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‘Overseas’ is a brand new single off the recently released EP ”OFF 4 SO LONG” by rapper sandboycairo

‘Overseas’ is a brand new single off of the recently released EP ”OFF 4 SO LONG” by rapper Sandboycairo.

This is a comeback story of a young Canadian rapper who went back and forth between working three jobs and being in a constant state of solitude. Where you can also learn to better know yourself, Sandboycairo is here to tell you this is a blessing from the skies because you mostly grow when you face uncomfortable situations in life, so don’t get jealous, the struggle was always necessary, work hard and smile when other people achieve greatness!

People may have known sandboycairo as ”SLUMDON” back in 2016, an altered version of his ego, where he released a few projects and songs in the world wide web. Let that also be known that around these same years, (SLUMDON at the time) was also part of band named “HELLOTAXI?!” where rap and house music mixed and matched.

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Katrina Kusa Shares Her Most Personal Single Yet with “Not Perfect”

Recording artist, author, and actress Katrina Kusa is back with her latest single “Not Perfect”, and this is her most personal release yet.

After catching the attention of the internet with her singles Ta$te It and Two Times, Katrina is letting her followers see a new side to her.

In her own words, “this song really means a lot to me. I really wanted to create a song that explicates that nobody’s perfect and everyone has their own flaws, beliefs, and values. I hope that listeners take away the message of being who they are and embracing their true self, confidently.”

The powerful pop ballad features Katrina’s dynamic tone atop an ambient production that allows Katrina’s vocals and the message of the song to shine. She shares, “Unlike my previous releases, this song was written and composed musically by myself. I got to experience deeply the art of writing a song and composing music.

‘Not Perfect’ is available on all streaming platforms:
Stream – si=GfttzgLuQ8ao4xAgZcGE6g

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Firing up the year with another trademark production, RMA touches down with his latest studio output ‘Eight’

Leading on from ‘Ride Together’, featuring a catchy dark groove and hard hitting bass lines that saw the track pick up support from heavyweights, including – Tiësto, Murat Salman & Maurice West.

Now returning with another thrilling EDM cut, RMA presents his latest highly infectious cut with a captivating dark side – ‘Eight’ released on Harmor Records.

Delivering a no holds barred burner with atmospheric tensions building & danceable energy pulsing – through dusk till dawn.

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DA REAL3ST has released a groundbreaking single entitled ‘No Females’, which highlights the unique tone of his music

DA REAL3ST is an artist with a really special approach to his blend of R&B music. His sound is really powerful and direct, combining lush melodies with really intriguing textures and mesmerizing beats.

Recently, the artist set out to release a new, groundbreaking SINGLE titled NO FEMALES, which really highlights the unique tone of his music. The song will immediately impress listeners with a truly amazing lyrical flow and with a lot of dazzling energy.

In addition to the striking vocal performance, the production of the song is also particularly unique. The tone is absolutely stellar, and it is really striking, particularly when it comes to the amazing balance of every element in the mix. The low end is thick and present, really allowing the mix to be filed with movement and purpose. Moreover, the top end is crisp and warm, adding a lot of definition to the mix.

If you enjoy the work of influential artists in the rap and drill genres with some UK vibes , this release will certainly be one to add to your heavy rotation! You are certainly going to be able to connect with DA REAL3ST’s amazing attitude and intuitive songwriting. This release feels like an instant classic, and it has a sense of familiarity to it, which almost feels like rediscovering one of your favorite records. DA REAL3ST is a master at channeling a wide variety of musical influences, but in such a way the the sound never feels like a trite re-composition of some other artist’s music, but rather something quite original, as a labour of love and passion for the music itself.

Some artists seem to pigeonhole themselves in a single category, but in this case, DA REAL3ST managed to really bring home a diverse and forward-thinking sound, that has a very distinctive spirit. From conception to fruition, this release really hits the mark, and it certainly highlights the artist’s exciting identity. We are certainly gonna stay tuned and look forward to check out what the future holds in store for DA REAL3ST, who is increasingly gaining the attention of audience members and critics alike!

