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The new single ‘Jika’ from ‘Drahhselormm’ with its infectious cinematic world strings and banging rhythms is on the playlist now.

The head of music for said that he loved the new single ‘Jika’ from ‘Drahhselormm’ with its infectious cinematic world strings and synths, banging rhythms, extraordinary vocals that deliver a strong vocal hook and rap, and overall massive production, that takes you back to your roots with a shining Afrobeat meets Amapiano sound, sending Afro dance shivers down your spine as it gets you up, twerking and grinding. This fascinating, well produced and very original single is now on the playlist. Listen out for it on the daily playlist + as a special INTERNATIONAL POWERPLAY at approx 6 PM Pacific USA time every evening for a month or more.

‘Jika’ is the new single from ‘Drahhselormm’. ‘Drah selorm Kwaku‘ Popularly known by his stage name ‘Drahhselormm’ is a song lover that started singing in the church as a backing vocalist and lead vocalist at a tender age.

Born in Ghana on the 13th of March, 1985. He loves reggae, R&B, HI-life, countryside, Hip-life, blues, Afro beat and Gospel music, but he stands as an Afro and R&B singer. He is peeping through the world of music with his unpredictable and undiluted craft and talent.
DRAHHSELLORMM is currently under the management of “WALTEX / WEGTEX MUSIC” .


Instagram: drahhselormm and wegtexwaltexentertainment.

The new single ‘Why Should I Know?’ from ‘Kryour’ with its grandiose production and exceptional guitar playing is on the playlist now.

The head of music for said that he loved the new single ‘Why Should I Know?‘ from ‘Kryour’ with grandiose production, exceptional guitar playing, strong vocals and pure metal power, mixed with a more sensitive and dreamier almost prog rock sound. A great fusion of metal and other genres, that touches you and blasts you at the same time, brilliant. This awesome new single is now on the playlist and will be played all day and night on the daily playlist + as a special METAL POWERPLAY at approx 11 AM Pacific USA time for a month or more.

Song is the first preview of an upcoming EP that the band is preparing.

The band Kryour, which has established itself as one of the prominent names in metal in Brazil, released on March 3rd, on all digital platforms, the unprecedented single “Why Should I Know?”. In addition to streaming, the composition received a remarkable music video, available on the group’s official YouTube channel.

With a heavy and melodic sound, Kryour presents fans with a sound rich in influences, which looks to the future, with a focus on working with more modern sounds. The band uses electronic elements and more accessible melodies in the instrumental and vocal lines, however, without leaving aside the heavy sound that marked their trajectory until then.

The single “Why Should I Know?” is a release by Outono Music, a label specialized in rock and metal, distributed by the major Universal Music, the world leader in the music segment.

Listen to the single “Why Should I Know?”:

The band, which is based on melodic death metal and metalcore, plans to release an EP in the near future, in which it explores musical references and styles, arrangements and effects in more depth, resulting in more memorable songs.

Formed in 2014, Kryour released their debut album, Where Treasures Are Nothing, in 2019, a conceptual work that revolves around the facts from birth to death and addresses human values and resilience. The work, composed of eleven original tracks, was produced by Diego Castro, and the cover was in charge of Carlos Fides (Evergrey, Narnia, Semblant, Shaman).

With the great repercussion between the audience and the specialized media, Kryour got the opportunity to open the concert of the consecrated legend of prog metal, Symphony X, in Limeira, in the interior of São Paulo. In 2020, they were one of the winning bands of the New Rock Bands cultural contest, which had more than 700 entries. The current formation of Kryour has Gustavo Iandoli (vocals and guitar), Guba Oliveira (guitar), Gustavo Muniz (bass) and Matt Carrilho (drums).

The single “Why Should I Know?” is the first step in this new stage of Kryour’s career. The band continues to work on new compositions and plans to return to the stage, after a period of hiatus due to the pandemic, to promote their new releases.


