The anthemic new single ‘Life at the top’ from ‘Christina Winterfell’ with its 70’s meets 80’s vibe is on the playlist now.

Hollywood FM’s head of programming said that he was delighted to add the new single ‘Life at the top’ from ‘Christina Winterfell‘ onto the daily HOLLYWOOD FM NEW MUSIC STARS playlist. This incredible new anthem has a 70’s meets 80’s vibe, mixed with a melodic production, glorious strings and vocals that are melodic and catchy, leading you into a fantastic Brian May esque guitar solo. This great up-tempo single is perfect for listening to while driving down the freeway and of course while tuned into your favourite digital station Hollywood FM Digital. Listen out for it on the regular playlist + as a special powerplay at approx 3 PM Pacific Time every day for a month or more.

Christina Winterfell has recently announced a new single: “Life At The Top.” The track has a very upbeat and melodic sound, which captures the energy of rock and the melodies of pop with an indie flair. The instrumental features a very driven arrangement, with edgy drums and soaring guitar tones. In addition, Christina’s vocals are incredibly present and sultry, bringing so much passion and emotion to the track. She matches the energy of the instruments, but also adds an additional dimension to “Life At The Top” with her ability to sing in a very personal way.

“Life At The Top” is highly recommended to fans of artists as diverse as Fleetwood MacFrancis Moon, or P!nk, only to mention a few.

Learn more about Christina Winterfell’s music, and don’t miss out on “Life At The Top,” which will be available on streaming services soon.

Christina Winterfell is a creative woman in many ways. Mostly she has focused on her professional work as a social educator/behavioral scientist/ KBT coach and being a mother to 2 now teenage sons. 

She has sung and recorded records with both groups and as a solo artist over the years and performed in clubs and events in Stockholm and other places in Sweden and Europe.She has also written and illustrated children’s books in Swedish and English and for five years she has entertained people in radio as a radio presenter.

After a few years of silence from the public, she is now showing her versatility again. and is now back in her creative spirit as an artist and singer with her abstract art with a deeper meaning and message. 

Besides her art exhibitions she has landed a record deal and has now recorded a new single that is released 28 of April. 

”I am now in a time that is very special. I am so happy for everything that I am working on and all the people who are showing me support and giving me opportunities. Most of all I am open for myself to let things happen. It is important for me to show that it is never too late to do things that make you grow and make you happy. I want to be the example and role model for my sons and people to show that is never too late whatever age you are in, where you are in life, where you are coming from to make dreams happen” I am proud of myself and that is the most important things to feel and show for myself and other people“ Christina Winterfell 




Audio-visual music project from Sweden, Yellow Majesty spoke to Bronwen Kerry about his abstract music, his latest releases and takes us on a journey into his imagination

Based in Sweden, Yellow Majesty is an audio-visual music project comprised of one man: Amir Haj-Bolouri. Amir, being a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer, and lyricist, describes the aura of Yellow Majesty as a ‘disembodied playground’ that bleeds his bleach ego and astute fantasy into another.

Drawn from influences within the rock genre, Yellow Majesty’s sonic landscape builds on a textured outfit of haunting melodies, obscure and suggestive lyrics, versatile guitar playing, heavy bass, dark synthesizers, and punchy drumming. The visual landscape of Yellow Majesty incorporates unsettling and symbolic imagery to reinforce the intense sounds and emotive themes of the music.

’Bastards’ is the latest release of Yellow Majesty, consisting of 7 unique, yet interrelated, tracks. The songs project an intense, surreal, and creative snapshot of our contemporary zeitgeist. The songs are dynamic, complex, catchy, and they aim to stimulate your senses through an emotive core. The theme of the entire release explores and highlights thought provoking ideas that are related to the impulsive nature of human desire, formation of habits, the irony of human hypocrisy, and the urgency of unveiling a truth without any unnecessary layers of contradictions.

Bronwen Kerry chatted to Yellow Majesty on Discover Media Digital.

Watch the full interview here:

Yellow Majesty has collaborated with Alli Hart; a multi-talented singer, artist, model, and actress, on a new single – the new single will be released on Instagram.