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Dezvelkito has released his new single “Freedom” – streaming on all platforms

Dezvelkito has released his new single “Freedom” – streaming on all

‘Freedom’ is a song that asks humanity for freedom in the most loving
way possible. Freedom from any type of oppression.

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Indie-pop artist Ashley Marie has released her latest single ‘Unravel’

‘Unravel’ is the second release by Ashley Marie.

Ashley Marie is a new independent artist from Las Vegas, she started writing indie pop music in late September 2020, and has since then released four singles with more to come soon.


Musician Epic takes you on a journey of love; the ups and downs, in his five track EP, ‘2 Love or Not 2 Love’

Epic has released a new EP, ‘2 Love or ‘Not 2 Love’.

BE WITH ME is the first single from the E.P. ‘2 LOVE OR NOT 2 LOVE’. In this song Epic shares how one of his lovers wants something serious with him. She wants a serious relationship yet Epic still refuses to settle down, though it’s obvious that this is the girl for him.

The second single on this E.P. is SO FAR which is about Epic being away from one of his lovers and the distance begins taking a toll on him.

SHAWTY BAD, the third single, is about Epic finally finding the one for him or so it may seem.

The fourth song on this E.P. is titled 2 LOVE OR NOT 2 LOVE which is solely about Epic realizing one of his women has fallen in love. Epic also begins to question his own feelings for her causing this single to be very interesting.

The last song on 2 Love or Not 2 Love is DA GAME 101 which is the first time where Epic is getting played. This is one of the situations that may have been what led Epic down his path of playerism.

Epic Drip (Epic) is a native of Fayetteville, North Carolina, who is currently living in Germany. He developed a love for music at an early age and started his hip hop journey listening to the greats; Biggie, 2Pac, Jay-Z, Nas, Snoop Dogg, DMX. As he aged, he moved on to artists like 50 Cent, Eminem, Ludacris, TI, Lil Wayne and various others who aren’t named but definitely played equal roles in Epic’s life. Epic began high school in Texas where he was introduced to Chopped N Screwed music and that Texas vibe. That vibe played a major role in the sounds Epic Drip creates today. 

Upon graduation from high school in 2003, Epic attended Fayetteville State University, where, he once again embraced his passion for music using his stage name “Da’Future”. He further honed his musical skills as an intern for the campus radio station, WFSS 91.9 FM and local radio station, Foxy 99 (WZFX 99.1 FM). While at FOXY 99, he got his first opportunity to be onstage with big time artists during Summer Jam 06.

Epic realized he could no longer refer to himself as “Da’Future”, so changed his stage name to “Epic Moment”. “Epic Moment” was actually given to Epic by one of his close friends and co-workers who made beats and was a fan of Epic’s music. 

He performed for the first time in 2013 at Zero Degrees nightclub in his hometown, where he received a lot of respect and was thought to have a New York sound. Due to the positive feedback, Epic continued making local live performances.  

Approaching year 2018, Epic stepped up his delivery dramatically. His timing, his bars and his song writing skills evolved into what we see today as “Epic Drip”. In 2020, he released his first two singles, “F*ck Wit Me” and “Like Money”. 

2021 has started off truly “Epic”. Epic not only released his first E.P. “Infatuation” featuring three singles “Ballin’ on Em”, “Settle Down” and “My Shawty”, but also begun working on his first official video titled, “Type of _”. On January 10th, Epic launched his YouTube channel, “Drip Service Ent.”, where he posted videos for all his current releases. On the 19th of January, Epic created his first official website to promote his brand, which launched on February 1, 2021. 

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“Body Language” is Chad Rubin’s third single off of his upcoming album set to release this summer

“Body Language” is Chad Rubin’s third single off of his upcoming
album set to release this summer (2021).
The song is a look into the complicated feelings that come with a relationship. Being in love with someone you know is no good for you yet still, you can’t seem to stay away from the physical attraction. Seeing a way out, but not being able to take it while following them through the maze of emotions and human nature.

The music was produced to feel that driving force such a relationship can hold. The chorus was made to be the tension of the song releasing to a point of inebriation and no cares about anything except for dancing with that person.

