Glen Laroche Discusses New Album and Premieres ‘Green Paradise’ on Hollywood FM Digital Radio A-List

We are pleased to announce that we are now broadcasting an exclusive Radio interview with French indie singer-songwriter ‘Glen Laroche’ featuring his new single ‘Green Paradise’ and discussing his album “Scent Of Yesterday”. The interview will be aired as part of the Discover Media Digital Global Radio Interviews Series. Make sure you tune in to hear it every day at 1 PM Pacific USA time for the next month + the single ‘Green Paradise’ can also be heard day and night on the A-List Playlist.

Counting a respectable discography of three studio albums and one EP, Glen Laroche is a French indie singer-songwriter known for songs such as : Stop , I Found You Last Night, Sometimes Something and Almighty’s Hand, which have considerably strengthened the artist’s reputation in France, Belgium, Switzerland and England.

The pedigree of his new album entitled “Scent Of Yesterday” remains mainly electronic while providing some New Wave flavour. As an appetizer, the music video “Green Paradise” was recently announced by the artist, then should follow the lead single “Lost Memories” evoking with a certain nostalgia the unwavering loyalty to beloved

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Finding a meaningful heavy-metal song comes harder as time goes on. Check out the epic ‘Save Me’ from ‘Dead Like Juliet’

Finding a meaningful heavy-metal song comes harder and harder as time goes on. Making a strong debut further into their genre comes Italy’s Metalcore act Dead Like Juliet.

Their latest effort “Save Me” has just released worldwide! The music video captures a powerful story and message that the audience can relate to and discover upon viewing.

Dead Like Juliet have issued a statement on the song:

“This is a song for those who suffer. A song for those who fight. No matter what, you are not alone.”

Dead Like Juliet whose sound is defined by melodic hooks and singalongs alongside heavy growls and groovy riffs. Unlike other Hardcore bands, the group shapes their raw sound with atmospheric keys and synths.

Their songs talk about political topics, personal issues, and more philosophical problems. The band has played 200 club shows, underground shows, and big festivals in Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, France, England, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

DLJ Save Me


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DISCOVER MUSIC PR MUSIC INTERVIEWS: The beautiful soulful presence of ‘Charli’ arrives with a smooth, sensual and 80’s sheened ballad on the timeless personal ‘I Love Me’

The debut single ‘I Love Me’ from ‘Charli’ is out now globally.

‘Charli’ reveals the story behind the music and her incredible melodic and soulful 80’s esque debut pop single ‘I Love Me’.


Charli I Love Me

Where did your name ‘Charli’ come from ?

When I was in France, everybody called me Charly Gee.

Were you always making music ?

I was this singer-songwriter, super creative and powerful who was hiding herself by collaborating with different people (96 records, The Ware, Jule Aston as Anoï Feard).

Are you still based in France ?

After fighting with myself to understand who I am, I realized that my dreams were somewhere else : in Los Angeles.

How has this influenced you and your music ?

​It’s a new beginning, a new adventure, a new chapter, I changed my name and I wrote about 30 songs.

My first track is “I LOVE ME“.

How has music influenced you as a human being ?

Music helped me to be the woman I am now.

Charli I Love Me artwork

Doing music and writing what I feel, and also writing what I want to be, helped me to overcome all the difficulties.


  WEEKLY MUSIC EXPRESS NEW MUSIC INTERVIEWS: The beautiful soulful presence of ‘Charli’ arrives with a smooth, sensual and 80’s sheened ballad on the timeless personal ‘I Love Me’ – Weekly Music Express UK

What is your mission behind making and sharing your music ?

I want to help others to feel powerful and happy as I am now. Never forget that you deserve to be happy !


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