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It’s the season for holiday music, and if you want an upbeat, fun, and modern take on that you won’t go wrong with EclecticBlonde’s “One Less Minute to Christmas”.

It’s the season for holiday music, and if you want an upbeat, fun, and modern take on that you won’t go wrong with EclecticBlonde’s “One Less Minute to Christmas”. This song has a catchy, timeless melody and production. It has a cool old-school pop r&b flavor, yet it still feels modern and crisp. It is reminiscent of Mariah Carey’s classic “All I Want for Christmas is You” but with a fresh modern twist. It explores the anticipation of sharing the holiday with a loved one, shopping online and hoping the gifts arrive in time.

The artist has a beautiful, warm voice that really adds to the feeling in the song. Her voice blends perfectly with the production to make it a new modern classic for Christmas. If you can’t get enough of upbeat, up-tempo, happy holiday tunes, then this one is going to be right up your alley!

Focused on memorable acoustic pop songs , Canadian singer-songwriter Bonnie Ryan landed her very first song on the radio as EclecticBlonde in 2019 and followed that up with several more since that time. She is continuing to write and release songs that all have a lovely emotional quality which encourages you to press ‘play’ again and again. She also writes songs for other artists and for film and tv.


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‘Bigg Chulo’ is a Rap Artist who recently dropped this Big Hit ‘Mouth Fulla Gold’

Bigg Chulo is a Upcoming Rapper from Lumberton, North Carolina who has been known for clever finesse and Juugin wordplay. He dropped his first single “Watch The Door” back in 2016 featuring Viral Sensation Bussdown who is currently Facing Life for Murder. After balancing Street Life and Court Dates, Bigg Chulo returns in 2019. He Dropped two Major mixtapes “Newtown Baby” and “Trappy Trappin” which has been creating a larger Buzz.

Bigg Chulo is a Rap Artist who recently just made this Big Hit ‘Mouth Fulla Gold’ in the studio and releases the music video for it.

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‘Luca Draccar’ announces new concept release ‘Neo Noir Plaisir’

“The stories that speak to us most intensely have the ability to erase those who tell them and also those who invented them. Narrator and author sink into a noir oblivion: only the stories remain.” says cross-genre artist, Luca Draccar. His next release, ‘Neo Noir Plaisir,’ is a concept record of abstract soundscapes and futuristic textures. The three-track release will be available on all streaming platforms in November 2021.

Refusing to take part in rules and regulations, when it comes to music, Luca Draccar breaks boundaries, experimenting with every modernistic medium at his fingertips. Crafted in dark spaces ‘Neo Noir Plaisir’ is full of electronic curiosity
and dissonant fascination. It’s sonically intense, full of drama and tension, fragmented by moments of euphoria and ecstasy all tied together with techno influences and a psychedelic edge.

‘Neo Noir Plaisir’ is the much anticipated follow up to the success of Luca Draccar’s previous EP ‘Soul Grabber.’

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‘Randy MC’ full name Randy Martono-Chai is a Taiwanese-American vocalist, songwriter, producer, and pianist born December 25 1994 in Taipei, Taiwan

Randy MC; full name Randy Martono-Chai is a Taiwanese-American vocalist, songwriter, producer, and pianist born December 25 1994 in Taipei, Taiwan where he lived till the age of 4. His family moved to the United States of America and Randy was raised in Southern California, Randy has Filipino, Chinese, Indonesian, and Spanish roots and is a well-rounded Musical Theater performer as well as an accomplished classical and alt-pop singer who has firmly established himself as a professional solo act. His current movement is centered around promoting love and acceptance towards the Asian community in America.

Early Life

Born to Seventh-day Adventist Missionaries who were also Biology majors in College. His father studied medicine before being deployed as a missionary and his mother later got a master’s degree in Public Health. Randy showed great musical interest from a young age. He took after his mother’s musical side and began piano lessons and flute in the 3rd grade. He later took up voice lessons bartering them for piano accompaniment services.  He often played accompaniment for choirs and groups and used this as an income stream and found his first job working for a Lutheran Church in Moreno Valley, CA. He went on to work for various denominations such as the Methodist, Episcopal, and Catholic Church. He is currently working for a Center for Spiritual Living in Temecula, Temecula Valley, SoCal. 

Growing up his father wanted him to follow in the field of science and become a doctor, however, Randy’s tenacity and passion kept him growing in music and he later joined Varsity Men’s choir in High School as well as a tops Chamber Choir known as Chamber Singers and played flute in Wind Ensemble. He also played piano in and toured with a Jazz Band and today is an accomplished instrumentalist who plays the flute, piccolo, piano, and organ. 


