with artists like “L.A. rapper Mr D.M.A., as well as his brother Eddy Rozon (sons of Gilbert Rozon, founder of acclaimed Canadian series “Just for Laughs”)” proving the fact that she is that prodigy that everyone has to look forward to with never seen before fascination and aspiration to show the world what she’s got.

Became a fan of Olivia? Well no surprise for us as the artist who is offering so much before debuting, we cannot dare to imagine what she will offer after she sets her foot in the industry. It will clearly be an explosion of majestic melodies and enthusiastic harmonies with heartfelt lyrics. The prodigy is coming your way with endless possibilities you can imagine. All you have to do is to assist the queen and become a factor of this family.




DISCOVER MUSIC AND ART: Diva, composer and genius pianist ‘Marina Arsenijevic’ releases beautiful new music ‘Delilah’ and ‘My Beauty’

Composing and executing, an art that prospers as a notion of expertise conceiving exotic boundaries to look forward to and prevails as an entity that is not endowed to everyone.

Asserting art, undoubtedly art is the Queen we will be vocalizing today. Marina Arsenijevic, the solitary commodity that is the perceptible representation of diva, a fabulous composer and pianist, the inventor of thrifty melodies and nostalgic harmonies that will embark in your disposition as you once endeavour towards this talented queen.

But who exactly is this diva, Marina Arsenijevic?

Don’t you fellas worry as we will be serving you up on all that. A Serbian-born American musician along with the crown of a “Gifted Pianist”, an entity that rose to prestige by recording popular albums like “Ethno Classic & Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, My Balkan Soul, Fire & Soul, Chopin: Waltzes, Marina at West Point “snatching the hearts of audience Nationwide cultivating an instant fan following and halting the constraints of language impediment through the sovereignty of music.

If it isn’t a supernatural proficiency than what is it, you are the guesser of that.

Simplicity that emerges as to the drowning premium of art, Marina is the genuine reflection of the idiom. Exquisite art with a hybrid of composing aptitude as apparent as the classical crossover of alluring style and genre performance as nostalgic as the symphonies itself is what interprets Marina as an artist who was invited in celebrity events like Harper’s Bazaar magazine’s anniversary party, opening night at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival 2016, the 2015 Women & Fashion Film Fest in New York City and many additional worth mentioning occasions making the diva a “Bias must entity”.

Art and artist, two words but for the equivalent shining diamond Marina, who depicted her potentials in composing and playing the piano while producing harmonies evoking your median aspirations and the title “universal prodigy” worth giving. Exemplary enthusiasm since the advent is what makes Marina special. Being an offspring of a soccer player father and a diligent mother, Arsenijevic had it in her genes to tackle the world on the path to prosperity and portray her inner aspirations while being an inspirational statue for others as well.

No other word instead of Talent can explain this prodigy. Starting from the youthful age of four, Arsenijevic unleashed her artistic serenity by fiddling piano and confiding the world what she is by performing in front of an audience of 2,000 people. Truly a piece of art and contented individuality.

What she has to offer? Conveying the unnameable, generating sensations and shaping trends is what this splendour will bestow you with. Raising the bar of music and reasoning beauty in everyone is what she attained. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let this prospect slip away and grace yourself with Marina’s self-composed songs and back up this ground breaching artist.



My Beauty

Discover Dance: Luca Draccar Presents ‘Flamboyant EP’

Luca Draccar is an artist and producer who immediately strikes with great personality and a really original approach to electronic music production.

His recent EP release, Flamboyant, is a great example of the hard work and passion that fuel his music. The EP has some really great melodies, a punchy, driven beat and more importantly, a smooth flow that highlights Luca’s incredible production prowess, as well as his ability to come up with tracks that are catchy, direct and easy to relate to.

The EP, with its vocabulary of sounds was conceived in Los Angeles. California. This is the place where the kingdom of summer lasts twelve months a year, and it’s seldom dark and gloomy.

Luca Draccar, who was actually born in Italy, but currently lives in Berlin, has been thriving in that atmosphere of eternal sunshine, inspiring messes up, mixes up ideas and lots of creative

Flamboyant and his intriguing sounds comes from that sun, and as they say…if you’re spending too much time under the heat, you might have strange visions!

