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Big Sexy’s “Mighty Maxine”: A Powerful New Release on Hollywood FM Digital’s A-List Now

We are pleased to announce that the melodic and timeless new rock single ‘Mighty Maxine‘ from ‘Big Sexy’ is now on our prestigious Daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it night and day on the playlist + it will also be played daily as a special POWERPLAY at 4 Pacific USA time for the next month.

Get ready to groove! “Mighty Maxine,” the hot new single from American band Big Sexy, is set to drop worldwide on July 5th, courtesy of Outside Records. This small but mighty independent studio, nestled in the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine, has been a beacon of hope and creativity in tumultuous times.

For the past year and a half, Outside Records has been orchestrating an extraordinary musical collaboration, connecting artists from around the globe. These musicians have come together to support their Ukrainian counterparts, standing in solidarity against the ravages of war. They’re not just making music; they’re making a statement, celebrating the resilience and beauty of art under the most challenging circumstances.

Big Sexy, hailing from America, is one of the standout groups in this powerful initiative. Their upcoming release, “Mighty Maxine,” is a testament to their dedication and talent. Outside Records has poured countless hours into this project, and the result is nothing short of spectacular. Big Sexy’s music resonates with high standards of composition and lyrical depth, offering songs that are not only enjoyable but also deeply reflective of our times.

Mark your calendars for July 5th, and get ready to experience “Mighty Maxine” – a track that promises to be both a sonic delight and a powerful reminder of the enduring spirit of music.



Jon Banks Releases Deeply Personal New Single “Old Days”

Atlanta, GA – Jon Banks, the inspirational melodic rap artist known for blending hip-hop, R&B, and soul, is proud to announce the release of his latest single, “Old Days.” This new track dives deep into personal experiences and emotions, capturing moments of being torn and confused, aiming to resonate with anyone who has ever faced challenges in love and life.

Growing up, Jon Banks was profoundly influenced by iconic artists such as Tupac, Nas, and Lauryn Hill. “Their storytelling, lyrical prowess, and the way they connected with their audiences left a profound impact on me and my approach to music,” says Jon.

Describing his musical style as inspirational melodic rap, Jon combines heartfelt lyrics with catchy melodies, blending elements of hip-hop, R&B, and soul. “Over the years, my style has evolved to become more introspective and emotionally rich, aiming to connect on a deeper level with my listeners,” he explains.

The songwriting process for Jon is deeply inspired by real-life experiences, emotions, and the stories of people around him. He finds inspiration in everyday moments, personal struggles, and triumphs, creating music that reflects authenticity and relatability. “I believe my music resonates with my audience because it speaks to universal themes of love, pain, and perseverance. I strive to be genuine in my lyrics, sharing my own vulnerabilities and experiences, which helps listeners find a piece of their own stories in my songs,” Jon adds.

Looking ahead, Jon hopes to collaborate with artists like J. Cole and H.E.R. “Their lyrical depth, musical versatility, and ability to connect with their audiences are qualities I admire and believe would complement my style well,” he says.

One of the most memorable moments in Jon’s career was performing at Battle Ground Monday in his hometown. “The energy and support from the community were overwhelming. Seeing people sing along to my songs and feel the music was an unforgettable experience,” Jon recalls.

For aspiring musicians, Jon offers this advice: “Stay true to yourself and your vision. The music industry can be tough, but authenticity and passion will always shine through. Keep honing your craft, be open to learning, and never lose sight of why you started making music in the first place. Consistency, perseverance, and a genuine connection with your audience are key to building a lasting career.”

“Old Days” is now available on all major streaming platforms. For more information about Jon Banks and his music, follow him on social media at @JonJuugBanks or stream directly at:

Spiritual Anthem ‘Let Me Show You’ by Godz Guy Hits Hollywood Playlist

We are pleased to announce that the inspiring and melodic new single ‘Let Me Show You’ from ‘Benjamin Harris Jr’ aka ‘Godz Guy’ is now on our prestigious Daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it night and day on the playlist + it will also be played every day as a special SPIRITUAL POWERPLAY at 2 PM Pacific USA time for the next month.

Godz Guy’s latest song release ‘Let Me Show You’ is about the love of God and what Jesus did to show you that love. Benjamin Harris Jr., also known as Godz Guy, is a dynamic force in the contemporary Christian music scene. With an MDiv in Christian Theology from Regent University School of Divinity, this ordained minister is dedicated to promoting God’s official design on earth through his original music.

