Top South African Producer ‘Ciaran de Chaud’ rises from garage studio in South Africa to Grammy winning Hollywood Studio

South African music producer/engineer, Ciaran De Chaud (27) enters 1416 North La Brea Ave Hollywood for work each day.  It’s the historic location of Charlie Chaplins’ 1917 studio and today it operates as Henson, one of the music industry’s top recording facilities collaborating with artists like Taylor Swift, John Mayer and The Rolling Stones. 

De Chaud started out in a garage studio in Johannesburg South Africa, pitching for music for commercials against industry veterans in swanky studios.  His was a makeshift backyard set up, yet through his extraordinary talent and determined work ethic, he landed the pitches. He quickly built a reputation as a young producer/engineer with exceptional skill and versatility.  

Executive producer and owner of award-winning Cape Town production agency, 7Films Lourens Van Rensburg views Mr de Chaud as a rare rising star in the industry.

“There are very few people worldwide who are able to use the language of music to elevate our products in the way Ciaran can. His soundtracks always hit the mark emotionally and that is a true and rare talent”

Within a year, Ciaran had produced and engineered music for commercials for a range of major brands including Gillette, Mercedes Benz, Checkers, and Globacom.  His sensitive story-driven work with Gillette in 2018 became a cultural phenomenon and earned a mention from SA President Cyril Ramaphosa. Cieran played a pivotal role in its success garnering over 508 000 views on YouTube alone. 

He has an innate ability to understand and lift the vision of a brand to create soundtracks that leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s the engaging music and audio production of the Globacom – Glo Super Value Pack commercial or the soulful compelling message conveyed in the Checkers Grow campaign, de Chaud’s contributions consistently set him apart as a master of his craft.

De Chaud was set for a bright future in the advertising space in South Africa, but when he was offered a scholarship to hone his skills at Berklee in Boston and broaden his career horizons, he gathered his hard-earned savings and set off for the States.

He arrived in Boston in 2019 and he left 4 years later as the top student in the sought-after Music Production and Engineering Department.  Ciaran was the stand-out inaugural recipient of the Al Schmitt Award in 2022, given in recognition of the most exceptional upcoming engineer.

De Chaud worked under many industry icons, including Grammy winners Prince Charles Alexander (Notorious B.I.G, P Diddy), Leanne Ungar (Leonard Cohen) and Susan Rogers (Prince). He soon established collegial relationships with these leading industry figures and was entrusted with teaching and mentoring for Berklee College. Ciaran developed and managed a successful engineering mentoring initiative and established himself as an integral team member. He was first among a group of students hosted by Abbey Road and Real World Studios in the UK. 

While in the US, de Chaud worked alongside multiple Grammy winner Larry Klein, known for his work with Joni Mitchell, Herbie Hancock, Tracy Chapman and many others.  De Chaud and Larry  Klein co-produced the debut album ‘The Space Between’ with Norwegian Artist Ingrid Saga.  Reflecting on Ciaran’s contribution, Ingrid said “Working with Ciaran is both serious digging for depths and pockets of meaning, and just a great freaking hang!  He helps shape my music into what it is becoming”

Mr. de Chaud made significant waves in the music industry as a recording engineer on Jon Ranes’ album “Loverboy.” With his meticulous attention to detail and astute technical expertise, de Chaud helped shape the sonic identity of the album, resulting in an impressive cumulative total of approximately 8.8 million streams on Spotify alone. “Loverboy” soared to number two on Spotify’s “Top Albums – Norway” chart, solidifying de Chaud’s status as a force to be reckoned with in the music world.

More recently, Ciaran firmly set his sights on a position at Henson Recording Studios as his next step:    

                Hensons’ history, its insane studios and equipment, the A-listers who come through the doors every day, all offer me an escalated leap into the top echelons of the music industry.  It is an opportunity I had to take

In a competitive industry in the heart of music country, Ciaran was quickly offered a position at Henson.  His outstanding track record and the esteem in which industry masters hold him sealed the contract.  Ciaran is now part of a team of seasoned staff who serve the studio’s prolific and legendary artists   His journey from the backyard to the top end is characterized by strength of character, a remarkable team spirit, and limitless talent. 

Ciaran de Chaud is not just a master of sound but a true visionary whose contributions will resonate for years to come.


Cieran De Chaud is an accomplished audio engineer known for his remarkable work in composing, producing, and engineering various projects. His career highlights include:

Composing, producing, and engineering the culturally significant Gillette – Nosizwe Commercial, which garnered over 508,000 views on YouTube and earned recognition from South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Collaborating with major brands like Globacom, White Star Super Maize Meal, and Checkers on impactful advertising campaigns, showcasing his talent and expertise.

Contributing as a recording engineer on Jon Ranes’ album “Loverboy,” which amassed approximately 8.8 million streams on Spotify alone and reached number two on Spotify’s “Top Albums – Norway” chart.

Accomplishments Summary:

Successfully composed, produced, and engineered commercial projects for globally recognized brands like Gillette, Globacom, White Star Super Maize Meal, and Checkers, achieving significant online views and industry recognition.

Garnered acclaim and impressive streaming numbers as a recording engineer on Jon Ranes’ album “Loverboy,” contributing to its chart success and solidifying his reputation in the music industry.

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“The Evolution of Hollywood and the Movie Business: From the Kinetoscope to Digital Innovation”.

Hollywood is known as the center of the movie business and the entertainment industry. But how did it all begin? Let’s take a look at the history of Hollywood and the movie business to date.

