From Synths to Sentiments: The Cool Caps Charm Audiences with ‘Dreams Come True’ on The Hollywood A-List Playlist

We are pleased to announce that the stunning new single ‘Dreams Come True’ from ‘The Cool Caps’ is now on our prestigious Daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it night and day on the playlist + it will also be played daily as a special POWERPLAY at 8 PM Pacific USA time every night for the next month.

As the calendar flips to April 26, 2024, fans of the eclectic German-Spanish duo, The Cool Caps, are in for a treat with the release of their newest single, “Dreams Come True,” complete with a captivating music video. This release marks the third from Raoul and Francisco this year alone, each song showcasing their linguistic versatility with tracks in German, Spanish, and now English. Is this a stroke of genius? It certainly adds a unique twist to their international appeal.

Dreams Come True: A Summer Anthem That Calls You to Love

“Dreams Come True” is more than just a song; it’s an anthem for the heart. The lyrics narrate a story of deep emotional connection and the joy of shared dreams. Raoul and Francisco delve into the profound impact of love that promises to light up the darkest paths and offer a beacon of hope and joy. The chorus is a powerful affirmation of love’s transformative power, set to the backdrop of The Cool Caps‘ signature sound—80s-inspired synths mixed with contemporary dance beats.

The accompanying music video is a visual treat that aligns perfectly with the song’s theme. Crafted to make viewers yearn for a life filled with love and adventure, the video complements the lyrical narrative with imagery that is as emotive as it is picturesque. Art directed by R.L. Ewler in Berlin, the aesthetic is a seamless blend of vintage and modern cues, making it a complete sensory experience.

The Evolution of The Cool Caps

Raoul and Francisco, the masterminds behind The Cool Caps, are no strangers to the music industry. With hits like “Boom Schakalaka,” “Sehnsucht,” and the provocative “La Loca Mama” under their belts, they’ve crafted a niche for themselves that transcends ordinary musical boundaries. Their work is not just heard; it’s felt. The joy they derive from music creation is palpable, and it resonates within their distinct sound, which combines robust synthesizer echoes from the 80s with the vitality of modern dance rhythms.

2024 looks to be a defining year for the duo; This is already the third new release this year. Their ongoing collaboration with DJKC promises to bring another club anthem into the mix, while a Nu Disco track and a Spanish song cater to varied musical tastes and cultural nuances. With each release, The Cool Caps continue to innovate, keeping their sound fresh yet familiar.

Looking Ahead: A Future Filled with Dreams and Love

As “Dreams Come True” hits the airwaves and digital platforms, it sets the stage for a summer of musical exploration and connection. The Cool Caps have consistently demonstrated their ability to blend cultural elements with universal themes of love and life. This track reaffirms their position in the music world as artists who not only produce sounds but also craft experiences.

For fans and new listeners alike, The Cool Caps offer more than just music. They offer an invitation to dream. With their track record of hits and the promising ventures outlined for 2024, the duo is not just around; they are on a trajectory that promises to elevate their musical legacy. Dive into the experience of “Dreams Come True” on platforms like SoundCloud and Spotify, and let The Cool Caps take you on a journey of melody, love, and dreams.

The journey with The Cool Caps is just getting started, and everyone is invited to join in the celebration of music that bridges hearts, cultures, and generations.

This is already the third new release this year from the German-Spanish pop duo The Cool Caps, consisting of Raoul and Francisco. One in German, then in Spanish and now another in English! Absurd or perhaps a touch of genius? With this song, they are going for international flair. In great anticipation, the two have announced the release of their latest single “Dreams Come True” for April 26. The perfect soundtrack for the upcoming summer: Life is Calling! The song “Dreams Come True” tells of the intense feelings of love. The singer is deeply moved by his partner’s love and is inspired by it. Together they dream of a future full of adventure and bliss.



From Tucson to Global Playlists: MSW’s ‘Savage’ Takes Over Hollywood FM Digital A-List

We are pleased to announce that the new single ‘Savage’ from ‘MSW’ is now on our prestigious Daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it night and day on the playlist + it will also be played daily as a special EDM POWERPLAY at 2:30 PM Pacific USA time every night for the next month.