Find Yellow Majesty and his music here:

South Africa’s ‘Byron Major’ returns with a tear jerking ballad ‘as the world joins him in ‘Finding the Light’

Byron Major is Back. Putting Singer-Songwriter-Producer Byron Major’s music into a box is not going to work. Byron says that “genres in music is like racism in society – not applicable”.

While his style is certainly influenced by his early classical music training, Byron’s music takes on elements from Motown to Alternative R&B, Soul and traditional South African rhythm. You can also definitely hear the influences of Stevie Wonder, Prince and John Lennon in his soulful R&B vocals and piano arrangements and performance.

The brand new single from ‘Byron Major’ is the title track to his latest E.P ‘Finding The Light’.  ‘Finding The Light’ is a touching and shiver inducing accomplished piano ballad of ‘Stevie Wonder’ and ‘John Legend’ proportions‘Byron Major’ sings his very heart out and delivers a performance capable of bringing a listener to tears, on this heart wrenching, emotional, God filled, warm and classic piano ballad.

You can hear the incredibly touching piano ballad ‘Finding The Light’ from ‘Byron Major’ on Bafana FM everyday at 6 p.m South African time and on the Africa Daily List. 

Byron Major has proven his Prowse as a singer-songwriter-performer-producer. He made it to the Top 24 of South African Idols at the age of 17 and was invited to perform his original song ‘South Africa’ at Nelson Mandela’s Boston birthday celebration attended by the Governor of Massachusetts in the USA in 2013. He sang his original songs alongside Grammy Award-Winning singer Paula Cole while studying at Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA) and his 2016 single ‘May Flower’ caught the attention of 21 radio stations across the UK.

His track “Delicious” charted for 10-weeks on college Radio in South Africa and his single Midnight Daydream peaked at number 26 on the UK Music Week Official Club chart, Color My World peaked at Number 15 on the same UK Music Week chart, and Rockstar peaked at Number 1 on BBC Radio One’s Essential Mix Creators Kings of Spin DJ Charts in 2018.

Rockstar went on to be playlisted in countries around the globe, including: Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, England & USA, and to complete the year Byron Major’s Summer Day charted at number 16. At the end of 2019, Matchbox Recordings UK invited Byron to feature Color My World on their compilation album and the track was playlisted on London FM.

Byron Major was recently the Cover Star for South African Music and Entertainment Magazine, Bafana.

The year 2020 has indeed been an unprecedented year given the global health pandemic that had us in lockdown across the world, and has presented a wide range of personal challenges for us but it has also connected us on the level of our humanity.

Byron Major’s EP entitled “Finding the Light” therefore aims to bring hope and encouragement in the face of adversity. This EP touches on topics such as being lost within the circus of life’s rat race to his favourite topics of relationships and unrequited love.

In his forthcoming single entitled Finding the Light, the same title as the EP, the lyrics tell the experience of many a man and woman, and Byron’s emotions permeates his piano and vocal performance and penetrates the soul. The release date for the EP, Finding the Light by Byron Major, was released globally on 27th October.






Finding a meaningful heavy-metal song comes harder as time goes on. Check out the epic ‘Save Me’ from ‘Dead Like Juliet’

Finding a meaningful heavy-metal song comes harder and harder as time goes on. Making a strong debut further into their genre comes Italy’s Metalcore act Dead Like Juliet.

Their latest effort “Save Me” has just released worldwide! The music video captures a powerful story and message that the audience can relate to and discover upon viewing.

Dead Like Juliet have issued a statement on the song:

“This is a song for those who suffer. A song for those who fight. No matter what, you are not alone.”

Dead Like Juliet whose sound is defined by melodic hooks and singalongs alongside heavy growls and groovy riffs. Unlike other Hardcore bands, the group shapes their raw sound with atmospheric keys and synths.

Their songs talk about political topics, personal issues, and more philosophical problems. The band has played 200 club shows, underground shows, and big festivals in Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, France, England, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

DLJ Save Me


Watch The Video