The new single ‘2 Luv U’ from ‘Sarah Diaz’ with its soulful, dreamy, melodic and pure vocals is on the playlist now.

The music manager at said that she loved the new single ‘2 Luv U‘ from ‘Sarah Diaz‘ with its soulful, dreamy, melodic and pure vocals, that give you shivers down your spine, as they rise up into a catchy chorus, that is reminiscent of the UK’s Adele meets The Sugarbabes. This track is a great fusion of pop, ballad and electronic with a hint of the 80’s, brilliant. This lovely new single is now on the playlist and will be played in general rotation day and night + as a special powerplay at approx 7:30 PM Pacific USA time every night time for a month or more.

Sarah Diaz, a 19-year-old singer/songwriter from Lafayette, Louisiana, is ecstatic as she embarks on her new adventure as an aspiring female pop star with nothing but big aspirations and incredible musical abilities to back her up. She wants her music to reflect the kind and fearless attitude of the young woman who is more than ready to take on the world. Sarah Diaz has started on the right foot with what is one of the most original and passion-full tracks I’ve listened to in quite a while; and let’s face it, with millions of new music getting released every day, my playlist is always work in progress and it is a tough ask to filter through humongous chunks of new music so as to find the right fit for your tastes- I’m just glad that there will be a new addition into my playlist in the form of Sarah Diaz’s “2 Luv U” because it made an impression on me to qualify as a straight favorite!

While you can accuse Sarah Diaz of many things, of lack of passion, grit and spirit is not something you can! Diaz unleashes an admirable energetic and ingratiating singing throughout “2 Luv U.” She has a very unique voice that is easy to identify her with and she definitely possesses that artist-like sense of phrasing that highlights her songwriting proficiency. There are a lot of things that can make you fall in love with a song and I found a variety in “2 Luv U”; the melodies are undeniably abundant and they don’t let you guess which turn they may make next, you are taken through an oasis of modern pop-flavored instrumentation with cinematic features and futuristic vibe as Sarah Diaz makes her presence felt over the instrumentations via her own polished and euphonious vocals.

The marriage between her harmonious and emotion-drenched vocals and the melodious beats create an addicting and quite frankly unforgettable sound that will remain ingrained in your head even after the tune is no more. The tune also carries a deeply meaningful theme at its core about getting caught up in a toxic relationship where you really can’t stay but still can’t let go; – it is like you are caught in this endless loop within yourself. Most of us have actually been caught within yourself.

Most of us have actually been caught up in this situation where it literally kills you to love someone else and that is why this track is likely to resonate deeply with you! For a start, this is absolutely commendable and I can only see nothing but a bright future for Sarah Diaz as far as her music career is concerned. I am looking forward to hearing more from her because she has already ignited a spark of likeability from within me which I’ll need to nourish every now and then! Follow the attached link so as to listen to her debut single and tell us what you think!

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