Multi-genre musician, Marcus Wood also known as MSW, hails from Tucson Arizona. With a mastery of the guitar, he has also been producing electronic music for several years. His eclectic sound can be heard in cafes and clubs across the globe.

MSW’s latest single “Savage” is a timeless classic in the EDM genre.

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Celebrating Synthwave Brilliance: ‘Aqua’ Makes a Splash in Digital Music Landscape

In a serendipitous fusion of talent born from the digital realm, the latest single “Aqua” emerges as a vibrant testament to the power of online collaboration. Dale Digitale and Hashtagman, hailing from the bustling music scene of Johannesburg, South Africa, unite their creative forces to unveil a synthwave masterpiece that transcends boundaries.

The genesis of this collaboration traces back to the viral sensation platform, TikTok, where the duo first connected. Hashtagman, a multifaceted artist renowned for his prowess in production, launchpad wizardry, and DJ finesse, brings his eclectic palette to the table. His fervent passion for Electronic Dance Music (EDM) fuels his exploration across various genres, ranging from pulsating house beats to the hypnotic realms of psytrance and techno.

With a vision to infuse hues of sonic vibrancy into the musical landscape, Hashtagman embarks on a chromatic journey. Enter “Aqua,” the inaugural installment in his ambitious “synesthesia” playlist project. Each release, aptly named after a color, aims to paint auditory canvases that resonate with listeners on a visceral level. This synthwave opus, crafted alongside longtime friend Dale Digitale, signifies a departure into uncharted territory for both artists.

Dale Digitale, a luminary in the realm of synthesizer mastery, channels his penchant for 80s-infused Synthwave Pop into the fabric of “Aqua.” His storied past, marked by stints in London’s Indie Rock scene with Fur-lined, lends depth to his musical journey. From gracing the airwaves of BBC Radio One to rubbing shoulders with Britpop icons like Suede, Dale’s evolution as an artist is as compelling as it is diverse.

Now, in the digital age, Dale Digitale finds solace in the pulsating rhythms of synthesizers and the boundless possibilities they entail. TikTok serves as his canvas, where he showcases his sonic experiments and infectious synth pop grooves to an ever-expanding audience.

As “Aqua” washes over the airwaves, listeners are invited to immerse themselves in a sonic ocean teeming with nostalgia and innovation. With Dale Digitale and Hashtagman at the helm, the future of electronic music shines brighter than ever, beckoning enthusiasts worldwide to ride the wave of their electrifying collaboration.




Feel the Pulse of Dreams: Undertone’s ‘Atmosphere Analog’ Resonates with Energetic Beats and Inspirational Vibes on the Hollywood FM Digital Playlist

We are pleased to announce that the new single ‘Atmosphere Analog’ from ‘Undertone’ is now on our Daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it every couple of hours on the playlist for the next month.

EDM ARTIST UNDERTONE prepares for his second single release, following his previous single Rolling Circus. Rolling Circus received incredible feedback from a worldwide DJ Network with comments like “Excellent production from Tim” and “nice tune, quirky/uplifting nice vox- nice work”.

The latest single “Atmosphere Analog has infectious beats and an underlying message of the transformative power of dreams.

Produced during the vibrant months of November and December 2023 at the Undertone studio in Benoni, South Africa, “Atmosphere Analog” boasts a unique blend of mellow vibes and danceable energy, setting it apart as a must-listen for both clubgoers and dance music lovers. Released on streaming platforms in early January 2024, the track has already begun making waves in the EDM scene.

Undertone’s musical journey has been constantly evolving, marked by his commitment to excellence. Having immersed himself in the electronic music scene since 2000, Undertone’s expertise and passion culminated in constructing his cutting-edge recording studio in Benoni, completed in 2022. This studio represents a leap forward in technology and creativity, reflecting Undertone’s growth since his early forays into the industry.

As an artist, I believe in the power of dreams to inspire new ideas, be they temporary or permanent,” says Undertone. “Atmosphere Analog is a celebration of the limitless possibilities that come from dreaming, and I’m excited to share this journey with my audience.”

Beyond his musical pursuits, Tim Bouwers leads a multifaceted life, balancing his artistic endeavors with a successful business career. An avid private pilot, he showcases his adventurous spirit in the skies. Offstage, Undertone cherishes quality time with his wife and children, embodying a harmonious blend of entrepreneurial success and musical creativity.

