From Struggles to Triumph: ‘Our 12-Bar Blues Too’ from ‘Tom & His Free Mockingbirds’ Chronicles Humanity’s Resilience on the Hollywood Playlist

We are pleased to announce that the incredible new single ‘Our 12-Bar Blues Too’ by ‘Tom & His Free Mockingbirds’ is now on the daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for both versions of the song ( Guitar and Piano ) day and night on the playlist + both songs will also be played as a special BLUES DBL POWERPLAY at 5 PM Pacific USA time to start your night every night for the next month or more.

“Our 12-Bar Blues Too” is the mesmerizing new single from ‘Tom & His Free Mockingbirds’. ‘Tom & His Free Mockingbirds’ are a band of Independent Musicians, lead by Tom (songwriter-producer) based in Melbourne, Australia.

“Our 12-Bar Blues Too” is the 2nd single from their upcoming studio-album “All Shades of Blues and Dreams”.

The protagonists in this 3-mins story are the “12-Bar Blues” and “Blues” itself. The story criss-crosses between the struggles of our band and the struggles of the black musicians on the backdrop of slavery and racism. Our struggle is nothing compared to those extremely stiff struggles but nevertheless we draw grit-inspirations from them. Blues epitomise the triumph of humanity over tyranny, over the vicious racism of tyrants. We shall celebrate this humanity-triumphant forever, with blues.


Audio-visual music project from Sweden, Yellow Majesty spoke to Bronwen Kerry about his abstract music, his latest releases and takes us on a journey into his imagination

Based in Sweden, Yellow Majesty is an audio-visual music project comprised of one man: Amir Haj-Bolouri. Amir, being a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer, and lyricist, describes the aura of Yellow Majesty as a ‘disembodied playground’ that bleeds his bleach ego and astute fantasy into another.

Drawn from influences within the rock genre, Yellow Majesty’s sonic landscape builds on a textured outfit of haunting melodies, obscure and suggestive lyrics, versatile guitar playing, heavy bass, dark synthesizers, and punchy drumming. The visual landscape of Yellow Majesty incorporates unsettling and symbolic imagery to reinforce the intense sounds and emotive themes of the music.

’Bastards’ is the latest release of Yellow Majesty, consisting of 7 unique, yet interrelated, tracks. The songs project an intense, surreal, and creative snapshot of our contemporary zeitgeist. The songs are dynamic, complex, catchy, and they aim to stimulate your senses through an emotive core. The theme of the entire release explores and highlights thought provoking ideas that are related to the impulsive nature of human desire, formation of habits, the irony of human hypocrisy, and the urgency of unveiling a truth without any unnecessary layers of contradictions.

Bronwen Kerry chatted to Yellow Majesty on Discover Media Digital.

Watch the full interview here:

Yellow Majesty has collaborated with Alli Hart; a multi-talented singer, artist, model, and actress, on a new single – the new single will be released on Instagram.

Find Yellow Majesty and his music here:

‘Ghosts Of The Sun’ deliver a cinematic universal post metal experience with the supersonic dreamy alternative rock release ‘Atmos’

Ghosts Of The Sun has recently released a unique music video for their song “Atmos” which appears from the album ‘Existia’ that released in 2019.

The video was produced by Deep Sleep Operator and takes you on a ride visually with the anthemic track. You can watch the video here

Ghosts of the Sun is a four-piece post-metal outfit that draws from a wide range of genres including ambient, progressive, industrial, and post-rock. Songs are crafted emphasizing atmosphere, contrast, dynamics, patience, and exploration.

Featuring members Eric Giardina – Guitar/Synths, Rick St. Germaine – Guitar, Justin Terry – Drums, Alex Vang – Bass.


You can visit their merchandise store here

DISCOVER HEAVY METAL OF 2020: A New revolution of Heavy Metal is taking shape in Michigan with new pioneer ‘Cynycist’ letting loose his gigantic ‘New Game Plus’

USA, Michigan based guitarist and producer, Jonathan Clegg a.k.a Cynycist delivers a heavy metal sound with a difference.

Inspired by video games like Villains and Soundtracks this new sonic warrior and pioneer crafts a Super extreme Heavy Metal sound that sounds like it’s from another Galaxy.

Mixing up traditional Heavy Metal Rock with exquisite modern recording and mixing techniques, the distinctive, heavy and radical sound of  Cynycist shocks listeners with it’s overwhelming powerful presence.

Get to know the heavy-metal group Cynycist. There will be no turning back.

The new single from the heavy-metal group Cynycist features Charles Caswell of Berried Alive.


You can listen to the track “New Game Plus” today! A must-hear for anyone who is a fan of the heavy side of things.
You can find more about the group on social media at