From Struggles to Triumph: ‘Our 12-Bar Blues Too’ from ‘Tom & His Free Mockingbirds’ Chronicles Humanity’s Resilience on the Hollywood Playlist

We are pleased to announce that the incredible new single ‘Our 12-Bar Blues Too’ by ‘Tom & His Free Mockingbirds’ is now on the daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for both versions of the song ( Guitar and Piano ) day and night on the playlist + both songs will also be played as a special BLUES DBL POWERPLAY at 5 PM Pacific USA time to start your night every night for the next month or more.

“Our 12-Bar Blues Too” is the mesmerizing new single from ‘Tom & His Free Mockingbirds’. ‘Tom & His Free Mockingbirds’ are a band of Independent Musicians, lead by Tom (songwriter-producer) based in Melbourne, Australia.

“Our 12-Bar Blues Too” is the 2nd single from their upcoming studio-album “All Shades of Blues and Dreams”.

The protagonists in this 3-mins story are the “12-Bar Blues” and “Blues” itself. The story criss-crosses between the struggles of our band and the struggles of the black musicians on the backdrop of slavery and racism. Our struggle is nothing compared to those extremely stiff struggles but nevertheless we draw grit-inspirations from them. Blues epitomise the triumph of humanity over tyranny, over the vicious racism of tyrants. We shall celebrate this humanity-triumphant forever, with blues.


DISCOVER BIG NEW BLUES AND SOUL VOICES OF 2020: ‘Terri Danelle’ announces new Blues/Soul single ‘Sacrifice’

The latest single from the incredible ‘Terri Danelle’ is entitled ‘Sacrifice and is a modern Blues/Soul single.

Sacrifice’ from ‘Terri Danelle’ is available on all platforms and is a heartfelt song delving into deception and a betrayal of love which is something everyone can relate to at some stage of their life.. It talks about someone choosing the materialistic 3D love over a past life deep soul connection.

The emerging artist shows off her irresistibly soulful voice on her powerful new track Born in New Zealand and currently based in West Australia, Terri Danelle has been cultivating a deeply personal style of song writing for years.

Emerging into the public consciousness with her new single, she shows herself to be an artist capable of speaking directly to audience’s hearts with her powerful voice. The retro guitar riffs that open ‘Sacrifice’ set the stage perfectly for what’s about to come.


Terri muses on romance and loss as the track gradually builds to a cathartic crescendo with a memorable hook.

Terri’s blues influences are on full display here, as she packs every line she sings full of emotion.

Fans of retro soul and modern pop will surely find something to love on ‘Sacrifice.’ ‘Sacrifice’ is available on all streaming platforms now.



Instagram: @terri_danelle