Watch the music video:

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The new single ‘2 Luv U’ from ‘Sarah Diaz’ with its soulful, dreamy, melodic and pure vocals is on the playlist now.

The music manager at said that she loved the new single ‘2 Luv U‘ from ‘Sarah Diaz‘ with its soulful, dreamy, melodic and pure vocals, that give you shivers down your spine, as they rise up into a catchy chorus, that is reminiscent of the UK’s Adele meets The Sugarbabes. This track is a great fusion of pop, ballad and electronic with a hint of the 80’s, brilliant. This lovely new single is now on the playlist and will be played in general rotation day and night + as a special powerplay at approx 7:30 PM Pacific USA time every night time for a month or more.

Sarah Diaz, a 19-year-old singer/songwriter from Lafayette, Louisiana, is ecstatic as she embarks on her new adventure as an aspiring female pop star with nothing but big aspirations and incredible musical abilities to back her up. She wants her music to reflect the kind and fearless attitude of the young woman who is more than ready to take on the world. Sarah Diaz has started on the right foot with what is one of the most original and passion-full tracks I’ve listened to in quite a while; and let’s face it, with millions of new music getting released every day, my playlist is always work in progress and it is a tough ask to filter through humongous chunks of new music so as to find the right fit for your tastes- I’m just glad that there will be a new addition into my playlist in the form of Sarah Diaz’s “2 Luv U” because it made an impression on me to qualify as a straight favorite!

While you can accuse Sarah Diaz of many things, of lack of passion, grit and spirit is not something you can! Diaz unleashes an admirable energetic and ingratiating singing throughout “2 Luv U.” She has a very unique voice that is easy to identify her with and she definitely possesses that artist-like sense of phrasing that highlights her songwriting proficiency. There are a lot of things that can make you fall in love with a song and I found a variety in “2 Luv U”; the melodies are undeniably abundant and they don’t let you guess which turn they may make next, you are taken through an oasis of modern pop-flavored instrumentation with cinematic features and futuristic vibe as Sarah Diaz makes her presence felt over the instrumentations via her own polished and euphonious vocals.

The marriage between her harmonious and emotion-drenched vocals and the melodious beats create an addicting and quite frankly unforgettable sound that will remain ingrained in your head even after the tune is no more. The tune also carries a deeply meaningful theme at its core about getting caught up in a toxic relationship where you really can’t stay but still can’t let go; – it is like you are caught in this endless loop within yourself. Most of us have actually been caught within yourself.

Most of us have actually been caught up in this situation where it literally kills you to love someone else and that is why this track is likely to resonate deeply with you! For a start, this is absolutely commendable and I can only see nothing but a bright future for Sarah Diaz as far as her music career is concerned. I am looking forward to hearing more from her because she has already ignited a spark of likeability from within me which I’ll need to nourish every now and then! Follow the attached link so as to listen to her debut single and tell us what you think!

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The new single ‘The Land’ from ‘Cultura Tres’ with its intricate, compelling and direct rock metal sound is on the playlist now.

The head of rock music at has announced that the new single ‘The Land’ from ‘Cultura Tres’ is now on the daily rock playlist. This intricate, compelling and direct rock metal single rocks with an anger that could blast away its enemies in one blow. Who are the enemies ?. The evil corporations, governments and looters who are destroying the Amazon forests every day. This massive and mammoth song delivers a strong and defiant message on behalf of mother earth and is sure to get you banging your head in protest. Listen out for it on the A-List played all day and night in general rotation + as a special ROCK PROTEST POWERPLAY at approx 12 PM Midday Pacific USA time for a month or more.

On Friday, February 24th, metallers from CULTURA TRES released “The Land”, the third single from their upcoming album “Camino De Brujos” due for release on April 7th, 2023 via Outono Music/Universal Music in the Americas and Bloodblast in the rest of the world.

Alejandro Londono Montoya – Jerry Vergara Cevallos – Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr – Juan de Ferrari Montoya

“The Land” is a dense song, which addresses a heavy issue of extreme urgency and importance.

