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‘Stickbaby Juan’ Wants to Unify People with His Music with new Release ‘Project Baby’ Due Nov 20

Jakevion Brown, known professionally as “Stickbaby Juan“, is confident that his music would unite people across the world, irrespective of their backgrounds, compulsions, and limitations. Juan is soon to release “project baby“, a mixtape that is due to be released on November 20.

The American hip-hop artist and songwriter who is based in Georgia became famous after the release of his debut single, “OG Brad.” The success he gained in the late 2020 release was followed by the significantly successful “Luv Her,” which amassed over 100,000+ streams. He also gained many positive reviews from many critics. His subsequent release, a debut mixtape featured exclusively on MyMixtapez, featured both the singles he had released earlier.

To manage his music better, Stickbaby Juan moved to Atlanta from where he has been able to grow and attend to his fan base. For Juan, writing a song seemed an intimidating task at first. He however was so interested in hearing music that he would seek out new songs and longed to write or perform similarly. He was also influenced by his older sister who used to write her songs. However, writing his songs was always considered by him as something beyond him.

However, influenced by rap artists such as Lil Wayne, Jay Z, and others, he soon started writing songs and became a rapper with a big fan base. The young rapper says that he aims to unify humanity across the world. He wants his music to reach millions of people so that they can experience the joy kindled only by music. He has been using music to express what he wants to convey and can’t find a better medium to say what is in his heart.

Juan is active on Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Pandora, and iHeartRadio, as “Stickbaby Juan”.

‘Stickbaby Juan’ Jakevion brown , goes by the stage name “Stickbaby Juan “. He is an American hip-hop artist and songwriter from Ashburn//Georgia. His career has been on the rise since the release of his debut single “OG Brad ” in late 2020 and “Luv Her ” in which amassed over 100,000+ streams and received many positive reviews. he has since released his debut mixtape, exclusively on MyMixtapez. Stickbaby Juan has managed to amass a loyal fan base from releasing quality music. he recently moved to Atlanta GA and is not slowing down soon.


For more information, Visit Stickbaby Juan’s Instagram page


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Miami’s hottest new export ‘Afrobeta’ deliver a flip flop smack ? with their infectious Spanish Cuban Synth vibe on ’‘Chancletazo’

Miami-based electro-funk duo Afrobeta will debut the music video for their new song, “Chancletazo,” a Spanish-language track, and lead single off their upcoming album, Illusion Motel. Directed by Miami native Biagio Musacchia, the video plays out like a quirky short film. In it, a young teenage boy is plagued by the chancletazo, which for the uninitiated–is a verb meaning “to smack with a chancleta, i.e., a flip flop sandal”.

Despite not speaking Spanish, director Biagio says of the song, “It lends itself to the magic of the chancleta I always heard about growing up. Stories of chancletas swerving around corners and navigating hallways to precision strikes.” Magical realism weaves itself throughout the video as the boy is visited at nightfall by the Rat King, who promises to lead him to a curandera, or witch, who can put a spell on his mother’s chancletas, rendering their striking force useless. Along the way, he meets a synth wizard who provides a map to the witch’s lair. The boy follows the map tracing his way through local Miami haunts until he finally reaches a tent in the woods for a fateful meeting with the witch.

Afrobeta has been tearing up dance floors in their hometown since 2006. Formed by lyricist/vocalist Cuci Amador and synth-centric producer/arranger Smurphio, their mutual love of catchy songwriting, Cuban pastries, and dancing til’ 5 AM, is what initially inspired them to make music together.

They’ve toured internationally, performing at some of the largest music festivals and venues in the world including Glastonbury, Space Ibiza, Burning Man, Ultra Music Festival editions in Miami, South Korea and Brazil, Camp Bisco, and Identity Festival.

Their fourth full-length album, the self-produced Illusion Motel, is set to be released in November on their imprint, Pubic Zirconia.





DISCOVER METALCORE: With a wall of pure metalcore power and energy, the furious and fast ‘Junexa’ will get you excited and leave you "Lifeless"

New York Metalcore act Junexa premiere “Lifeless” new music video.

Junexa featuring members Noah Rich– Vocals/Programming, Alec Rich– Lead Guitar, Josh Babcock– Drums, Erica Marino– Bass

Junexa were recently signed with CB Entertainment for representation and have an upcoming highly-anticipated EP of the same title releasing October 30th on all platforms.

You can be sure there will be lots more to come from this heavy-hitting group and we look forward to more!



Visit Junexa online at

‘Ghosts Of The Sun’ deliver a cinematic universal post metal experience with the supersonic dreamy alternative rock release ‘Atmos’

Ghosts Of The Sun has recently released a unique music video for their song “Atmos” which appears from the album ‘Existia’ that released in 2019.

The video was produced by Deep Sleep Operator and takes you on a ride visually with the anthemic track. You can watch the video here

Ghosts of the Sun is a four-piece post-metal outfit that draws from a wide range of genres including ambient, progressive, industrial, and post-rock. Songs are crafted emphasizing atmosphere, contrast, dynamics, patience, and exploration.

Featuring members Eric Giardina – Guitar/Synths, Rick St. Germaine – Guitar, Justin Terry – Drums, Alex Vang – Bass.


You can visit their merchandise store here

‘The BreakBomb Project’ join ‘Ava Petrillo’ to deliver a New Synth Pop sound with a 2020 Dance edge and distinctive melodic dreamy vocals on ‘WHY’

House music producer The BreakBomb Project is back with a new playlist-ready hit featuring singer-songwriter Ava Petrillo. The widely anticipated track is titled ‘WHY’ is the latest addition to the two young creators’ impressive catalog of releases.

We’re so excited to share this collaboration with the world”, says Petrillo. “It’s been incredible to work with another young, local artist and combine our unique styles to make something really special.”

The powerhouse duo met on Instagram shortly after the debut of The Breakbomb Project’s hit single “Deep End” and have been collaborating ever since. ’WHY’ is sure to move audiences and surprise listeners with its distinctive new sound.

WHY’ streams everywhere this Friday.

The BreakBomb project is an electronic dance music producer founded by Brandon Greenstein in July 2018. After the debut of his first single “World”, Greenstein hit the ground running with the production of other top hits like “Breakdown” and “Fly Away”. The end of 2018 ended with the release of “Up ‘Till the Morning”, garnering much a success for the young artist. Greenstein went on to debut a new single “One Love”, a teaser that was released at the start of 2019 for the debut album, “The Project” which featured hit singles like “Goodnight” and “Ticking”. Most recently Greenstein clinched his largest success with the viral sensation ‘DEEP END’. The Breakbomb Project continues to set the standard high from a creative perspective.

Ava Petrillo is a 16-year-old singer-songwriter who writes and produced her own music from her little bedroom in Medford, MA. At 12 years old, Ava attended a summer program at the Berklee College of Music and soared through the songwriting program. After three years, she’s self-taught her way through piano, guitar, and is now producing her own songs from home. Check her original music out on all streaming platforms and follow her on social media at @avapetrillomusic 



Follow @thebreakbombproject and @avapetrillomusic for updates and official release details.

Click here to listen to The BreakBomb Project on Spotify or visit for more information. Follow on social at @thebreakbombproject.

Click here to listen to Ava Petrillo on Spotify or visit @avapetrillomusic on instagram for more information.

‘Gary Caos’ teams up with ROMBE4T and ‘San Sebastian’ for the supersonic dancefloor stomper ‘Disco Fever’

For this track, Gary Caos teamed up with ROMBE4T and San Sebastian to produce the “tough, chunky working house groove ready to bounce speakers across the globe”. The track ‘Disco Fever’ wastes no time pushing the rhythmic intensity with a powerful beat and plethora of melodic layers driving the energetic single from the start.

The subtle layering of the spoken vocal line sits perfectly in the mix with a foundational bass-line and memorable synth hook providing the perfect platform for the vocal. From the uplifting melodic flow of the instrumentation and well balanced production, to the creative transitions and numerous percussive builds, fans of ROMBE4T, as well as those who appreciate new music, will definitely want to hear this single.

‘It is better to regret the choices you made than the choices you did not make’ – ROMBE4T. Song Writer, Remixer and Producer. Totally hooked on infectious feel good happy beats.

Too many people follow trends, when the real challenge is to create your own. Follow your own path is one of the beliefs of ROMBE4T since he first started out. ROMBE4T is described as a house music maestro since his first DJ performances and releases in the 90’s , his music possess a tremendous value in terms of the history of house music. The music captures the “old school” edge of the many soul, funk, and R&B influences that fuel his releases and performances, while also retaining the clarity of a modern production style.

Music by ROMBE4T is a masterful work that stands on its own merit. He built an impressive career and created a body of work while capturing the mood of today’s generation and keeping things happy. Listening to his music is the best way to enter ROMBE4T’s world, a place where life is about enjoying music with friends and the experiences it brings.

Gaining support from DJ ROOG, Kryder, Lost Frequencies, Guy Scheiman, Gary Caos, Freejak, DJ Jose, San Sebastian and Vanilla Ace to name a few. Exciting new releases and gigs near you are coming in 2020.

Stay tuned. Make sure you follow ROMBE4T on social media to keep up to date with upcoming releases and performances!

disco fever


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Like Tears for Fears said “You Can Change”, Embrace the Change in the new world with the beautiful melodic voice of ‘Caroline Grace’ as you ‘Open Your Mind’

14-year-old Caroline Grace is reminding the world, and other kids her age, that we have to come together to make the change we want to see in the world with her debut release, Open Your Mind. The 8th grader from Cincinnati, Ohio is sharing her first original song along with a powerful music video that advocates for equality and urges listeners to do what is right during these divisive times.

