The new single ‘Hollow’ from ‘Pressive’ Featuring ‘AXTY’ with its powerful production and anthemic groove is on the playlist now.

Hollywood FM Digital Radio head of music was very pleased to receive the new single ‘Hollow’ from ‘Pressive’ Featuring ‘AXTY’. A great collaboration of rock and metal talents, that will blast you into submission, with its sweltering hot and powerful production, vocals that stick in your head like an anthem, and pounding drums that bring you back to life. A serious single that rocks and grooves at the same time. This magnificent new single is now on the Hollywood FM Digital Radio playlist, so listen out for it everyday + it will be played daily as a special powerplay at approx 1 PM Pacific USA time for a month or more.

Mexican band expands sound horizons in collaboration with Brazilian metalcore exponent

Maintaining the intense rhythm of work, the Mexican group Pressive enters 2023 with an expressive release. Meeting the expectations of its growing fan base, while seeking to innovate, the band released a single and a music video in partnership with the Brazilians of AXTY.

Available on all major streaming platforms since March 3rd, “Hollow” arrives in the South American market by Outono Music, a label specialized in rock and metal, with distribution by the major Universal Music, the world leader in the segment.

Listen to the single “Hollow”:

Recognized for exploring musical possibilities without being tied to labels, adding multiple elements to build a modern and energetic sound, Pressive continues to pioneer its art with this collaboration with AXTY.

The Brazilian group AXTY performs a modern metalcore with sound references from djent, progressive, dubstep and trap. A musical wealth that adds new musical possibilities for both sides in this intense cultural exchange. Pressive and AXTY are artists who stand out for their quality and artistic vision, and who take the first step in this unprecedented partnership.

In its eighteen-year career, Pressive has released several works, such as the EPs Oxygen (2010) and Marionette (2014) and the albums Odium (2008) and Dissension (2015), in addition to several singles, such as the hits “Esta Vez No” and “¿Quien Soy? Yo”. They performed many shows and tours in North and Latin America, sharing the stage with big names like Incubus, Godsmack, Lamb of God and Weezer, among others. Like their most recent work, Pressive shows with each single what fans can expect from the band in the future.

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