Godz Guy crafts and performs contemporary Christian songs that deliver a vital message about Jesus Christ. His tracks resonate deeply with listeners, offering spiritual nourishment and inspiration. Two of his standout singles, “You Are My Shepherd” and “Things,” exemplify his mission and musical prowess.

Godz Guy’s music is more than just melodies and lyrics; it’s a call to let Jesus be the shepherd of one’s life in all things, urging individuals to embrace God’s official design zealously given unto them. His logo, Godz Guy, stands as a testament to this mission.

Listeners are encouraged to download and stream these songs on their preferred platforms, and to support this ministry by subscribing on YouTube for updates on new releases. Following Godz Guy on Spotify and other platforms ensures you won’t miss out on his latest inspiring creations.

Join Benjamin Harris Jr., aka Godz Guy, on this musical and spiritual journey. Let his songs guide you towards being what God has officially designed you to be.

Neurospicy’s Alternative Rock Anthem “I Rise, You Fall” Now on Hollywood FM Digital’s A-List

Fans of groundbreaking music, rejoice! Neurospicy’s electrifying new single, “I Rise, You Fall,” has just earned a coveted spot on our prestigious Daily A-List Playlist. This powerful track will be spinning around the clock, with a special ROCK POWERPLAY feature at 7:30 PM Pacific USA time every day for the next month.

Neurospicy is the brainchild of Jason Kneen, a multi-talented AI and app developer hailing from Wiltshire, UK. At 53, Jason’s journey through life is as dynamic as his music. A dedicated father of five—Leo (15), Poppy (13), Ixia (11), Rosie (9), and Zebedee (6)—and a loving husband to Hannah, Jason’s creativity knows no bounds. His love for music, design, and lyric-writing has fueled his artistic endeavors, making him a standout in the experimental music scene.

Jason’s discovery of his neurodivergence last year—autism and ADHD—has profoundly influenced his musical expression. His work under the Neurospicy moniker is a testament to his journey of self-discovery, mental health struggles, and ultimate recovery. The raw emotion and authentic storytelling in “I Rise, You Fall” encapsulate his experiences with depression and addiction, offering listeners a powerful narrative of resilience and hope.

Tune in and let Neurospicy’s latest anthem, “I Rise, You Fall,” inspire and energize you.


Free Mockingbirds Bring Blues-Rock to Life with ‘Meghan Marvel’ now on Hollywood A-List

We are pleased to announce that the new single “Meghan Marvel” (Instrumental ft. Bruno SkyBlue)’ from ‘Free Mockingbirds’ is now on our prestigious Daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it night and day on the playlist + it will also be played daily as a special BLUES POWERPLAY at 5 PM Pacific USA time for the next month.

Free Mockingbirds is an indie band and embodies the spirit of Blues-Rock, with lead guitarist Bruno SkyBlue’s skill rivalling that of esteemed artists such as John Mayer and Julian Lage, as well as other legendary blues guitarists. The band loves all genre but often veered towards Blues & Folk Rocks. The band lead guitarist Bruno SkyBlue draws inspiration from blues-guitar icons like Jimi Hendrix, and Bruno’s prowess on the strings is truly remarkable.

This new single “Meghan Marvel (Instrumental)” is from their upcoming debut album “Bruno Plays SkyBlues Songbook”.

Free Mockingbirds Embodies the spirit of Indie Blues-Rock.




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‘America is a Miracle’ by Simon Jegzs Gets Special Daily Airplay as a Powerplay on Hollywood FM Digital’s A-List

We are pleased to announce that the epic and melodic new single ‘America is a Miracle’ from ‘Simon Jegzs’ is now on our prestigious Daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it night and day on the playlist + it will also be played daily as a special POWERPLAY at 2:30 PM Pacific USA time for the next month.

Simon Ajegi, known by his stage name Simon Jegzs, is an American artist who began writing songs in his childhood. In addition to his roles as a singer and songwriter, he is also an experienced broadcaster, having worked as both a radio and television host. Simon studied Journalism, Communication, and Media in college. He has a passion for sports, especially soccer, football, and basketball, and played soccer during his youth.

Eager to share his music with the world, Simon recorded his single “America is a Miracle”—a song celebrating the American dream—10 years ago. He recently decided to release it after making some final adjustments. Simon has crafted a unique genre he calls soul pop, blending elements of soul and pop music. He aims to reach a global audience and inspire change through his music.