Produced and co-written by recording artist Alex Angelo, Open Your Mind is a sweet melodic ballad that is meant to inspire and spread positivity. Caroline shares, “I was inspired to write this song when COVID-19 hit the US and I started seeing it diving groups of people. Instead of trying to come together to work on this problem that affected all of us, there was a lot of blame and judgment. Then, when the attention shifted to racism in this country, I saw even more divide. This continued with PRIDE month in June.

The idea behind this single was to accept other people for who they are, come together and make a change. Instead of bringing others down, we need to raise each other up and come together.” As the song concludes, Caroline sings, “I know I’m young but life is not that long, and I’m old enough to know when something’s wrong.”

Caroline Grace is a stellar example of the youth using their voices for change, and she hopes this song will encourage other kids to do the same. Caroline’s passion for music, and her innocent desire for a better world, has caught the attention of people across the country. Her sweet voice, insightful lyrics and catchy tunes belie her commitment to social justice. She’s part of a new generation of musicians who want to use their voices to spread messages of hope and possibility.


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Danger Danger, There’s some new Rock n’ Roll Jewellery in town from Sonic The Hedgehog Metal star ‘Ted Poley’

Best known as the lead singer for the rock band Danger Danger (voted one of VH-1’s all time Hair Metal bands), Ted Poley is an original and creative jewellery designer. In addition to touring non-stop for over 30 years, he is also known for singing lead vocals on and writing lyrics for “Escape from The City” – featured prominently in SEGA’s popular Sonic the Hedgehog game series.

After releasing over 20 albums, Ted Poley is a giant in the rock genre that does not need much of an introduction. He has made records both as a solo artist and with bands like Danger Danger and Tokyo Motor Fist.

Apart from the countless albums and bands he’s been in, he is constantly on tour, from sharing the stage as the opening act for Alice Cooper, KISS and Extreme, to commanding the stage at prestigious festivals like Download and Sweden Rock. Making him not only an amazing singer but also one of the hardest working people in the business.

A special edition vinyl release of Ted Poley’s latest album Modern Art is available now through Deko Entertainment.

Ted Poley has also recently branched out into Affordable jewellery for a great cause. Proceeds go to help frontline Covid workers who need mental health help.

Always willing to support an important cause, Ted took all of his energy and emotion and turned it into a heartfelt collection of Jewellery ideas.

Miss Your Touch is the easiest way of reminding someone how you would hold them close if you could.  The design and that emotion are fertile ground for boundless ideas of expression.

“I created the Miss Your Touch concept so that during this time people can still express their closeness to their loved ones,” comments Ted. “This is a way to stay connected a tangible way to let the people you care about know that you are still close – despite the current distancing situation.”


Ted has sold millions of albums worldwide while touring non-stop for over 30 years. He is also known for singing lead vocals on and writing lyrics for “Escape from The City” – featured prominently in SEGA’s popular Sonic the Hedgehog game series.

A portion of the designer’s proceeds will benefit local no kill animal shelters. Proceeds from Novell and Continental Jewellery’s profits will benefit Covid-19 First Responders Relief Funds.


His latest album was recently released on vinyl.

Album buying link –
Album details –
Video link –
Jewellery site –
Buy jewellery direct –

DISCOVER WORLD MUSIC: The extraordinary talents of ‘Dan Blanchard’ and friends shine bright on the relaxing gem and oasis of calm ‘Afternoon Ambience’

“Afternoon Ambience” is an album combining Indian Classical Music and Ambient music, in the World Music genre. It is a lush soundscape for relaxation and rejuvenation.

It is based on Rāga Bhimpalasi, an afternoon rāga. Rāga is the main component of Indian Classical Music.  Rāga, a Sanskrit word, means “that which colours or leaves an impression”.   A mood is created by its notes and phrases, and a full recital of a raga consists of several movements, and is very similar to a western classical symphony.

The listener is brought of a journey through melodic and rhythmic structure and improvisations.

Dan Blanchard blends ancient Indian classical music with world and electronic music to transport you to blissful states of mind during yoga and meditation practice or to uplift you during your daily life.

Classically trained on the santoor by Indian master Pandit Satish Vyas and joined by other talented musicians from the world and sound healing scene, Dan explores the therapeutic power of music and adapts it for modern world needs, providing a powerful and engaging experience for overall well-being and inner peace.



Artists / Instruments

Dan Blanchard (main artist) – Santoor (Indian Hammered Dulcimer), Harmonium (small pipe organ), synthesizers, Tanpura (drone instrument)

Neelamjit Dhillon – Tabla (Indian hand drums)

Sheela Bringi
– Bansuri Flute (Indian Bamboo Flute)

Chris Votek
– Cello

Jeff Ali
– Ambient Guitar

Mixed by Dan Blanchard and Ronan Chris Murphy
Mastered by Ronan Chris Murphy at Veneto West

aa back cover 03

What’s the Unique Thing About This Album ?

Indian Classical music is improvisation in nature.

There are rules (certain notes and phrases) to each raga, and there is a typical progression (discussed below with the details of each track).
The album is one raga – it has the same mood throughout, through movements of freeform melody as well as rhythmic exploration.

Cello and Ambient Guitar are not typical Indian Classical Instruments.  Having these instruments provides another dimension to the album.


The first song particularly has been described as cinematic. Indian Classical music is a tonal music style, all notes are in relationship to the drone.  As opposed to equal tempered tuning required for western music with chords and different keys which slices the octave into equal steps, the Indian notes (Swaras) are based on simple ratios (3/2, 4/3, 5/4, 7/5, etc.) and mimic the relationships with nature.  This adds to the relaxing quality of the music.

aa front cover 02 2976x2976

1. Unwind (Alaap) [17:29] – Alaap is the beginning of the rāga where the melodic structure is slowly improvised and unveiled in a freeform style without rhythm.  This is performed on the santoor, a 100-stringed Indian instrument, with accompaniment by Bansuri Flute, Cello, Ambient Guitar, Harmonium, and Tanpura (drone instrument).

2. Deeper (Jod) [12:41] – Jod adds a rhythm to the melodic introduction in Alaap.

3. Swirling (Vilambit Gat in Jhaptaal) [14:30] – This is a slow (“Vilambit”) tempo composition (“Gat”) set to a 10 beat (“Jhaptaal”) rhythmic cycle, accompanied by the tabla (Indian hand drums).

4. Building (Madhya Gat in Teentaal) [8:22] – This is a medium (“Madhya”) tempo composition (“Gat”) set to a 16 beat (“Teentaal”) rhythmic cycle, accompanied by the tabla.

5. Ascent (Drut Gat in Teentaal) [6:34] – This is a fast (“Drut”) tempo composition (“Gat”) set to a 16 beat (“Teentaal”) rhythmic cycle, accompanied by the tabla, ending with a very fast climax called Jhala.  In a typical performance this would be the end of the rāga.

6. Let Go [10:27] – A final relaxation with vocal and flute, to integrate the musical journey.


Listen to full album at Soundcloud


More information about Indian Classical Music

‘SoulSonic’ and ‘JordanL’ drop a thumping cinematic funky sound of Conscious Hip-Hop world change with their powerful ‘Rise’

SoulSonic, originally from Chicago, is a Producer and Composer of Conscious Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop Soul on the Alchemyst Audio music label out of Vegas.

Currently collaborating with lyricist and artist JordanL to create the soul soothing, energy releasing, rallying cry Hip-Hop Anthem RISE. JordanL is an established HipHop artist from Detroit, he brings ridiculous heat and thought inspiring lyrics in his music and delivery.

RISE is a Hip-Hop Anthem speaking on police brutality and world events in the Black community in a voice to mark and embrace the moment and our people. A righteous voice from the experience that the streets in all these cities has taught us, that we have been profiled, treated as less, abused by the power of morally bankrupt officers, and systemically discriminated against.

As a people, the majority in power has put that knee on our neck, from locking car doors when we pass, to crossing the street when we walk, to denying access to opportunity, to hunting us. We as a people have taken a knee, but we as a people also RISE.

SoulSonic to creatively addresses inequities I have seen, personally experienced, or was made aware of as I grew up. RISE is written in 2020, but could have easily been among the songs played at any operation P.U.S.H rally (People United to Serve Humanity) occurring in Chicago in the 70s as well. Its the spirit, and the intention of the spirit that shapes the music. Chicago will always be part of my creative process.

I am drawn to the cinema of music. Music that makes your spirit rise, soar, reflect, or allows you space to contemplate quiet thoughts or the people and environment around you. This can be achieved boldly or subtly, the thoughts can be in the silences in-between the notes, as long as the music is intentional and present.

My inspiration comes from the Women who raised me, my mother Elizabeth, who’s passed, and the Woman I Love, my wife Jennifer. They are both remarkable women, souls and people. They are and were generous, caring, loving and optimistic beings in a world where it seems there is a little less light everyday.

Untitled Design (3)


SoulSonic Twitter
SoulSonic Rise Video
Alchemyst Audio Website

Seattle’s fast rising ‘YB France’ has diamonds on his neck as he unleashes his mighty melodic “Lonely” Hip-Hop Rap single

Upcoming Artist YB France hits the streets running with his new hot single “Lonely”

Rapper and Artist ‘YB Young Bull’ France’ was born in Houston, grew up in Florida and is now based in Seattle.

When did you start making music ?

“I started doing music in 2017. I’m 28 years old” says YB France who’s family’s originate from Trinidad and Tabago.

The brand new single from YB France is entitled “Lonely”. ‘Lonely’ is a well produced Hip-Hop Rap Trap cut with a classic Hip-Hop vibe, powerful positive attitude and real life spit. 

