Cohorts has rearranged, remixed, and remastered their previously released album “The West Coast Offense.”

From the “The West Coast Offense” album re-release, Independent Artists “Independent rap duo ‘Cohorts’ overcomes Coronavirus lockdown by re-releasing an album”.

Cohorts has rearranged, remixed, and remastered their previously released album “The West Coast Offense.” The idea for this was sparked after an unfortunate hard drive crash, which resulted in this version having less songs than the original. A crashed hard drive, and a pandemic lockdown doesn’t have to be all bad, evidenced by this artistic endeavor. Cohorts’ musical projects are all geared towards the grown and sexy crowd, and are all produced by Kartuush. Parental Advisory label is required. RawNaked Entertainment is the label that releases these offerings. “The West Coast Offense” was originally released back in 2011. The re-release version will be available soon. However The first single titled, “You Can’t Beat L.A.” is currently available for streaming and downloads here:

Cohorts’ was founded in 2009. Long time friends, and musical cohorts; group members C Money and General are from the Compton, and south Los Angeles areas respectively. The pair of MCs had recorded together for about 2 decades before forming the rap duo [Cohorts]. “Classic west coast production accented by true Hip Hop artists who aren’t afraid to have fun over a beat.”– Makin’ It Magazine

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Instagram @cohorts2009
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Electronic composer ‘Michael Guardian’ a.k.a ‘Michael C Graley’ releases ‘Da Base’ and joins with Music Industry professionals

A masterful Electronic composer in the arrangement of masterful effects and compositions. Crossroads of the world in todays music markets and Michael is standing in the middle of the Music Industry with the Keys. Brought with compassion and thoughtfulness, Michael created these CDs for your listening pleasure for the above average music Listener.

His music will move you take you on a journey and bring you back within the minutes you push play and the music stops. You will be saying where has this artist been hiding. He now releases the urban hip hop old school track ‘Da Base’.

Michael C Graley is the CEO of Michael Guardian Music Production Company LLC.

Find out more in this interview. 

Tell us about what you do ?

I am a composer, songwriter, producer, artist, in the fields of many Genres. I am a diversified artist in many styles of music and have a catalog of music. I publish the music in the internet for Radio, TV, Filmscore, Record Labels, Podcasters, Indie Charts.

What is your vision ?  

I am looking to drop some singles on the world markets, looking for ESQ’s and Managements to pick me up on there rosters. I compose and record and produce music and hand them off to the hands of other Producers, labels, and agents that in return further my marketing areas world wide.

How long have you been in the music industry ?

I have many songs out since 2005 on internet. and have been shopping my own material to labels, agents, music supervisors, A&R, Esq’s since 1988. I have intellectual property worth a billion dollars in real marketable profitable music in a catalogue of music.

How can people get hold of you ?

I would like to be reached by email, phone, or letter, with intentions of partnership with many Musicians, composer, producers, artist, directors, Film producer, ad advertisement agents, in many genres of music, also looking for print, media, to pick up and interview my styles of music to the world.

What are you working on at the moment ?

I am currently working on new material and looking for placement deals and licence deals for monies to help support my future projects and ideas. you can reach me at

What they say about Michael ?

ANAMAZE BOOKING AGENCY, INC. said “Michael Guardian is a consummate musician, writer, arranger, creator, producer and tunesmith of a world class status. His creations are amazing, well thought out and have positioned him as a major team player. I am constantly impressed by his musical skills and consistency of output. Michael is a benefit to anyone who employs his symphony of skills and ability. Michael is a fantastic resource and I am proud to recommend him to those in need of good exciting, well produced and created music”.





DISCOVER OUR NO 1 AMBIENT GLITCH-HOP OF 2020: With an epic end of the world vibe, ‘Mad Hop Vol. 9’ is a collection of cool glitchy cuts and dreamy universal soundscapes that gives aural aid and world therapy to followers across the globe.

Since 2009, when Mad-Hop started as the group, we’re constantly creating a meeting platform for creative artists from all over the world who are not afraid to experiment with music and image representing individuality of styles for fans.

Mad Hop is an electronic music stage/scene based on the experimental hip-hop, abstract, broken sounds: IDM, dubstep, trap, juke and glitch-hop genres.

Kris Kolanus the CEO of Mad-Hop Records speaks about the sound of Mad-Hop Records.

“Sometimes life takes us to the point when nothing seems to make sense, and everything you do turns against you.Burning Rain Forests in the Amazon, vast bush fires in Australia, Oceans drowning in plastic… devastating disasters across the planet. Until all of a sudden everything seems to stand still. An unprecedented crisis, another unexpected threat makes us freeze, takes away basic human rights, locks us up in our homes. Everything and everyone is connected and all is happening for a reason. If things don’t work the way we have planned its time to let go And still- it is a chance. A chance to rethink our values, to profoundly question our ways of life. To meditate, to transcend. The right moment will come again to reach out and spread positive energy. We invite you to dissolve into our music. Meet you on the other side.” – Kris Kolanus CEO Mad-Hop Records

During the current global pandemic, one of the worst hit industries is unquestionably music performance and all of its various expressive forms that include singer-songwriters, bands, DJs, producers, sound engineers, not to mention the plethora of crew and staff intrinsically linked to the success of a show.

There is no denying that this is a trying time for all. However, Mad-Hop Records have decided to come back on music filed and drop Free Download compilation to help support and promote some of the best modern hip-hop and electronic artists out there.


With an epic end of the world vibe, ‘Mad Hop Vol. 9’ is a collection of cool glitchy cuts and dreamy universal soundscapes that gives aural aid and world therapy to followers across the globe.  – Discover Electronic

Mad Hop Vol. 9 is a collective mixtape with a variety of talented artists like CloZee, Ta-Ku, Robot Koch and more. Who bring their own style to the table. Instrumental melodies and masterful samples make this eclectic album come to life for fans of jazzy beats and creative remixes.

This collective record is enjoyable for fans of electronic music who can experience something different with each track. Trip-hop and ambiance music is prevalent throughout Mad Hop Vol. 9 to give this album a unique seal of approval with vibes of relaxation and a quality production value that stands the test of time for listeners of all ages.

The thirteen-track LP contains strong bass-lines, catchy melodic elements, groovy beats, and diverse talent. From Szatt’s laidback ‘Giving to Ta-Ku’s atmospheric, sci-fi ‘Invasion’.

The more you look into it, the more you are going to be able to revel at the many different colours and shades of this fantastic compilation release will take the listeners into a musical trance with versatile sounds, catchiness, and uplifting instrumentation.

As a result, Mad-Hop, Vol. 9 feels like a true kaleidoscope closing up the track list with intriguing Afro-beat patterns of “Wilderness Rock” (SaBBo Ft. Axum).

“From soothing sonic landscapes down to gritty retro-inspired beats with some attitude, there is just so much here in terms of creativity”. If you are looking for an album that contains incredible talent and diverse creative expression, you’ll want to check out ‘Mad-Hop Vol.9’. Make sure you follow Mad-Hop on their social media to keep up to date with upcoming releases!