Chad Rubin is a singer-songwriter, producer, musical director for film and theatre as well as lead man in his band, Chad Rubin & Breezy.

After writing and recording his first album in 2012 under a record and touring deal earned from being the writer and drummer for a touring pop punk band, Chad took on a job as an electrical engineer for the government for several years. He continued to write music and eventually realized he was living someone else’s life. This led to Chad returning to LA to self-produce and record his EP “Brighter Days” which led to singles with producer Curtis Douglas and eventually an A&R and Distribution deal under Sony affiliate Loren Israel which the upcoming album is being developed under.

Chad also acts, most recently in the film “Sweet Sunshine” in which he acted, produced, co-wrote and performed the soundtrack for as well as D2 advisor for all the performance scenes. Chad is currently slowing getting back to performing live in Arizona and Huntington Beach as he prepares to push the album nationally when things return to normalcy. Hoping to be on tour by Fall 2021. He will be continuing to release content including new singles leading up to the LP release.


Instagram: @ChadRubinMusic

Babyface Basil has just released a new track called ‘LSD’ which is all about unrequited love or is it?

Babyface Basil has just released a new track called ‘LSD’

The song “LSD” has been long since coming from a reputation that has been only known from words directly spoken into ears, eyes forced upon by watching the lightning strike of pure and spontaneous ingenuity and hands touched in gestures of respect, lips brushed by gentle romance, and brain cells burned by the resentment of a torturous society and the effects of having been barely able to remember anything of it at all.

The audience wonders, is the woman, the illusive “she” by which Basil seems fixated upon simply a metaphor for the memories he wishes to regain?

The instrumentation, produced by the illusive recluse known as AudioXanax from nearby Philadelphia, warbles electronic melodies of angelic vocals while harmonious strings push the song forward into suggestive territories only to be caught again as the viewers attention is snapped into motion by a well selected drum section, accented by a palate of electronic modulative effects. Each crack of Basil’s voice sounds intentional and each mesmorizing accent to the instrumental carries the song into new planes of reflection. We will allow you to be the judge of the experience.

To define Babyface Basil himself in 2021 is to define oneself through a drug addled haze of memories that only exist in the minds of the people that were left with an everlasting impression of him, drawn upon as a mere record and referendum that stirs every emotion on the spectrum (except fulfilment) depending on the particular event that he’s being reminded of. Sometimes amusing, sometimes painful. These are the experiences that Babyface Basil has arranged into a stained glass mosaic of textures and abstract statements reminiscent of Supreme Clientele Ghostface Killah’s codex of indelibly flavourful textures that are as irresistible to hear and revel in as they are to diagnose and unravel as they tangle themselves around your psyche in real time.

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Dar.Ra is a songwriter, musician, author, producer, healer… and earned his stripes with hits for EMI and 21St Century Artists when he set up the Kusha Deep Label in the 2000s releasing his first solo Album in 2009, called ‘Soul Hours’.
One of the tracks ‘Haunted Dancehall’ featured in a Hollywood film staring Hilary Duff and ‘Snakes On Planes’.

His EPs ‘Now Is Now’, ‘Live For Love’, ‘Cease Fire’ and the soundtrack to film documentary ‘City Of Hope’ have also had millions of streams and inspired his album ‘New Kinda Normal’.

This Irish rockstar chats to music journalist, radio presenter, publicist and lover of music Bronwen Kerry talks in the first episode of an exciting new Global series ‘Discover Media Digital Interviews’.

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Daniel Laurent has released his new single ‘Stand Up’, which is a song about responsibility, social engagement, self reflection and triumph

Daniel Laurent is an artist, actor and community activist who is intentional with messaging and imagery for the uplifting, mobilization and betterment of Black lives.

He was raised on what is referred to as the Golden Era of Hip Hop and feels that it’s important to keep in the tradition of content, soulful music and relatability.

Daniel has just released his new single ‘Stand Up’, which is a song about responsibility, social engagement, self reflection and triumph.

Watch the lyric video here:

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The new EP ‘Trainwreck’ expresses how artist Vinny Masino dealt with 2020

Vinny Masino’s new EP ‘Trainwreck’ is centred around the idea of his thought process as 2020 rolled by day by day. 2020 was a train wreck for Vinny and he shows how he felt and dealt with each passing day of last year
through this new EP.