What are your influences ?

“My musical influences are, Young thug, Juice world, Gunna”.






‘The Sultan’ in an interview about "Monsters", his love for Halloween and integration through music

With “Monsters” the Hamburg singer The Sultan releases his latest work in style of the spooky season. The single is not only a must-have for every Halloween playlist, but also convinces between the lines. As an oriental sultan in a turban, he sings and dances like a Western pop star and thus unites two cultures that are particularly close to his heart. We have now spoken to the Sultan of Pop in an interview about his new single “Monsters” and why his art contributes to inclusion and integration. We are happy to make the interview available to you royalty-free.


As pop sultan you have created a unique music project. What does it mean to you to combine Eastern and Western influences?

The Sultan: It’s about combining the best of both influences into one positive concept. I have always been good at finding common denominators. At home we used to live oriental values, among friends and at school I adapted to the Western culture. That’s how I got to know and love both sides and therefore I know exactly how to convey this feeling of unity in an entertaining way. The Sultan of Pop is supposed to make people curious – I mean, a guy with a turban who sings and dances like a Western pop star?

Through my unique modern oriental style I want to bring people of different cultures and different ages together. The whole thing is presented with a big wink, so that my art stands for inclusion and integration. In the long run I want to make The Sultan an experience and thus a kind of paradise world, where everyone can dive into and be motivated. My music is like a flying carpet that takes you there.

Your new single is called “Monsters” and is the Halloween hit par excellence. What was your motivation for making the song?

The Sultan: In the style of the 80s and 90s, such as Michael Jackson’s legendary thriller mini-musical, I wanted to create a Halloween song that would put people in a good mood and carry them away. In the music video we playfully deal with the topic of fear: After all, the biggest “monster” we can encounter in everyday life is our own insecurities, nightmares and “one’s weaker self”.

Do you have a soft spot for the creepy season?

The Sultan: I have always celebrated this day, even though the American trend has long gone unnoticed in Germany. I’m terribly happy that Halloween also plays a significant role in Germany today. In fact, the Sultan of Pop was also created at a Halloween party. I dressed up as the Sultan like in Aladdin and became the star of the evening.

You’ve created a great music video with zombies. How was the production for you and what is behind the idea of the video?

The Sultan: I‘ve had pictures and ideas for the realization of the video right from the beginning of the song and wanted to combine the coolness of the 90s with today’s technology and quality. And the focus is on The Sultan as a modern oriental figure. The music video was produced very elaborately: We worked on different sets and shot almost 24 hours in a row. Nevertheless, all team members were fully motivated and after each scene it was a great pleasure to see the first pictures on the camera monitor, close together. The team was simply great!

The Sultan of POP2

With your music you are mainly in the pop sector. Are there other genres that influence you in your songwriting?

The Sultan: I’ve completed my Master of Arts in innovation studies, so thinking outside the box is in my blood. I grew up with pop, RnB and gospel, but I know no boundaries in music genres, and I get inspired by all influences, such as classical, rock or EDM.

How does the development process from a song to the final release look like for you?

The Sultan: It is totally different, I don’t have a fixed schedule. Sometimes I just play a note or a chord on the piano and continue to develop the sequence. For “Monsters” I first had a melody in my head, then I spun a chorus to it, very intuitively. The rest of the song was created around the Halloween theme.

The Sultan of POP

How do you continue after “Monsters”? Do you already have new songs in planning?

The Sultan: I do have new songs and themes in the pipeline, but I don’t want to give too much away yet. Of course, I want to produce a new music video for every project. I’m pretty sure that you will like the next songs as much as “Monsters”.

The single “Monsters” by The Sultan is available on all download and streaming portals. Purchase link::

Further information about The Sultan (Bio, cover, press photos) can be found in the press lounge: and on

The Sultan of POP3


Watch Monsters on YouTube
Stream Monsters

DISCOVER HEAVY METAL OF 2020: A New revolution of Heavy Metal is taking shape in Michigan with new pioneer ‘Cynycist’ letting loose his gigantic ‘New Game Plus’

USA, Michigan based guitarist and producer, Jonathan Clegg a.k.a Cynycist delivers a heavy metal sound with a difference.

Inspired by video games like Villains and Soundtracks this new sonic warrior and pioneer crafts a Super extreme Heavy Metal sound that sounds like it’s from another Galaxy.

Mixing up traditional Heavy Metal Rock with exquisite modern recording and mixing techniques, the distinctive, heavy and radical sound of  Cynycist shocks listeners with it’s overwhelming powerful presence.

Get to know the heavy-metal group Cynycist. There will be no turning back.

The new single from the heavy-metal group Cynycist features Charles Caswell of Berried Alive.


You can listen to the track “New Game Plus” today! A must-hear for anyone who is a fan of the heavy side of things.
You can find more about the group on social media at

Electronic composer ‘Michael Guardian’ a.k.a ‘Michael C Graley’ releases ‘Da Base’ and joins with Music Industry professionals

A masterful Electronic composer in the arrangement of masterful effects and compositions. Crossroads of the world in todays music markets and Michael is standing in the middle of the Music Industry with the Keys. Brought with compassion and thoughtfulness, Michael created these CDs for your listening pleasure for the above average music Listener.

His music will move you take you on a journey and bring you back within the minutes you push play and the music stops. You will be saying where has this artist been hiding. He now releases the urban hip hop old school track ‘Da Base’.

Michael C Graley is the CEO of Michael Guardian Music Production Company LLC.

Find out more in this interview. 

Tell us about what you do ?

I am a composer, songwriter, producer, artist, in the fields of many Genres. I am a diversified artist in many styles of music and have a catalog of music. I publish the music in the internet for Radio, TV, Filmscore, Record Labels, Podcasters, Indie Charts.

What is your vision ?  

I am looking to drop some singles on the world markets, looking for ESQ’s and Managements to pick me up on there rosters. I compose and record and produce music and hand them off to the hands of other Producers, labels, and agents that in return further my marketing areas world wide.

How long have you been in the music industry ?

I have many songs out since 2005 on internet. and have been shopping my own material to labels, agents, music supervisors, A&R, Esq’s since 1988. I have intellectual property worth a billion dollars in real marketable profitable music in a catalogue of music.

How can people get hold of you ?

I would like to be reached by email, phone, or letter, with intentions of partnership with many Musicians, composer, producers, artist, directors, Film producer, ad advertisement agents, in many genres of music, also looking for print, media, to pick up and interview my styles of music to the world.

What are you working on at the moment ?

I am currently working on new material and looking for placement deals and licence deals for monies to help support my future projects and ideas. you can reach me at

What they say about Michael ?

ANAMAZE BOOKING AGENCY, INC. said “Michael Guardian is a consummate musician, writer, arranger, creator, producer and tunesmith of a world class status. His creations are amazing, well thought out and have positioned him as a major team player. I am constantly impressed by his musical skills and consistency of output. Michael is a benefit to anyone who employs his symphony of skills and ability. Michael is a fantastic resource and I am proud to recommend him to those in need of good exciting, well produced and created music”.





After working with Marc Anthony, Andres Cepeda and Jennifer Lopez, ‘Mario Guini’ and ‘Monte Grande’ release their wonderful melodic bark at the ‘Red Moon’

You may recognize Mario Guini from the time he has spent on stage and in studio with some of the biggest artists in the music industry from Marc Anthony to Andres Cepeda to Jennifer Lopez, and he’s not slowing down any time soon.

2020 has been a whirlwind for the Argentinian born Mario who is solidly rooted in the United States.  “It’s been a crazy year with the pandemic, but also a truly…. truly amazing one,” beams the affable Guini.  “My beautiful son was born, I continue to work with some of the most talented artists in the world, and I feel I am producing some of the best music of my life.”

Guini was just finishing a session with Natalia Jimenez as she was preparing for the Latin Billboard Music Awards when we caught up with him.  Along with his band Monte Grande, Mario released the new single ‘Red Moon’ in 2020, and will be releasing an album featuring the tracks ‘Quiero Tenerte Aqui’ and ‘For You’ later this year.

Additionally, Mario just finished wrapping up a TV concert for HBO Latino with Carlos Rivera called ‘A Tiny Audience.’  Mario and Monte Grande have also been working steadily this year on a number of songs they are preparing to release in 2021, including a “potential collaboration.”

Guini was a bit shy when pressed for additional details, and simply said, “You will see, Papi, you will see.”


Monte Grande songs available on Spotify:

Red Moon:

She Might Not Be Good:


Be My Girlfriend:

Mario Guini is online at:

‘Kyn Rose’ gets us on a super chilled RnB Rap High with the seductive, catchy and cool 100K+ Streams single ‘Money Worker’

Smooth, charismatic and impossible to ignore — welcome to the calming world of Kyn Rose, an emerging artist currently making his mark on the global music scene.

His sound fuses infectious hip-hop rhythms to soothingly soft bars and intelligent lyricism. His music is typically chill, with his influences coming from what he’s going through in life — using blunt, yet complex rhyme schemes to tell his emotional story.

You can often find him rocking his nose to ear chain which is a homage to his emo edge that is subtly infused into his music. He’s amassed a steady following online, garnering streams in the hundreds of thousands worldwide. The multi-instrumentalist plays guitar and piano, crafting all of his tracks from scratch. He’s also played countless gigs around his home city of Toronto in Canada.

Current projects Kyn Rose made his debut in 2019 with his single “Cigarettes (Throwaway)”, a softly soothing anthem that showed a more intimate side to the artist. He went on to release a number of other singles; from the laidback verses of “Decision” to the soulful hooks and classic lyricism of “Cops Don’t Care”, there’s something for everyone in Kyn’s slick selection of timeless tracks.

