‘Shona McGarty’ from Eastenders is fronting The Celebs this year, with a moving performance of Beatles classic ‘Let It Be’.

It’s 2021, Saga Entertainment and The Celebs have reunited, this year fronted by Shona Mcgarty best known for playing Whitney Dean on Eastenders. Shona sings a heart warming rendition of the Beatles classic Let It Be. Released December 3rd 2021; accompanied by an uplifting music video.

Shona McGarty is fronting The Celebs this year, with a moving performance of Beatles classic Let It Be. Shona has a passion for music and puts her vocal talent to good use in supporting MIND, the mental health charity. At short notice Saga Entertainment gathered together a few wonderful people to back Shona and raise some much needed funds for MIND, including The Chase’s Anne Hegerty, BBC Antique expert Charlie Ross, charismatic actor Ivan Kaye, super model & fashion designer Eunice Olumide MBE and more.

The nation has faced tremendous challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic and one over whelming issue, is mental health. Just maybe this heartfelt version of Let It Be will help those feeling distress by bringing them a little comfort this Christmas. Let It Be hits stores December 3rd, just in time for a run at the Christmas number one. If there’s any song that deserves to return to it’s rightful number one spot, it’s Let It Be.

Shona Mcgarty who plays Whitney Dean on Eastenders said ‘I wanted to be part of this recording to raise much needed funds for MIND. So many people have had to reach out for help because of the challenges that COVID-19 raised. Unfortunately, the NHS are overwhelmed and under resourced, when it comes to mental health provision. MIND is a valuable source of help, but MIND need funds to be able to continue the wonderful work they do.’

Shona continued ‘It was an honour to be asked to sing such a beautiful song, “Let It Be” by legend Sir Paul McCartney, it was such a fun day, and meant a lot to me. It!s an honour to be part of something so important.’

Paul McCartney says about the song ‘I had the most comforting dream, my mother appeared and she said to me very gently, very reassuringly: “Let it be.” It was lovely. I woke up with a great feeling. It was really like she had visited me at this very difficult point in my life and gave me this message: Be gentle, don!t fight things, just try and go with the flow and it will all work out.’

‘For me Christmas is a time where the most beautiful thing is to think about those who are suffering, those who have sacrificed and those who may not have what they need. That!s why taking part on this incredible single was so close to my heart! said super model Eunice Olumide MBE.

‘We had a fabulous day at the brilliant Metropolis Studios delighted to be supporting the mental health charity Mind. Full of the Christmas spirit we sang our hearts out for this classic tune and did it with love and joy. I hope we can inspire the public and persuade them to support this extraordinary and important charity.’ said the world famous Ivan Kaye.

The Chase’s Anne Hegerty added ‘I had a great time singing on this. It’s such a classic song and such a very worthy cause, and it’s always brilliant working with Jack and Grahame. Shona does a wonderful job with the lead vocal!’

ITV Presenter Verona Rose said ‘Mind, is a charity close to my heart. Christmas is my favourite time of the year. So it is an absolute honour to take part in this Celebrity Christmas song that will raise funds for such a wonderful charity. Lots of love to all.’

I’m so proud to be involve in this year’s single Let It Be, in support of an amazing charity, MIND. Mind get people the support and help they need when their mental health is suffering. This single was so much fun to record and I hope you love it’ said world famous actress Georgia Hirst.

Ian O!Reilly, Head of Community & Events Fundraising at Mind, said: “We are really grateful to Saga Entertainment for choosing to support Mind through the release of their Christmas single, and we hope it brings about some festive cheer. It continues to be a really challenging time and many of us will be feeling the lasting impact of the pandemic on our mental health and wellbeing, especially for those of us with existing mental health problems. One in four of us will experience a mental health problem in any given year, and it!s so important that no one has to face this alone.

Every donation that Mind receives allows us to campaign to improve services and provide information and support. This includes through services such as Mind Infoline, legal line and our online peer support community for adults, Side by Side, so we can be there for as many people who need us as possible.”

Shona Mcgarty leads a choir of stars who volunteered to sing their hearts out in support of MIND. A project devised by music producers Grahame and Jack Corbyn for Saga Entertainment and recorded at Metropolis Studios with grammy award winning engineer Paul Norris. The single is released in support of Mind, the mental health charity.

Let It Be by Shona McGarty ft. The Celebs is set for release on December 3rd.



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