Friday Dies’ “Hammer Down” Shakes the Metal Scene

Get ready to be blown away as Friday Dies, led by the relentless force of Mark Friday, unleashes their latest single, “Hammer Down.” This track isn’t just another heavy metal anthem; it’s a sonic assault on the senses, designed to shake you to your core and leave you craving more.

Mark Friday, the fiery guitarist and vocalist of Friday Dies, channels his inner fury into every riff and lyric of “Hammer Down.” With his blistering guitar rendition and guttural vocals, he commands attention, driving home the band’s signature sound with unmatched intensity.

Hammer Down” is more than just a song; it’s a declaration of resilience in the face of adversity. As the pounding drums and thunderous bassline propel the music forward, Friday Dies delivers a message of strength and determination, urging listeners to rise above life’s challenges.

But don’t be fooled by the aggression of “Hammer Down.” Beneath the surface lies a deeper, more introspective message, reflecting on the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing every moment. Mark Friday‘s poignant lyrics cut through the chaos, offering moments of clarity and introspection amidst the chaos of the music.

Despite the loss of cherished people in my life whose wisdom I once relied upon, I’m compelled to press on, making decisions guided by their teachings. Their absence fuels my resolve to persevere, to never surrender, and to pass on the invaluable torch of wisdom they left in my care.” – Mark Friday

As the driving force behind Friday Dies, Mark Friday is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of life. His own journey of self-discovery and resilience is woven into the fabric of “Hammer Down,” adding an extra layer of authenticity and depth to the music.

So, buckle up and brace yourself for the sonic onslaught that is “Hammer Down.” With Friday Dies at the helm, you’re in for a wild ride that will leave you breathless and hungry for more.


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Rising from History’s Embers: Friday Dies Drops ‘Bullshit Artist’ Single on the playlist

First rate metal band ‘Friday Dies’ rise from the ashes with a new release of their hardcore single ‘Bullshit Artist’.


We are pleased to announce that the single ‘Bullshit Artist’ from ‘Friday Dies’ is now on the daily A-List playlist + will be played as a special METAL POWERPLAY at 11 PM Pacific USA time every night for a month or more.

On the underground scene in the mid 80’s through the late 90’s releasing several demos and a full length cd “Return of the Witch”. The band broke up and the members went in different directions remaining on the scene for decades in other projects. Mark Friday’s son found a box of old cd’s and so hear I am promoting this old ass music to pave the way for some new shit.

The new stuff is being recorded in a professional studio (TRAX 52) and will be professionally mixed & mastered. It should have a more polished sound, but it will not lose the hard-core edge or the complex song structure. Like the Phoenix, Friday Dies will rise from the ashes anew with strength and inspiration. 

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Metal Titans ‘Armored Dawn’ Release Inspiring Single ‘Brand New Way’ Ahead of Album #4 on the playlist.

Armored Dawn surprises with new single “Brand New Way”. Single sets the stage for the release of the band’s fourth studio album.

Last Friday, August 4th, the Brazilian band Armored Dawn released their newest single “Brand New Way”, which is part of the band’s forthcoming fourth album, which will be released in the second half of 2023. Different from the heavy theme of the last singles “S.O.S.” and “Tides”, “Brand New Way” brings a more optimistic view of life, of how we shouldn’t let ourselves be overwhelmed by defeats or by those who want to bring us down, as there is always a new beginning and a new path to follow.


Brand New Way‘ from ‘Armored Dawn’ is now on the A-List PLaylist + will also be played daily as a special ROCK POWERPLAY at 2 PM Pacific USA time every afternoon for a month or more.

Like the previous singles, “Brand New Way” was mixed by Chris Lord Alge (Muse, Green Day, Nickelback) and mastered by Ted Jensen (Bring Me The Horizon, Evanescence, Metallica), and again shows a great evolution in the band’s sound. The music brings the characteristic identity that marks Armored Dawn’s sound, expands horizons and surprises those who still don’t know the band’s music.

Listen to the single “Brand New Way”:

As is Armored Dawn’s tradition, the new single also features a super-produced music video, directed by Rafael Agostino, also the band’s keyboardist. The current lineup features Eduardo Parras (vocals), Tiago de Moura and Timo Kaarkoski (guitars), Heros Trench (bass), Rafael Agostino (keyboards) and Chris Oliveira (drums).

Armored Dawn emerged in 2014 and became relevant in the Brazilian metal scene. After all, they played tours and shows alongside great bands like Saxon, Megadeth, Scorpions, Whitesnake, Europe, Hammerfall, Rhapsody, Fates Warning, Sabaton and Tarja.