His most recent single “Money Worker” has amassed over 100K+ streams worldwide for its hard hitting bars and infectious hooks. He aims to build on the success of this single with his first EP currently in the works. The release will feature a number of songs that he’s been working on since he was just thirteen — showing Kyn’s diverse range of styles.

“Money Worker” (single with 100K+ streams) The life, the vision Kyn Rose first got his start in middle school when he would write poems and perform at various talent shows. He began exploring music through beats, songwriting and audio engineering. The singer’s teacher noticed the gift he had early on and pushed him to keep on going down the music path. He received the school music award and was granted a scholarship to an arts programme.

The eighteen year old artist was born and raised in Toronto Canada and has been trying to break into the music scene for about five years now. He notes music has always been there for him through his darkest times.

From battling liver disease to depression and anxiety, making music has always helped him through hardship by giving him an outlet to express his pain. He wants his music to send the message that anything is possible and that music can speak when words can’t.


Official Website



Money Worker – Single with 100k Streams

DISCOVER CLASSIC ROCK: California’s rocker ‘Ron Wright’ joins players from TOTO, Michael Jackson, Robin Trowler, Van Morrison, Little River Band and Doobie Brothers for the powerful "Ron Wright & Special Guests"

Ron Wright is a guitarist, lead vocalist and professional recording artist from Monterey, California.

Ron Wright is back with an incredible album featuring some of rocks legendary players and musicians.

Ron Wright has released a powerful album of exceptional modern rock tracks entitled “Ron Wright & Special Guests” featuring 18 Tracks within the Classic Rock genre.

This well produced, alternative, big and master skilled guitar album features legendary musicians and artists including Bobby Kimball – TOTO, Valerie Carter – Michael Jackson, Davey Pattison – Robin Trower, Janet Planet – Van Morrison, Richard Bryant- Little River Band, Tiran Porter – Doobie Brothers and Chris Minto who engineered for KISS.

Ron Wright’s out of this world guitar playing has been described as sounding like ‘Van Halen’, but retains an original and unique ‘Ron Wright’ stamp, with incredible style and improvisation adding an overall authentic and real classic rock sound and attitude.

Is this the lost album from Rock History ? 

The latest single ‘Digital Highway’ is a fast driving rocking masterpiece and wall of sound with huge rock vocals and an energy that could fill a classic rock stadium.


Ron Wright’s music has elements of Jimi Hendrix Experience, ZZ Top, Mountain, Cream, Thin Lizzy, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen.

Ron Wright is also the guitarist for Monterey, California band  Chile Colorado who are Monterey’s “Big Electric Band”.

Ron Wright was born in Montana and received his musical education from ASU. An experienced studio musician with a strong track record as a performer, engineer, and producer. Ron enjoys all styles of music, as his BMI compositions reveal.

Ron has performed extensively live and on television, and in addition he has recorded with various group members of TOTO, The Doobie Brothers, Larry Carlton band, and Pablo Cruise, to name a few. He’s worked on major motion pictures and has a music video. There are artist reviews from HHGI Magazine, Strutter Magazine, Tracks Online, Guitar Nine Records, among various other music critics.

Ron heads his own recording studio & frequently helps events staged by local charities throughout the year. He enjoys fishing and sailing where he now resides in Pebble Beach, California.

The album is available everywhere on ‘ RDW Music Publishing Co’for Rock Fans online globally.

__CD Album Front Cover Ron Wright _ Special Guests


Independent Music Artist ‘Celiane the Voice’ Diversifies Her Brand with Music, Merchandise, Movies and More!

Bay Area-based Indie Artist, Celiane the Voice, parlays her business acumen into building a formidable brand—in the booth and in the boardroom.

When the pandemic struck, Celiane the Voice watched her thriving music career come to a screeching halt. Gigs were abruptly cancelled, venues were closed, ticket sales were refunded to the customers, concerts were indefinitely postponed and her career was at a standstill.

For the first time in her entire music career, Celiane did not to know if her career would be able to weather this storm (also known as the Coronavirus crisis). Just like other artist and musicians, she had to face the uncertain reality brought on by a Global pandemic that completely disrupted the entertainment industry. As the months progressed, she was faced with two choices: 1. Throw in the towel or 2. Reinvent herself. She chose the latter.

Eight months since the world as we knew it changed forever, Celiane the Voice made the decision to tap into her business savvy and build a brand that superseded music. She put together a Business Plan and started a company.

Her entertainment company comprises film and TV production, stage productions, creation of her own comic book, video game music, personal transformation courses, “Celiane the Voice” merch, building collaborations and a costume and set design entity.

“I’m an entertainer, but I also have a Business background so I knew at the onset of the pandemic that I would have to pivot if I wanted to save my career. I knew that it was no longer business as usual, so I tapped into my talents and skill set and diversified my brand”, said Celiane.

Celiane the Voice Her decision to reinvent herself has opened up a myriad of new doors for her this year and now that her music career is thriving again—she has her sight set on performing in Vegas one day, which has been a life-long dream of hers.

Celiane also has hopes to take her eclectic show on a tour across the country, as soon as it’s safe to do so again. Based out of the Bay Area in California, Celiane The Voice is a pioneering and dynamic singer who specializes in genre of Electronica Hip-Opera, which she created.

With a background in both Opera and Jazz and over twenty years of vocal training, both at UC Berkeley and through private instructors, she has developed a mastery over her vocals through hard work and dedication.

Through an understanding of genre and technique, she is able to borrow from a spectrum of musical influences to create a sound that blends electronic music, hip hop, classical, and jazz to create the new and exciting fusion that has become the genera of Electronica Hip-Opera. The eclectic nature of her work allows her to redefine her listeners’ idea of what is possible through music in a traditional sense, and her talent allows her to set the bar high when it comes to her production value.

Inspired by prolific artists such as Amy Winehouse, Daft Punk, and Pharrell, she has a taste for the unique and original, and that off-beat sensibility truly shines through.

With her music she is able to form true connections with her audience. Music is her passion, and her one true love; it is the thing that she is completely dedicated to and she views it as her better half.

Celiane the Voice While continually working to build up her repertoire and create a unique and memorable sound, she has performed live at events such as Afro Comicon, NorCal Cosplay Ball, NYE 2018, and Napa Smith Brewery, and she has hopes of touring internationally in 2021.

Her work can currently be found online on streaming platforms such as ITunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp.





After taking Brazil by storm the extraordinary, sexy and sensational ‘Angel B’ a.k.a ‘Amanda Oliveira’ drops the seductive and hot "Our Last" (feat. October London)

Art is that thriving sentimental entity that doesn’t has boundaries and limitations as everyone can push the limit of competence to the verge and when there is a human that is composed of being the said art, nature bestows him with all the capabilities of the world.

Art is the artist we will be illuminating today none other than the Brazilian born multi-talented pop star Amanda Oliveira professionally known as “Angel B” whose credibility and enthusiasm is about to exhibit the world what diva literally means by showcasing her potential in music and choreographing the rhythmic commencement of symphonies through body lines.
It’s said that people with greatest passion can make the impossible possible.

Angel B is the person who is the precise manifestation of passion who made new innovations in the music industry by being a singer, song writer and a choreographer who debuted only to pursue that dream of hers making music her internal and external fraternity. Angel B is the only artist who is skilled enough to complete that playlist of yours with such songs that will be soothing to heed, alluring to remember and astounding to recognize.

Now that’s what we call a capable artist in literary terms. Remarkable.
The originality that you bring out to the world represents your taste and essence in life.

Angel B is a great admirer of the concept and never fails to amaze the audience by putting the best of her work the best instance of which is her lit collaborations songs with artists like Lorena Simpson “Don’t Touch It”, Marley Waters who was one of Platinum selling recording artist Tinashe’s producers for her breakout single “2on”, Taylor Hill “Work”, Corey Mykell “Like A Boss”, Lex Lu, Darrio “Like That”.

All of these compatible songs are the representation of Angel B as an artist and the real proof that biasing this treasure will mean fun, entertaining and energizing songs with lit choreography all for you guys to relish.
Nature is the best planner in life that blesses people with talents as the gift for life, considering the fact that only those peril who have polished and nurtured the raw ability they have.

Similar is the case for Angel B who found the blessing of universe and watered the plant into a beautiful fruitful tree which can all be proven by the instance that her work has been shown on some major trending shows like “Multi-show, the Biggest Music Network in Brazil, Play Tv, BIS Channel” while also choreographing for artists like “Wanessa Camargo, Negra Li, Rodriguinho, Ivete Sangalo, Quelynah” unleashing the true artistic serenity indebted in her personality.

With pursuing personality, hardcore artistic serenity and passionate musical abilities, Angel B invites all you fellas to come to join her on a voyage to the musical universe starting from now by supporting her latest music video to her stunning single ‘Our Last’ along with October London that will startle your mind while leaving you as bias wrecked.



Watch Video


I don’t know about you, but when I watch a movie, I like it to have some sweet tunes on the soundtrack. Otherwise, the experience just isn’t complete for me. Music helps you feel the atmosphere better, it serves to immerse into the story – and personally, I love that.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re in good luck, because I’ve got just the thing for you – the independent film “Flint Tale” and its masterful soundtrack.
Directed by Michigan-born Marc Cayce, the film follows the aftermath of the Flint Water scandal from a few years ago, when it was discovered that the water in the area was contaminated. The movie tells the tale of the disgraced chief of police following the scandal, and it’s a well-rounded, compelling journey overall.