Vincent Jacob Masino “Vinny” is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. With 2 million total streams, Masino has released one full length debut album “Stories”, with feature singles “Loving You” and “Trouble”. His style of music has been described as “slow indie” and “slacker alternative rock”, or by Masino himself as ”jizz jazz”.

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Jaystarmusician is back after a short break with his new song ‘Hold You Down’

As someone who was born in the ’90s Jaystarmusician had a natural inclination towards music, and that is what encouraged him to become part of the music industry. At the young age of 7, Jaystar started learning the piano and that is when it became clear that he had a natural ability. Soon, he began to create his own melodies and recorded his own vocals.

At the age of 15, Jaystar took part in a school competition where he discovered his singing and songwriting talent. He won that contest with a song that he wrote and produced on his own, named ‘Need You Back’ and, ever since that, he has known his career path. He is a resourceful and talented artist who not only sings but also writes and produces his own songs even today. Due to his devotion, enthusiasm, and strong fortitude, he has recently been gaining more popularity than other artists in the industry.

With a French background raised in South London, Jaystarmusician makes music that uniquely takes from his multiple cultural identities, with a hint of raw and street sound while still interlacing it with the classic R&B sound we all love.

Jaystarmusician has always been consistent in releasing music. In 2012 he released song called “Signs of Making Love” that was the top five selected tunes on channel AKA for almost five weeks in a row. It earned the second position in the top 50 selected songs of 2012. This song was so terrific that it also received a few plays on CHOICE FM by Jenny Francis.

Jaystarmusician who is still a young musician, has a huge fanbase in France and Africa, his hard work had earned him to tour and support international stars such as T Pain and promoted large-scale events across Africa to tens of thousands of fans.

2018 was a breakthrough year for Jaystarmusician as an independent artist, he managed to gain and impressive 850 thousand streams on Spotify alone for his self entitled EP “Ride or Die”. Since then he started to create a buzz and solidified his status in the UK RnB scene as one of the hard working talent to emerge on the scene.

Despite being busy chasing his passion, and getting his dreams to come true, he knows how to maintain a balance between his social and private life. He is found to be sometimes active on social media platforms against injustice subjects that happens the world, but he also never fails to amaze his fans with constant.

After the huge success of ‘Buss It Down’ and ‘3AM’ single releases, Jaystarmusician is back after a short break. This time his song is named ‘Hold You Down’ which was originally a freestyle made by him in 10 minutes but then mixed and mastered into a complete version by Jaystar musician at the request of his admirers.

For more information, please visit:
Instagram: @Jaystarmusician
Twitter: @Jaystarmusician

Carolee Rainey stays anchored with her new single ‘Anchor’ which has helped her overcome feelings of helplessness

Carolee Rainey’s song ‘ANCHOR’ deeply speaks to anyone who’s ever felt abandoned. Written after experiencing such an occurrence, Carolee explains: “I’ve been dragged through this very darkness and when ‘ANCHOR’ came to me in a dream I realized that although the trauma of unexpectedly losing that ‘ANCHOR’ in my life was on one hand unbearable, on the other hand I realized I had to also take responsibility to ‘ANCHOR’ myself back to who I am no matter what.”

This transformative experience has saved Carolee from spiralling and she is hoping to help others the way it has helped her.

I am so grateful. I am thinking of you and praying that you also stay ‘ANCHORED’ continues Carolee

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Willow Woodward has inspired fans with her new album Hideaway which talks about self love, joy, forgiveness and positivity.

Willow Woodward is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter from Bedford, New York. She grew up in a musical family and has been singing and playing instruments since she was young. After discovering songwriting about 5 years ago, Willow has worked tirelessly to improve her craft and grow as both a singer and songwriter.

After releasing her debut singles, “Superman” and “For the Love” in the Fall of 2019, she released a breakout success album, Hideaway, featuring nine original songs.

The collection of songs reflects the wide variety of Willow’s musical influences as the album threads together pop, county, and indie styles in a unique way.

