DISCOVER OPERA AND POP FUSIONS: The soaring and sweet angel voice of ‘John Riesen’ touches the soul on new single ‘You’re The Best’

Glimpsing for some leisure that will bestow everlasting sentiments of serenity? Congrats then! John Riesen.

The precise artist for you fellas around the globe, whose songs are a convoy of undertaking melodies and majestic harmonies that inject a soothing impression of universality and uniqueness, literally out of this world. Cool right? An American musical artist and an opera performer. John Riesen has been halting the notions and setting trends since the inception by giving world class performances and songs for others to rejoice relaying ventures everyone can set back and pertain with.

Is there anything this guy can’t do? Simply no. This dude is the literal manifestation of what a divergent and characteristic artist is like by straddling the shaft between Opera and Popular music with solace.

The more we get to know this phenomenon, the more we glimpse the forthcoming potential succeeding from someone like “John Riesen” who has enacted at almost 40 leading roles at opera and snatched the hearts of those who had the opportunity of seeing him perform. If this is not iconic then what is ?

Popularity is the entity that governs an artist to unreachable heights with the route lead by their fans. If this an opinion you would believe, favourable then as we are on the identical page.


Energy packed performances at the world’s most top-notch and widely esthetic theatres throughout the United States comprising of “Atlanta Opera, Michigan Opera Theatre, Des Moines Metro Opera, Anchorage Opera, Opera Birmingham, Opera Columbus, Shreveport Opera, Pensacola Opera, Intermountain Opera Bozeman, Tri-Cities Opera, Ithaca Opera” represents the idol of idols we are in illuminating today. Indeed, a perfectionist.

Collaborations, a one in all package that fills the hearts of fans and admirers with joy as their favorite artists in all ordeal. Speaking about collaborations, we cannot overlook the lit, esthetic and admiration worthy collaboration of “John Riesen” with another phenomenon herself, “Marina Arsenijevic” singing new arrangements of Crossover standards by Frank Sinatra that took the world by storm astounding each and every person who contemplated this Oscar worthy performance.

Such a lit combo with the diva, Emmy nominated Marina herself shows how much fascination and competence John has which can be recognized by only those who have eyes for the talent.

John Riesen is the Cover Star for October on The World’s Best Music News Magazine, MHBOX. 

If we guessed right you might have already become a fan of this inspirational figure, right? Indeed, we hit the perfect point and why wouldn’t it be the case.

With lots of songs to enjoy, encore opera performances to cherish being worth to give your time to, John Riesen has the potential of being your bias wrecker that will dispose all your worries and give you content worth living for.



DISCOVER MUSIC AND ART: Diva, composer and genius pianist ‘Marina Arsenijevic’ releases beautiful new music ‘Delilah’ and ‘My Beauty’

Composing and executing, an art that prospers as a notion of expertise conceiving exotic boundaries to look forward to and prevails as an entity that is not endowed to everyone.

Asserting art, undoubtedly art is the Queen we will be vocalizing today. Marina Arsenijevic, the solitary commodity that is the perceptible representation of diva, a fabulous composer and pianist, the inventor of thrifty melodies and nostalgic harmonies that will embark in your disposition as you once endeavour towards this talented queen.

But who exactly is this diva, Marina Arsenijevic?

Don’t you fellas worry as we will be serving you up on all that. A Serbian-born American musician along with the crown of a “Gifted Pianist”, an entity that rose to prestige by recording popular albums like “Ethno Classic & Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, My Balkan Soul, Fire & Soul, Chopin: Waltzes, Marina at West Point “snatching the hearts of audience Nationwide cultivating an instant fan following and halting the constraints of language impediment through the sovereignty of music.

If it isn’t a supernatural proficiency than what is it, you are the guesser of that.

Simplicity that emerges as to the drowning premium of art, Marina is the genuine reflection of the idiom. Exquisite art with a hybrid of composing aptitude as apparent as the classical crossover of alluring style and genre performance as nostalgic as the symphonies itself is what interprets Marina as an artist who was invited in celebrity events like Harper’s Bazaar magazine’s anniversary party, opening night at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival 2016, the 2015 Women & Fashion Film Fest in New York City and many additional worth mentioning occasions making the diva a “Bias must entity”.

Art and artist, two words but for the equivalent shining diamond Marina, who depicted her potentials in composing and playing the piano while producing harmonies evoking your median aspirations and the title “universal prodigy” worth giving. Exemplary enthusiasm since the advent is what makes Marina special. Being an offspring of a soccer player father and a diligent mother, Arsenijevic had it in her genes to tackle the world on the path to prosperity and portray her inner aspirations while being an inspirational statue for others as well.

No other word instead of Talent can explain this prodigy. Starting from the youthful age of four, Arsenijevic unleashed her artistic serenity by fiddling piano and confiding the world what she is by performing in front of an audience of 2,000 people. Truly a piece of art and contented individuality.

What she has to offer? Conveying the unnameable, generating sensations and shaping trends is what this splendour will bestow you with. Raising the bar of music and reasoning beauty in everyone is what she attained. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let this prospect slip away and grace yourself with Marina’s self-composed songs and back up this ground breaching artist.



My Beauty