Join Undertone on this exhilarating musical journey, and let “Atmosphere Analog” be the soundtrack to your dreams.

Stream –


Ethereal and Catchy: Zorin Morris Brings a Fresh Twist to Electronic Beats with ‘TipToe’ – Now on Repeat Daily

Exciting news! We’re thrilled to share that ‘TipToe,’ the latest single by ‘Zorin Morris,’ has officially joined our Daily A-List Playlist. Get ready to enjoy it around the clock, and don’t miss the exclusive daily feature as our special ELECTRONIC POWERPLAY at 2:30 PM Pacific USA time for the next month.

‘TipToe’ is the sizzling new electronic synth pop release from ‘Zorin Morris,’ boasting a captivating bridge, an unforgettable chorus, and irresistible hooks. With lyrics like “When I dream about you, I can see your shining light,” this track is a unique blend of catchiness and ethereal vibes.

Some may perceive it as a nod to the old school, while others might recognize a departure from the typical 2020s format—embracing a refreshing journey back to the future! Experience the music video on YouTube for an added wow factor.




Get Hooked on Devorah’s Soulful ‘Care for You’ – Your New Hollywood Playlist Essential!

We are pleased to announce that the sleek, melodic and infectious new single ‘Care for You’ from ‘Devorah’ is now on the Daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it night and day on the playlist + it will also be played as a special ELECTROPOP POWERPLAY every day at 1:30 PM Pacific USA time every afternoon for the next month.

Singer-songwriter, Devorah, is back with her lush and melodic Electropop sound in her new upbeat track, “Care for You.” The song debuted today across major streaming platforms and has already garnered praise across social media for the “captivating” hook, “I Care, I Care, I Care for You”, sung in Devorah’s “enchanting, soulful, and upbeat” style that invites listeners to feel what she feels about loving someone so much it makes you pray.

‘Care for You’ is a sublime pop serenade that beckons you into a dreamy reverie, all while enticing you to move to the rhythm, which is such an upbeat vibe,” said Devorah. Produced by renowned Armada Music producer ReOrder and record label, One Shoe Records, out of the UK, “Care for You” draws inspiration from the golden eras of the 80’s and 90’s.

According to the artist, the melody was composed in a way that feels like a harmonious embrace, transporting listeners to a place where nostalgia and affection intermingle. The inspiration was to make the song feel like an old photograph brimming with cherished memories, creating the quintessential love song set to an EDM beat. Throughout “Care for You” and her previous song releases, Devorah digs into the theme of portraying the profound emotion of truly caring for someone. Love, the singer said, is a complicated but beautiful feeling that ebbs and flows through many frequencies, sometimes finding lovers on the same plane, and other times not. “I like to play with the honesty of that in my music,” she said.

Synthesizers and keyboards in “Care for You” weave a tapestry of sound, while the heartbeat of a drum machine sets the rhythm, propelling listeners forward on an effervescent and infectious musical journey. “It’s soulful but catchy. You’ll find yourself humming it for days!” added Devorah. “And I’m glad, because it is a positive song full of beauty and emotion–a great accompaniment to your day.”

To listen to “Care for You” and to learn more about Devorah, follow her on Spotify and Instagram and visit her website at

From Gold Coast to Cosmic Realms: Dive into xposé say’s Captivating Debut Single on the Hollywood Playlist

Experience the debut single ‘Awaken Awaken’ by xposé say, the three-piece Australian indie-pop sensation emerging from the Gold Coast. Led by the captivating vocals and songwriting of London-born Emma Ballard, who now calls the Gold Coast home, along with the rhythmic synergy of bassist Jaco Max and drummer Stephen Rodden, xposé say crafts a unique fusion of cosmic indie-pop melodies with an atmospheric electronic edge.

This electrifying track, now a part of our curated Daily A-List Playlist, promises a sonic journey blending dream-pop vibes with assertive lyrics exploring world systems and the dawn of new beginnings.

Drawing comparisons to Cannons, Chvrches, and Massive Attack, xposé say’s new single ‘Awaken Awaken’ is out now, delivering an ethereal narrative transcending earthly confines into a realm of higher dimensions and enlightenment. Get ready to immerse yourself in their cosmic soundscape as they pave the way for an exciting series of releases throughout early 2024.

