Celebrating Synthwave Brilliance: ‘Aqua’ Makes a Splash in Digital Music Landscape

In a serendipitous fusion of talent born from the digital realm, the latest single “Aqua” emerges as a vibrant testament to the power of online collaboration. Dale Digitale and Hashtagman, hailing from the bustling music scene of Johannesburg, South Africa, unite their creative forces to unveil a synthwave masterpiece that transcends boundaries.

The genesis of this collaboration traces back to the viral sensation platform, TikTok, where the duo first connected. Hashtagman, a multifaceted artist renowned for his prowess in production, launchpad wizardry, and DJ finesse, brings his eclectic palette to the table. His fervent passion for Electronic Dance Music (EDM) fuels his exploration across various genres, ranging from pulsating house beats to the hypnotic realms of psytrance and techno.

With a vision to infuse hues of sonic vibrancy into the musical landscape, Hashtagman embarks on a chromatic journey. Enter “Aqua,” the inaugural installment in his ambitious “synesthesia” playlist project. Each release, aptly named after a color, aims to paint auditory canvases that resonate with listeners on a visceral level. This synthwave opus, crafted alongside longtime friend Dale Digitale, signifies a departure into uncharted territory for both artists.

Dale Digitale, a luminary in the realm of synthesizer mastery, channels his penchant for 80s-infused Synthwave Pop into the fabric of “Aqua.” His storied past, marked by stints in London’s Indie Rock scene with Fur-lined, lends depth to his musical journey. From gracing the airwaves of BBC Radio One to rubbing shoulders with Britpop icons like Suede, Dale’s evolution as an artist is as compelling as it is diverse.

Now, in the digital age, Dale Digitale finds solace in the pulsating rhythms of synthesizers and the boundless possibilities they entail. TikTok serves as his canvas, where he showcases his sonic experiments and infectious synth pop grooves to an ever-expanding audience.

As “Aqua” washes over the airwaves, listeners are invited to immerse themselves in a sonic ocean teeming with nostalgia and innovation. With Dale Digitale and Hashtagman at the helm, the future of electronic music shines brighter than ever, beckoning enthusiasts worldwide to ride the wave of their electrifying collaboration.




The incredible ‘Martin Brothers’ Bring an 80’s Sheen back to life with ‘So Cold’

While the days are getting cooler and darker, so does the new single of the Two Brothers.

“So Cold” is the name of the new hot track that takes the listener right into the heat. It’s a kind of the cold and darker answer to their previous single “Looking For You”.

Of course, you’ll find all the Martin Brothers ingredients like the glittering synth-sounds, the spheric retro pads paired with a sing along chorus. But this time they added a touch of R&B to get the catchy groove constantly going. It’s one of those tracks that really capture the vibe of a big city night and mystical romance.

Imagine you drive with your car through the neon streets of Los Angeles, Bangkok and so on or walking down the stairs to an underground club, well So Cold will definitely bring you right into that mood.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the Martin Brothers, if they didn’t also capture this feeling in a music video. Be sure not to miss that nightshift on YouTube, while they are heading right into the heart of downtown Los Angeles at midnight.

Listen to the song and ask yourself… will these “cold eyes” catch fire again?