“For us the lyrics of ‘The Land’ are the most meaningful of the album, they strike a nerve in all of us as South American born musicians, as Venezuelans, Brazilians and Colombians. I can’t help but feel the frustration, the powerless feeling of seeing our Amazon forest being eaten alive by corporate interests (…) We are part of this problem, we are part of a society that directly or indirectly endorse atrocities against mother nature and against indigenous people.” comments vocalist Alejandro Montoya.


The track also features a music video with cinematic images that masterfully makes us feel the overload of anger and sadness at seeing countless corporations, governments and looters together acting as an evil front that our ‘Amazonas’ have no defense from.

By addressing a topic like this, the single is able to make the public reflect on this problem, on what could be done to prevent the destruction of forests, tribes and biodiversity in order to preserve the largest tropical forest on the planet. Alejandro says: “(…) this happens in our backyard. In the south of Venezuela, in the north of Brazil, in the southeast of Colombia. The worst part is to realize that this horror story doesn’t play in a far away world where the good and the bad guys are easily identifiable… Sadly, we as society in 2023 don’t seem to differ a lot from the “bad people” in our History books.”

Musically speaking, when listening to the song for the first time, the first impression is dark but as the bass-line becomes clear you find yourself in a 70’s psychedelic rock feel, the climax of this intro builds slowly and it results on a powerful drum beat filled with toms and a heavy open guitar riff. The music is as dense and heavy as the subject of its lyrics. It goes through atmospheres of dark rock and sections where Slash-like solos catch the attention of the listener. Paulo, who besides bringing his SEPULTURA trademark sound also explores beyond it, lots of 70’s inspired bass lines with plenty of dynamics that can be heard in his playing during this song.

More about “Camino De Brujos”:

In the studio the band explored new ideas and found a musical common ground. The resulting style retained elements of the psychedelic-sludgy past, but incorporated the groove of a more metal oriented vibe that Paulo brought in with his SEPULTURA influence.

So, how should South American heavy music sound like nowadays? The answer is easy – just listen to “Camino De Brujos”, an album which explores both new and old musical textures. The power of thrash metal meets the eeriness of sludge and the melancholic feel of classic rock.

“The album title ‘Camino de Brujos’ can be roughly translated as ‘Trail of Witches’. Do you remember the little story about letting your subconscious make artistic choices? Well this is one of the best examples, ‘Camino de Brujos’ is the main line sang on top of a nasty slow riff, the song is filled with tribal ritual percussion, typical from south America’s black magic practices. The phrase didn’t only end up being the only lyrics sang on the song but it also gave the name and identity to the album”, explains Alejandro Londono Montoya.

“Camino De Brujos” will be released as vinyl, CD, cassette, and digital. Pre-order you copy now HERE
Pre-save the album HERE

“Camino De Brujos” track listing reads as follows:

1. The World and Its Lies
2. Time Is Up
3. Signs
4. The Land
5. Proxy War
6. 19 Horas
7. Zombies
8. De Maracay
9. The Smell of Death
10. Camino de Brujos

“Camino De Brujos” was recorded by Juan M. De Ferrari Montoya & Alonso Milano Mendoza at AJM Sound Studios, Amsterdam (NL) and at Reborn Studios, Artesa de Segre (SP). Alejandro Londono Montoya took care of the mixing and the mastering at AJM Sound Studios in Amsterdam.
The artwork was made by Damian Michaels.


Alejandro Londono Montoya – guitar, vocals
Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr – bass
Juan M de Ferrari Montoya – guitar
Jerry Vergara Cevallos – drums


Outono Music:

The new single ‘Hollow’ from ‘Pressive’ Featuring ‘AXTY’ with its powerful production and anthemic groove is on the playlist now.

