‘Shelly Ross’ Brings out stunning video ‘Masterpiece’

It’s a well-known presumption that an aspect repeated twice becomes a citation of boredom as it’s a kind of phenomenon that thrives in the human nature.

But for the artist we are illuminating today, repeating her songs over and over again is nothing but a permanent serenity for audience around the globe as her music has the unravelling capability of stirring the sentiments of people admitting them to enjoy every tone and relish it every time it is heeded. Who’s this amazing artist? It is none other than Award winning Canadian singersongwriter-recording artist

Shelly Ross who is arriving all your way with her exceeding music abilities. Very exciting right?

On the contrary, who is Shelly Ross? If that’s what you’re wondering then fortunate as it seems you are becoming interested in the talent, we have at hand today. Shelly Ross is a Canadian artist born in Port of Spain; Trinidad now based in Vancouver, who came forth in the music industry to showcase her supernatural abilities in assembling soulful tones and soothing melodies that allure you twice. Working with one of the glorious coming producer JProduct, Shelly Ross music gains a distinct colour and vibe with a sprinkle of her producer’s soulful positive vibes along with our queen’s alluring charisma making her music an extraordinary entity to heed.

“The power of music can send universal positive vibrations and can heal and teach the masses”.

You might be wondering who asserted this touching line. Well, it’s none other than Shelly Ross whose music capabilities is in intimate sync with her quote and wouldn’t it be the case? With Shelly Ross music encompassing R&B and pop while mixing genres resulting in beautiful melodies, her music indeed universally appeals the mind and souls out in the world giving their hearts an intention to heal. How aesthetic.

An artist is known by the quality of content that he is able to make for the fans. As a reliable and surging artist, Shelly Ross has always aimed at making the best out of best for audience and while creating music this has always been her priority, appearing on shows like featuring on the “L.I.D.S show on Wayne State University’s student radio station L.I.D.S, HOT 97’s Who’s Next, make a Move Magazine, Showcase Magazine, and Poze Radio” verified the heightening quality content she aims at only for her fans to relish.

Winning Best R&B song award for her song entitled “Tell Me” given by Poze Productions sponsored by Doug E. Fresh along with forging some best music out there depicts the talent Shelly Ross possess making everyone a hardcore bias of the artist as a whole.

Biasing Shelly Ross will mean much more than barely music. It will mean eternal memories, worth listening tunes and melodies that you never get tired of. So, what you waiting for? Go and give your senses a treat by listening Shelly Ross new song along with her stunning video for “Masterpiece” and let the party started.

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Watch Masterpiece on Youtube

DISCOVER POP ROCK BALLADS OF ALL TIME: After supporting Lady Ga Ga, Akon and dropping tracks with lil’Jon, ‘Kristen Karma’ carries on her global success with her touching and universal piano and pop rock ballad ‘Dear John’

Toronto-based artist Kristen Karma has released a music video tribute to her father, “Dear John.” The single was released on October 19th 2019, Kristen’s birthday and continues to grow globally since it’s release.

This song is about wondering if they are watching what we are doing, and are proud of what they see. ”— Kristen Karma

“Kristen Karma melts hearts with ‘Dear John’…Goosebumps. A Rating!” – Markos Papadatos, Digital Journal

“(Dear John)’ takes the standard singer-songwriter elements and elevates them to new heights…visually stunning!” – Joe Smith-Engelhardt, Exclaim.ca

2019 has been a record year for Toronto’s Kristen Karma. Her single release “Party Heroes” reached the Top 20 on the iTunes Pop Songs chart, while her follow-up “Try” hit the Top 30 Pop and Top 65 All Genres. The electro-pop singer-songwriter racked up tens of thousands of Spotify streams and Youtube views for both; reaching airplay chart positions on both sides of the Atlantic. One might ask, “How does she top this recent success?”

The answer is “Dear John,” an epic music video production directed by Ryan Ellis and featuring one of the song’s co-writers, Marian Hanna, with a guest appearance from Mr. ATP. Co-producer (along with Karma) Mark Zubek is also a co-writer on the song.

DISCOVER POP ROCK BALLADS OF ALL TIME: After supporting Lady Ga Ga, Akon and dropping tracks with lil’Jon, ‘Kristen Karma’ carries on her global success with her touching and universal piano and pop rock ballad ‘Dear John’ – Discover Pop Rock Dance UK

“I sat down with my good friend and upcoming artist Marian Hanna one day, for a song writing session and decided that, since it was coming up to her brother’s 10th anniversary of his passing, and my father’s 2 year anniversary, that we should write something together for them,” said Karma. “We talked about what sort of a song we wanted to write, and in about 15 minutes, we had a demo written and recorded on my phone. A few days later, we were talking and put it together that her brother’s and my father’s name were John, and therefore decided to call the new single ‘Dear John.”

Kristen continues, “This song is about wondering if they are watching what we are doing, and are proud of what they see. We continue to go about our lives everyday, but never know if those who are close to us, that have passed, continue to watch us from above.”

Watch the video for “Dear John”:


The video has already been honoured as an Official Selection in the Direct Monthly Online Film Festival (DMOFF) and a Semi-finalist in the Visualis Film Festival. The song has won Best International Song in the American Tracks Music Awards.


In 2013, Kristen Karma was selected as one of two performers to play the Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball After-party and open for Tour DJ/Lady Gaga BFF, Lady Starlight in Vancouver. With rave reviews from her performance, Kristen went on to work with lil’Jon on her single “Sirens.”

In 2017, Karma opened for Grammy Award Winner Akon in Guelph, Ontario on his Canadian Promo Tour. Hot on the heels of her performance, Kristen was approached and selected to play the Lady Gaga – Joanne World Tour VIP After-party, once again in Vancouver, following Lady Gaga’s performance at Rogers Arena.


Karma has a certificate in Audio Engineering from Hot Sole Music, She has studied voice with Judith Rabinovitch, who has worked with the likes of Avril Lavigne and Sarah McLachlan.”


Website: www.kristenkarma.com


SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/kristenkarma


Twitter: @Kristen_Karma

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1vIkOwDORyuzQ0QDWYObrC