Exclusive ‘OCR’ Interview as New Single ‘Sprite’ Drops

Tell us about your background getting to where you are today?

We both grew up in South East London, Thamesmead to be exact. We met each other in school and we’ve been best mates since year 7, grew together over the past ten years, being in the same group of boys etc.

Where are you from?

South East London, Thamesmead

When did you start music?

We Started music in January/February 2020 early on in the year. We were writing a lot before releasing our first song and then we started properly posting ourselves out on socials in June 2020.

How did you get into music?

It was at the beginning of the year, DBE had dropped three tapes in 2019, M Huncho had also just dropped another tape, Nafe was also getting more recognition and we looked at each other and thought, why not? We both love music, love the sound they create, we’d rather be making music than doing a job for the rest of our lives we don’t enjoy, so what do we have to lose? We’ve both loved music for a long time, in particular rap/trap wave.

What is the most challenging thing you have overcome in your life?

We’ve both had to overcome similar challenging issues throughout our lives. Losing loved ones, losing people you thought you’d always be close with because they broke the trust you had, back stabbers, fake friends with fake loyalty, mental health issues etc.

Are you currently signed or independent?


Who inspires you the most musically?

Both our inspirations are similar in some ways, more diverse in others. For example, both look up to the likes of M Huncho, Nafe Smallz, DBE. Individually, Atrip found himself connecting with artists such as JuiceWrld and Rinzo listened to lots of Lil Wayne just to name one each as there’s far too many!

What do you want people to take away after listening to your music?

We want people to take positive and wavy/creative vibes from our music but also the reality that life is tough. You do have pain and tough times, but you will always get through them and be stronger.

Any new music coming out soon?

Yes! Lots! The next single we will be releasing is called Sprite towards the end of November but over the next 2 months leading into the new year, people can expect to see at least 4 new singles.

What is your greatest achievement as a musician?

Our greatest achievement as musicians is just getting into the booth and writing and producing our first song putting it out to people. It can be hard to find the courage to step into the booth for the first time but with the right mentality and people working with us we did it with ease.

Do you produce your own music? If not who do you work with?

We produce our music by finding beats we both like on YouTube and then working with different producers that way. We enjoy reaching out to new producers and finding different sounds that other producers offer.

Who is one artist you wish you could work with?

Picking one is very tough.

If it had to be one Rinzo would love to work with M Huncho, hearing what people say, he’s a really genuine guy, fun to be around and the studio would have incredible vibes. Atrip would love to work with Nafe Smallz, for similar reasons above, plus, he’s met him once already!

Tell us about any new music you have coming out? When is coming out? What is it about?

Sprite is coming out this November. Sprite is a fun song we expect people to play at max volume and have a good time to. Throughout the song there’s mentions of all of the challenging issues we mentioned above. Trust issues, some elements of drug abuse, mental health, other elements of us having fun and enjoying yourself so yeah, quite a mixed bag to say the least. We just met one day and wrote what we felt at the time.

What does a day inside your shoes look like?

Day in the life of OCR is wake up, vibe out, link up and then browse beats, write bars and work on perfecting our music. We spend a lot of time chilling in the car writing, studio and our yards.

Anything else you want the audience to know about you?

We’re just two ordinary guys that want to create great music, consistently and help to influence the music industry. We’re always looking to improve, try new things and always want feedback from people outside of our circle.


Even if you just want a chat, drop us a DM on Insta and we’ll get back instantly (pun not intended).

Instagram @OCR.music and you can find our individual pages there too.

DISCOVER MUSIC AND FASHION: Bronte & Cooper Mance are a hit at Paris Fashion Week and trending Fashion Parties with their luxury footwear brand ‘Naked Wolfe’ that gets Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Ariana Grande and Hailey Bieber doing the walking.

Born out of the frustration because of the lack of high quality, luxury & niche designs in the footwear market, the family owned and tightly ran business work in sync across the globe combining their defined roles to sculpt the ultimate spirit, body and mind of Naked Wolfe as a leading luxury footwear designer.

Designed with the intention to transcend the creative norms and fill the gap with the most eye-catching, attractive, affordable footwear with a luxury finish.

The youthful team that makes up Naked Wolfe challenges outdated thinking within the industry as creative directors Bronte (26) & Cooper Mance (22) aspire to powerfully influence the next generation of the fashion world.

London based & Globally renowned Luxury Footwear label Naked Wolfe championed an undisputed takeover on the streets of Paris throughout one of the biggest dates in the fashion calendar.


Kicking off the new year with an undefined movement, the menswear and womenswear fast fashion designer brand embarked on a journey to make a statement and have the illustrious Paris Fashion Week play as the ultimate stage for them. Reigning over Paris for the full duration of Paris Fashion Week, Naked Wolfe did not fail to make their presence known.

They impressively began to make waves on the footwear scene only just over 2 years ago and Naked Wolfe is solely owned and run by four siblings that are surpassing design norms and are all under the age of 28. Launching in November 2017, the on-trend brand is widely adored & has featured on some of the most famous and influential people’s feet, such as: Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Ariana Grande, Hailey Bieber and many more.

Naked Wolfe hosted a stunning showroom installation as a part of the spearheading MC2 Showroom on 41 Rue De Saintonge, appropriately amongst the Le Marais fashion district.

The showroom was a custom-built installation which enabled a branded experience from the get-go The showroom acts as their Paris cultural HQ, Naked Wolfe let loose onto the streets with a true force of elite creatives, models, content curators and producers.

Naked Wolfe Party

Teaming up with some of Paris’ real trendsetters and respected voices in the streetwear scene, Naked Wolfe kicked off a serious array of engaging and attractive street-inspired editorials that reflect Naked Wolfe’s true colours and brand vision…Remaining respectable on these streets and aspirational for those unique individuals that are yet to know what they’re missing out on.

Faces of the exclusive Paris editorials included none other than the cities fashionable prince Neptunes 2000, True supporter, Shamel Kendrick, the US Collaborating artist Yung Fume, PAUSE Magazine favourites & Boys Of The Summer – Silvan. Unlocked & Lucas Comin.

Naked Wolfe does not finish there, going the whole nine yards and playing no games… They teamed up with a local london creative agency Beam (www.b-e-a-m.com) to throw arguably one of
the best parties of the whole fashion week.

Beam curated the line up with some of the finest musical talent from the UK scene. The remarkable line up consisted of  Octavian, Jrick, L3 and Michael Phantom (Essie Gang), Nafe Smallz, Ms Banks and Young Fume.

Dj’s on the night where; Tiffany Calver, Snoochie Shy, Kenny Allstar, CVSS and Jamo Beatz.

Naked Wolfe Paris fashion week mens party was at Les Bains hotel the event achieved a truly monumental experience with guest as such as Daniel Kaluuya, Afro B, Suspect, Emerald Lewis and many more.

There were cues of people throughout the night and the venue hit capacity 3 times. It was completely epic, streets heaving with talks of anticipation for the next Naked Wolfe x Beam event.