Unveiling ‘Trenches’: BigMay202’s Poignant Single Echoes Life’s Realities on the Hollywood A-List Now

We are pleased to announce that the new single ‘Trenches’ from ‘BigMay202’ is now on our prestigious Daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it night and day on the playlist + it will also be played daily as a special HIP HOP POWERPLAY at 8 PM Pacific USA time for the next month.

We are thrilled to unveil the immensely talented hip-hop artist, BigMay202, who is poised to make an indelible mark on the music industry. Hailing from the challenging neighborhoods of Chicago, BigMay202 brings an unparalleled authenticity to his music, providing a powerful reflection of his personal journey.

Having grown up in the tough streets of Chicago, BigMay202 witnessed the harsh realities of life, including tragic murders and brutal gang wars. These experiences left an indelible impact on him and his family, leading them to make the difficult decision to relocate to Arkansas when BigMay202 was just 8 years old, following a traumatic incident he had witnessed.

However, the pursuit of a fresh start was riddled with challenges for BigMay202. He faced various obstacles, which eventually resulted in his placement in juvenile detention at the tender age of 12. It was during these trying times that music emerged as a form of therapy, allowing BigMay202 to process and share his past experiences.

Now, at the age of 14, BigMay202 has made remarkable strides in his music career. His YouTube channel has garnered over 85,000 views and his songs have been inducted into Discovery Mode on Spotify, where he showcases over 60,000 streams. The talented artist, originating from the Englewood area of Chicago, specifically 65th and Green Street, has even dominated Google’s search engine results.

Through his music, BigMay202 offers a fresh and unique perspective, sharing stories of resilience, struggle, and triumph. His determination to overcome adversity and create a better future for himself and those around him is palpable in every lyric he writes and every beat he produces.

As BigMay202 continues to hone his craft and share his music with the world, we anticipate great things for this rising hip-hop sensation. His journey is a testament to the power of music as a means of self-expression, healing, and inspiration.

Meet BigMay202, a remarkable 14-year-old individual hailing from the challenging neighborhoods of Chicago. Since a young age, BigMay202 has been an eyewitness to the harsh realities of life, including theft, murder, and brutal gang wars. These experiences deeply impacted him, leading him to relocate to Arkansas at the tender age of 8, following a traumatic murder he witnessed.

Despite his efforts to seek a fresh start in a new environment, BigMay202 found himself facing adversity once again, as he encountered various challenges that led to his placement in juvenile detention at the age of 12. Yet, even throughout these trying times, he has discovered solace in music, turning to it as a form of therapy and a means to process and share his past experiences.

BigMay202’s music is a reflection of his authentic journey, capturing the true stories he has encountered along the way. Each verse and chorus he composes is rooted in his personal encounters, making his artistry deeply genuine and heartfelt. Through his music, he aims to not only heal himself but also shed light on the reality many individuals face, particularly those living in the trenches of Chicago.

BigMay202’s commitment to expressing his truth is both courageous and inspiring. By sharing his story through music, he demonstrates resilience and a determination to overcome the obstacles he has faced. These true stories he shares are not only a reflection of his personal experiences but also an invitation for listeners to gain a deeper understanding of the realities of life in Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods.

BigMay202 is a rising hip-hop artist whose music reflects a powerful journey from the challenging neighborhoods of Chicago to the pursuit of a better future. Through his profound storytelling and authentic style, BigMay202 captivates audiences and offers a unique perspective on resilience and triumph. With notable achievements on platforms like YouTube and Spotify, BigMay202 is an artist to watch as he continues to make waves in the music industry.

Let us continue to support BigMay202 as he harnesses the power of music to heal, grow, and inspire others with his authenticity and unwavering spirit.

To experience the remarkable talent of BigMay202, follow his YouTube channel and stream his music on Spotify.

‘SoulSonic’ and ‘JordanL’ drop a thumping cinematic funky sound of Conscious Hip-Hop world change with their powerful ‘Rise’

SoulSonic, originally from Chicago, is a Producer and Composer of Conscious Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop Soul on the Alchemyst Audio music label out of Vegas.