The song showcases Luca’s musical coordinates, as the sound is a refreshing blend of techno, deep house, and other styles. While his music remains appealing and extremely direct, there is also a lot of depth to the music and concept, making for a great balance between appeal and sophistication.

Flamboyant Cover

Who said catchy music can’t be smart?


The incredibly melodic and soulful ‘Adrian Javon’ reveals his mellow vibed ‘All Mine’

Adrian Javon ends his Summer reign with the release of his mellow vibed visual All Mine, with an angelic appearance from actress Alisha Rome. Directed by Alan Be.

“All Mine” is the 4th single from Adrian’s Spring release “In Love’s Memory”, in which Adrian describes as a ode to love lost and a remembrance of the feeling itself.

Stay tuned for more music and visuals from Adrian Javon in the near future!



Fall into All Mine below and Stream In Love’s Memory on all platforms now.
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‘Tiana Kocher’ is ready to ‘Take Over’ as she joins ‘Sage the Gemini’ on hot new single

Tiana Kocher teamed up with multi-platinum recording artist and rapper Sage the Gemini for her latest single release, ‘Take Over’, which she wrote with GRAMMY award-winning writer Candace Wakefield, and Sage the Gemini.

Releasing through Manila Music, the ‘Take Over’ music video was directed by Ali Zamani and produced by Zeus Zamani of AZ Films. Set on a Southern California sun drenched backdrop, ‘Take Over’ is a song about love, but through the eyes of both the male and female’s perspective of a couple finding each other and “taking over” the world together.

“Take Over’ was one of the first songs I ever recorded in Los Angeles,” says Kocher. “I recorded and filmed the music video over two years ago during summer 2018, and it was my first song working with a feature. I had an incredible time working with Sage, who ended up being one of my closest confidants in the industry. I consider him my big brother. I was fortunate enough to be able to work really closely with AZ Films to create a visual that matches the energy of the song. We always want to outdo ourselves, so we came up with the idea of filming the music video on a yacht! I had such a great time working with my closest friends on this music video.” 

Sage the Gemini has been featured on several award-winning songs including records with Chris Brown and Flo Rida, and has produced a multitude of songs, most recently for Tinashe and Tyga.

Tiana Kocher has collaborated with several GRAMMY award-winning recording artists including TLC, Faith Evans and Latin reggaeton J. Alvarez amongst others, as well as multiple award-winning record producers including Laney Stewart, Leon “RoccStar” Youngblood, Warren Kurtiss and Tyler Reynolds.

Take Over’ is available for download on iTunes and all digital streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Tidal, SoundCloud, Pandora, DEEZER, iHeartRadio, Google Play, and Xbox Groove.



Fast rising New York female rapper ‘Scottie Armorie’ takes over London with her dope beats and infectious unique rap sound on new EP ‘Takeover’ – ‘G.R.O.D.T’ On The playlist Now.

Ashley J Plummer Woods a.k.a ‘Scottie Armonie’ has been described as the first successful Independent rapper.

‘Scottie Armorie’ who is based in Long Island, New York City drops her exciting new banging E.P ‘The Takeover’.

The hot new EP ‘The Takeover’ from ‘Scottie Armorie’ comes packed with 100% feminine power and proves her to be a master of versatility and a prolific artist that is destined for big things.

Getting involved in the entire creative process is part of the adventurous, bold and inventive way that Scottie Armonie works 100% Independently with total feminine control

Being described as having the “makings of a viral hit”, the forward-thinking new hip-hop star is taking over the Femtrap, Hip-Hop and Rap world.

“Takeover” is out now globally on all good digital retailers.


Tune into to hear the single on The Beat at 9 a.m daily throughout September and October 2020 and listen out for a personal message from Scottie herself for London FM listeners.



Calm, cool and upfront rapper ‘Rex Brezie’ takes freedom into his own hands on new rap banger ‘Pain and Tears’

‘Rex Brezie’ is a fresh new Hip-Hop Rap Trap artist from London.