In the late 1800s, Thomas Edison and his team of inventors developed the first motion picture camera, which they called the kinetoscope. The first motion pictures were short, silent films that were shown in traveling circuses and amusement parks.

In 1902, a man named Edwin S. Porter directed the first narrative film, “The Great Train Robbery.” It was a sensation, and people began flocking to the new medium of film.

In 1913, a group of independent filmmakers moved to Hollywood to escape the monopolistic control of Edison and his company, and to take advantage of the sunny weather and diverse landscape for filming. They founded the first movie studios in Hollywood, including Universal, Paramount, and Warner Bros.

The 1920s and 1930s were known as the Golden Age of Hollywood. This was a time of glamour, with iconic movie stars like Greta Garbo, Clark Gable, and Marlene Dietrich, and extravagant productions like “Gone with the Wind” and “The Wizard of Oz.” During this time, Hollywood became the center of the movie industry and a symbol of American culture around the world.

However, the movie business faced many challenges in the following decades. The rise of television in the 1950s and 1960s led to a decline in movie attendance, and many studios struggled to adapt. The rise of home video in the 1980s and 1990s posed another challenge, as audiences could now watch movies from the comfort of their own homes.

Despite these challenges, Hollywood has continued to evolve and innovate. The rise of digital technology has led to new opportunities for filmmaking and distribution, and Hollywood has expanded its reach to global audiences through the internet and streaming platforms.

Today, Hollywood remains a hub of creativity and innovation, with a thriving film industry that generates billions of dollars in revenue each year. From big-budget blockbusters to indie films, Hollywood continues to produce some of the most memorable and influential movies of all time.

DISCOVER TOP 3 iTunes RAP LORDS: ‘Texas P’ returns to lay down the word as the Rap Lord drops a pair of exciting releases with the world beating ‘Aggravated’ (Freestyle) and Lifestyle feat. Nakuu

Texas P’ is back as he displays his global Hip-Hop Rap crown to announce two exciting brand new releases in 2020.

The two new drops ‘Aggravated’ (Freestyle) and Lifestyle – Texas P feat. Nakuu are distributed globally by Equity Distro distribution company under RocNation.

The previous single “No Promo” reached number 3 on the Itunes chart in Europe making it clear to individuals that he is a lord.

DISCOVER TOP 3 iTunes RAP LORDS: ‘Texas P’ returns to lay down the word as the Rap Lord drops a pair of exciting releases with the world beating ‘Aggravated’ (Freestyle) and Lifestyle feat. Nakuu – Discover Rap


Texas P conceived as (Terelle Harris Sr.) a local of Fort Worth, TX, began his music profession in 2001. He marked to a little administration organization in the DMV region. He framed the gathering TBC (Texas Baltimore Connection) with another Texas rapper Donnie M, Baltimore rapper Micheal “Hard Knoxx” Valentine, Derek “Poision” Stevenson and Tony “Scar” Ross.

In 2002, Texas P released his presentation collection “Stonewall” including the single “Hit Me Up” delivered by The Triangle Group at Studio City, Hollywood, CA. While under administration he opened up for craftsmen, for example, Ludacris, Jay-Z, Freeway, Peedi Crack, Young Gunners (Chris and Neef), Dru Hill, Bow Wow and B2K.

In 2003, C.E.O/Artist of Aggravated Entertainment, Texas P moved to Lebanon, PA to build his music career. In 2004, Texas P released and delivered his second collection “Hit’em Up the Mixtape Volume 1 Ft. DJ Arab“, in Lebanon, PA.

From that point forward, Texas P has released extra performance tasks, for example, “Hit’em Up the Mixtape Volume 2 Ft. DJ Double ii” (2006), “I Want To Be A Millionaire Ft. DJ Arab” with the single “Billionaire Ft. Bruno Mars”(2010),I’m A Rider Ft. Swizz Beatz and Junior Reid” (2013), “Don’t Change Ft. Jelly Roll” (2014), “Problems Ft. Reek Da Villian”(2014), “Unforgiven” (2016) and the freshest hit single of “I’m So Hot Ft. Ivelice” (2018).

2019, from the outset, Texas P’s single spread for his previous release “No Promo” could intently help one to remember what the craftsman Jay-Z would do in his work of art plans.

Which totally speaks to the melodious substance of the tune. Texas P’s melodic impacts incorporate Stevie Wonder, Ghetto Boys, UGK, 2 Pac, Notorious BIG, Luther Vandross and Barry White giving the range to turn into an exceptional craftsman in the music business!

“No Promo” was released under the mark Aggravated Entertainment LLC. In any case, Aggravated Entertainment LLC has joined forces with StrTeam Ent/Universal Music Group.

Texas P’s stream is excellent over an exceptionally substantial beat for more than satisfying conveyance over Ayo Rizzi composition. Texas P has a blended sound of the south in with a spot of the Bronx, New York. This leads one to state the popular rhyme “if wasn’t for the Bronx this rap $Hit presumably would not be going on”.


He has a blend of Ludacris, Eminem, Jay-z and Busta Rhymes’ base of stream, verses, and execution.

Previous single “No Promo” single is letting individuals who are not genuine about what they do in their vocation would never contend in this music industry! Be that as it may, Texas P’s blend doesn’t question his south and upper east foundation. The single “No Promo” was debuted on BET JAM and VH1.

Texas P was interviewed on the world famous stations 105.1(New York), this50, Hot97 (New York) and others and now drops two brand new exciting releases.

‘Texas P’ is now signed with EQUITY Distro.


Aggravated Freestyle – Texas P –
Lifestyle – Texas P feat. Nakuu  –


Listen Now to Texas P – Music Links: