From Garage Band to Global Stage: Free Mockingbirds Drop First Single with Bruno SkyBlue” now on Hollywood FM Digital Playlist

We’re thrilled to announce that the debut single, “Equanimity Yeah with Grit,” by Free Mockingbirds featuring Bruno SkyBlue, has earned a spot on our esteemed Daily A-List Playlist. Tune in day or night to catch this track, and for the next month, it will also be played daily as a special Blues Guitar Powerplay at 2 PM Pacific USA time.

“Equanimity Yeah with Grit (Instrumental ft. Bruno SkyBlue)” marks the debut release by Free Mockingbirds, showcasing the exceptional talent of lead guitarist Bruno Skyblue. Drawing inspiration from blues-guitar icons like Jimi Hendrix, Bruno’s prowess on the strings is truly remarkable. Free Mockingbirds embodies the spirit of Indie Blues-Rock, with Bruno’s skill rivalling that of esteemed artists such as John Mayer and Julian Lage, as well as other legendary blues guitarists.


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Tom & His Free Mockingbirds: Crafting Blues with a Vision for Unity and Progress on the playlist with ‘Blues for King’

We are pleased to announce that the new singles ‘Blues for King’ from ‘Tom & His Free Mockingbirds’ are now on our prestigious Daily A-List Playlist. The first version features Pazzy Blu and the Piano Vox version features Remii. Listen out for them night and day on the playlist + they will also be played daily as a special DOUBLE BLUES POWERPLAY at 4 PM Pacific USA time for the next month.

“Blues for King” is inspired by Martin Luther King and our exploration of Blues as well as our own dreams. Martin Luther King Jr was a great man. He had a gift for friendship and extraordinary reserves of patience and discipline. His courage and moral vision seem even more exceptional for having come from a man with ordinary flaws.

The band’s songwriter firmly believe that Blues is the extraordinary music gift to humanity and to help humanity progress in its battle against racism which likely will never stop & proven fiendishly challenging. Our songwriter, in exploring Blues, plan to embolden without embittering – not unlike Martin Luther King.

Tom is a songwriter-producer of the indie band Tom & His Free Mockingbirds. He is also the leader of the band and Tom has the vision of growing the band into a big band like Count Basie & His Orchestra. Tom is a prolific and consummate songwriter-producer.

The band loves all genres but often veered towards Blues and Folk Rocks. Tom as a front man is greatly influenced by blues icons like Duke Ellington & His Big Band, and Count Basie & His Orchestra. His benchmark on songwriting is Bob Dylan.




Tune In: ‘Wizards of Blues’ by Tom & His Free Mockingbirds – Taking the Hollywood Playlist by Storm

We are excited to share that the latest singles, ‘Wizards of Blues,‘ by ‘Tom & His Free Mockingbirds,’ have been added to our prestigious Daily A-List Playlist. Get ready to immerse yourself in two extraordinary renditions, one showcasing the remarkable talent of Raelle Grace and the other featuring ‘Remii.’ Both versions will be airing daily as part of a special DOUBLE BLUES POWERPLAY at 4 PM Pacific USA time for the next month. Tune in and experience the magic!

Tom, the songwriter-producer of the indie band Tom & His Free Mockingbirds, serves as its leader with a vision to expand the band’s presence akin to legendary ensembles such as Count Basie & His Orchestra. With prolificacy and consummate skill, Tom adeptly crafts the band’s musical journey. While embracing various genres, their inclination leans towards Blues and Folk Rocks.

As the band’s frontman, Tom draws profound inspiration from blues luminaries such as Duke Ellington & His Big Band and Count Basie & His Orchestra. His songwriting standards are set by the iconic Bob Dylan, shaping his artistic trajectory with depth and resonance.

LA Sensation Bela Snow Drops Debut Single ‘Bitter’: A Genre-Defying Anthem

‘Bitter’ is the new single from ‘Bela Snow’. LA based artist Bela Snow is the artist to watch with her debut single Bitter showcasing her powerful vocals and songwriting abilities. She is passionate about breaking the stigma of genres and creating music that speaks to everyone rather than having a genre or niche. ‘Bitter’ is a new age take on soulful jazz, with sassy lyrics about knowing you are the one that got away.

Bela Snow loves all different kinds of music and takes inspiration from artists like Miley Cyrus , Taylor swift, Adele , Christina Aguilera, and Paramore. A new age take on soulful jazz, with sassy lyrics about knowing you are the one that got away.