The first track on the album, upbeat anthem “Out of the Shadows,” sets a positive tone for the album with a message about finding and being true to yourself, a key theme throughout the album as a whole. Following that are songs about love, joy, and forgiveness, and winding down with an enchanting conclusion – the country-filled holiday track “Christmas in July.” The acoustic-guitar ballad, seamlessly evoking artists like Kacey Musgraves and Colbie Caillat, was destined for holiday playlists everywhere.

Released in November 2020, Hideaway reached over 65,000 streams on Spotify and was played on more than 100 radio stations worldwide with an audience of 2.4 million people on digital radio. “For the Love” reached #122 on the Global Top 200 digital radio chart and was spun in heavy rotation around the U.S. on iHeart Radio, the country’s largest radio broadcaster.
Willow is now signed with Sapphire, a subsidiary of Sony Orchard. Hideaway is a culmination of two years of fastidious effort from Willow in writing the lyrics, arranging the melodies on her piano and working in the studio to get the feel of each song just right.

She explains: “After writing the songs, I took some time before recording to play them for lives audiences, allowing them to grow, mature and be relatable, because I feel that the best songs are songs that every person can feel inside of them. All of these songs are a reflection of me as a person and artist, and I feel so grateful and excited to have my music brought to life out in the world for all to listen”.
You can follow Willow on Instagram @willowwoodwardofficial

Stream Hideaway here:

Watch the video here:

Hip Hop artist Childs releases new single ‘This Is How I Move’ which is all about overcoming obstructions when succeeding

Hip Hop artist Childs releases new single ‘This Is How I Move’.

Hip Hop artist Childs has been writing poetry and music since the age of seven. Song writer first, battler second, he grew up in the streets of New York battling MCs in all 5 boroughs, free styling in cypher’s from block to block, house parties and different schools, being featured in the infamous fight klub MTV2 and B.E.T. 106 and park, he also established an underground buzz.

Through all the ups and downs he has never stopped writing nor perfecting his craft.

Child’s has appeared in multiple underground radio station shows and freestyle ciphers and has performed all over NYC. Child’s has gained the attention of many online fans and legends in the game such as Lord Finesse to acknowledge his skill level.
Child’s is also working with Multiple DJ’s to establish a buzz in the clubs while networking with a lot of musical contacts to build a networking empire.

This is How I Move is about motivating yourself to move without any distractions and ignoring any noise and obstacles that are trying to get in your way to greatness.

With that in mind, Childs is forging his way to greatness.

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Kilo House releases a new Valentine album, but with a twist called ‘Netflix and Kill’

This is the Valentines day album for those with Twisted minds. This is a crazy world we live in right now and Kilo House wanted to fight crazy with crazy. From the creator of TERROR TRAP himself (Kilo House), comes Netflix and Kill. Kilos attempt to PUT a SMILE back on your face through these trying times.

Coming from his deathcore background and also being a respected alumni of the well known ICON COLLECTIVE, Kilo House entered the bass music world with a different perspective. With his Drop oriented tracks slamming your subwoofers, he will put the fun back into your life, that you never knew was missing. Having influences ranging from blink 182 to $uicideBoy$ there is one theme that runs throughout all of his music; FUCK IT AND JUST HAVE FUN.

Kilo House has been quoted as saying “people take life way too seriously. I write the Trap music that I do, to hopefully show my fans the fun nature that life truly is. Turn up, and then Stay up.”

When you realize that he does all of this wheelchair bound, it truly will put a smile on your face and inspire you.

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Musician Lousid finds refuge and clarity in his new, second studio single ‘All Out’

Music has always been a refuge for Lousid as it was his way of shutting the world off and getting lost in the music.

The name “Lousid” derives from the word “Lucid.” To be a lucid person means to have a clear understanding about a confusing event or events.

During a time filled with confusion, I had no clue as to what I wanted to do or become. Certain life events hindered my progress but it was those events that gave me the motivational push I needed to turn my hobby into my profession.” says Lousid

Lousid has now released his second studio single ‘All Out’.
It’s simply about not holding back on the goals that I have set in stone. If the opportunity to get signed to a record label comes my way, then I shall go all out in the music business, continue the momentum and work on my career as an artist.”