‘Rex Brezie’ drops a banging tune about prison life and the triumph of freedom day.

‘Rex Brezie’ fuses classic Dr. Dre esque Hip-Hop with a gritty real street prison spit and melodic flava, as he encourages prisoners currently locked down to stay on track and work for their freedom day.

“I’ve been through some pains” spits ‘Rex Rezie’ with a modern Rap Trap flair that’s upfront, direct and honest.

If you want to roam free get ‘Pain and Tears’ out now globally on all good digital retailers.







Beat Produced by Studio83official

Video Antproductions

‘Marz’ cuts a classy melodic epic space rap album with hot as lava drop ‘Marz on Earth’

You’re looking for a quality tune or two to pass the summer and help you get over the heat. Who isn’t? But we’ve got excellent news for you, because if you’re here for that, then we’ve got just the thing. We were lucky enough to hit upon an artist that will appeal to listeners of any genre through his smooth, melodic voice and his chill rhythm.

The man we’re talking about here is The Real King Marz, out of Logan, West Virginia. This American singer and songwriter has been on the rapping scene for a few years now, and in that time, he’s really affirmed himself as one of the guys you want to watch. Over the last four years, he’s consistently brought out quality music, and none more so than his latest offering, the album “Marz on Earth”.

As the name tells us, this brand new album deals with anything and everything to do with Earth and humanity, which is why we’re so convinced you’ll like it. You’re human, aren’t you?

The other reason why you’ll like tracks like “Application”, “Shade” or “What It Look Like” is Marz’s unique style and voice. His voice is thrilling, with just the right amount of edginess to it, and yet just enough softness to make him appeal to softer listeners. He doesn’t get in your face, yet he manages to show you his attitude. This guy’s strong, but also gentle. In other words, The Real King Marz’s voice is the perfect expression of humanity – it’s complex, melodic, soft and strong, vulnerable, yet full of attitude.

And as such, it’s a delight for the listener. On this album, you’ve got darker and slower tunes, like “Shade”, but also songs that lift the mood and give you a veritable taste of life in the hood, like “Drive Thru”.

The Real King Marz brings out a lot of sensibility on this latest track, and shows us just what it means to be a human, to love and be a father to your child. He also touches upon other important subjects like loyalty and friendship, and being true to yourself which, if we’re being honest, is what art is all about.

So do yourself a favour, and go listen to “Marz on Earth” if you haven’t already.



‘La Stat’ drops a skilled rap gem with ‘Hour of Destiny’ album

I know you’re tired of hearing about “the next big thing”. Trust me, I am too.

We keep being told that so-and-so artist is the one you need to be listening to, or that someone else is the one to watch, but in this case, he really is. I was just as surprised as you were, but this new artist I wanna talk to you about really is worth checking out.

Why? Because he’s exciting. Because he puts out good music that will obsess you days and even weeks from now. Because “Hour of Destiny” is quite possibly the best album I’ve heard in years, and that alone should be enough to get you to check it out. Seriously, do you know how much music I listen to? So when I say that, well, you better believe it.

Hour of Destiny” comes at your from skilled hip hop artist La Stat, out of Hartford CT. A man with a deep passion for music and a complex understanding of sound and rhythm, La Stat knew early on that this was the way for him to go, and he’s followed his passion relentlessly ever since his youth.

And you feel that in his music. Songs like “Playin Fa Keeps”, sure, that’s one of the bangers on this album, one of those songs that you feel deep in your bones as ringing true and honest. In fact, I think that’s one of the things that really gets me about this artist – the profound honesty and heartfelt quality of each lyric.


Hour of Destiny” is choc-full of great examples of that. Tracks like “Soulful Represent” that speak to you about life and about the role of art in the 21st century. “Soulful Represent” is a compelling exercise in introspection, and since we all do that more or less constantly, it’s easy to see why it’s such a catchy, memorable tune.

Then of course, we’ve got the more hardcore, filled with attitude songs like “Fear No Man”. The type of music that gives listeners the strength to go on and helps them feel strong, like they can take on the world. And that’s exactly what music should do. Good music, at least.