But we’re not here to focus on the film itself, but rather the songs that accompany it. Cayce is the founder of Foremost Entertainment, the company which also produced the film, and is also heading the new-founded Foremost Records, which is the label from which most of our artists hail.

Throughout the film, we run into Intelligent Diva, with her classic hit “Sexy Walk”. Intelligent Diva has been gathering quite the following thanks to her sensual, seductive singing style, but also her powerful, compelling voice and the vivid imagery in her lyrics.

Of course, we also see artists Allegra White and Troy Laz with the catchy “Livin the Life”.

Then, we have renowned artists like Big Ty Stick, whose moving “We All We Got” really brings the message of the movie home for most viewers, as well as Michigan-born artist Bootleg, from the Dayton Family, with the track “City of Lead”, which is both gritty and evocative.


The soundtrack also welcomes a few powerful debuts: one from artist Orlando Peay, who is featured in “Flint Tale” both as a musician, with the evocative track “Couple of Days”, but also as an actor (he plays the part of an Uber driver in the film). And then, we have the debut of artist KellieKell who really puts her considerable writing talent on display with her brand new hit “Mama”.

All in all, the film is as much a visual journey as it is an auditory one, and a thoroughly delightful experience, whichever way you look at it.




‘By Small Ruin’ are back with a fantastic Rock Pop song and Romantic music video on new single ‘Like Heaven’

Talented songwriter, singer, producer and adventurer, Bryan Mullis a.k.a By Small Ruin is back with another Big Radio Friendly rock hit as he unleashes his romantic driving rock song ‘Like Heaven’.

Catchy and with the warm BSR melodic signature and accompanied with a romantic music video, By Small Ruin land firmly on the Global Pop Rock landscape with a fantastic driving Rock Pop gem and inspiring romantic music video.

When talking about the new single BSR says “I wrote this song to express how I felt when I finally found that special someone who makes me a better person just by knowing her. She encourages me to be my best self even when I don’t believe I have it in me – never preachy, just living by example”.

By Small Ruin’s melodies have reached the edges of the earth as ‘Bryan Mullis’ spontaneous travels and adventurous experiences became a staple of inspiration in his music. By Small Ruin is an anagram for Bryan Mullis, keeping his music and lifestyle as true to self as possible. Busking since high school, he has made his way across the country playing to anyone who listened. His talent and dedication lead to sharing the stage with artists like DAWES, WILD and Briston Maroney.

As a teen, one of Bryan’s favourite activities with his friends was climbing water towers and hanging upside down from the top by only their knees. Bryan was notorious for doing what he wanted, when he wanted, including sneaking out of his parent’s house and hitch-hiking a 10-hour ride to Florida to surprise his girlfriend on the beach.

More recently, Bryan’s brother almost lost his life in a car accident. Dealing with those feelings inspired his musical journey that brought him unforetold adventures.

He often tells the story of being attacked in a convenience store which “lead to a full-fledged movie-like fight that included knocking over shelves and throwing beer bottles. The store was destroyed.”

From waking up to SWAT teams thinking the band’s van was owned by a nearby active shooter, to unexpectedly playing a nudist pool party of 100+ people, BSR’s thrilling lifestyle is certainly rendered in their music and performance.

Like Heaven - single artwork






I know I don’t compare
Not in a million years
You are a queen and I’m a pawn
But I want you for my own

It feels like heaven when you’re here
How ’bout sticking around?
And just like heaven, you’re better than I am
You won’t let me fall down

Was living on the edge
Now I hang with you instead
You helped me find that higher law
You broke the cycle and I’m forever grateful because

It feels like heaven when you’re here
How ’bout sticking around?
And just like heaven, you’re better than I am
You won’t let me fall down

The heart you bring to everything
Your light can thaw frozen ground
You made me feel like a king
I woke up wearing a crown

Think back to when we met
And something that you said
You said I could do great things
I started to agree
You got me to believe

It feels like heaven when you’re here
How ’bout sticking around?
And just like heaven, you’re better than I am
You won’t let me fall down
You’re just like heaven

DISCOVER RAP HIP-HOP INTERVIEWS: ‘Lvincix’ is High as July on Dope Hot Rhythmic drop as he lets loose how ‘Karma Feels’ in Rap Trap Interview

T’ell us about your background getting to where you are today?


Where are you from?


When did you start music?


How did you get into music?


What is the most challenging thing you have overcome in your life?


Are you currently signed or independent?


Who inspires you the most musically?


What do you want people to take away after listening to your music?


Any new music coming out soon?



What is your greatest achievement as a musician?


Do you produce your own music? If not, who do you work with?


Who is one artist you wish you could work with?


Attachment_1602857334 (4)

Tell us about any new music you have coming out? When is coming out? What is it about?




Attachment_1602857334 (5)

What does a day inside your shoes look like?


Anything else you want the audience to know about you?



Stream all Online

Lvincix Instagram:


EXCLUSIVE RAP INTERVIEWS: Spend a night with ‘Remi Lambo’ and he guarantee’s you’ll get whipped, We asked “Mr Grey” ‘some Questions

Tell us about your background getting to where you are today?

I was born in New Zealand and came to Manchester when I was 4 years old. After a while of living here I got into modelling and shot for a few big brands which has been a blessing. Little do people know that I’ve always wanted to be a rapper and now I want to show the world what I’m made of.

Where are you from?

Manchester, Moss side

When did you start music?


How did you get into music?

Me and my friends would always rap on beats and never make songs, but now it’s time to show this talent.

What is the most challenging thing you have overcome in your life?

Caring about people’s opinion is something I’ve had to overcome. I always used to seek it but now I know I don’t need it.

Are you currently signed or independent?


Who inspires you the most musically?

UK drill artist like Hardy Caprio

What do you want people to take away after listening to your music?

I want people to not just have fun but relate to the things I say.

Any new music coming out soon?

Yes I have a music video for “Mr Grey” that should be dropping soon

What is your greatest achievement as a musician?

I haven’t achieved anything but I plan to be one of the best rappers in Manchester.

Do you produce your own music?

If not who do you work with? I work with Patrick Osei at Hotmoneystudios.

Who is one artist you wish you could work with?

I would like to work with Krept and Konan

Tell us about any new music you have coming out?

I will be releasing my first single called “Mr Grey” soon. After that I will be releasing a track called “Superhero” which sheds more light on my lyrical ability. I’m trying to show the world that I’m evolving every song!

What does a day inside your shoes look like?

I wake up and go to the gym, go to photo shoot and then hang out with my mates, most of the time. Also during the day when I’m out I get random ideas for a song and I immediately write it down.

Anything else you want the audience to know about you?

I’d say I’m a multi-talented person who can not only rap but dance, act and model. I want to build up a platform with music so eventually I can showcase these talents on a bigger scale.

Mr Grey cover art


Remi Lambo Instagram:


Devontaii Prepares For Release Of New Single "Brown Sugar Thang"

Devontaii Prepares For Release Of New Single “Brown Sugar Thang

Devontaii Christopher Tillis, or Devontaii, is originally from Miami, FL. The 90s baby born R&B singer has been doing music since the age of 12. Since music is his passion and what he loves to do, his music is influenced by his life experiences. With high energy, good taste in music, his smoothness and steelo show why he’s here to stay as the next big R&B superstar.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything,” is the saying Devontaii lives by.

To create meaningful music that listeners can learn and take something from is everything to the singer. Wanting create the missing element to the R&B genre of music. “Brown Sugar Thang” does just that!

With a blend of soulful words and catchy melodic chords, “Brown Sugar Thang“, will make you want to be intimate and dance at the same time.Creating the ambiance of a romance story like no other Devontaii delivers the vocals to a true masterpiece for ears of the listener.

The song embodies the perfect date night vibe when a man is into his woman the way that he should be.

Brown Sugar Thang Artwork


Check out All the updates and single release information here:
Listen here:

With a taste of ‘Thom Yorke’ on holiday with ‘Nick Cave’ and ‘Rufus Wainright’, Exceptional songwriter ‘Shayne Cook’ teams with the sweet ‘The City of Prague Symphony Orchestra’ to touch souls on ‘Epiphonetics’

Melbourne based singer-songwriter Shayne Cook is releasing another two tracks from his debut LP ‘Epiphonetics’ which is due late October.  ‘Restless Lovers’ and ‘Back to Love’ will be available on all digital platforms from August 25.

Born from a gentle descending guitar, ‘Restless Lovers’ is the love you had to have.  The one that’s intense, all consuming, knows how to trigger and will faintly beat in your memories with a promise of good love again.

The piano by Phil Turcio, Bass by Chris Bekker and the drum track from Josh Barber stay restrained but dance in response to the raw and reminiscent lyric.  Orchestral composition by Tilman Robinson and played by City of Prague symphony Orchestra builds on the rawness of this track to bring Producer Simon Moro’s focus’s each element of the song in its own sonic dimension and overall, letting the song guide the production to allow it be the most beautiful song you will here today

Listen to ‘Restless Lovers’.

‘Back to Love’ was inspired at a particular anxiety fuelled low point of life during the process of writing the album.  Shayne headed to one of his favourite Melbourne parks, Darebin Parklands to drunkenly wallow and sleep out in the car. It was also a full moon which is a stunning view in this park, so ideal for self pity.  The lyrics came to the song that night with a previous guitar part stuck in Shaynes head.  It deals with hitting lows as a person and supposing that happens with people as whole as well – and in that shit storm of feeling the only possible direction other than complete destruction is something that feels in some sort of direction closer to love.

Cook describes ‘Back to Love’ as initially a guitar-based folk song, “but when Chris Bekker came in and improvised a muted and percussive bass line, instantly we knew this is what the song needed – it transformed the song into something completely new.

The guitar driven song became a bass driven song which just really gave the darkness the song deserved. Simon also had an idea to get the orchestra to create the click sounds with their bow and instrument using a techniques called pizzicato.  This just added to the movement.  The last note of the song you can hear the snap of one of the violins bridge plates which we thought made sense just to stop it there”

Check out ‘Back to Love.’

‘Restless Lovers’ / ‘Back to Love’ will be released on August 25.
‘Epiphonetics’ will be released on October 23.



shayne cook 1

‘Restless Lovers’

Shayne Cook: Writer / Vocal /Guitars  l  Simon Moro: Producer/ Mix Engineer  l  Joe Carra (Crystal Mastering): Mastering Engineer  l  Joshua Barber:  Drums, Percussion  l  Chris Bekker: Bass  l  Phil Turcio:  Piano  l  Tilman Robinson: Orchestral Arrangements  l  City of Prague Symphony Orchestra: Strings

‘Back to Love’

Shayne Cook: Writer / Vocal /Guitars  l  Simon Moro: Producer/ Mix Engineer/ Synth Keys  l  Joe Carra (Crystal Mastering): Mastering Engineer  l  Joshua Barber:  Drums, Percussion  l  Chris Bekker: Bass  l  Phil Turcio:  Piano  l  Tilman Robinson: Orchestral Arrangements  l  City of Prague Symphony Orchestra: Strings.


Shayne Cook Epiphonetics

Shayne Cook is a Brisbane-bred, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter who writes hypnotic songs ranging from dark, simple and haunting to unleashed emotional outpourings.   His musical influences span from Nick Cave to Ainslie Wills, Bon Iver to City and Colour, Tom Isanek to Thom Yorke, Emma Louise and beyond.  With his debut LP ‘Epiphonetics’ Cook has delivered an impressive introduction of 9 songs that highlight a  raw and open songwriter with notable talent, his music not convoluted or overly elaborate, his vocals both fresh and yet familiar, and the songs delivered with heart and honesty.

Atmospheric album opener ‘Stawell Gift’ is driven from a piano riff droning in a hypnotic loop.  Piano, on this and the rest of the album was played by the masterful Phil Turcio with Shayne and producer Simon Moro both adding keys/ piano elements to the track.  Josh Barber added all the additional mood on drums.  The song is particularly personal as it is an ode to Cook’s father, describing his history of being abandoned at an orphanage and eventual adoption.

‘Shouldn’t War’ with its hypnotic percussive colour, haunting legato piano lines and syncopated acoustic guitar is Cook’s response to a someone dear to him revealing having suffered a sexual assault.  The sense of sadness, anger and helplessness felt by both the victim and Cook stayed with him for a long time – his vocals giving full range of expression to the anguish reverberating in the listener.

Third track on the album ‘Blood’ is in essence, about feeling love, almost unexplainable, but coursing through your veins, and the idea of losing that beauty is like a death itself.  The song’s concept had been with Cook for many years, morphing and developing until what it is today.  Producer Simon Moro perfectly highlights each instrument in such an intricate way to allow Cook’s vocals to gently float on the rhythm to end up soaring through the mood shifts. Drums from Josh Barber, Chris Bekker on Bass, and orchestral composition from Tilman Robinson.

‘Matters of the Heart’ features a 12 string acoustic waltzing with the rhythm section while Shayne’s heartfelt vocals describe the decisions made by the heart and also those made by the head.  The impulsive and the considered; the questions we ask about what is or what isn’t “right’,  making a choice fraught with risk; knowing all well the probability of failure,  but still going ahead anyway.  The junction between letting go or holding on tight and seeing where love leads.

Cook originally thought ‘Matters of the Heart’ was a throw –away demo, but album producer Simon Moro heard it and suggested they see how it developed.  His ideas and finesse as a producer/ engineer – including utilising contacts at the City of Prague Symphony Orchestra for strings on the song, helped ensure the song made the cut for his debut, and indeed become the album’s first single, scoring support from the likes of Triple J’s Roots N All and CBAA / 2SER FM’s Dirt Music.

‘Restless Lovers’ Born from a gentle descending guitar, ‘Restless Lovers’ is the love you had to have.  The one that’s intense, all consuming, knows how to trigger and will faintly beat in your memories with a promise of good love again.

The piano by Phil Turcio, Bass by Chris Bekker and the drum track from Josh Barber stay restrained but dance in response to the raw and reminiscent lyric.  Orchestral composition by Tilman Robinson  and played by City of Prague symphony Orchestra  builds on the rawness of this track to bring Producer Simon Moro’s focus’s each element of the song in its own sonic dimension and overall, letting the song guide the production to entice you back for another listen.

‘Disaster Yet’ is an argument between lovers.  The fight is not the end of the world, and you know the moment you are lying in bed wrapped in each other that it is all going to be ok.  The string arrangement by Timan Robinson sends the song into a dream state leaving the guitar to create the misty lake the dream passes within.  Phil Turcio on piano, Josh Barber on drums, Chris Bekker on bass complimenting the simplicity and movement of the narrative.  Shayne’s vocals sit in a place between both the simplicity and sometimes underlying complexity of the subject matter.

Describing the inspiration for ‘City Fire Lights’ Cook explains “Music has always been my innermost desire to pursue.  Prior to writing this album I was working full time in finance. While I most definitely did enjoy my job I always felt music was my calling and time felt it was slipping away.  Walking away from comfort and predictability can be tough.  I also felt like I had left my run too late, that I’d put it off due to insecurity and waiting for everything to be right.  Turns out there is no such thing as the right time and you can spend all your time waiting for the right time.”  Phil Turcio on Piano a piacere with Shayne sets the introspect of the song while the full band kicks in with resolve.

‘Back To Love’ which received airplay from both Triple J’s Roots N All and Double J’s Stir It Up amongst others started as a guitar based folk song.  As Shayne explains, “When Chris Bekker came in and improvised a muted and percussive bass line instantly we knew this is what the song needed – it transformed the song into something completely new. The guitar driven song became a bass driven song which just really gave the darkness the song deserved. Simon also had an idea to get the orchestra to create the click sounds with their bow and instrument using a techniques called pizzicato.  This just added to the movement.  The last note of the song you can hear the snap of one of the violins bridge plates which we thought made sense to keep”.


Imagine sunshine streaming through the window while you sit with your lover enjoying a coffee.  The romanticism of talking about owning that farmhouse one day and heading on a sea change to escape the city.  Sitting on the back steps together with a whiskey after a shitty week.  Unsleeving that Nick Cave record and listening to ‘Into My Arms’ while entwined with your lover for those few minutes.  These things.  The moments we cherish.

Shayne explains “I had originally written the solo on a midi keyboard with a saxophone as a choice of sounds it was a little corny but I liked it.  Uncle George’s piano accordion coupled with a lush reverb was the obvious replacement for this on the album and fittingly George is also a man that enjoys the simple rituals of life.”

“In all I feel this album was about me taking the leap into my passion and releasing music.

It’s what I feel I have to give to the world and this album is the beginning  of that”

Award-winning actress and model ‘Salina Soto’ Releases Video For New Single, “A Star is Born” on YouTube

With the release of her new song “A Star is Born” off the ES DOT album, former Vampire Diaries star, Salina Soto continues to prove her capability as an all-round entertainer from her musical performance. The newly released video for A.S.I.B. (A Star Is Born) has chalked up over 6,400 views on YouTube in a few days.

The song is a perfect rendition of her signature style of R&B, Soul, and Rock. Working on the visuals for “A Star is Born” allowed Salina to display her skill, not only as a talented singer but also as a capable video director.

Salina Soto displayed trademark commitment and resilience throughout the production of A Star Is Born. The audio features impeccable lyrics lapping over modern pop instrumentals. Sitting in the director’s chair, she pulled the strings and delivered an engaging video with superior use of colours. The video features flawless dancing and choreography from start to finish. With such dedication to her craft, it is not at all surprising that reviews from listeners and viewers have been positive, they only wished that the track was longer.

Salina Soto began her musical career in 2015. She marked the start of this journey with her first EP, “The Cusp” in 2017. The project was executed in collaboration with double Grammy winner, Timothy Bloom.  More recently, Salina released a sophomore EP titled “Es Dot” in 2020. On this project, she tapped up Grammy award-winning producers who have worked with top artists like Lil Wayne and Chris Brown. Her new single, “A Star is Born” is now available on all streaming media and YouTube.

Outside the music industry, Salina Soto, is recognized as an award-winning actress, model, and now director. Born and raised in LA, California, her career took off after she excelled in several acting roles in The Vampire Diaries, Days of Our Lives and CSI: NY.

With a good sense of style and fashion, Salina has modelled for several brands and featured in commercials. She has had commercial collaborations with brands like Coca-Cola, Adidas, and Samsung.

Salina Soto’s new album Es Dot is available on all streaming media.



Apple Music via

DISCOVER 2020 POP: ‘Christine Lee’ releases a Wilder than Kim Pop Winner with the fun, bright and delicious warm music video ‘One Track Mind’

Recording artist Christine Lee is back with a vibrant track called One Track Mind, as well as an accompanying music video Christine’s latest release is a fun upbeat dance song that will have you moving in no time.

Christine shares, One Track Mind is about meeting someone special and being so hooked that you can’t think of anyone else. The song is another one of my favourite originals that I’ve released. I love the romantic lyrics, catchy tune, electronic synthesizers and the fun danceable atmosphere this song gives off.”

Christine’s youthful tone sits atop a high energy production and that is matched perfectly with a fun video featuring Christine and friends dancing in a retro 50’s diner setting. The vibrant colours and smooth dance moves create a fun environment that acts as an escape for the viewer.