Currently collaborating with lyricist and artist JordanL to create the soul soothing, energy releasing, rallying cry Hip-Hop Anthem RISE. JordanL is an established HipHop artist from Detroit, he brings ridiculous heat and thought inspiring lyrics in his music and delivery.

RISE is a Hip-Hop Anthem speaking on police brutality and world events in the Black community in a voice to mark and embrace the moment and our people. A righteous voice from the experience that the streets in all these cities has taught us, that we have been profiled, treated as less, abused by the power of morally bankrupt officers, and systemically discriminated against.

As a people, the majority in power has put that knee on our neck, from locking car doors when we pass, to crossing the street when we walk, to denying access to opportunity, to hunting us. We as a people have taken a knee, but we as a people also RISE.

SoulSonic to creatively addresses inequities I have seen, personally experienced, or was made aware of as I grew up. RISE is written in 2020, but could have easily been among the songs played at any operation P.U.S.H rally (People United to Serve Humanity) occurring in Chicago in the 70s as well. Its the spirit, and the intention of the spirit that shapes the music. Chicago will always be part of my creative process.

I am drawn to the cinema of music. Music that makes your spirit rise, soar, reflect, or allows you space to contemplate quiet thoughts or the people and environment around you. This can be achieved boldly or subtly, the thoughts can be in the silences in-between the notes, as long as the music is intentional and present.

My inspiration comes from the Women who raised me, my mother Elizabeth, who’s passed, and the Woman I Love, my wife Jennifer. They are both remarkable women, souls and people. They are and were generous, caring, loving and optimistic beings in a world where it seems there is a little less light everyday.

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SoulSonic Twitter
SoulSonic Rise Video
Alchemyst Audio Website

DISCOVER BEST NEW LOCKDOWN RAP TRAP BOOM BAP DROPS OF 2020: ‘Grimey Hussein’ shoots straight outta the New Jersey Rap scene going lockdown Trap Rap Global with dope new drop ‘Pandemic’ Ft. Gmvcc Bandz

Hailing from Plainfield , New Jersey, Grimey Hussein is starting to make an impact in The New Jersey rap scene.

Grimey Hussein has released several singles that can be found on All platforms.

Grimey Hussein has a list of videos that you can also view on YouTube.

Grimey Hussein’s music is a mix of 90’s hip hop, Chicago and London drill, Atlanta’s trap music, and east coast boom bap rap.

Grimey Hussein is a very versatile artist. Growing up in the streets of Plainfield, Grimey Hussein has faced a lot of obstacles and you will hear it in his music.

His unique style and voice will soon be a force to be reckoned with.



You can follow Grimey Hussein on Instagram @kokanekodakz

DISCOVER HIP-HOP AND POP: Exceptional beatmakers and lyric masters ‘SnapDibz’ should be going for president with this EP ‘Levels’ as it dissects the moron society and world with true class and exceptional Hip-Hop meets pop rock sensibility.

SnapDibz is a producer and songwriter/lyricist duo based in the Chicago area who’s latest EP ‘Levels’ is out now.

Snap joined the music scene in 2009 when he began work on his debut album. He hails from Atlanta, GA. With razor sharp wit and depth in his lyric writing.

Snap is taking it to the next level.

DISCOVER HIP-HOP AND POP: Exceptional beatmakers and lyric masters ‘SnapDibz’ should be going for president with this EP ‘Levels’ as it dissects the moron society and world with true class and exceptional Hip-Hop meets pop rock sensibility. 

DJ Dibz grew up in Chicago and has been producing a variety of pop, hip-hop, and Indian beats.


He had been DJing in the Shreveport, LA area where he met Snap and they soon joined forces to form SnapDibz.


Together they make a pleasantly unique sound consisting of hip-hop blended with a hefty serving of pop, a touch of dance, and a sprinkle of eclectic global flavour.

They are constantly pushing the level with their pop/hip-hip blends with their unique creative ingenuity.


Together they’ve created a talented group to be watched!