Tune in day and night to catch ‘Awaken Awaken’ not only as part of our new music drops but also as the exclusive daily INDIE POP POWERPLAY feature at 8:30 PM Pacific USA time every night for the coming month. Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on this musical odyssey with xposé say!”

Turn Up the Vibes: Lucas Pulse’s powerful and sleek ‘Hands Up’ Takes Over The Hollywood Daily A-List playlist

We are pleased to announce that the funky, sleek, melodic and dope new single ‘Hands up’ from ‘Lucas Pulse’ is now on the Daily A-List Playlist. This great new track combines rap and electronic pop with a funky and majestic modern production and top-class rap. Hear it day and night on the playlist + it will be played as a special POWERPLAY at 12 PM Midday Pacific USA time for the next month.

Unveiling ‘Closer’: DJ Frankie G’s Collaborative Masterpiece Featuring AJ Funk, Alex Perez, Bashar, and Sizzahandz” on the playlist.

With each advancing stride we take, our ambitions edge closer to realization. Exemplifying this profound emotion, the renowned DJ Frankie G unveils his latest musical masterpiece titled “Closer.” Uniting a diverse range of remarkably talented artists, Frankie curates an impressive team to create an array of remixes. This lineup showcases the skills of AJ Funk, accompanied by the seasoned experts from Homewerx: Alex Perez, Bashar, and the label’s ingenious founder and co-owner, Sizzahandz. This collaborative endeavor reaches its zenith in an exhilarating auditory journey, guaranteed to accelerate your heartbeat and set your feet in motion. Don’t wait any longer – embark on your path toward your ultimate objective and secure your personal copy without hesitation.


‘Closer’ from ‘The DJ Frankie G’ is now on the A-List playlist + will also be played as a special POWERPLAY at 1 PM Pacific USA time every afternoon for a month or more.


Challenging Oppression Through Music: ‘Wake Up’ by Jashivo Strikes a Chord on the playlist

‘Wake Up’ by Jashivo: A Melodic and Majestic Electronic Odyssey. Indulge in the mesmerizing allure of ‘Wake Up,’ where Jashivo’s epic and dreamy production invites you on a sonic adventure. The electronic soundscape and emotive melodic vocals intertwine, evoking an ethereal and majestic atmosphere. In a thrilling twist, the song unveils a cool dance drop, boasting sleek beats, big rises, and a dark edge with a pop sensibility, elevating its modern synth pop essence.


‘Wake Up’ by ‘Jashivo’ is now on the daily A-List playlist + will also be played daily as a special ELECTRONIC POWERPLAY at 6 PM Pacific USA time every night for a month or more.

Jashivo is a singer, songwriter, producer, and artist. Born in Bulgaria and living in Kyrgyzstan. The song ‘Wake Up’ resonates with the universal struggle against dictators who exploit and sacrifice the youth for their own agendas.

Inspired by the injustices faced by countless young lives affected by authoritarian regimes, this powerful composition calls for awakening and resistance. Through its emotive lyrics and captivating melodies, the song urges listeners to unite, challenge oppressive rulers, and reclaim their futures from the clutches of dictatorial regimes.

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Breaking barriers and pushing creative boundaries: ‘When I lost Control’ from Connecticut USA based ‘The Eynstyns’ is on the playlist.

The new single ‘When I lost Control’ from Connecticut USA based ‘The Eynstyns is now on the playlist. Breaking barriers and pushing creative boundaries, this vibrant fusion of Hip-Hop Rap and dreamy pop vibes brings together the rhythmic intensity of rap with the shimmering synthesizers and catchy hooks of pop, resulting in a genre that’s undeniably catchy and irresistibly cool. The song is taken off their new album ‘Man or Machine’ out now.

This super cool new gem is now on the playlist. Hear it through the day and night + as a special Powerplay at 2:30 PM Pacific USA time approx for a month or more.