Listen to ‘All Out’ here:

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Rapper Kdotbiz takes us on an exhilarating thrill ride through the world of grime and beyond with his new single ‘Motive’

Up and coming British rapper, Kdotbiz releases fresh hustle anthem.

Raw, rap bars straight from the heart, Kdotbiz has just put out his latest track and it’s nothing short of a certified banger. The feel-good hustle tune takes us through an exhilarating thrill ride through the world of grime and beyond. Brimming with smart lyricism and fast flows, the timeless track is the perfect soundtrack to all the grinders out there. The people who are working hard and want to achieve success.

The track was produced and mixed at the acclaimed Hot Money Studios by someone who’s worked with the likes of Stormzy Krept and Konan, Stefflon Don and more.
The motivational anthem came about when the rapper was searching for beats online. He found one that really stood out to him and gave him lots of energy. From here it was history and he effortlessly started spitting on the track. The result is something astoundingly authentic and dripped in raw rap charisma. It’s simply oozing with originality as potent punchlines bring us through a dark gritty grime soundscape.

The young artist is originally from the Caribbean, though he moved to the UK when he was just six. When his mother was eighteen she met his father who had also moved from Jamaica and she gave birth to the rapper at the age of twenty one. His journey has not been without struggle. Faced with learning difficulties that soon turned into anger issues, he was quite the rebel in his youth. Often getting into trouble with the law and going in and out of prison. He decided to change his ways some years after having his son, with him noticing how dependent he was on him.

Inspired by the likes of Stormzy. J Cole and Dave, the rapper has been making music since he was around twelve. First starting out by memorizing the lyrics of his favourite songs and then soon spitting his feelings over beats. He’s gone from strength to strength and now having harnessed his hard signature sound, is well on his way to make a major mark on the global music game.

Listen to ‘Motive’ here:

Hip Hop Artist DRE! has released a mash-up of unreleased music from his Dr. Bidges and Big Bidges EP.

DRE! is a West Philadelphia hip hop artist who has been creating music since 2015.
He has just released a mash-up of unreleased music for fans of the Dr. Bidges and Big Bidges EP.

Says DRE! “The project is unreleased music that I created during the production of the Dr. Bidges EP, and Big Bidges EP. Some of the music was recorded in Los Angeles such as Watch Me Flex, and Hollywood, the rest of the songs were recorded in Philadelphia.”

The producers on the project are Birocratic and Who On The Track, and the rapper’s brother, Eddie Royal mixed and mastered the project with fellow West Philadelphia rapper and childhood friend, Trap Swarley.

DRE! is influenced by artists such as Murs, Phonte of Little Brother, Slug, Jedi Mind Tricks, and Dom Kennedy.

He is currently working on organizing a live streamable unplugged show very soon, so watch this space.

Find DRE! on Social Media: Instagram/Twitter: @TTMDre


Self-taught musician, VDXi has released his latest single called ‘Vulnerable Rebellion’ which takes you on an amazing audio journey

VDXi has released the latest single called ‘Vulnerable Rebellion’.

The song starts off with a beautiful female voice and synthesiser that sounds like they could take you on an amazing journey.
The guitars kick in at around 45 seconds and as soon as they do, this song starts to rock. What follows is basically a 4-minute guitar solo with plenty of pinched harmonics and just the right amount of ‘shredding’. Towards the end the lovely vocals start again, this time accompanied by the rhythm guitar and the drums. The guitars and drums are definitely giving it a nice rock twist.

VDXi is a completely self-taught musician, using computer programming tricks and virtual instruments to communicate his stories through music.
The artist has a wide range of musical styles and instrument emulations built into the music and this might not become obvious after you listen to just one song/composition, but it will become more apparent when you listen to more of them.

