Join the Musical Journey: Tom & His Free Mockingbirds’ ‘DeLorean Our Chrissie, Please’ Spreads Festive Cheer on the playlist

Tom & His Free Mockingbirds have introduced their latest Christmas single, “DeLorean Our Chrissie, Please (FT Raelle Grace),” to the 2023 Holiday Playlist. This cheerful tune will grace your ears every few hours on the playlist and will be spotlighted as a special CHRISTMAS POWERPLAY, playing daily at 9 PM Pacific USA time throughout the festive season and into the new year.

Tom, the band’s songwriter-producer and frontman, envisions propelling his indie band to great heights, aiming for a scale akin to legendary bands like Count Basie & His Orchestra. Drawing inspiration from blues icons like Duke Ellington & His Big Band and Count Basie & His Orchestra, Tom’s songwriting prowess shines through in the band’s eclectic love for genres, particularly Blues and Folk Rocks.

Greet the season with “DeLorean Our Chrissie, Please (FT Raelle Grace),” the band’s third single from the Christmas album “Chrissie Rhapsody I & II.” Crafted with the aspiration to provide a momentary escape for the world’s young minds amidst conflicts and chaos, this song embodies a whimsical “make-believe” story.

In this three-minute musical tale, meet Doc Brown Whizz, his DeLorean, and the enchanting realm of make-believe, offering a brief respite and eliciting smiles and warmth during this festive period. Additionally, the band extends heartfelt wishes to Michael J. Fox, known for his role in the Back to the Future movie series and now battling Parkinson’s disease. Hoping this “Marty-Tune” reaches him, invoking joyful memories and smiles.

Tom & His Free Mockingbirds invite you to join their musical journey, celebrating the season with their big-hearted indie-musees band.


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