The first two albums Power of Warrior (2016) and Barbarians in Black (2018), were produced by great names like Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Jorn), Bruno Agra (We Are Harlot) and Kato Khandwala (The Pretty Reckless, Papa Roach).

The third album, Viking Zombie, was produced, mixed and mastered by Rodrigo Oliveira and Heros Trench, the latter a veteran producer with over 200 bands under his belt and a Latin Grammy.

Featuring a sophisticated and versatile metal, the band collects great works in videos, such as “Sail Away”, which had a cinematic production, as well as “Beware of the Dragon”, shown in all movie theaters in Brazil during the trailers for the movie Aquaman, in 2018. “Ragnarok” and “Animal Uncaged” (recorded at the Rockfest festival, at Allianz Parque, São Paulo, when they played for around 37,000 people) add up to millions of views on YouTube.

During the pandemic, they released the single “Stronger Together”, which was very well accepted by the public.

Then, already preparing the ground for the forthcoming fourth album, “Brand New Way”, they released the singles “S.O.S.” which featured an amazing music video, and the heavy and melancholy “Tides”.

Recorded at Dharma Studios, mixed by Chris Lord Alge (Muse, Green Day, Nickelback) and mastered by Ted Jensen (Bring Me The Horizon, Evanescence, Metallica), the album will be released later this year.


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Discover the Epic Sound of [man among men]’s “Beyond All Measure”: A Wall of Cutting-Edge Rock on the playlist.

“Beyond All Measure” by [man among men] is a tour de force of rock music at its finest. The song’s powerful and melodic vocals deliver an emotional punch that leaves a lasting impression. With hard-hitting guitars and crashing drums that sync perfectly, this track’s wall of sound and cutting-edge production will blow you away.


“Beyond All Measure” from [man among men] is now on the daily A-List Playlist and will also be played daily as a special ROCK METAL POWERPLAY at 7 PM Pacific USA time every night for a month or more.

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, [man among men] is a band that defies categorization and pushes the boundaries of musical genres. Led by the talented Kerry Valentine Smith, who serves as the singer, songwriter, and guitarist, the band’s music is an amalgamation of rock, alternative, metal, grunge, progressive, pop, funk, psychedelic, and arena rock traits, creating a sound that is nothing short of awe-inspiring and never-before-heard.

Kerry Valentine Smith, a visionary artist, teamed up with like-minded musicians to embark on this experimental venture. With Chris Knocke on the six-string fretless bass, Mr. Chris Peeler on traditional acoustic drums, and Michael ”Biggs” Wolff, the band’s journey began to explore uncharted musical territory. As the band gained momentum, they welcomed Benjamin Gilley on fretless 4-string bass, adding another layer of complexity to their compositions.

As the band continues to evolve and explore new sonic landscapes, they have recently unveiled their newest single, ‘Beyond All Measure.’ This track is a testament to [man among men]’s musical ingenuity and unwavering commitment to experimentation.

‘Beyond All Measure’ takes listeners on a transcendent rock metal journey, combining intricate instrumentals with powerful and emotive vocals. The song showcases the band’s ability to seamlessly blend diverse musical influences, creating a sonic tapestry that captivates the imagination and tugs at the heartstrings as it rocks.

With ‘Beyond All Measure,’ [man among men] continues to showcase their powerful musicality and unique sound. The track has already been met with enthusiasm and praise from both long-time fans and new listeners, further solidifying the band’s reputation as a musical force to be reckoned with.

As anticipation builds for their upcoming Side B/LP Album ”01,” ‘Beyond All Measure’ offers a tantalizing glimpse into the sonic wonders that await listeners. The single serves as a reminder of the band’s fearlessness in pushing boundaries and their unwavering dedication to creating music that is both innovative and emotionally resonant.


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The new single ‘Why Should I Know?’ from ‘Kryour’ with its grandiose production and exceptional guitar playing is on the playlist now.

The head of music for said that he loved the new single ‘Why Should I Know?‘ from ‘Kryour’ with grandiose production, exceptional guitar playing, strong vocals and pure metal power, mixed with a more sensitive and dreamier almost prog rock sound. A great fusion of metal and other genres, that touches you and blasts you at the same time, brilliant. This awesome new single is now on the playlist and will be played all day and night on the daily playlist + as a special METAL POWERPLAY at approx 11 AM Pacific USA time for a month or more.

Song is the first preview of an upcoming EP that the band is preparing.

The band Kryour, which has established itself as one of the prominent names in metal in Brazil, released on March 3rd, on all digital platforms, the unprecedented single “Why Should I Know?”. In addition to streaming, the composition received a remarkable music video, available on the group’s official YouTube channel.