Hollywood FM Digital Radio head of music was very pleased to receive the new single ‘Hollow’ from ‘Pressive’ Featuring ‘AXTY’. A great collaboration of rock and metal talents, that will blast you into submission, with its sweltering hot and powerful production, vocals that stick in your head like an anthem, and pounding drums that bring you back to life. A serious single that rocks and grooves at the same time. This magnificent new single is now on the Hollywood FM Digital Radio playlist, so listen out for it everyday + it will be played daily as a special powerplay at approx 1 PM Pacific USA time for a month or more.

Mexican band expands sound horizons in collaboration with Brazilian metalcore exponent

Maintaining the intense rhythm of work, the Mexican group Pressive enters 2023 with an expressive release. Meeting the expectations of its growing fan base, while seeking to innovate, the band released a single and a music video in partnership with the Brazilians of AXTY.

Available on all major streaming platforms since March 3rd, “Hollow” arrives in the South American market by Outono Music, a label specialized in rock and metal, with distribution by the major Universal Music, the world leader in the segment.

Listen to the single “Hollow”:

Recognized for exploring musical possibilities without being tied to labels, adding multiple elements to build a modern and energetic sound, Pressive continues to pioneer its art with this collaboration with AXTY.

The Brazilian group AXTY performs a modern metalcore with sound references from djent, progressive, dubstep and trap. A musical wealth that adds new musical possibilities for both sides in this intense cultural exchange. Pressive and AXTY are artists who stand out for their quality and artistic vision, and who take the first step in this unprecedented partnership.

In its eighteen-year career, Pressive has released several works, such as the EPs Oxygen (2010) and Marionette (2014) and the albums Odium (2008) and Dissension (2015), in addition to several singles, such as the hits “Esta Vez No” and “¿Quien Soy? Yo”. They performed many shows and tours in North and Latin America, sharing the stage with big names like Incubus, Godsmack, Lamb of God and Weezer, among others. Like their most recent work, Pressive shows with each single what fans can expect from the band in the future.

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The new single ‘Fly Together’ from ‘Intelligent Diva’ Feat ‘Sean Kingston’ with its immaculate R&B meets Hip-Hop/rap production is on the playlist now.

The head of music for said that he loved the new single ‘Fly Together’ from ‘Intelligent Diva’ Feat ‘Sean Kingston‘ with its immaculate R&B meets Hip-Hop/rap production, carnival vibes and perfect Island pop sensibility. Once you hear this track it sticks in your head and you want to play it over and over again, while dancing all night to its extremely memorable hook and slick vibes. ‘Fly Together’ is now on the daily Hollywood FM Digital playlist and will be played throughout the day and night + as a special daily powerplay at approx 8:30 PM Pacific USA time every night for a month or more.

Intelligent Diva is making her presence known in 2023 with her upcoming hits and she’s definitely stepping her game up. She recently dropped her new hit single Fly Together which features Sean Kingston.

The harmonies which she adds to the hook with Sean Kingston adds a nice touch on the track.  Next then she hits us with her those catchy lyrics.  Even the beat is catchy. The single is about finding someone who is very special and as a couple you both can grow together.   In order to showcase the meaning of the song, the music artist is also releasing multiple music visuals.  There will be an animated lyric video, a non- animated lyric video, and a music video which showcases couples expressing their love.

The music artist Intelligent Diva, niches involve music and technology so she also showcases her 3d animated character with bit branding of her two record labels Intelligent Diva Music and Diva Underground Records. The music artist is in the process of building her music metaverse, it will include video games and a 3d animated musical series where Intelligent Diva has a love interest. The musical series will include original songs created by Intelligent Diva.

Intelligent Diva, has a focus on her music being placed for synch and video games as well as other content, which she has created and other people who would like to download her music. She’s also heard as the voice actress in her music.  The music artist is definitely reaching her goals and she has more to come. We are super excited about her success and we can definitely see her growth. The billboard artist Intelligent Diva, has also teamed up with Sean Kingston again with her next music release which is called “Fly Together.


You can listen to Fly Together by Intelligent Diva ft Sean Kingston on Spotify

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