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Just in time for Valentines Day, Kristina Murrell releases new single ‘Got Me Dreaming’ off her album ‘Passion & Pain’

Kristina Murrell is a recording artist from Barbados. She moved to the US to pursue her education, and she never stopped focusing on her dream of making music with a very personal sound. American record producer Sonny King eventually discovered her, and he was immediately impressed with her incredible personality and musical skills. She eventually signed a deal with Sonny’s production company, Music By King Inc., and spent some time in the studio in order to work on new exciting music. This eventually led to a record deal with Music For love International to record her new album due to release Valentines Day.

Her sound is a combination of different genres and sonic aesthetics, most notably pop and R&B. Her most recent studio release, Got Me Dreaming is a perfect example of this excellent creative balance, showcasing the artist’s personality, and her ability to make music that sets the bar higher in terms of personality and innovation.

On her new single ‘Got Me Dreaming’, Murrell states
Don’t you get the sweetest feeling when you are spending time with someone you love? The vibes feel unreal, almost like you’re dreaming. That is what this song is about!

Stream or Buy Got Me Dreaming, off of her album ‘Passion & Pain’ here:

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Instagram – @Krisscrispy

Watch it here:

29 World-Renowned Musicians Come Together To Support Charity With new single

29 World-Renowned Musicians Come Together To Support Charity with new single ‘Speak Life 3.0’ from the album “Music For Love” Vol. 1

Cantabile by Michel Petrucciani, Speak Life a remix of the original track by Grammy award winner Damian Marley, the youngest son of Bob Marley and the song dedicated to Miles Davis, Dreaming Miles are just three of the songs contained in MUSIC FOR LOVE VOL.1.

Listening to Fabrizio Bosso’s trumpet on a piece by Petrucciani, Riccardo Onori’s guitar together with Stefano De Donato’s bass on a piece by Damian Marley is not common.

Born from an idea of the Italian textile entrepreneur who lives in the United States Franco Nannucci, which he had following a concert and a recording session in Italy in the summer of 2019, and after taking shape
in September of the same year thanks to the intervention by Stefano De Donato, the eclectic founder and bassist of the funk group Dirotta su Cuba, MUSIC FOR LOVE VOL.1, distributed in globally by Music for Love and Maqueta Records will be released on Friday January 22nd. 100% of all proceeds go to charity!

For more info, click on link:
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Hip Hop artist PurpZ has released his new single ‘Close My Eyes’, which comes off of his album ‘I Cannot Close My Eyes’

Known professionally as the Veteran hip hop artist, PurpZ has released a new single off of his new album called “I Cannot Close My Eyes”

PurpZ details the pain of heartbreak in this new album:
My album is about staying up due to insomnia and dealing with
heartbreak and discovering a new pain

Watch Close My Eyes, the single off of his album here:

Multi-genre artist SirSardonic has just released a new track featuring Roshanna called ‘Temptation’, cementing himself in the music industry

SirSardonic is a multi-genre artist, singer, producer, and songwriter originating from Brooklyn, and now based in Troy, New York. The talented musician is quickly making waves in the scene with his distinctive sound and unparalleled style. From a young age, he was immersed in music as he grew up in a musical household. Since then, he has cultivated his talents to what they are today. Through his emotion-filled vocal performances, SirSardonic radiates raw emotion through explosive instrumentation.

Inspired by his life experiences, SirSardonic strives to push the envelope with his sound and bridge various elements from different genres to make a well-rounded, dynamic style. The artist seeks to connect intimately through his lyricism and sound with listeners around the world.

SirSardonic will have listeners engulfed in the musical world he creates with his no-frills approach and realness.
SirSardonic is an artist to watch as he is set to cement himself in the music industry for years to come.

SirSardonic has just released a new track featuring Roshanna called ‘Temptation’.

“Temptation” contains strong lyricism that will hook the listener due to the relatability and anthemic story-telling. The uplifting bass-heavy beat and melodic elements give the vocals a motivating, feel-good feeling. Roshanna and SirSardonic’s vocal contrast each other and lay seamlessly on top of a driving instrumental. With mesmerizing lyricism, SirSardonic maintains a fully charged arsenal of high-quality music, supporting the fact that he is set to make a prominent impact on the music industry and the charts.

This release is a testament to SirSardonic’s versatility as a musician and his innate talent.