With a heavy and melodic sound, Kryour presents fans with a sound rich in influences, which looks to the future, with a focus on working with more modern sounds. The band uses electronic elements and more accessible melodies in the instrumental and vocal lines, however, without leaving aside the heavy sound that marked their trajectory until then.

The single “Why Should I Know?” is a release by Outono Music, a label specialized in rock and metal, distributed by the major Universal Music, the world leader in the music segment.

Listen to the single “Why Should I Know?”:

The band, which is based on melodic death metal and metalcore, plans to release an EP in the near future, in which it explores musical references and styles, arrangements and effects in more depth, resulting in more memorable songs.

Formed in 2014, Kryour released their debut album, Where Treasures Are Nothing, in 2019, a conceptual work that revolves around the facts from birth to death and addresses human values and resilience. The work, composed of eleven original tracks, was produced by Diego Castro, and the cover was in charge of Carlos Fides (Evergrey, Narnia, Semblant, Shaman).

With the great repercussion between the audience and the specialized media, Kryour got the opportunity to open the concert of the consecrated legend of prog metal, Symphony X, in Limeira, in the interior of São Paulo. In 2020, they were one of the winning bands of the New Rock Bands cultural contest, which had more than 700 entries. The current formation of Kryour has Gustavo Iandoli (vocals and guitar), Guba Oliveira (guitar), Gustavo Muniz (bass) and Matt Carrilho (drums).

The single “Why Should I Know?” is the first step in this new stage of Kryour’s career. The band continues to work on new compositions and plans to return to the stage, after a period of hiatus due to the pandemic, to promote their new releases.


Watch the music video:

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‘Armored Dawn’ release a touching cover of Johnny Cash’s ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ in powerful metal mode on the playlist now.

The music manager for said that he loved the new single ‘Wayfaring Stranger‘ from ‘Armored Dawn’. It’s very refreshing to hear such a touching song produced in powerful metal mode and it works well, keeping the feel of the original, but lacing it with giant guitars, Metallica-esque vocals, thundering drums and earth-shattering solos. This amazing new cover version of ‘Johnny Cash’ is now on the daily playlist and will be played throughout the day and night in general rotation + as a special powerplay at approx 7 PM Pacific USA time every day for a month or more.

After a successful comeback with the official music video for “S.O.S.”, and the brutal single “Tides”, Brazil based, Metal band ARMORED DAWN has released their newest single “Wayfaring Stranger”, a heavy version of Johnny Cash’s song.

“Wayfaring Stranger” was recorded at renowned Dharma Studios and mixed and mastered by renowned producer Heros Trench, a Latin Grammy winner, with more than 200 bands under his belt.
The band decided to record a new version of the song after some members had watched the movie “1917”, whose soundtrack features “Wayfaring Stranger” in a scene that brings a lot of reflection to the audience. The song is popular from the American Christian songbook, and it talks about a lonely walker who goes through the odds of this world, and hopes to get to heaven, the place where his loved ones already are.

The current lineup of Armored Dawn, which includes Eduardo Parras (vocals), Tiago de Moura and Timo Kaarkoski (guitars), Heros Trench (bass), Rafael Agostino (keyboards) and Chris Oliveira (drums), continues to work on future releases.

The band’s upcoming album, Brand New Way, was produced and recorded at the renowned Dharma Studios, in São Paulo, by Rodrigo Oliveira and Heros Trench, mixed by Chris Lord Alge and mastered by Ted Jensen, two top names in North American music production. Acclaimed since the 1980s, having won 5 Grammys, Chris Lord Alge has worked with some of the world’s greatest music legends such as James Brown, Prince, Joe Cocker, and Tina Turner, as well as legendary soundtracks such as Rocky IV and Batman.

Sound engineer Ted Jensen, renowned for his work at the renowned Sterling Sound studio, has mastered albums by the Eagles, Jean Michel Jarre, Santana, and Norah Jones, for which he received a Grammy in 2002. In the heaviest fields of music, he worked on the most recent albums by The Pretty Reckless, Death by Rock & Roll, and Death Magnetic, by Metallica, as well as albums by bands such as Korn, Disturbed, Alice in Chains, and Papa Roach.

Create a concept, find the right partners, work to make it all cohesive and invest in the potential to pursue your goals. From this perspective, Armored Dawn appeared in 2014 and became relevant in the Brazilian metal scene. After all, they toured alongside great bands such as Saxon, Megadeth, Scorpions, Whitesnake, Europe, Hammerfall, Rhapsody, Fates Warning, Sabaton, Tarja, in addition to participating in the Motörboat, the cruise of the legendary Motörhead.