Each track on La Stat’s album fills you with a unique eotion and I could probably fill another page or ten talking about what I feel listening to his killer rhythm. But honestly, I think it’d be even better if you hit the play button and just saw what his music makes you feel, instead.



Apple Music

Daughter of acclaimed music producer ‘Kenz Desai’ goes in a funky synth pop direction with ‘Planetary Wonder’ and ‘Deep South’ as ‘Zara Desai’ releases the smoking hot ‘On Point’

Too often in our modern society, we focus on the infantile nature of children and associate youth with bad decisions, zits and insecurity. We forget that youth is by far the most creative and prodigious period in any human being’s life. And as such, we should not be looking for moody teenagers, but for child prodigies among our young.

Luckily for us, one such prodigy comes to us unbidden and opens our eyes to all the greatness a young person has to offer. That’s right, we’re talking about 13-year-old musician Zara Desai, who has recently released her debut album.

The daughter of acclaimed music producer Kenz Desai, Zara knew early on that music was her passion. Felt it in her bones, one might say, and started composing songs with her father at the precocious age of five.

Now, less than ten years later, she is ready to take the world by storm. Her album, entitled simply “On Point”, is comprised of only two tracks, but what tracks they are! A veritable exercise in energy, the both of them. Truly a testament to that incomparable energy for things that you have in your youth. Though of course, what matters is knowing how to channel that energy, and Zara does so superbly here.

The first track, “Planetary Wonder”, hits you right away with a blast of synth perfection, carefully arranged to fit Zara’s melodic and emotional voice. It’s a great tune to dance to, but it’s also quite a meaningful piece, once you get down to listen to the lyrics. Yes, it’s a club banger, but a delightful and heartfelt banger, which shows us Zara’s songwriting skill.

Daughter of acclaimed music producer ‘Kenz Desai’ goes in a funky synth pop direction with ‘Planetary Wonder’ and ‘Deep South’ as ‘Zara Desai’ releases the smoking hot ‘On Point’ 

This is furthermore highlighted in the next track, “Deep South”. While also a great synth piece created with her father, well-versed in producing quality music, “Deep South” gives you a glimpse into what it’s like to be a young artist.

And let me give you a hint – it ain’t easy. “Working hard seven days a week”, as Zara tells us. Through “Deep South”, we get to see the ambition that is essential to any aspiring artist. It’s a highly relatable piece, because we all have some of that ambition within ourselves. And what can I say, hearing it on such a catchy rhythm, well, that just makes us like the track even more!

For a demonstration of the great things people can do (regardless of age), I highly suggest that you give Zara Desai a listen!



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Music Video

DISCOVER FAIRYTALE ROCK POP: ‘MATD’ release a ‘Tim Burton’ fuelled majestic, melodic, bold, theatrical and cinematic single with ‘Bitch Alice Is Back’ feat ‘Nida’

MATD is a pop duo. Marcos Kuusjärvi and Veli Eronen formed MATD in 2020. This is their second Alice in wonderland story.

Marcos and Veli enjoy creating music using fairytales, pop art and stories. Their most famous songs are dealing Cinderella, James Bond and Tom of Finland among others.

This Alice story can be visualized and take a trip to wonderland through music.

Today they live in Spain and Finland. Their former band “Max and the Ducks” reached the 9 official top 30 songs in Finland 2014-2017.

Nida is an LA based singer/songwriter originally from Croatia, raised in South Africa. She proudly sings for the MATD band and is looking forward to the release of Bitch Alice Is Back! It’s a powerful, empowering, yet fun and quirky rock track bound to get you on your feet and moving!

Hana loved singing on this track, as it’s a great twist on a classic story we all grew up with. It transports you into another world- the world of a grown-up Alice, ready to take anything on! We can’t wait to see how this rocking track is received by audiences!

DISCOVER FAIRYTALE ROCK POP: ‘MATD’ release a ‘Tim Burton’ fuelled majestic, melodic, bold, theatrical and cinematic single with ‘Bitch Alice Is Back’ feat ‘Nida’ – Discover Pop Rock

Hana is also the singer/ songwriter and frontwoman for Asila and they are currently set to release the latest single from their forthcoming album, Acid Rain. She also runs her own studio business: where she is working on a number of projects. Recently finishing up the music for an independent film to be released later this year.