Randy spent 7 years in VA and is currently based in the South.  He graduated from Shenandoah University with a Bachelor of Music and a double major in Performance and Jazz studies. He was one of the 5 students in the history of the conservatory to complete the double major in 2 music programs in 4 years.

Before he moved to the South from SoCal, Randy developed a very acute affinity to Western art, jazz, and musical theatre. He also played with the Redlands High School Jazz Ensemble, a competitive band that toured Seattle in 2012. He also competed in the Inland Empire Piano Festival and would win the competition consistently. He had already diversified his musical talents at a young age having directed his first musical at the age of 16, a community production of Robinhood: The Musical at Yucaipa Little Theatre in Yucaipa. In college, he also learned how to teach and developed his prowess in musical theatre. He is also adept at scoring and arranging music in different styles and has taken conducting lessons. 

Randy continued his work as a piano accompanist as well as a vocal competitor. He has also done a lot of work in production particularly for the band Souled Out. 

Evolution and Genres

Although being initially exposed to Classical, Christian, and Gospel music. Randy transitioned to jazz, classical, musical theatre, and pop. Over the years he has played and performed Hymnal music, Choral, Jazz, and Classical music. As a solo act, he mainly performs Alternative Pop music with elements of  R&B, Rock, and Jazz. 


Randy MC has 5 singles titled “High”, “Baby Girl”, “Idgit”, “Partynauseous”, and “Several Times a Day” in his emerging alt-pop catalog. His songs are well thought out and carry nuances of Jazz and various syncopated elements. He has 6 singles that make up the EP dubbed “#StartAsianLove”. His main characteristics are smooth vocals and a refreshing writing style that is innovative and shows a sense of fearless creativity. He will be releasing his debut EP dubbed “#StartAsianLove” which is an Alt-pop project filled with substance and a heartwarming message that will change perceptions about Asian Culture in America as well as inspire and drive us to introspective conversations.

Personal Life

In August 2020 after recording 2 songs of his EP Randy decided to travel the country, particularly in the south starting with Northern Virginia to Baltimore to Chesapeake Bay to Cincinnati to West Virginia to Nashville where he stopped to record more parts of the songs. He then proceeded to Pigeon Forge then Dollywood and Atlanta. Randy then went to Savannah then Disneyworld in Orlando Florida and eventually New Orleans where he stayed for 2 months. This is where he wrote and worked on more music, collaborating with local musicians finding inspiration in the vibrant city of New Orleans taking various motifs and themes from New Orleans. The EP cover reflects Randy’s response to the #StopAsianHate movement. He wants to normalize Asian and Asian-American culture in the US.

Current work

Randy has been performing, producing, teaching, and coaching all over CA, WV, and the DMV (DC, MD, & VA) since the age of 14. He currently offers online & in-home music lessons and coaching for artists at all levels as well as arranging and orchestrating music scores.


He has taken up various roles over the years. He served as a rehearsal pianist for 10 musicals and doubled as music director and assistant music director for 6 musicals. Most notably, he was the Music Director in several iconic musicals performed at the Apollo Civic Theatre such as Mamma Mia and The Wedding Singer.


As a classical singer, he made his Kennedy Center concert debut in 2019.

Associated Acts

Randy also played in the cover band Souled Out,  a prominent and well-known band in one of the best funk and Motown bands in Shenandoah Valley that predominantly plays funk and Motown hits as well as covers of some Pop songs.  Randy performed with the band for over 5 years.



Madi Simmons continues to speak to you through the music with new single ‘No Way I’m Staying Down’

Madi Simmons entered the performing scene at the age of 16. He started out playing the drums, songwriting, and singing. Throughout his life, Madi’s key musical influences have been Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, John Bonham (Drummer), Bob Marley, and Peter Tosh, and that’s just to name a few. There are many other influences that you can hear in his voice. Madi has got a wide musical range and can send your mind to a nostalgic place……with vibes that remind us of Black Uhuru and a voice that combines Gregory Issac, Peter Tosh, and Dennis Brown into one, Madi Simmons is still pushing out his sweet reggae music. Mainly known for playing drums and having a strong vocal delivery, Madi learned over the years to perfect that one drop among other styles, though as you will hear, his preference is to use his voice. He has toured quite a bit in the last 20 years, performing on stages from the Pacific Northwest, California, Hawaii, and from the Midwest to the West Coast.