Christine hopes that One Track Mind will be a song that makes you want to move and just let go of any stress you may have for a few moments.

She shares, “I hope that One Track Mind can be one of those songs that makes people want to just have fun and dance along to the beat. I can totally see someone cranking up this tune while cruising along the beach, with the wind in their hair and the sun setting.”

One Track Mind is available on all streaming platforms.


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DISCOVER MUSIC VIDEOS: Therése Neaimé Releases Official Video For The Global Hit – “Dance Love”

International sensation Therése Neaimé is ready to heat up the the rest of 2020 with a brand-new video to follow up her release of Dance Love. The music is designed to bring bodies straight to the dancefloor through a wildly colourful & catchy infusion of radiant sound – “Dance Love” is available everywhere online.

With a lifetime spent immersed in entertainment which covers opening for Simply Red, touring in the middle east and headlining the South Africa and Copenhagen pride to mention a few milestones. Therése Neaimé knows exactly what listeners want to hear – & with her talent, experience, commitment, & dedication, she’s delivered time & time again throughout her career.


The vibrant spark & inspired sound of her performance on “Dance Love” is a bold reflection of her genuine love of the craft, every bit as much as it reveals her remarkable professionalism, stunning vocals, and the true X-factor of an artist destined to live on the top spots of charts & playlists worldwide.

Join Therése Neaimé as she lights up the globe with a brilliant combination of Latin/Pop/Soul sound this year and celebrates the pure joy of music with each and every one of YOU listening.

In the fun music video Therése Neaimé makes a speedy getaway in a flashy classic car. 

Dance Loveis the anthem for 2020.

Throughout the summer of 2020, Dance Love has been a No 1 Hit at London Radio station, and a huge International hit in South Africa on The Digital Voice of Africa, Bafana FM.  London FM said about the release:

THERÉSE NEAIMÉ never fails to deliver as she warms us up with her incredible voice and super melodic middle eastern flavoured pop that makes us dream of the sea and freedom, This is a pure pop winner and one of the best releases of 2020” – 

Therése Neaimé is back with the official video for one of her best singles to-date and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Single cover DANCE LOVE FINAL HÖGUPPLÖST (lite mer blå)


Hear Dance Love on Spotify

EDM ROCK FUSIONS: Toxsick Shares Sonic Evolution with New Single “Lose It All” featuring Andrew Thomas

Recording artist, songwriter, and all around musician, Toxsick, is no newcomer to the music industry.

Having been playing and performing for as long as he can remember in a traditional rock band, the multi-faceted artist is showing an evolution in his sound with his newest single Lose It All featuring Andrew Thomas.

On his new sound, he shares, “I have always preferred a wide variety of music. I need really cared about “genre.” I make music that I like and that means something to me. I’m still trying to paint the same pictures, I’m just using a different brush.”

Toxsick’s emotive and pristine vocals sit atop a smooth and dynamic production that creates a unique soundscape and launches you into a world of your own. In his own words, “I imagine an intense euphoric feeling, like floating in water.”

As the song progresses and the lyrical message begins to unfold, you find that the song is about working towards that one thing you want more than anything else in life. Toxsick says, “ I wrote the lyrics with the idea that ‘you’ is a metaphor for the thing or things that mean the most to us in life. Everyone has something in their life that they cannot live without. Whether that is a person, a goal, a dream, or something as simple as hope. We have something that makes the journey more meaningful. It is something that we all truly have in common”

Lose It All is available on all streaming platforms.

Lose It All Cover Art




‘Adrian Javon’ is back with a warm, melodic, dreamy, entrancing trippy Soul Vibe on new single ‘Need Me’

Adrian Javon returns with a trippy quarantined vibe for his soulful single “Need Me”.

Shot, edited, and directed by the artist himself.

Need Me is the 5th single off the LA Native’s EP In Love’s Memory, which released early 2020 just before the world’s lockdown.

The History of Adrian Javon

Adrian Javon is a LA based creative, known for his professional photography, cinematography, and music.

Working with names from Janelle Monae, Tina Knowles-Lawson, Iyanla Vanzant, Zendaya, Ty Dolla $ign, Trevor Jackson, K-Michelle, T-Pain, Karen Civil, Hit-Maka, Fisticuffs, Montrezl Harrell, Kofi Siriboe, Mila J, and many more!


With the strong connection to his subjects always resonating clearly, Adrian’s work has been described as soulful and inspiring and has taken him from LA to Japan to Ghana, Angola, and South Africa.

Attachment_1602453400 (1)






Synths and Beats that will hypnotise you and celebrating the Power of Women, Toronto’s smooth voiced ‘NAIIM’ unleashes a ‘STARBURST’

Having been played on Toronto’s 93.5FM and featured on Spotify’s official playlist “Northern Bars”, Toronto’s natively French Canadian artist, NAIIM, returns bigger and better than ever with his single ‘STARBURST’, dropping October 9th.

This whimsical single & is the first of 3 releases leading into 2021, which NAIIM enthusiastically describes as:

“A fun, bouncy & juicy metaphor for the power women have over us. Women are such powerful beings and I wanted to capture one aspect of them in a sweet and colourful manner, although my words could never be enough to do them justice.”

The record written & produced by NAIIM and Phinisey, creates a mood evocative of energic seduction seasoned with ultraviolet love.

Meet NAIIM, Montreal-born and raised fell in love with music at a young age, he began dabbling with various sounds at the age of 13, drawing inspiration from Rap & Hip-Hop’s greats. Naiim’s versatility in music creation makes it impossible to classify his sound to a single genre.

His multifaceted style in music comes from his upbringing; a Somali French-Canadian living in Toronto and challenging the status quo in the music industry through his various flows both in french and in english. Naiim realized his potential when his single “No Peace” aired on Flow 93.5 which was also picked up by Spotify and placed on two of their top editorial playlists (Northern Bars & Shisha Lounge).

NAIIM picture

Since 2019, Naiim has been exploring various sounds working with top producers, artists and writers alike from across the industry.

Naiim continues to put out his standout work to an ever-growing and eager global audience. He’s someone to keep an eye out for.




DISCOVER DANCE HITS: ‘Victor Porfidio’ is back with explosive EDM energy on ‘RMA Remix’ of super hit ‘To My Heart’

Hot off the back of ‘All Of My Love’ & returning with another floor banger – RMA steps back into the ring with a massive remix of Victor Porfidio’s cut ‘To My Heart’

This time, RMA brings his powerful sound & Big Room energy to a massive remix of Victor Porfidio’s cut ‘To My Heart’ – out on 2-Dutch.

While the American-Venezuelan artist Victor Porfidio gave the well-known hit ‘Tell It To My Heart’ by Taylor Dayne a fine electro makeover, brimming with feel good summer vibes.

RMA has taken things deeper with his remix, delivering another firm array of his trademark production style.

RMA’s beat goes firmly on – hold tight.




Connect with RMA:
Spotify Artist Page

DISCOVER OPERA AND POP FUSIONS: The soaring and sweet angel voice of ‘John Riesen’ touches the soul on new single ‘You’re The Best’

Glimpsing for some leisure that will bestow everlasting sentiments of serenity? Congrats then! John Riesen.

The precise artist for you fellas around the globe, whose songs are a convoy of undertaking melodies and majestic harmonies that inject a soothing impression of universality and uniqueness, literally out of this world. Cool right? An American musical artist and an opera performer. John Riesen has been halting the notions and setting trends since the inception by giving world class performances and songs for others to rejoice relaying ventures everyone can set back and pertain with.

Is there anything this guy can’t do? Simply no. This dude is the literal manifestation of what a divergent and characteristic artist is like by straddling the shaft between Opera and Popular music with solace.

The more we get to know this phenomenon, the more we glimpse the forthcoming potential succeeding from someone like “John Riesen” who has enacted at almost 40 leading roles at opera and snatched the hearts of those who had the opportunity of seeing him perform. If this is not iconic then what is ?

Popularity is the entity that governs an artist to unreachable heights with the route lead by their fans. If this an opinion you would believe, favourable then as we are on the identical page.


Energy packed performances at the world’s most top-notch and widely esthetic theatres throughout the United States comprising of “Atlanta Opera, Michigan Opera Theatre, Des Moines Metro Opera, Anchorage Opera, Opera Birmingham, Opera Columbus, Shreveport Opera, Pensacola Opera, Intermountain Opera Bozeman, Tri-Cities Opera, Ithaca Opera” represents the idol of idols we are in illuminating today. Indeed, a perfectionist.

Collaborations, a one in all package that fills the hearts of fans and admirers with joy as their favorite artists in all ordeal. Speaking about collaborations, we cannot overlook the lit, esthetic and admiration worthy collaboration of “John Riesen” with another phenomenon herself, “Marina Arsenijevic” singing new arrangements of Crossover standards by Frank Sinatra that took the world by storm astounding each and every person who contemplated this Oscar worthy performance.

Such a lit combo with the diva, Emmy nominated Marina herself shows how much fascination and competence John has which can be recognized by only those who have eyes for the talent.

John Riesen is the Cover Star for October on The World’s Best Music News Magazine, MHBOX. 

If we guessed right you might have already become a fan of this inspirational figure, right? Indeed, we hit the perfect point and why wouldn’t it be the case.

With lots of songs to enjoy, encore opera performances to cherish being worth to give your time to, John Riesen has the potential of being your bias wrecker that will dispose all your worries and give you content worth living for.



‘Don’t Wait’ for ‘Tony Keyz’ to explode globally before you check out his Catchy, cool and soulful single

Originally from Syracuse, NY Tony Keyz got his start in music at a very young age.