The first two albums, Power of Warrior (2016) and Barbarians in Black (2018), were produced by important professionals such as Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Jörn), Bruno Agra (We Are Harlot) and Kato Khandwala (The Pretty Reckless, Papa Roach). The third, Viking Zombie, was produced, mixed, and mastered by Rodrigo Oliveira and Heros Trench.

Presenting a sophisticated and versatile metal, the group collects great works in music videos, such as the super production “Sail Away” and “Beware of the Dragon”, shown in all movie theaters in Brazil during the trailers for the movie Aquaman. Besides them, “Ragnarok” and “Animal Uncaged” (recorded at the Rockfest Festival, at Allianz Parque, São Paulo, when they played to around 37,000 people) have millions of views on YouTube.

During the pandemic, they released the single “Stronger Together”, very well accepted by the fans, as well as the two most recent, “S.O.S.” and “Tides” which came out in 2022. The fourth album in Armored Dawn’s career is currently being produced by the band.



‘The Core’ is the first single from Fox In The Core, a synth-wave band with Metal and Electronic influences

Fox in The Core are digital artists who quit their full time job to focus on their music career. ‘The Core’ is the first single from Fox In The Core, a synth-wave band with Metal and Electronic influences. It was released together with the video clip in February 2021, which was also made by them personally.

Fox in the Core was born at the end of 2020. After more than 15 years dedicating themselves to digital art working in film, video games and illustration.

Soon they plan to release more songs such as The Core and The Fly, while combining their freelance work as artists with songwriting and music production.

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Finding a meaningful heavy-metal song comes harder as time goes on. Check out the epic ‘Save Me’ from ‘Dead Like Juliet’

Finding a meaningful heavy-metal song comes harder and harder as time goes on. Making a strong debut further into their genre comes Italy’s Metalcore act Dead Like Juliet.

Their latest effort “Save Me” has just released worldwide! The music video captures a powerful story and message that the audience can relate to and discover upon viewing.

Dead Like Juliet have issued a statement on the song:

“This is a song for those who suffer. A song for those who fight. No matter what, you are not alone.”

Dead Like Juliet whose sound is defined by melodic hooks and singalongs alongside heavy growls and groovy riffs. Unlike other Hardcore bands, the group shapes their raw sound with atmospheric keys and synths.

Their songs talk about political topics, personal issues, and more philosophical problems. The band has played 200 club shows, underground shows, and big festivals in Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, France, England, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

DLJ Save Me


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Danger Danger, There’s some new Rock n’ Roll Jewellery in town from Sonic The Hedgehog Metal star ‘Ted Poley’

Best known as the lead singer for the rock band Danger Danger (voted one of VH-1’s all time Hair Metal bands), Ted Poley is an original and creative jewellery designer. In addition to touring non-stop for over 30 years, he is also known for singing lead vocals on and writing lyrics for “Escape from The City” – featured prominently in SEGA’s popular Sonic the Hedgehog game series.

After releasing over 20 albums, Ted Poley is a giant in the rock genre that does not need much of an introduction. He has made records both as a solo artist and with bands like Danger Danger and Tokyo Motor Fist.

Apart from the countless albums and bands he’s been in, he is constantly on tour, from sharing the stage as the opening act for Alice Cooper, KISS and Extreme, to commanding the stage at prestigious festivals like Download and Sweden Rock. Making him not only an amazing singer but also one of the hardest working people in the business.

A special edition vinyl release of Ted Poley’s latest album Modern Art is available now through Deko Entertainment.

Ted Poley has also recently branched out into Affordable jewellery for a great cause. Proceeds go to help frontline Covid workers who need mental health help.

Always willing to support an important cause, Ted took all of his energy and emotion and turned it into a heartfelt collection of Jewellery ideas.

Miss Your Touch is the easiest way of reminding someone how you would hold them close if you could.  The design and that emotion are fertile ground for boundless ideas of expression.

“I created the Miss Your Touch concept so that during this time people can still express their closeness to their loved ones,” comments Ted. “This is a way to stay connected a tangible way to let the people you care about know that you are still close – despite the current distancing situation.”


Ted has sold millions of albums worldwide while touring non-stop for over 30 years. He is also known for singing lead vocals on and writing lyrics for “Escape from The City” – featured prominently in SEGA’s popular Sonic the Hedgehog game series.

A portion of the designer’s proceeds will benefit local no kill animal shelters. Proceeds from Novell and Continental Jewellery’s profits will benefit Covid-19 First Responders Relief Funds.


His latest album was recently released on vinyl.

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