This song is based on Alice in Wonderland story “Through the Looking Glass” written by Lewis Carroll and movie by Tim Burton starring Johnny Depp and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Alice returns to wonderland and spoils all the fun.

NIDA - Hana Muftic profile 2

It´s time to take action ride back to wonderland with rock´n roll attitude.

This fairytale also has some edgy meanings based on “Lion and Unicorn” battle. These are symbols of England and Scotland.

Will there be a wonderland through Brexit? Or is it exit for Scotland? Another fight more?

Marcos and Veli MATD 1

“The lion and the unicorn. Were fighting for the crown. The lion beat the unicorn. All around the town.”



MATD feat Nida – Bitch Alice Is Back

Taking his influences from artists like Gary Moore, Eric Clapton, ELO and Jeff Beck, ‘Joe Hodgson’ releases a majestic, distinctive, guitar fuelled rock odyssey with his epic rock treat ‘The One that Got Away’

Joe Hodgson is a talented guitarist and musician from Northern Ireland. He grew up there at the height of The Troubles, a time of  systemic violence and huge political and social unrest, eventually finding an escape from it all via music. Joe honed his craft for several years as a band member in local groups before he finally moved to London to take his passion for music to the next level. After dedicating over two decades of his life to writing, recording, touring, and serving as a lead guitarist for various bands, Joe finally decided to launch a career as a solo guitarist.

Joe recently released his debut solo single, “The One that Got Away”, on August 28, 2020. Based on the concept of ‘change is the only constant’, it is an instrumental track written in the aftermath of the break-up of a long term relationship, and it explores the gut-wrenching, visceral effect that this had on him.

Taking his influences from artists like Gary Moore, Eric Clapton, ELO and Jeff Beck, ‘Joe Hodgson’ releases a majestic, distinctive, guitar fuelled rock odyssey with his epic rock treat ‘The One that Got Away’  – Discover Rock

“The song is a reflection of the feelings of longing and regret that I was harbouring at the time”, he says. “The woman in question was also my manager, and it was as if she knew that there was one type of song missing from the album and that by leaving, she would give me a sufficient dose of the blues to drag it out of me. If that was her motive, it was a stroke of genius”.

“The One That Got away” is a beautiful, heartfelt song that takes the listener on an emotional roller coaster ride. The track demonstrates the artist’s astounding music-making skills and a perfect sense of different rhythms and beats. It is a soulful number that will hit you straight in the heart and leave you wanting more.

Joe Hodgson has a broad taste in music. His musical influences include legends like Gary Moore, Eric Clapton, ELO and Jeff Beck. But the artist who initially inspired him to pick up his guitar and create music was Irish legend Rory Gallagher. The first time Joe heard Rory play, he knew instantly that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He explains, “It was mind-blowing and after that, nothing else mattered to me”.

When it comes to his musical style, Joe is a rock guitar player who incorporates influences from various genres including blues, funk, Latin and jazz. Working closely with renowned producer and Ivor Novello winner George De Angelis for nearly two decades, is something that Joe cites as having played a major part in nurturing and shaping his career.

Joe has recently finished working on his upcoming debut solo album titled “Apparitions”. The album is set to be released on November 20, 2020, and will be comprised of 15 self-penned instrumentals. The album is based on the same themes as his current single, “The One That Got Away”, while also delving darker and deeper into the human psyche.

New York music journalist Justyn W. Brodsky recently commented that “Joe is a musician who can paint pictures and tells stories with his guitar”. This is a statement that everyone can surely agree on.

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Joe Hodgson –  The Full Story

While Northern Irish guitarist Joe Hodgson is an accomplished student of the bluesy hard rock he grew up on, it’s his ability to transcend the genre and use his instrument to paint pictures and tell stories that makes him such a vital artist. His compositions are influenced not only by personal experiences, but also by a love of literature and a deep curiosity about the human condition, and are filled with stirring melodies that can evoke the listener’s deepest emotions.