Producer Hobday is all about creating opportunities to connect with people through his music – check out his latest release ‘Empathy’

Hobday is a producer, songwriter, recording artist and DJ whose sound and expression span across multiple genres including Electronic music, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop. The result is an eclectic bass music fusion that always brings the vibes. Creating music for what he refers to as the “venturous”, his ambition is to help people escape mundane reality and connect with their deeper selves and their potential. Hobday embraces the diverse nature of sound and is currently residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

His latest song ‘Empathy’ featuring Jenny G is all about the emotion evoked through music and the things he feels when deep in the creative process.
“So much of being an artist and a producer for me is all about the way the creative process makes me feel. Honestly over the years, that is the main thing that has kept me going. I believe that if I can find ways to move myself emotionally while I’m creating, that eventually those feelings will move through others as well, when they listen to my music or see me perform. It’s all about creating opportunities for real connections with others. That’s what I’m after. Connection.” says the artist

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Producer Cixxx J’s rendition of ‘Golden’ highlights the uplifting qualities of Harry Styles’ voice and lyrics

Born Cosimo and known as Flavio in selected circles, Producer Cixxx J comes from Bologna where he joins the ranks of Electronic Waves and SoulCluster to perform in club nights and radio shows. A lover of all things synthetic and sequenced, and once a classically trained piano player, on a mission to listen to every piece of music that’s ever been recorded in this angle of the galaxy.

Cixxx J’s take on Harry Styles – Golden builds up momentum in a similar way like the original version does, but with synths. The electronic beats though get stretched and play halftime, giving the tune a whole new spatial and almost cosmic dimension. The arrangement reflects the more intimate vibes in “Golden”, shifting from a conversional mood to a meditative one, and tries to capture a more of a dream-like state, to highlight the uplifting qualities of Harry’s voice and lyrics.

“The very first moment I heard this tune I knew it was going to sound sick with a synth-ier edge and that’s what I exactly did.” says the artist.

Check out this version of Harry Styles’ ‘Golden’ – watch it here:

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‘The Core’ is the first single from Fox In The Core, a synth-wave band with Metal and Electronic influences

Fox in The Core are digital artists who quit their full time job to focus on their music career. ‘The Core’ is the first single from Fox In The Core, a synth-wave band with Metal and Electronic influences. It was released together with the video clip in February 2021, which was also made by them personally.

Fox in the Core was born at the end of 2020. After more than 15 years dedicating themselves to digital art working in film, video games and illustration.

Soon they plan to release more songs such as The Core and The Fly, while combining their freelance work as artists with songwriting and music production.

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Dante Shows Why He Is A Force In The Industry With Powerful Electronic Single  ‘Givin’ Up On Love’ Featuring Sam James

Dante returns to release yet another captivating track.

This time, he has teamed up with vocalist Sam James to release “Givin’ Up On Love.” The powerful and emotional future bass/electronic single will hook any listener in with its melancholic piano and raspy, powerful vocal by Sam James. With a stripped-back production, the arrangement progresses from a simple piano progression into an anthemic drop driven by lush synths and an infectious vocal chop melody. The heavy bassline will infuse energy into any listener and will work well on any dance floor. With hints of pop, Dante continues to outdo himself with versatile productions and hit-worthy singles. “Givin’ Up On Love” radiates a relatable message that will have heartbroken people replaying the song. The release is now available on all digital streaming platforms and it is a playlist must-add! 

For the better part of the past two decades, Dante Deiana has poured his energy into his craft—providing unforgettable musical experiences at venues across the country and overseas. Dante possesses a unique ability to connect with his audiences and clients, thanks to his breadth of knowledge and professional work ethic At a time when digital mixing and composition has become commonplace, he continues to learn, evolve, and excel. He is a seasoned veteran, with a record of excellence that sets him apart. Dante is the true embodiment of a self-made entrepreneur who pushes the envelope and raises the bar.

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‘Nelly’ Breaks the Chains for Real with her beautiful new heavenly pop single ‘Fade Away’.

in 2019 the incredible melodic Singer/songwriter and haunting balladeer ‘Nelly’ decided it was time to “Break the chains for real”.

Now in 2020 after writing many new songs, Nelly is more inspired than ever and releases her latest beautiful single ‘Fade Away’.

Nelly has been making music since the age of 15 years when she started recording in the studio.

The new single shows this dedication to her art as ‘Fade Away’ takes you on a dreamy, melodic and heavenly pop journey, with a fusion of ‘Enya‘, ‘Jewel‘, ‘Sertab’ and ‘Abba‘ esque epic exotic pop moods.

