I don’t know about you, but when I watch a movie, I like it to have some sweet tunes on the soundtrack. Otherwise, the experience just isn’t complete for me. Music helps you feel the atmosphere better, it serves to immerse into the story – and personally, I love that.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re in good luck, because I’ve got just the thing for you – the independent film “Flint Tale” and its masterful soundtrack.
Directed by Michigan-born Marc Cayce, the film follows the aftermath of the Flint Water scandal from a few years ago, when it was discovered that the water in the area was contaminated. The movie tells the tale of the disgraced chief of police following the scandal, and it’s a well-rounded, compelling journey overall.

But we’re not here to focus on the film itself, but rather the songs that accompany it. Cayce is the founder of Foremost Entertainment, the company which also produced the film, and is also heading the new-founded Foremost Records, which is the label from which most of our artists hail.

Throughout the film, we run into Intelligent Diva, with her classic hit “Sexy Walk”. Intelligent Diva has been gathering quite the following thanks to her sensual, seductive singing style, but also her powerful, compelling voice and the vivid imagery in her lyrics.

Of course, we also see artists Allegra White and Troy Laz with the catchy “Livin the Life”.

Then, we have renowned artists like Big Ty Stick, whose moving “We All We Got” really brings the message of the movie home for most viewers, as well as Michigan-born artist Bootleg, from the Dayton Family, with the track “City of Lead”, which is both gritty and evocative.


The soundtrack also welcomes a few powerful debuts: one from artist Orlando Peay, who is featured in “Flint Tale” both as a musician, with the evocative track “Couple of Days”, but also as an actor (he plays the part of an Uber driver in the film). And then, we have the debut of artist KellieKell who really puts her considerable writing talent on display with her brand new hit “Mama”.

All in all, the film is as much a visual journey as it is an auditory one, and a thoroughly delightful experience, whichever way you look at it.




‘Dricka’ drops a dope Rap letter to her ‘Mama’ with a classic soul meets Hip-Hop vibe as the fresh artist proves her talent and strength on new single

I think we can all agree that young music with an old soul vibe is the best you can get in today’s music world, and none fills the criteria more than young Alabama native, Dricka.

And when we say young, we mean it, since this gifted rapper and songwriter is only 23 years old, and yet comes across as if she’s lived at least seven decades. That is not to say that her music is in any way old or outdated. On the contrary, she’s got one of the most modern sounds we’ve heard in recent years.

And yet, her latest release, entitled simply “Mama”, will win you over through its old school kind of vibe, and the sheer wisdom inherent in the lyrics.

‘Dricka’ drops a dope Rap letter to her ‘Mama’ with a classic soul meets Hip-Hop vibe as the fresh artist proves her talent on new single – Discover Rap

Dricka is obviously a girl whose mind is as sharp as can be. She’s observant and demonstrates a real skill for paying attention to detail, the sort of skill that is characteristic of true artists.
Her lyrics paint a somewhat grim, yet at the same time hopeful view of life and difficulty, of finding strength and growing up in a world that seems to pay less and less attention to you with each day.

Then, of course, we have her fantastic voice. It has a soulful sort of edge to it, wonderful, and appealing.


Dricka encompasses both a great tenderness and fragility in her singing, but also a sense of resilience. It’s the perfect voice for the song, if that makes sense, as it highlights and expresses the duality of her feelings in writing this. Feeling both strong, as any person who’s growing up and standing on their own has to be sooner or later, but also expressing an almost childish vulnerability.


It’s a very coming of age song, except it has none of the cutesiness we tend to attach to those words. It’s a gritty tune with killer vibes that will really make you think, and we highly suggest you go listen to it if you haven’t yet.