Discover the Vibrant Sound of Santeri’s “Pressure” – Afrofusion at Its Finest on the Hollywood Playlist

Santeri, the rising Afrobeat sensation, has just released his latest single, “Pressure,” a vibrant Afrofusion masterpiece that’s taking the world by storm. This incredible track is now available on all major streaming platforms and has secured a spot on the coveted Daily A-List Playlist for the upcoming month. Hear it on the playlist + it will also be played daily as a special AFROBEAT POWERPLAY at 6:30 PM Pacific USA time for the next month.

Hailing from Ipaja, Lagos State, Ashogbon Austine Adedoyin, known as Santeri, embodies a fusion of diverse academic pursuits, including software engineering at Aptech Computer Education, Medicine and Surgery at Afe Babalola University, and Biomedical Science at the University of Essex. Despite this diverse academic background, his true passion lies in music, a field where he’s rapidly making a name for himself since venturing professionally into it in 2021.

Santeri’s music journey started with his single Come Closer in May 2021, which was followed by Barawo, Lets fly away, Bunda and now his exceptional new single ‘Pressure’. His single “Bunda,” was a collaboration with Vkel, seamlessly blending Afrobeat and amapiano, and capturing attention with his infectious energy and captivating vocals. His music reverberates with African rhythms, resonating with a global audience. With an unmistakable talent and a vibrant sound, Santeri continues to carve his path in the music industry.

Now, with his latest release, “Pressure,” Santeri unveils a track that boasts an irresistible, soothing rhythm, melodious vocals, and a sleek sound, all delivered with his signature style and charisma.


Kietell is a 23 year old rapper and producer and has just released a new track called ‘Pressure’

Kietell is a 23 year old rapper and producer from Mississauga, Ontario.

His love for music started even before he was born: “According to my parents, my dad would put headphones on my mom’s stomach and I would kick to the beat of whatever my dad was playing at the time, which is why they gave me the nickname ‘Knox’.” says the rapper.

This is why it only made sense for this young rapper to pursue what he truly loves and can’t live without – music.

He has just released a new song called ‘Pressure’.
“My song Pressure was written while I was at work. The workplace didn’t have a lot of work for me to do so I found a spot where I could just zone out and write. It took me about 45 minutes to complete. Then that same day, I went home and made the beat for it. I knew I wanted something aggressive and hard hitting so I had to include those ‘War Cry’ type trumpets, strings, and electric guitars to make an aggressive beat.”

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