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Celebrate the Season with Tom & His Free Mockingbirds’ First Single ‘Blues Gift from the One & Only’ – A Hollywood Christmas Playlist Essential

We are pleased to announce that the wonderful ‘Blues Gift from the One & Only” from ‘Tom & His Free Mockingbirds’ Feat ‘Raelle Grace’ is now on the CHRISTMAS 2023 PLAYLIST. Listen out for it day and night on the playlist + it will also be played as a special CHRISTMAS POWERPLAY every day for the next month at 10 AM Pacific USA time throughout Christmas into the new year.

Tom is a songwriter-producer of the indie band Tom & His Free Mockingbirds. He is also the leader of the band and Tom has the vision of growing the band into a big band like Count Basie & His Orchestra. Tom is a prolific and consummate songwriter-producer. The band loves all genres but often veered towards Blues and Folk Rocks. Tom as a front man is greatly influenced by blues legends Duke Ellington & His Big Band, and Count Basie & His Orchestra. His benchmark on songwriting is Bob Dylan.

Season Greetings! “Blues Gift from the One & Only.. (FT Raelle Grace)” single is out now.

Speaking about the single, Tom said “It is the 1st single from our Christmas album “Blues Gift for Christmas”. We commit ourselves to create new Blues-Christmas songs each Christmas to celebrate the empowering Blues-Gift to humanity. The protagonists in this 3-mins story are centred on Count Basie and his amazing Orchestra. The story celebrates Blues-Gift to humanity, like a 12-bar phrase shout out by Count Basie and his Orchestra. We created and produced this song on a shoe-string budget and innovate with vocals to symbolise Count Basie’s Orchestra. We hope we did justice to Count Basie and His Orchestra, as well as a Blues Gift for Christmas. We shall follow-up with an instrumental version to mirror a little our progression towards a Big Band set-up“.

Tom & His Free Mockingbirds Big (Hearted) Band of Indie-Musees! Come join us Online:


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Nicole Mercedes Delivers an Epic Musical Experience with ‘Dare to Love – Dare to Dream’ on the playlist

We are pleased to announce that ‘Misty’ and ‘Sack Full of Dreams’ taken from the incredible new album ‘Dare to Love – Dare to Dream’ from Mercedes Nicole are now on the daily A-List playlist. Listen out for them on the playlist day and night + as a special DOUBLE POWERPLAY at 12 PM Midday Pacific time every lunch time for the next month or more.

Mercedes Nicole Has Released Her New Album “Dare to Love -Dare to Dream”.

Seattle-Based Jazz and Blues Vocalist, Nicole Mercedes has issued a call for the restoration of love and harmony in her latest album, Dare to Love- Dare to Dream.

The highly anticipated album, which is out now, features 9 sensational tracks ranging from 2:33 to 5:18 minutes in length. Providing far more than entertainment, each track on the album contains a powerful message that invites listeners to ponder the lyrics in the song to experience renewal, clarity, and healing. Nicole takes listeners on an exciting journey through:

  1. What’s Going On
  2. Save Your Love for Me
  3. I Love Being Here with You
  4. If it’s Magic
  5. Too Young to Go Steady
  6. Candy
  7. Sack Full of Dreams
  8. Rio De Janeiro Blue
  9. Misty

In the opening track, What’s Going, Nicole puts a Jazz twist to the classic cover made famous by Marvin Gaye. The singer is baffled by the inability of members of our society to resolve conflicts amicably, and the needless heartache that results when human beings react impulsively. Nicole’s warm refrain, “… Only love can conquer hate. We’ve got to find a way to bring some love in here today’ is haunting. On track 5, Nicole teams up with Harris Lemberg, Dan O’Brien, Brian Monroney, and Mark Ivester, to deliver a flirtatious performance of Too Young to Go Steady. It’s fast and charmingly infectious.

The last song, Misty, on Track 9- an Erroll Garner Classic is pure velvet. The gorgeous piano solo by Jake Sele, and the cooing flow of tenor saxophone player, Alexey Nicolave will have listeners feeling vulnerable, enchanted, and desiring to be found.

True to her reputation, Nicole connects with the message in each song. Her interpretation is riveting; her joy and pain are palpable, and she leaves listeners wanting to hear just one more. The song lyrics, combined with the captivating music and Nicole’s rich, expressive tone makes for an epic album that listeners will want to have on repeat.