Growing up in rural County Tyrone, Northern Ireland at the height of The Troubles, music provided a young Joe with a way to temporarily escape the bleak circumstances around him. His love of guitar was ignited after discovering Irish blues legend Rory Gallagher, and shortly after he managed to procure his first instrument, a battered old second hand Woolworth’s Top Twenty guitar. The day that changed Joe’s life for good though, was when he saw another Irish great, Gary Moore, play at the UK Monsters Of Rock Festival. Joe recalls, “I was blown away by the sheer brilliance of Gary’s playing on every level, and from that moment, all I wanted to do was play guitar”. A hobby quickly turned into a passion, and Joe became obsessed with the instrument, spending all of his free time absorbing the popular hard rock and blues of the day, and gigging around Ireland with his first band Steel Claw.


When the band split up, Joe moved to London where he integrated himself into the city’s thriving indie scene, spending the next two decades writing, recording, touring, and playing lead guitar in various rock bands, releasing numerous albums and singles along the way, and collaborating with an eclectic mix of songwriters on varied musical projects.

During his time in London, Joe worked closely with legendary producer and Ivor Novello winner George De Angelis, who he cites as a major influence on his career, “George took me under his wing and I learnt so much from him about songwriting, production and music in general. He’s a genius and I am very lucky to have met and worked with him”. Joe also embraced the sense of liberation and independence that living in London brought, and it also helped him hone his musical chops; “London changed, challenged and broadened my whole view of music; it forced me to grow up musically, and I quickly realised that touching people’s emotions is far more important than dazzling them with technique”. Joe’s musical explorations led him to branch out and incorporate elements of funk, jazz, and experimental music into his playing, laying the foundations for his future career as a solo guitarist.


After returning to his native Northern Ireland to nurse his terminally ill mother in her final years, Joe began embracing the spiritual nature of music, composing melodies and themes that helped him find peace, solace, and hope in difficult times. “It was soul destroying to see the person I loved most in the world just wither away in front of my eyes, and it had a profound effect on me and my music. The break up of my relationship shortly after, really was the proverbial double whammy, but playing guitar proved to be my saviour. It was incredibly cathartic and it saw me through some dark and difficult times”. The resulting debut solo album, ‘Apparitions’, inspired by his Mum’s favourite W.B. Yeats poem, and dedicated to her, is a meditative and soul-searching collection of instrumentals, full of evocative melodies and atmospheres, that delivers everything from delicate, mournful slide playing to fast and furious gunslinging guitar rock, and everything in between.

The overarching theme of the music is incorporated on the album cover, and as Joe explains “It’s about how nothing ever stays the same, everything changes or decays; lives are lived, and love is lost, but looking forward is the one thing we can all do.

Yes, we may have regrets, but hope and optimism are usually only around the next corner”. So, far from being melancholic or overly sentimental, ‘Apparitions’ reveals Joe as a guitarist capable of using his music to provide a soundtrack for life’s most difficult and most triumphant times; a man with the ability to express his deepest feelings using little more than his guitar.




DISCOVER COVER STARS: Pop Rock sensation ‘Christine Lee’ graces the front cover of ‘New Music Times’ as her wonderfully sweet and innocent well written single ‘Fallin’ drops with big scene music video

17-year-old Christine Lee is back with her latest song, Fallin along with a stunning visual that highlights the beauty of the song. Standing amidst a hilly area, Christine is depicted singing her heart out surrounded by nature.

Christine says, “The song is young, innocent and shy. The heart and soul of the song capture that butterfly feeling inside of you when you have your first big crush.”

Fallin is also an evolution sonically for Christine. The young artist worked on the song in-house. She shares, “This is one of the first songs we produced all on our own, from playing and recording the instruments, to mixing down the sounds, to mastering.”

Pop Rock sensation ‘Christine Lee’ graces the front cover of ‘New Music Times’ as her wonderfully sweet and innocent well written single ‘Fallin’ drops with big scene music video

In just a few short years, Christine Lee has continued to grow and mature into a new artist with each release and Fallin showcases this growth while staying true to who Christine is as a person and artist.