Madi has appeared at major events such as Cougar Mountain fest, Benbow Summer Art fair, Unity fest, North Country Fair, and even Reggae On The River as an Emcee and performer. Now he is sparking interest in Europe and other parts of the world Madi was also voted best indie artist on two different showcases, Review Indie and Top Indie Artist 2018 on Shyrick Radio.

Madi Simmons has a catalog of albums dating back many years including Get You Some 2005, One Love EP 2008, Reggae Against Landmines – Volume 1 2011, Reggae Against Landmines – Volume 2 2011, Reggae Against Landmines, Vol. 3 EP 2012 My Time Is Now – EP 2012, A Time For Love – EP 2012, Dread & Alive Kindah, Vol. 4 2012.

Review of Northern California Live Show at Siphos; Jamaican restaurant in Chico California featuring Madi Simmons Oct 13, 2018 “I had the lively roots experience of catching Madi Simmons perform live at Sipho’s Jamaican Restaurant and Cafe in Chico in Northern California. As Madi came on stage the conscious vibes came with him. As I listened to Madi sing, I felt him channeling the highest One Love spirit. Madi’s voice brings the true down-to-earth Blues Reggae tones and transports the audience to a place of Soul meets Reggae. I felt like I was in the islands, hearing Roots and Gospel blended with Blues and Soul. It is not every day that you hear an artist, like Madi, that can freestyle and deliver a vocal message of Unity. His songwriting addresses the injustices of the world, yet he does not leave you in a heavy place. His strong voice connects deeply with his Chicago Blues and Gospel family roots as it rises to leave the audience with a message of consciousness and love as only Reggae can.

If Madi Simmons sits in on his drum kit or conga drums get ready to move your feet. His drumming rumbles like the earthquakes that roll through San Francisco, at one time his hometown. If you are looking to be uplifted, catch him live and add his songs to your playlist. If he comes out of his base in the Pacific Northwest Redwood Forests, to a town near you, buy your tickets early as he is likely to sell out. Bless and Love Sister iIQueen Kathleen ”

Madi Simmons continues to “speak to you through the music” on current issues that touch his heart.

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‘J. Maurice’ Releases Long Awaited Video “FACETIME”

J. Maurice’s new hit single entitled “Facetime” is a pumping tribute to the dating culture of the past year. The lyrics cleverly describe the situation many find themselves in throughout the world under quarantine, where the drive to find love is still high, but they’re unable to meet up due to the pandemic. Instead, he says to “Facetime me girl.” The steady beat and hip-hop overtones will inspire a need to get up and dance when you hear it, and many will relate on a personal level to the J. Maurice’s lyrics.

From St. Lucia in the Caribbean but living in New Zealand, mixed genre artist ‘Manu Francois’ releases new material on ‘Humanity’

Manu Francois is a mixed genre artist from St. Lucia in the Caribbean, living in New Zealand. Been playing music all his life. His music spans a variety of styles and tastes. This is his 4th studio album and he has released many singles as well.

He says “This EP was written as a cathartic expression of realness in me. I wanted to create something that truly expressed the shape and colour of my heart and soul, no frills, no fancy technological additions. This EP is for once, not chasing fame and fortune but delivered as a gift to the listening world from my humble heart”.


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Inspiration and motivation are central aspects of the music coming from Canadian artist ‘Garcia Douglas’

Inspiration and motivation are central aspects of the music coming from Canadian artist Garcia Douglas. Her style is from the heart – from the soul – and as such it has a depth and richness that listeners all over the world are finding refreshing. That positive, uplifting vibe is intentional, and it’s put on full display with her singles.
Garcia started her journey in music as a child, singing in church choirs and performing at school. She said every opportunity to sing was a good one, even if it was as a backup artist or in a group. She has always loved singing and entertaining people, and now as an adult she continues to do that as often as she can, albeit with deeper, more soulful messages.

“Being creative gives me a whole new world to explore and enjoy,” she said. “I’ve learned a lot through life. When I was younger I couldn’t communicate what I wanted to very well, but now I’m in a place where I feel like I have more to offer. I have a lot of world experience, and I don’t want to keep what I’ve learned to myself. I want to be able to help everyone – to show them how to get through some things faster and better than I did. I want to inspire others to live their dreams, no matter their age or where they are in life. It’s never too late to do something really great.”


ITunes: I Say No – Single by G Douglas