Dare to Love: Dare to Dream released on Bonaberi to Paris Label, is a self-production of Mercedes Nicole. The album was recorded at the David Lange Studios in June 2023. It is Nicole’s first album since her 2020 release of Constellation. When asked about the motivation for creating Dare to Love: Dare to Dream, she explained: “Music is a powerful medium that has the power to promote healing, clarity, and change hearts and minds. This CD will not only satisfy the desire to indulge in blissful escape, but is a call to action, to restore beauty, love, and harmony, as well as evoke passion to create a better tomorrow.

Dare to Love- Dare to Dream is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, ReverbNation, and wherever music is sold.

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‘Shuger’, the new single by Ace the Fetus is the right kind of earworm that will make you obsessed with this artist’s music

I don’t know about you, but I love a good musical obsession. You know, the right kind of ear worm that wiggles into your brain and simply refuses to leave? That’s exactly what Ace the Fetus’s latest track, “Shuger”, will do to you. A strangely fascinating song and music video, “Shuger” tells the strange tale of obsession and touches upon a theme as old as time – love and the broken heart. It’s perhaps for this reason that the song has amassed such an impressive fandom in just over a month since its release. Or perhaps it’s Ace the Fetus’s strange, yet compelling presence.

You can tell Ace the Fetus is a highly accomplished and deeply unique musician from his latest release, the obsessive single “Shuger”. Right off the bat, the music video (starting with a moving box on legs) strikes you as peculiar, but also interesting. You want to know more. And once that slow, jazzy rhythm kicks in, you’re practically hooked.

Ace the Fetus has a low, melodic voice that vibes perfectly in pretty much any type of situation. It’s a great song for parties, or romantic evenings, and pretty much everything in between. “Shuger” is a fascinating track, both because of the pleasant beats, but also through its highly versatile nature. As the song progresses, you’ll notice Ace the Fetus’s style changes, shifting genres as smoothly as any experienced musician.

“Shuger” blends elements of jazz, alt rock, indie, and pop, and so manages to appeal to an immense range of different listeners.
It’s also why we think it will appeal to you, so what are you waiting for? Check out “Shuger” from Ace the Fetus now, and come back to thank us later.

Watch the video here:

Multi-instrumentalist Gerry Smoot will captivate music lovers with his new single ‘Sweet Delight’

Born in Owensboro; the industrial, medical, retail and cultural hub of western Kentucky, Gerry Smoot let the elements of his surroundings birth a multi-instrumentalist musician. Propelled to learn and eager to match his influences; Jeff Lorber, Prince, D’Angelo, George Duke, Art Tatum, and John Blackwell Jr., just to name a few, Gerry was on the “keys” by the age of 2.

With more inspirations from Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea, Gerry was playing the drums by age 7, bass guitar by age 9 and having full music recording sessions by age 12. The dedication and passion for music was a born identity. This vision manifested itself when at the age of 15, Gerry accompanied gospel jazz keyboard producer Ben Tankard on the organ.

Gerry Smoot has released a new single ’Sweet Delight’.

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Kesha Janaan adds her own style and flavour to the latin, jazz classic ‘Besame Mucho’

‘Besame Mucho’ is a Latin jazz classic song that Kesha Janaan grew up listening to and fell in love with. She added her own smooth R & B vocal style and featured her father, Norman Brown’s signature smooth jazz guitar sound, creating a buttery smooth masterpiece.

Kesha is the daughter of Grammy award-winning jazz guitarist, Norman Brown. She has been a background singer for icons such as Deniece Williams & Bobby Caldwell and has toured as a background vocalist with her father and saxophonist Marion Meadows. She is a member of Sisters of Unbreakable Love (S.O.U.L.), a band she created with her sisters and was featured on their debut single Hold On. The band was featured on two tracks on Norman Brown’s 2017 album Let It Go. Those tracks were Conversations and Living Out Your Destiny.

Kesha released her debut single, Wayfaring Stranger, in March of 2020.

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David Longoria “A Better place” Delivers Fresh Jazz And important Issues – Now on Discover Soft 21 Radio

A Better Place by jazz artist David Longoria is a monumental album by a seasoned performer who has developed his roots in the musical world. As an experienced vocalist and trumpet player, David Longoria demonstrates a meaningful message with a positive view of a world that needs to change for the better. His trumpet solo work shines particularly in an unbelievable journey on that one. Tracks such as “Don’t Let Another Mother Cry” are incredibly powerful while tackling topics such as race issues, crime, and hope as referenced in the title of the album. “Body and Soul” is another standout sound to showcase the passion and beauty of this influential record featuring a collective of talented artists.  

