Experience the Cinematic Magic of Max Ayeza’s New Single on The Hollywood Daily POWERPLAY

Exciting news! ‘Never Giving Up On You,’ the breathtaking new single by Max Ayeza, has earned a spot on the prestigious Hollywood FM Digital Daily A-List Playlist. Prepare to immerse yourself in its cinematic charm day and night, with a special POWERPLAY at 3:30 PM Pacific USA time, filling your afternoons with pure magic throughout the coming month.

Max Ayeza delves into the essence of this single, describing it as a poignant reflection on the complexities of relationships. She emphasizes the trials one faces in love, acknowledging that it isn’t always smooth sailing. Despite the challenges, the song celebrates the unwavering commitment and acceptance that define genuine love.

Formerly part of the band “Childstar” rooted in Manila, Max Ayeza embarked on a solo musical journey after the band disbanded, granting her newfound artistic freedom. With complete control over her creativity, she now focuses on songwriting while her husband, Aaron, her former bandmate, aids in production and composition, marking a liberating phase in her career.

Max Ayeza’s eclectic musical palette spans from classic pop icons like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper to contemporary sensations like Olivia Rodrigo and Gayle, showcasing her diverse influences that shape her unique sound.

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Epic Pop Powerplay: ‘You and I’ by Neon Phoenix Casts Its Spell on Playlist Audiences

We are pleased to announce that the haunting new dreamy pop ballad ‘You and I’ from ‘Neon Phoenix’ is now on the Daily A-List PLaylist. Hear this epic and majestic pop ballad with its haunting vocals and cinematic production on the playlist + it will also be played as a special EPIC POP POWERPLAY at 5 PM Pacific time to start your night for the next month. This extremely melodic pop ballad has a stadium sized sound that captivates you with its universal appeal and beautiful melodic vocals.