This song lifts you up into the Soft Pop clouds with it’s beautiful piano and ‘Mike Batt‘ like ‘Caravan‘ esque production, that takes you to a warm and sweet heavenly pop place.

Nelly talks about being in the studio saying “The studio has always been my safe haven”.

Nelly recently said about life “I’m living. 2020 is my year and I assure u gonna hear a lot more of me. Stay tuned”.


“Reinvent The Love” is the second single from the album “Metamorphoses” by Gloww.

Reinvent The Love” is the second single from the album “Metamorphoses” by Gloww.

From its first moments, the composition reveals slowly and steady. Here is an atmospheric story in pop-noir style about the lonely soul which finally finds what it’s been looking for, the reason why it’s filled with the light and everything makes sense.

The song leaves a mystic aftertaste and continues the story painted in “My League”.

The compositions of the new album, which is currently being worked on, are distinguished by their unique style and deep relevant sound. GLOWW also produces his own music thus bringing a special atmosphere and unusual beauty to his tracks and experimenting with the vocal and sound nuances.

GLOWW is a new name in music environment. It is a certain atmosphere and various aspects of perception of the whole world. Sometimes naive and sometimes frightening but definitely filled with depth and sincerity. These are the moments of life captured in musical stories.

Each song is a particular experience into which the artist invites you. GLOWW creates his music by himself manifesting it through the sensual, like height, depth, bond, feelings and emotions that do exist in everyone of us.

The artist prefers to remain unrecognized and does not reveal the details of his personality so far, in purpose for his audience to have opportunity to focus on his music solely.


SONIC JOY Records producer ‘John Meisel’ presents ‘Bittersweet’ from international Urban Project ‘NIGHTCREED’

SONIC JOY Records and producer John Meisel present “Bittersweet”, the new single from international Urban project NIGHT CREED.

NIGHT CREED epitomizes a unique sound and style that could be described as intense, full of passion and inspiring moods, providing a massive listening experience.

The sound of NIGHT CREED features complex rhythms, modern Urban, Hip-Hop and Electronic styles and displays awesome studio singers ranging from rappers to an array of male and female vocalists.

NIGHT CREED - Bittersweet - 2500px




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DISCOVER SUMMER DANCE POP HITS: ‘Max M’ Drops Feel Good & Uplifting Summer Hit With ‘Imaginary Problems’

Talented artist Max M drops captivating summer single “Imaginary Problems.” The pop-electronic fusion features a captivating arrangement that will have people hooked. Bursting with all the wonderful tricks that we have come to expect from Max M, “Imaginary Problems” is the introspective summer hit. Max M delivers a single that recalls an old-style of dance while infusing a modern sound.

The vocal works seamlessly with the instrumentation to create an infectious chorus that will have people singing along. If you are looking for a song to have on replay, it is Max M’s “Imaginary Problems.” Through the uplifting instrumentation such as the strings, drums, and buildups, the single will have people in a euphoric state. The soothing vocal lays perfectly on top of the instrumentation, delivering a powerful and sweeping performance by the vocalist. With this release, Max M shows his versatility as an artist and producer. Moreover, his ability to produce time and time again chart-worthy music.


He’s seen as one of the world’s French experts in his IT field but this hasn’t stopped Max M from having two careers. Who says you can’t be an electronic music producer and a key player in an American multinational. Max M is planning to release a lot of great music in 2020, fresh off the successes of ‘Never Wanna Leave’ and ‘Under Water’ which ranked first and fifth on american DJ site: Digital DJ Pool.

Both tracks generated a lot of attention in South America, Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom. The tunes are infectious and will seduce from the very first notes.

Imaginary Problems Cover

Max M’s love for music began in his teens when he used to compose and DJ. He then went on to concentrate on his other passion: computer science, which he studied at university. Through this, he embarked on a brilliant career. When he reached the age of 40, he decided to rekindle with his first love and took piano lessons and trained in production in order to get back behind the synthesizers for our greatest pleasure.



