Independent record label Jet City Records makes major debut with ‘City of the Jets’ album

Canada continues to change the game, first Drake, now with independent label Jet City Records’ debut album ‘City of the Jets.’

Music has long been praised by artists for saving them from the path they once walked and giving them an outlet through the tough moments in life. Independent record label Jet City Records, also known as Jet City is using their love of hip hop to touch the world. With the dark place the world is in due to the Covid pandemic, many have suffered, and many more are suffering. Jet City has chosen this time to debut their first
album amid the crisis as a means to not only survive the lockdown but help the world navigate through it with their sound.

Jet city records is an indigenous/ Black-owned label from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada that began its journey in 2019. It’s artists and founder all share the same vision and purpose, to use music to better the world and reach those who need it most.

The label comprises of artists Loco 2k, Nucky Jmc, Big Ox, Rup Monsta and founder and ex-drug dealer Nigel Pahl, now known as Mic North. North is a testament to the power music has to spark change and find a way out of crime and poverty.
Since his release from jail in 2011, music has continued to be his
gateway from his past and the catalyst to a brighter positive future.
With his life turning a new leaf, he has not only founded Jet City, but is an advocate for the youth with his youth-based workshop series ‘Maps Workshops.’

To date, Jet City has released a total of 21 music videos and their undeniable talent and genuine character has brought them a dedicated fanbase that continues to expand. Jet City has had its fair share of hardships throughout the pandemic not being able to perform and make the income they otherwise would, but their aim in hip-hop isn’t for wealth and fame, but to use their love of the genre to create songs that can help someone get through whatever storms they are enduring. To this end, they have also created their podcast ‘Hip Hop is Life’ to connect with their fans and be present through these trying times.

With the 13-track album making its arrival on January 1st, Jet City has released two singles, ‘Highs and Lows’ and ‘Moment.’ Each serve as a medicine to the world. The first, ‘Highs and Lows’ discusses the brutal reality of suicide and the tragedy of the missing, murdered men and women across Canada and the world. The accompanying music video is scheduled for release on January 15th and features Nucky Jmc, Ag Souljah and Mic North delivering an uplifting final verse. Nucky Jmc is currently enjoying the success of his number one hit ‘Forever’ on the Indigenous Music Countdown while Ag Souljah who is also an Indigenous artist is making moves creating his lane as a dope and talented artist.

The second single ‘Moment’ revolves around love and being the moment with a special someone. It features a smooth hook from Loco 2k, and a bridge of similar depth by Aye Michelle while Mic north and Rup Monsta does their thing on the verses.

City of the Jets shares production between elite producer/owner Rup Monsta who handles 80% of production, 19-year-old CCIV, and Peshawn kelly also from Winnipeg, Manitoba. This potent combination of talent gives the album a sound unique to Winnipeg, coining it as Boom Trap, boom-bap sample sound with trap style drums. Jet City is the face of hip-hop in Winnipeg and distinguishing the sound of their city from the competition. As the world submerges in their powerhouse album, Jet City also has solo albums planned from every artist on their roster. With their dedication and love for hip-hop, the future may be seeing a new label at the top soon.

Stream their album and join their movement via these links:


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