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Unlock the Spiritual Vibes: ‘I AM PSALMNIST’ Hits the Hollywood Daily A-List with ‘Santos California’

We are thrilled to announce that the latest single ‘Santos California’ by the emerging artist ‘I AM PSALMNIST’ has secured a coveted spot on our Daily A-List Playlist. Be sure to tune in every day to catch this captivating track, featured both on the regular playlist and as a special POWERPLAY at 5:30 PM Pacific USA time to start your night throughout the next month. ‘I AM PSALMNIST’ is a fresh addition to the music scene.





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Dance to the Beat of Compassion: ‘You’re Omran’ Raises Awareness for Children in Conflict Zones on the Hollywood Playlist

We are excited to share that due to popular demand ‘You’re Omran’ by Lillia Kysil will continue to be featured on our A-List Playlist! Tune in any time of the day to catch it, and don’t miss the special HUMANITARIAN POWERPLAY at 7 PM Pacific USA time every day for the next month.

‘You’re Omran’ by Lillia Kysil is a poignant humanitarian initiative aimed at spotlighting the plight of children in Gaza, Ukraine, and Syria. This song, a non-profit parody, stands as a heartfelt tribute to a child from Aleppo who has endured unimaginable hardship.

This project solely aims to raise awareness and express love for these children affected by conflicts in the Gaza Strip, Ukraine, and Syria. The song’s dreamy, ethereal pop vibes carry an uplifting message, featuring potent vocals and infectious dance beats and synths that linger with you.

‘You’re Omran’ seeks to illuminate the struggles of these forgotten children, aiming to spark hope for a safer future for all children globally. Dedicated to Omran Daqneesh, this incredible single serves as a reminder of the ongoing suffering endured by children in these regions.

Non-Profit Campaign. Parody Song. Meaning to bring awareness of the suffering children in Gaza and Ukraine. Dedicated to Omran Daqneesh in Aleppo, Syria. Omran is NOT political, he is a child who brought this plight to the world’s attention. Remember him.

Juliana Hale Declares Independence in New Single ‘Good on my Own’ – A Fusion of Resilience and Musical Mastery on the Hollywood Playlist.

We are pleased to announce that the new single “Good on my Own” from Singer-songwriter Juliana Hale is now on the Daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it on the playlist + it will be played as a special POWERPLAY at 1 PM Pacific USA time every day for the next month or more.

Juliana Hale mesmerizes her fans with the release of her latest single, “Good on my Own.” The track showcases Hale’s vocal prowess, unparalleled lyricism, and is set to attract audiences worldwide.

In “Good on my Own,” Hale weaves catchy lyrics like, “I’m good on my own like a shot of Patron” with an infectious beat and her emotive delivery. The song explores themes of heartbreak, self-love, and resilience. Hale says the song is “proclaiming that I am independent and want to focus on the things meant for me and the people that want to be in my life, rather than what is not and who chooses to leave.” Ultimately, “Good on my Own” is more than a song – it’s a declaration of independence and a reminder that everyone has the strength to rise above adversity.

Inspired by both Fleetwood Mac and Mac Miller, Hale co-wrote the indie-pop song with producer Chris Liggio in New York. “Good on my Own” is one of their first songs together. Hale continues to push boundaries with “Good on my Own,” proving her sheer versatility as an artist. Hale says she hopes that this song, “inspires people to let go of the past and move forward towards the future.” The single is now available on all major streaming platforms, promising fans a musical experience of empowerment and self-discovery.

Juliana Hale is an indie-pop singer-songwriter with an evocative voice, sound that transcends genres, and ability to bring stories to life in vivid detail. She’s also a true Renaissance artist, combining her multi-instrumental and vocal abilities with a love of visual arts to create an unforgettable, immersive experience. Hale transparently connects with her fans in a unique way, building a deeply engaged base of supporters by sharing her chronic health struggles and creating a positive community.

Juliana has also opened for Snoop Dogg, reached over 2 million streams and views on both Spotify and YouTube, stars in an independent film titled Hope and a Future, and is releasing another single this year with the world-renowned Darius Rucker. With a steady stream of content expected for 2024, Juliana is well on her way to becoming a fixture in modern music.


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Miist’s Alluring Sound Resonates Globally, Paving the Way for a Gold Album

Vocally talented in multiple genres, newcomer singer/songwriter Miist has captured the attention of one of the world’s top producers and is currently in the studio with Grammy & Emmy Winning Producer Narada Michael Walden ( Top 10 All-Time Producers 2023). Narada’s Tarpan Studios has also committed to submitting Miist for a Grammy Nomination in the New Artist category.

Miist closed out 2023 with a last-minute drop of a new single on December 29, ‘Remember Me Again’ quickly climbed the iTunes charts. Entering the charts at #21, the hauntingly romantic pop song rose to #15 quickly, settling in at #7 until the end of the day, ranking #16 in all genres. The latest single passed ‘Flowers’ by Miley Cyrus, “Is It Over Now’ by Taylor Swift, and edged out ‘Dance the Night’ by Dua Lipa.

Her current repertoire includes 45 songs, including eight with Narada as co-writer, and consistent radio and streaming play in North America almost guarantees a Gold Album in January 2024.

Miist has released five music videos in the past 30 days and recently completed a series of video shoots in Bali, Hawaii, and various stunning Asian luxury locations.

Media attention has been steady, and Miist is the subject of upcoming features in two luxury publications: Haute Living (Los Angeles, New York, Miami) and Folio.YVR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine (Vancouver).

Miist’s music is from the heart and appeals to an international audience that yearns for simpler times, a less explicit world, and a world where love rules.

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Tosyn: From Lagos to Canada – ‘No Problem’ Hits the Global Stage on the Hollywood Playlist now.

Experience the vibrant beats of Tosyn’s latest smash hit, “No Problem,” now dominating the Hollywood FM Digital Daily A-List Playlist! We’re thrilled to announce that this infectious single from the multi-talented Nigerian Canadian and American artist, Tosyn Afolabi, is lighting up the airwaves.

Dive into the playlist for non-stop rhythms day and night, with “No Problem” reigning as a special AFROPOP POWERPLAY at 5:30 PM Pacific USA time every night for the upcoming month. Known professionally as Tosyn, this Afropop and Afro Contemporary sensation hails from Lagos, Nigeria, and now calls Canada home.

With a string of hits like “Get It,” “Hey Mama,” “Superman,” and “Flex,” Tosyn, an independent artist, remains dedicated to his music and loyal fanbase. Tosyn’s captivating music video for “No Problem” is now available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube, offering a visual feast to complement the infectious beats of the song. Join the movement and groove to the rhythm of Tosyn’s musical prowess!

Socials: IG: @classiktosyn
YouTube: @classiktosyn