  • Evangeline W., Music Reviewer 


Check out and he can also found on wikipedia 

NEW ALBUM: A Better Place album on Spotify

DISCOVER RNB AFROBEAT: ‘TW’ lets loose an addictive single with an exquisitely groovy Island vibe and Afrobeat bounce under smooth angelic soul vocals on ‘Guestlist’

Making his claim on the R&B world, TW delivers effervescent feels for his new release ‘Guestlist’.

The 22-year-old has hit out a number of standout records in recent month, captivating the GRM audience and underground UK soundsphere.

Teaming up with KS on previous drop ‘Nike Tech’ back in May, the video snapped up an impressive 313K views turning the heat up on a new phase of his bubbling career.

Enjoying the journey to define his sound, TW has already been heard playing with a variety of vibes as he cherrypicks instrumentals that hint on afrobeats, R&B, garage and jazz.

‘Guestlist’ slides into the R&B and afrobeats world but it is his caramel vocals, delectable range and hypnotic flow that makes his music shine.

DISCOVER RNB AFROBEAT: ‘TW’ lets loose an addictive single with an exquisitely groovy Island vibe and Afrobeat bounce under smooth angelic soul vocals on ‘Guestlist’ – Discover RnB Afrobeats

As is the motive for many an upcoming star that has the entertainment world at their feet, TW crosses his skill into the world of acting and if he’s not laying down new music in the studio, he’s often found on set or casting for Netflix.

Working alongside Hot Money Studios, TW is a regular collaborator with producers including J Glad, JT and Nikita, and has been working to define his sound and find his musical niche.


His smooth vocals, undoubtedly influenced by his love for singing royalty, such as Drake and Craig David, is certainly finding its way into the light and blossoming upon each release, with his track record to date hosting increasingly strong accolades, it would seem that TW is one Guestlist we don’t want to miss out on.

Check out GUESTLIST out now across all DSP’s.

Stay up to date with TW by following his socials for news about upcoming releases & more.

TW - Gueslist [Cover Art]




DISCOVER NAUGHTY BUT NICE RNB DIVAS: Seducing you with her dreamy ‘Barry White’ beating Jazzy soulful modern Trap RnB fusion the dope ‘Intelligent Diva’ scoops out some exotic and groovy ‘Ice Cream’

Summer’s here, the sun is hot in the sky and you’re just craving a good, cold cone of ice cream, right?

We know the feeling. And let us tell you, you’ll be craving it a lot more when you hear the song we’ve got for you.

This one’s simply called “Ice Cream” and it’s coming from Florida-based artist Intelligent Diva.

In spite of the chilly name, the tune is so deliciously steamy you’ll get your sunglasses all foggy, and that’s no empty boast.

With characteristic sass and sexiness, Intelligent Diva gets right down and dirty with this one. If you haven’t inferred from what we’ve told you so far, “Ice Cream” is most definitely not a song for folks under eighteen. Why? Well, because Intelligent Diva tells us, rather explicitly, of all the different joys and pleasures ice cream can bring about… especially in couples. Yep, this one’s S-T-E-A-M-Y, steamy, so you better get ready.

DISCOVER NAUGHTY BUT NICE RNB DIVAS: Seducing you with her dreamy ‘Barry White’ beating Jazzy soulful modern Trap RnB fusion the dope ‘Intelligent Diva’ scoops out some exotic and groovy ‘Ice Cream’

“Ice Cream”, taken off the marvellously titled album “Seduction”, which just dropped on the 8th, is practically the story of two people, a chocolate boy and an unabashed woman who meet for the first time and have some pretty interesting ideas about one another. In her inimitable, gravelly voice, Intelligent Diva goes into quite some detail about the saucy fantasies these two strangers have about one another , and it will leave you gasping for breath.

As with her previous hits, such as “Sexy Walk”, “Boy Shorts” or the super-spicy “Lo Que Me Gusta”, Intelligent Diva skilfully combines beautiful, spicy song writing with excellent rhythm and a haunting beat that will shake you down to your very core. “Ice Cream” is the kind of tune to get into your head and never leave, so that you’ll find yourself humming it at random times, but be careful – wouldn’t want your boss to hear you, as it’s most definitely NSFW.