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DISCOVER HOUSE DANCE OF 2020: The big, warm and tropical sleek sound of New York’s dance guru ‘Cire Music’ is blasting it’s way onto the Electronic Dance Scene with smoking hot new single ‘Lyin’ – On the Electro 24 Playlist Now

Cire Music is an International House Electronic and Dance Music DJ and Producer from the Big Apple New York City. 

Cire Music is signed to the Wonked Music Group Label.

The brand new dance release from ‘Cire Music’ is entitled ‘Lyin’.

DISCOVER HOUSE DANCE OF 2020: The big, warm and tropical sleek sound of New York’s dance guru ‘Cire Music’ is blasting it’s way onto the Electronic Dance Scene with smoking hot new single ‘Lyin’ – Discover House and Dance

The powerful new house release ‘Lyin’ comes packed with 4 incredible Mixes including a Radio Mix and instrumentals.


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DISCOVER EURO SOCCER ANTHEMS AND POP EDM: ‘Helsingborg IF’ are on top form and winning big with the release of the epic dance edm pop soccer anthem from ‘Ina of KingQueen’

IN∆ of KingQueen’s journey as a performer started in Helsingborg, Sweden where she owned and ran a dance school at the age of 16.

During that time she attended the theatre high school, managed to write, direct and produce a musical. She also performed her original music in competitions and festivals around Europe.

She moved to London in 2007 and earned a degree in vocals and production at the London Centre of Contemporary Music college. Later on she moved to Los Angeles and earned another degree in vocals and performance at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood.

Los Angeles became her home. One of her first shows was at a packed House Of Blues at the Sunset strip. A month after that she signed a record deal and began recording with B.A.M and UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP.

Ina of KingQueen who is the lead singer of rock band KingQueen releases the incredible pop edm soccer anthem for the Swedish professional soccer team Helsingborg IF. All streams and proceeds will be donated to the club.


DISCOVER HOT EURO SOCCER ANTHEMS : ‘Helsingborg IF’ are on top form and winning big with the release of the epic dance edm pop soccer anthem from ‘Ina of KingQueen’

Her success continued by having the music video for her  song “U MAKE ME (LOL)” airing on MTV, VH1 and LOGO TV. She got nominated for best pop artist at LA MUSIC Awards and best pop song at HMMA Awards. Her first album release show was at Palladium in Hollywood in front of 4.000 people but that was nothing compared to the biggest performance of her life, the AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS 2010.

It was after meeting and working with Kim Fowley (Joan Jett, GNR) and Noizee (Marky Ramone) at the end of 2011 that inspired Sabrina to become an independent artist. She left her record deal and manager to DIY and shortly ended up back in the studio experimenting with melodic European and edgy American sounds.

She got a band together and named it KingQueen. Rehearsals turned into songs and songs turned into an album. They recorded the album on to a tape machine in a little studio in Norco, CA and the music was mixed and mastered in Italy by Frank Nemola (Vasco Rossi).

In 2013 KingQueen won LA’s Hard Rock Rising battle of the bands, (ended up in the finals, top 10 of the world wide battle out of 22,000 bands) and performed at Universal City Walk. Besides touring the U.S and opening for Steel Panther, KingQueen continuously played and packed many legendary venues around Los Angeles, CA such as House Of Blues, Whiskey a Go Go, Viper Room and The Roxy. They also got two nominations for best pop and rock song with “Rockstar” and “Chemically Imbalanced” at HMMA Awards.

In 2014 IN∆ of KQ earned endorsement deals with her favourite companies Mogami Cable and Audio Technica and became an artist at Roland US. She also became a voting member of the Grammy Academy and started collaborating with Italian DJ/Producer Dechard.

Their first single “F*cking In Love” was released February 2015 and had 22,103 hits after less than a week on SoundCloud. She became a VEVO artist and released a music video for “F*cking In Love” early May which also got a nomination for best pop at HMMA Awards and was up for consideration for a Grammy Nomination for best pop duo. IN∆ and Dechard’s second single “Fade Away” won an Akademia Award in September 2015 for best dance/pop, won video of the year at IndieNation Music Awards 2016 and was aired on OITN TV. The song was also featured in the ad for Martian Watches music control. 