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Newcomer Kiron is ahead of the game with his new album ‘Head Start’

Best known for his voice, flow and innovative approach to music, Kiron R. Dawkins aka Kiron or Kiron Rasheed is an American Musician, Emcee, Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist.

His writing and delivery style is likened to that of the Golden Era of Rap, R&B and Pop classics. His music is truly a soundtrack and snapshot of life, filled with vivid storylines, well rounded content, and literary imagery that paints a picture in the mind of the listener. In as much as he is socially conscious in his approach, he also provides fun and energetic tunes that bring balance and conceptual soundness to his artistry.

Kiron is a newcomer to the world music scene but is no stranger to music. A lover of instrumentation and fan of great lyrics, Kiron has been writing and composing songs since he was a little boy.

He released his track Ba Lee Dat (feat. Barry Black) on October 30, 2020.
2021 is set to be a busy year for Kiron, with the release of his debut Album, ‘Head Start’.

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Zakk Cash opens up about his mental health in new single ‘Haze’, which features Johnnie Guilbert

Zakk Cash returns with a new single entitled ‘Haze, which features Johnnie Guilbert.

‘Haze’ is about a low point where I was extremely sad. During the Pandemic, my living situation had turned toxic and I felt I had fallen into a deep hole I couldn’t get out of. Every day just felt like a constant struggle to do anything. I was sleeping 14 hours a day, having multiple panic attacks, and was feeling hopeless. I started writing Haze about feeling broken and in a constant state of fear. I wanted to write from the perspective as if I was looking in a mirror and talking to myself.” says Cash

On why he decided to bring Johnnie Guilbert to work with him on the song, Cash adds:
Johnnie Guilbert was the perfect person to join this song. His voice is amazing! I knew he would be able to relate and craft his own lyrics around the feelings I was having.”

Cash also collaborated with Julian Comeau (Loveless), Eric Emery (Skyharbor) mixed the song and Tyler Smyth (DangerKids) mastered it.

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Don Crucifixto’s first female act, Dirty Diana premieres new single titled ‘Give Give It To Me -Je Je Je’

Fast-rising American music Diva and rave of the moment, Shavonne Desiree Latin, better known by her stage name, Dirty Diana, premieres a new single titled ‘Give Give It To Me -Je Je Je’ to firmly announce her grand entrance into the world of Pop/Afro fusion.

Record label boss, Don Crucifixto wasn’t bluffing when not long ago, he revealed his game plan of unveiling the first official female signee of his entertainment outfit. The music label boss did not conceal clues on who she is and what to expect; it only made it easier to welcome her and truly see what she got in store. Critics are already lining her up as the new queen of Afro-Fusion sounds. ‘Tiwa Savage take heed,’ is the words on their lips.

Dirty Diana began her career in music as an 18 year old who couldn’t even afford quality studio time and also funds to properly promote her music. However, her precocious talent, tenacity, and dedication was too obvious, and this gave her an edge over her contemporaries, consequently drawing the attention of Music company, Don Crucifixto. Diana’s time so far in the music scene is a microcosm of the artistes innate beliefs for as she loves to put it: “No matter what you go through. You have to believe in yourself and put the hard work in and make sure you are successful.”

Speaking about the artiste, Alethea Lewis, an executive of the entertainment outfit, said: “Expectations from Diana’s musical sojourn as the queen of Don Crucifixto Entertainment is nothing short of pure soul, quality R&B, sweet rap and more sounds she chooses to explore. Je Je Je will be our first taste of her, and we are sure to want more after this.”

Don Crucifixto is an American-based Nigerian entertainment outfit founded by Tumininu Oluyole, a successful show businessman and entrepreneur who officially launched the brand in August 2020. Besides its musical ventures, the company is a renowned name in philanthropy and community development, where they keep changing lives as a non-governmental organization.

We are a record company hugely committed to contributing to the growth of Nigeria and other African countries. Despite being domiciled in the United States, our company’s digital marketing sector has long been outsourced to Nigeria where all operations fully take course“, said the executive.
The company currently has an impressive array of gifted artistes, music executives, digital media gurus, and a host of cinematographers who join their expertise together for flawless results.

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