Coming from a long line of musicians in the family, Tony Keyz takes his talents to the next level while performing live instrumentation as well as rapping.

At the early age of 5 years old Tony Keyz began his journey. Alike many soulful musicians he got his start in the Church. At age 9 years old he began playing the drums at his church.

He soon ventured over to the piano at age 13 and keyboard at 14. Being a fast learner Keyz taught himself how to play each instrument.  He now plays the pedal steel guitar like no other! He now gears up to drop his debut EP.

Go checkout “Don’t Wait” by Tony Keyz on all major platforms.




Canadian Film and TV Star ‘David Raynolds’ drops an explosive, uplifting EDM Pop cover of the U2 Classic ‘With Or Without You’

Building a good Radio and Charting History, The Canadian young Independent music artist and Award-Winning actor David Raynolds appreciation continues more and more internationally.

Many of his songs such as “This is The End” (Hollywood Music in Media Awards NOMINEE), “Nuclear, “Ionize”, “Generator”, “Over and Out” were rotated worldwide by many Radio stations and DJs and were respectfully charted in The US National DRT and The Euro Indie Charts, as well as in many DJ pools and platforms including “Music Worx”, and still going stronger and stronger!

In the film and TV Series Industry, David worked with Helena Bonham Carter in “The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet”, “Falling Skies”(Fox), “Wayward Pines”(Fox), “Travelers”(Netflix), and “Legends of Tomorrow”(CW). The most recent project is Netflix’s The Babysitters Club.

And as a highly sought-after voice actor, his talents have been featured in renowned series such as “Lego Ninjago”(CN) and “Ready! Jet Go”(PBS). A variety of high profile companies also utilized his skills in their advertisements.

In September 2020, he decided to do a top cover song! And because he’s a U2 fan who loves “With Or Without You”, and because his voice fits, he recorded a wonderful dance mix to that big hit that is officially released in the digital stores!

David’s version is truly successful. He performed it very well and added an outstanding dance beat and beautiful melodies and harmonies that make you want to dance!

The release is expected to be supported by top DJs and Radio stations worldwide! Many Music Industry Professionals are expecting success for it. The track suits all ages and can be played everywhere. It’s really advised to support it. 

Dave 500




David Raynolds

DISCOVER BEST NEW COVERS: ‘Lucy Lee’ is on fire as she releases her awesome Bruce Springsteen Cover of ‘I’m on Fire’

(Los Angeles, CA) Singer-Songwriter and Music Rights activist, Lucy Lee has released a new music video for her single “I’m on Fire” (Bruce Springsteen Cover).

From her debut album “The Royal Tea“, this classic American Rock song has been reimagined from the female perspective. The saucy boudoir themed video was filmed in one shot by her sister, Anya Boyer, during the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak of 2020.

Lucy Lee is most known as the frontwoman of Los Angeles Alternative Rock band, EVOLOVE.

Her music has been heard Worldwide on shows like “Pretty Little Liars” and the blockbuster Garry Marshall Film “Mother’s Day”.


To find out more about Lucy Lee go to:

DISCOVER HIP-HOPES OF 2020: ‘Raylon Fumbanks’ drops an inventive, sophisticated Rap gem with a bottle full of Hip-Hop ‘Liquor’

Raylon Fumbanks; not just a name of chic sportsman but when you get into his life and style will take you surely to an energetic boost of youth and jazz age.

This guy has made his own path by following legends of all-time; notably, Michael Jackson and Akon.

Searching his tracks and channel is going to make you worth utilizing your time and mood. Focusing on absolute easily grasped language style, this champ has made audience to enjoy  his song along with his cool hip-hopes. This takes a lot of energy to focus on more than one task of singing along with lively hip-hop.

His recent release of track “Liquor” is going to give you a single stud party night though. You are not going to miss any of your company while listening his breathtaking ‘Liquor’. What makes him more chic is he is indulging his girl talks for your mood swing. Now this again takes a lot of courage to do so.

This track is going to make you wander on an empty road with his creepy background music or might make you more valorous to jump into music life ,but this is not that much easy as our chic is dealing with his athletic and musical career both at a time with zero disappointment.

image (2)

Well, watching his R&B style, you are not going to miss Ludacris of Beiber’s ‘Baby’. So, have some wine and turn on this champ’s ‘Liquor’, and then you are good to go on date with yourself this is what at least his track do for you.

So, go get a life with Raylon’s “Liquor”!


‘Kakes’ proves she is Queen on new explosive chilled Hip-Hop Rap Trap single ‘Cherry’

Who’s looking for a good song that will rock them to their bones? If that’s you, then welcome, sit down a while, ‘cause we’ve got just the thing for you – this hot new remix just dropped into our hands and we don’t know how to spread the word faster, ‘cause it’s a killer.

Bringing together the voices and musical presence of two amazing, strong and highly skilled female artists and emcees, SpeakingofKakes (Kakes, for short) and Nitty Scott, the remixed “Cherry” is, well, how should we put this, the cherry on top of the cake!

Right off the bat, it’s a fiery and intense combo that gets your blood boiling and your imagination going. The lyrics make it an exciting and sexy collab, but the sort of sexy where the woman (or in this case, women) is in control the whole time. These two amazing ladies have such an intense chemistry that they truly sound like a dream (listen to it, you’ll get the reference!).

“Cherry” is a free style masterpiece from two of the most accomplished artists in this oh-so-versatile genre, if you can describe it as such. Kakes is an up-and-coming artist from Bakersfield, California, who’s just gearing up to release her first project with hOLLANDjUNGLE Productions.

She’s got bucketfuls of attitude, which she throws right in your face, but with such charm and such a compelling bass sound that you can’t resist coming back for more. Equal parts brazen rebel and free spirit, Kakes is set to top the charts in the coming months with her new project, which is where “Cherry” hails from. The track is exciting and a fresh sound, not to mention making waves across the music scene, so we’ve got every reason to assume the rest of the project will be the same.

And then we have Nitty Scott, another fascinating freestyle voice, this time from Brooklyn, New York, whose “Monster” freestyle video went viral in 2010, when she was just 19 years old, and she’s been building a solid fanbase (not to mention putting out some killer tunes) ever since.

Together, these two fantastic freestylers are sure to rock your world and put some attitude in your step, so stop what you’re doing and go give “Cherry” a listen.




‘Tick Tock Q’ and ‘Day G’ get us ‘Rolling High’ on dope warm new single

The genuine artist is the one who enthrals the soul and mind together. The music audience never listen anything with preconceived thoughts. It is the magic of the vocalist and tunes that makes the audience.

Tick Tock Q and Day G are those struggling souls in music industry. Since last two years they have given diverse musical performances and have burnt their energies for the melodies. The emerging voices of New York City have high names in rap and hip hop music.

Rolling High is the recent track released by Tick Tock Q and Day G.

Both the vocalists have performed extraordinarily. The start of track becomes appealing when the echoes of strings of guitar begin to strike the mind. The short span of the track and quality of rap in Rolling High is flawless package of entertainment.

The selection of set and cinematography is the other addition into the flavour. The wardrobe of the models is perfectly planned with the striking looks. The Rolling High is the voice of youth. The scene of party within the video gives the reflection of freedom and enthralling times of youth. The track has quality of captivating the listener till the end.


The struggle of Tick Tock Q and Day G in Rolling High is mirrored from the work they have offered with little two years they have spent in music world.

They have presented a gem to the audience. The way Rolling High has upheld the balance of each and every component of the music is the impeccable job. 




DISCOVER THE SEXIEST BANGERS: Zimbabwe’s authentic South East London ‘Yxng Prodigy’ gets hot with R&B Queen ‘Selena Jade’ on volcano hot drop ‘Hips Don’t Lie’

Artist and Rapper ‘Yxng Prodigy’ was born in Zimbabwe, later moving to the UK he is now based in the Grime, Trap, Hip-Hop and Rap Capital of South East London.

Yxng Prodigy’ recorded his first song in 2018 with a group of friends  to hone his skills before launching onto the scene as Yxng Prodigy.

When asked why he chose a career in music, ‘Yxng Prodigy’ said:

Music was always a passion of mine since I was in my mother’s womb, when I look back at my life I realise music was always the inevitable purpose for me”

‘Yxng Prodigy’ draws his original inspiration from the spirit and music of the legend Bob Marley, and says “His music stood for his ability to bring people together.

Yxng Prodigy’ teams up with the sexy hot artist ‘Selena Jade’ who’s golden soulful voice and Hips don’t lie in this incredible and Hot as Lava music video.

Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 19.31.39Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 19.31.07


Keep Up with Yxng Prodigy & Selena Jade Now!



Snapchat: Prodigyhimself & Selenaajadeex


DISCOVER POP DANCE: Check out ‘Olya K’ and her fun music video on everybody’s favourite vacation in ‘Hollywood’

We’re super pleased to announce that Olya K has a new video for her lovely single ‘Hollywood’.

The brand new music video is full of humour and laughs and is unpretentious like Olya K is herself.

Hollywood ” is being spun globally on Radio stations and has reached 90.000 plays on Spotify during the Summer  months.

This Electronic Pop Dance treasure has a retro feel to it, with some European electronic Dance tendencies. Mixing the freshness of the now with some classic disco rhythms, this song is predicted to be “everybody’s favourite “.

Perfect for nightclubs and parties after the pandemic is over, this hot Pop Dance gem has already picked by global DJs.


For the last 2 months the single “Hollywood ” which is about ‘Everybody’s Favourite vacation’ has been riding high and steady on the MTV-USA Top 20 Music Charts for Unsigned artists.