IN∆’s solo album “I Will. I Can. I Am.” was released under the name Sabrina Petrini June 4th 2016. She had a strong collaboration with producer Gabe Lopez (James Brown, Belinda Carlisle, Universal), K.Chozen (Big Sean, Katy Perry), Ruifu Wang (Monkey Buisness Productions), James Krausse (Beyonce, Nick Jonas) and Dechard.

The album has a pop/electronic/urban sound and lyrics that deliver a message.  Music from that album has been playing on NBC KCAA, Independent FM and her music video for “I Will. I Can. I Am.” was aired and released on MTV and VEVO.

Mogami Cable recently released a video of IN∆ performing a live in studio version of her song “So Romantic”. She also performed the song live on KVVB TV. Her song “Know Your Worth” is one of the soundtracks in the feature film “Love Is All You Need” starring Briana Evian, Jeremy Sisto and Tyler Blackburn directed by Rocco Shields and has been seen at all major movie festivals around the U.S and Cannes film festival. The movie premiered at the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood and and was released on iTunes November 2016.

IN∆ of KingQueen spent fall and winter of 2016 touring SoCal and was performing events such as O.C Fair, LA Fashion Week and San Diego Pride. In spring of 2017 IN∆ released the single “Gimme Gimme” with Dark Pink Stars and was nominated at the HMMA Awards for best pop song. The song also entered the Hard Rock Rising battle of the bands and IN∆ won the most votes out of any artist in Los Angeles which took her straight to the finals held at Universal Studios, Burbank. 

In 2019 IN∆ of KQ released EP ” Get Loud” (v.2) and 2 music videos for “Running In Water” & “One Day” with her band KingQueen. She also signed a deal with Revry TV and is now an official Revry artist. She had a screening for her music video “Overthinking” at Out Web Fest Awards among Imagine Dragons documentary “Believer”.

2018/2019 includes performances like Long Beach Pride main stage alongside Empire star Jussie Smollett, DTLA Proud at Pershing Square, The Viper Room, LA Fashion Week, opening for Royal Distortion (former Barb Wire Dolls) at The Whisky a go go and her EP release party and performance at Avalon, CA. Street Food Cinema (opening for Bohemian Rhapsody) & Out At The Fair tour dates.

IN∆ of KingQueen is currently recording an EP with her band KingQueen and has now released an official soccer anthem for the pro team Helsingborgs IF. Tour announcements coming soon.



DISCOVER SYNTH POP 2020: ‘Christopher Dallman’ releases ‘Time of my Life’ off forthcoming album ‘Digital Blue’

Christopher Dallman ditches the acoustic guitar for a synth-driven cinematic indie-pop sound on new single with Album to Follow.

After one album and three EPs with a folky vibe, Christopher Dallman ditches the acoustic guitar and singer/songwriter sound on his transcendent new album DIGITAL BLUE.

On these 13 distinct yet unified tracks, Dallman explores a bold and genre-bending electronic soundscape that draws from Pop, Electronic, Alternative, and even Jazz, taking the listener on an evocative, cinematic journey.

Summer 2020 will see the release of 5 singles from DIGITAL BLUE – including TIME OF MY LIFE, which premiered on 88.9 WYMS RADIO MILWAUKEE on June 4th – culminating in the September 23rd release of the album to streaming outlets as well as on Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl and Compact Disc.

A&R FACTORY says this: “The haunting soundscape fuses elements of darkwave synth-pop with contemporary yet cinematic Indie.”

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Dallman moved to New York City at 18, where he honed his chops at local open mics before signing with Treasure Records for his debut album RACE THE LIGHT.

In 2004, Dallman relocated to Los Angeles, where he recorded 3 EPs, including SAD BRITNEY, a record of Britney Spears covers that reached #7 on the iTunes singer-songwriter charts.


DISCOVER SYNTH POP 2020: ‘Christopher Dallman’ releases ‘Time of my Life’ off forthcoming album ‘Digital Blue’ – Discover Media Digital Synth Pop Explosion 2020

His video for GHOSTS reached #1 on, and he has licensed his music to MTV’s The Real World, Hallmark, Lifetime, and various independent films.

Dallman has toured the US and overseas, sharing the stage with the likes of Amos Lee, Jonathan Rice, Ben Lee, and Amy Helms.


Check out the video for TIME OF MY LIFE – OUT FRIDAY JUNE 12!