Jesus Muhammed is exorcising the demons outta his soul one savage cut at a time with his new single “Demon Time”

Jesus Muhammed Slices Off A Killer Cut From His Record No Christmas – It’s “DEMON TIME” In 2021! Make no mistake and don’t get it twisted – Jesus Muhammed has never once in his career ever TRIED to be controversial – it’s just who he IS by nature. Exorcising the demons outta his soul one savage cut at a time since first exploding onto the scene back in 2014 with his first releases online – the notoriously wild emcee returns to spit a blazing mix of fire and ice-cold venom for his new single “DEMON TIME” in 2021.

As raw, unfiltered, and stylistically slick as he’s built his reputation on throughout the years, and armed with a powerful dose of ultra-smooth sound that’s on the lighter side of his self-imposed exorcism – the latest Jesus Muhammed single “DEMON TIME” is every bit as gripping as it is straight-up entertaining, and just as gnarly, faded, and hazy as listeners are capable of taking in through one badass experience. Born with a gift of truly not giving a single solitary fuck & being able to say exactly what he wants to say, however the hell he wants to say it, has turned Jesus into a verbal force to be reckoned with, capable of crushing mortal microphones with mere syllables.

“DEMON TIME” takes listeners straight into the heart of darkness without apologies, diving deep into rhythmic precision and beastly bass vibes that rise up to the surface from six-feet underground. Unafraid to get explicit AF and make anyone uncomfortable at every opportunity – Muhammed was destined to be disruptive – and he puts that skill to work, using it to his advantage entirely as he flips the script on his latest cut. Undeniably HUGE from the lefts to the rights – “DEMON TIME” hits hard with swagger & supreme sound built to shake the walls, and delivers a demonic experience that is just as threatening to your speakers as the words Jesus spits are to your soul.

Building an entire legacy of sound that continually proves Jesus Muhammed is the most no-holds-barred artist in the scene today – he goes all-in every time he steps up to the m-i-c and reveals the dark art of the rhyme in full-effect. With his proudly warped perspective and willingness to go where other emcees would never dare, Jesus has risen up relentlessly ahead of the rest in the game by creating bold material that mercilessly takes listeners into a completely different dimension of hybrid Rap that defies all human comprehension.

“DEMON TIME” is another killer slice of what comes out from the inside of Jesus that can no longer be contained – it’s only fair that each and every one of YOU should have to shoulder the true burden of his audible awesomeness & superior sound by sharing the living shit out of his new single around the globe.

As mesmerizing with his precision flow as he is hypnotic & captivating with his words – “DEMON TIME” is the anthem for 2021 whether anyone’s ready for it or not – and a gritty example of Jesus Muhammed’s next-level vibe that can’t help but viciously connect to any set of ears listening. Join him for the official release of “DEMON TIME” this year like your life 100% depends on it…because it just might – & make sure to check out his full-length record No Christmas available on all platforms online for an experience unlike any other.

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Rapper Ronny E wrote ‘Winner Winner’ to let everyone know that success is not a straight line

What do celebrities like the Kardashian’s, Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Janet Jackson, Steven Spielberg, Kevin Hart, Leonardo Dicaprio, Paris Hilton, Daymond John, Mark Cuban, and the list goes on, have in common?

They were all chauffeured by Ronny E.

Now Ronny E has broken into the rap world and has just released a new single called ‘Winner Winner’

Because Ronny E was behind the scenes, he got an in-depth look at what it took to take a dream and turn it into reality. Ronny would rap to his clients, and Daymond John from Sharktank was the first celebrity to share Ronny E’s music. Daymond liked the rap so much that he forced Mark Cuban to sit in the front and be rapped to.

“I can’t lie, that song by my driver, Ronny, is still in my head. I’m a winner, I’m a winner, I’m a winner… he’s so crazy…I love him.
” says Daymond John

Ronny wrote, Winner Winner to let everyone know that success is not a straight line, that you have to take action, if you fail, just do it again, and adjust your action, until you win.

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