New Music Times - Christine Lee - Sep 2020 - L

Christine goes on to share, “I want people to feel excited and happy when they listen to Fallin. Maybe it’s about a classmate you have a crush on, or maybe it’s about a friend who you want to be more than just friends with. Maybe it’s someone on the other side of the world who you connected with online. I want that someone to imagine and dream along with the song’s lyrics and catchy melody.”

Fallin is available on all streaming platforms.


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DISCOVER #AFRICA Music: Cameroon’s coolest Afro-Beat meets Trap pioneers and rhythmic masters ‘FR3SHGANG’ take us on a cool soulful voiced hip-hop world journey with hot video ‘Tori Don Change’ dropping soon.

FR3SHGANG is an original music group based in Cameroon. The vibrant, melodic, uplifting and rhythmic new single from FR3SHGANG is entitled  “Tori Don Change”.

They have a focus on blurring the lines between a wide range of musical style and creative ideas. Their songs are rooted in genres as diverse as Afro-beat, Hip-Hop and even Afro-Trap, going for a very innovative feel. They often combine different languages in their songs as well, showcasing lyrics in French and English, and giving their songs an even broader appeal, setting the bar higher and reaching out to a worldwide audience.

With such a fresh combination of influences, it is not at all surprising to see that FR3SHGANG is quickly building a strong audience for themselves, and they are quickly becoming rising stars on the international music scene. One of the first things that you will notice when listening to the group’s music is definitely the high quality of the production in their songs. It is not always easy to blend a wide variety of musical styles together so successfully, but it is really a seamless process for FR3SHGANG.

DISCOVER #AFRICA Music: Cameroon’s coolest Afro-Beat meets Trap pioneers and rhythmic masters ‘FR3SHGANG’ take us on a cool soulful voiced hip-hop world journey with hot new drop ‘Tori Don Change’.  

Their tracks are particularly notable for the intricacy and punch of their beats. On one hand, you can expect the raw and energetic feel of the typical trap sound, with some tasteful 808 and unique arrangements that set the bar higher in terms of genre definitions and other creative experiments.

Fre3shGang Cover_1   

From the juicy afro-beat inspired groups, down to the hard hitting low end on their songs, anything goes and there is so much room to explore new ideas with so much vision and passion at play here! In addition to that, the melodies in FR3SHGANG are also quite memorable and unique, blending in perfectly with the charismatic flow of the main vocals.

The duo released a handful of amazing singles throughout the past few years, and one of their most notable tracks to this day is their 2018 single, Zena, which also comes in with a stunning music video, directed by Otantik Films, who also collaborated with the group in the past in other music videos. The song features an infectious beat with a Caribbean feel. The vocals are melodic and forward-thinking, with some beautiful pitch effects and some memorable vocal hooks that won’t get out of your head anytime soon!

Like many other tracks in their discography, FR3SHGANG managed to set the bar higher with this one, featuring a triumph of harmonies and a master that feels loud and proud, with bass that-s meant to shake even the biggest sound systems! This is only one of many examples of excellence, from the discography of a group with so much to say and a unique creative twist.

Whether you are a fan of rap music, or you like Afro-beat, pop, R&B and other styles, you should most definitely give this act a go. FR3SHGANG are capable of reaching a very broad audience with their excellent music and they are always ready to impress new fans, one song at a time!

This is the perfect example of a recording project that is built on creativity, excellence and quality. More importantly, FR3SHGANG is also all about building a very powerful brand, where everything is really spot-on and tailored around the unique identity of the group.

YouTube Profile Picture

Sound is the most important aspect of making music, of course, but the image also matters, and this group has got style for days! Fans of artists as diverse as Sean Paul, Pitbull as well as Flo Rida are definitely going to enjoy FR3SHGANG and their modern approach to Afro-beat.

The group are due to release their brand new single soon! “Tori Don Change” is a charged and lively dance number that is perfect for clubbing. This song has a stunning production aesthetic and a direct rhythm that is perfect to move to. Stay tuned for this new release!



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