Rising from History’s Embers: Friday Dies Drops ‘Bullshit Artist’ Single on the playlist

First rate metal band ‘Friday Dies’ rise from the ashes with a new release of their hardcore single ‘Bullshit Artist’.


We are pleased to announce that the single ‘Bullshit Artist’ from ‘Friday Dies’ is now on the daily A-List playlist + will be played as a special METAL POWERPLAY at 11 PM Pacific USA time every night for a month or more.

On the underground scene in the mid 80’s through the late 90’s releasing several demos and a full length cd “Return of the Witch”. The band broke up and the members went in different directions remaining on the scene for decades in other projects. Mark Friday’s son found a box of old cd’s and so hear I am promoting this old ass music to pave the way for some new shit.

The new stuff is being recorded in a professional studio (TRAX 52) and will be professionally mixed & mastered. It should have a more polished sound, but it will not lose the hard-core edge or the complex song structure. Like the Phoenix, Friday Dies will rise from the ashes anew with strength and inspiration. 

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