You’re Omran’: A Non-Profit Anthem from ‘Lillia Kysil’ Spotlighting Plight of Children in Conflict-Ridden Regions

We are pleased to announce that ‘You’re Omran’ by ‘Lillia Kysil’ is now on the daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it day and night on our playlist + it will also be played as a special HUMANITARIAN POWERPLAY at 7 PM Pacific USA time every night for the next month or more.

‘You’re Omran’ by ‘Lillia Kysil’ is a heartfelt humanitarian single, a dedication to a child from Aleppo who has endured unimaginable suffering. This project is entirely non-profit, driven by the purest intentions of expressing love for the child and raising awareness about the plight of countless children in conflict zones such as Israel’s Gaza Strip, Ukraine, and Syria.

It’s a dreamy, ethereal, and captivating pop song with an uplifting message, featuring powerful vocals and infectious dance beats and synths that will stay with you. The goal of ‘You’re Omran’ is to shed light on these forgotten children and inspire hope for a safer future for all children worldwide.

This incredible single was made to bring awareness of the suffering children in the world who are still suffering in Gaza, Ukraine, and Syria. It is dedicated to Omran Daqneesh.

Jesus Muhammed is exorcising the demons outta his soul one savage cut at a time with his new single “Demon Time”

Jesus Muhammed Slices Off A Killer Cut From His Record No Christmas – It’s “DEMON TIME” In 2021! Make no mistake and don’t get it twisted – Jesus Muhammed has never once in his career ever TRIED to be controversial – it’s just who he IS by nature. Exorcising the demons outta his soul one savage cut at a time since first exploding onto the scene back in 2014 with his first releases online – the notoriously wild emcee returns to spit a blazing mix of fire and ice-cold venom for his new single “DEMON TIME” in 2021.

As raw, unfiltered, and stylistically slick as he’s built his reputation on throughout the years, and armed with a powerful dose of ultra-smooth sound that’s on the lighter side of his self-imposed exorcism – the latest Jesus Muhammed single “DEMON TIME” is every bit as gripping as it is straight-up entertaining, and just as gnarly, faded, and hazy as listeners are capable of taking in through one badass experience. Born with a gift of truly not giving a single solitary fuck & being able to say exactly what he wants to say, however the hell he wants to say it, has turned Jesus into a verbal force to be reckoned with, capable of crushing mortal microphones with mere syllables.

“DEMON TIME” takes listeners straight into the heart of darkness without apologies, diving deep into rhythmic precision and beastly bass vibes that rise up to the surface from six-feet underground. Unafraid to get explicit AF and make anyone uncomfortable at every opportunity – Muhammed was destined to be disruptive – and he puts that skill to work, using it to his advantage entirely as he flips the script on his latest cut. Undeniably HUGE from the lefts to the rights – “DEMON TIME” hits hard with swagger & supreme sound built to shake the walls, and delivers a demonic experience that is just as threatening to your speakers as the words Jesus spits are to your soul.

Building an entire legacy of sound that continually proves Jesus Muhammed is the most no-holds-barred artist in the scene today – he goes all-in every time he steps up to the m-i-c and reveals the dark art of the rhyme in full-effect. With his proudly warped perspective and willingness to go where other emcees would never dare, Jesus has risen up relentlessly ahead of the rest in the game by creating bold material that mercilessly takes listeners into a completely different dimension of hybrid Rap that defies all human comprehension.

“DEMON TIME” is another killer slice of what comes out from the inside of Jesus that can no longer be contained – it’s only fair that each and every one of YOU should have to shoulder the true burden of his audible awesomeness & superior sound by sharing the living shit out of his new single around the globe.

As mesmerizing with his precision flow as he is hypnotic & captivating with his words – “DEMON TIME” is the anthem for 2021 whether anyone’s ready for it or not – and a gritty example of Jesus Muhammed’s next-level vibe that can’t help but viciously connect to any set of ears listening. Join him for the official release of “DEMON TIME” this year like your life 100% depends on it…because it just might – & make sure to check out his full-length record No Christmas available on all platforms online for an experience unlike any other.

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Rapper Kdotbiz takes us on an exhilarating thrill ride through the world of grime and beyond with his new single ‘Motive’

Up and coming British rapper, Kdotbiz releases fresh hustle anthem.

Raw, rap bars straight from the heart, Kdotbiz has just put out his latest track and it’s nothing short of a certified banger. The feel-good hustle tune takes us through an exhilarating thrill ride through the world of grime and beyond. Brimming with smart lyricism and fast flows, the timeless track is the perfect soundtrack to all the grinders out there. The people who are working hard and want to achieve success.

The track was produced and mixed at the acclaimed Hot Money Studios by someone who’s worked with the likes of Stormzy Krept and Konan, Stefflon Don and more.
The motivational anthem came about when the rapper was searching for beats online. He found one that really stood out to him and gave him lots of energy. From here it was history and he effortlessly started spitting on the track. The result is something astoundingly authentic and dripped in raw rap charisma. It’s simply oozing with originality as potent punchlines bring us through a dark gritty grime soundscape.

The young artist is originally from the Caribbean, though he moved to the UK when he was just six. When his mother was eighteen she met his father who had also moved from Jamaica and she gave birth to the rapper at the age of twenty one. His journey has not been without struggle. Faced with learning difficulties that soon turned into anger issues, he was quite the rebel in his youth. Often getting into trouble with the law and going in and out of prison. He decided to change his ways some years after having his son, with him noticing how dependent he was on him.

Inspired by the likes of Stormzy. J Cole and Dave, the rapper has been making music since he was around twelve. First starting out by memorizing the lyrics of his favourite songs and then soon spitting his feelings over beats. He’s gone from strength to strength and now having harnessed his hard signature sound, is well on his way to make a major mark on the global music game.

Listen to ‘Motive’ here: