“Reinvent The Love” is the second single from the album “Metamorphoses” by Gloww.

Reinvent The Love” is the second single from the album “Metamorphoses” by Gloww.

From its first moments, the composition reveals slowly and steady. Here is an atmospheric story in pop-noir style about the lonely soul which finally finds what it’s been looking for, the reason why it’s filled with the light and everything makes sense.

The song leaves a mystic aftertaste and continues the story painted in “My League”.

The compositions of the new album, which is currently being worked on, are distinguished by their unique style and deep relevant sound. GLOWW also produces his own music thus bringing a special atmosphere and unusual beauty to his tracks and experimenting with the vocal and sound nuances.

GLOWW is a new name in music environment. It is a certain atmosphere and various aspects of perception of the whole world. Sometimes naive and sometimes frightening but definitely filled with depth and sincerity. These are the moments of life captured in musical stories.

Each song is a particular experience into which the artist invites you. GLOWW creates his music by himself manifesting it through the sensual, like height, depth, bond, feelings and emotions that do exist in everyone of us.

The artist prefers to remain unrecognized and does not reveal the details of his personality so far, in purpose for his audience to have opportunity to focus on his music solely.






DISCOVER POP DANCE: Check out ‘Olya K’ and her fun music video on everybody’s favourite vacation in ‘Hollywood’

We’re super pleased to announce that Olya K has a new video for her lovely single ‘Hollywood’.

The brand new music video is full of humour and laughs and is unpretentious like Olya K is herself.

Hollywood ” is being spun globally on Radio stations and has reached 90.000 plays on Spotify during the Summer  months.

This Electronic Pop Dance treasure has a retro feel to it, with some European electronic Dance tendencies. Mixing the freshness of the now with some classic disco rhythms, this song is predicted to be “everybody’s favourite “.

Perfect for nightclubs and parties after the pandemic is over, this hot Pop Dance gem has already picked by global DJs.


For the last 2 months the single “Hollywood ” which is about ‘Everybody’s Favourite vacation’ has been riding high and steady on the MTV-USA Top 20 Music Charts for Unsigned artists.