What we particularly like about Intelligent Diva is that she’s a true feminist – a beautiful, talented woman who’s not afraid to speak her mind and talk about all the nasty stuff that women “shouldn’t” talk about. Intelligent Diva is a free-spirited artist who’s not afraid to take you to the dark side of her imagination, and you will be oh-so-glad once you get there.

Don’ t believe us? Then why not join the thousands of Spotify listeners who are enjoying “Ice Cream” right now?



DISCOVER BEST NEW 2020 POP AND SOUL: WeareLight Releases Uplifting & Message-Heavy Pop/Soul Single ‘Pushing On (who says Love is easy?)’

WeareLight releases his newest uplifting and powerful single ‘Pushing On (who says Love is easy?)’.

The release features  feel-good, uplifting  instrumentation, infectious melodic elements, and soothing, grasping vocals by WeareLight.

With story-telling lyricism, this rising artist maintains a fully charged arsenal of high octane music that supports the fact that he is the next force in the industry.

‘Pushing On (who says Love is easy?)’ radiates an uninhibited aura as WeareLight’s creative range of musical talent becomes profoundly expressed and spelled. The Southern California native delivers emotional bliss combined with lyrical depth.


‘Pushing On (who says Love is easy?)’ contains lyricism that will hook the listener due to its relatability and realness. The motivating instrumentation with the melodic elements makes the arrangement unique.

The single merges pop and soul elements seamlessly into one perfect single. Moreover, the underlying tones, bassline, and mesmerizing vocals will take listeners on a musical journey. ‘Pushing On (who says Love is easy?)’ serves as a testament as to why WeareLight is set to leave his footprint in the music scene.

Tyler Thompson, or better known as WeareLight, is an emerging artist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter originating from Southern California.

His project, WeareLight, was born out of his innate talent and versatility as a musician. By merging ambient, jazz, lo-fi, and hip-hop elements, Tyler Thompson crafted his unique sound that is set to captivate listeners around the world.

WeareLight fuses an old style with a modern sound rendering his music a complete masterpiece. The rising artist seeks to take listeners on a musical journey that is filled with stories. This story-telling ability enables WeareLight to differentiate himself from many in the music scene.


WeareLight is an artist to keep an eye on and ear out for as he is set to cement himself in the music scene for years to come.

WeareLight’s single “Pushing On (who said Love is easy?)” is taken from his upcoming album “Offerings” out globally in Fall 2020.





Official Website

DISCOVER SYNTH POP 2020: ‘Christopher Dallman’ releases ‘Time of my Life’ off forthcoming album ‘Digital Blue’

Christopher Dallman ditches the acoustic guitar for a synth-driven cinematic indie-pop sound on new single with Album to Follow.

After one album and three EPs with a folky vibe, Christopher Dallman ditches the acoustic guitar and singer/songwriter sound on his transcendent new album DIGITAL BLUE.

On these 13 distinct yet unified tracks, Dallman explores a bold and genre-bending electronic soundscape that draws from Pop, Electronic, Alternative, and even Jazz, taking the listener on an evocative, cinematic journey.

Summer 2020 will see the release of 5 singles from DIGITAL BLUE – including TIME OF MY LIFE, which premiered on 88.9 WYMS RADIO MILWAUKEE on June 4th – culminating in the September 23rd release of the album to streaming outlets as well as on Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl and Compact Disc.

A&R FACTORY says this: “The haunting soundscape fuses elements of darkwave synth-pop with contemporary yet cinematic Indie.”

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Dallman moved to New York City at 18, where he honed his chops at local open mics before signing with Treasure Records for his debut album RACE THE LIGHT.

In 2004, Dallman relocated to Los Angeles, where he recorded 3 EPs, including SAD BRITNEY, a record of Britney Spears covers that reached #7 on the iTunes singer-songwriter charts.


DISCOVER SYNTH POP 2020: ‘Christopher Dallman’ releases ‘Time of my Life’ off forthcoming album ‘Digital Blue’ – Discover Media Digital Synth Pop Explosion 2020

His video for GHOSTS reached #1 on, and he has licensed his music to MTV’s The Real World, Hallmark, Lifetime, and various independent films.

Dallman has toured the US and overseas, sharing the stage with the likes of Amos Lee, Jonathan Rice, Ben Lee, and Amy Helms.


Check out the video for TIME OF MY LIFE – OUT FRIDAY JUNE 12!