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Featuring the hypnotic vocals of singer-songwriter Georgia Rose, ‘Chris Padin’ drops ‘Losing My Mind’

Chris Padin (born 8 November 1989) is an American DJ and EDM music producer. He is best known for his original electronic dance track “Hold Me Closer” ft. Alexandra Fresquez.

Padin specializes in deep and progressive house, future bass, and trap genres. Some of his popular songs include “Alpha,” “Hold Me Closer,” and “Lunar.” Padin has gained recognition for his unique ability to merge various genres creating his own exclusive style.

Padin is regarded as one of the leading emerging DJs in the country. His songs are available on all music streaming platforms including SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music.

Padin began his career when he was 16 years old. Initially, he played at local house parties. He started DJing music on a Numark IDJ2 and, over time, has gradually upgraded his personal equipment and currently uses Pioneer CDJs. Since the beginning of his career, Padin has been focused on making music that connects with his audiences.

Padin has played in numerous clubs around the city and built a network with many different recording artists and producers throughout his career. He is known for his ability to captivate a crowd with heavy involvement and experimental sounds.

As of 2021, Padin operates out of his home studio in New York using FL Studio as his main DAW (digital audio workstation).

Padin has a new track called “Losing My Mind” ft. Georgia Rose from Bravo’s hit TV show Below deck. The track is set to release on October 29th of this year.

He explains that he “first heard Rose’s vocals on Bravo’s hit show Below Deck“. Through the use of social media, they were able to connect via Instagram to partner up on the deep house song. The track is simple, yet catchy and will have you bobbing your head up and down.

Taking a simple but effective approach, “Losing My Mind” kicks off with a thumping bass line and sensual synth work. Before long, hypnotic vocals—courtesy of singer-songwriter Georgia Rose—phase in and transition to the forefront. The goal here was to ensure Rose’s stunning lyricism captured attention from the star, and her songwriting pairs seamlessly with Padin’s deep house production.

Taking a simple but effective approach, New York artist Chris Padin wanted to let the amazing vocals of Georgia Rose take center stage but it’s the way he accompanied those vocals which bring this track to a whole new level. With such powerful vocals, Chris Padin knew that simplicity would be key but he perfectly utilizes those subtle synths to play a highly infectious melody that, when paired with everything else, makes for a dancefloor-ready hit. With this being his return in 2021, we can’t wait to hear what he’s got in store for us this new year.


The new single ‘He Mama’ from ‘Mystic Alpen’ with ethereal, angelic, worldly and soulful world vibe vocals and incredible beats is on the Hollywood FM playlist now.

The head of music for said he loved the new single ‘He Mama’ from ‘Mystic Alpen’ with ethereal, angelic, worldly and soulful world vibe vocals and incredible beats, accompanied by an inspiring spoken vocal that sets this up for big success on the world stage. The single is now on the daily playlist and will be played at least once within the hour on the general playlist.

crossover worldbeat – folk / dance musik -yodeling. navajo versus tirolean folk queen.

‘Max M’ is back and hitting Hollywood with his rich and sharp production skills on new hit record ‘Coming Through’

After Imaginary Problems, Never Wanna Leave and Under Water, Max M is back with the same singer for his new song named “Coming Through”.

Unexpected blend of urban, electronic, and rock influences in a memorable pop song with relatable lyrics, “Coming Through” is definitely the kind of song that will make you say, “I’ve not heard something like that before”.

Listeners love it from the very first note and the song is already getting a huge traction worldwide with 3M+ views on TikTok, 2.5M views on YouTube in only a week with an incredible positive feedback, not to mention Spotify Daily chart, Shazam tops and iTunes charts in several countries.

This new track is demonstrating again Max’s rich and sharp production skills, far from the sanitized and formatted music that we regularly find in the genre.

Two times Unsigned Only 2021 winner, with almost 6M streams on Spotify and 6000+ radio airplays worldwide, Max M is continuously rising worldwide.

“Coming Through” is definitely a must-listen record, the kind of song that has hit record written all over it.

Max M’s love for music began in his teens when he used to compose and DJ. He then went on to concentrate on his other passion: computer science, which he studied at university. Through this, he embarked on a brilliant career.

When he reached the age of 40, he decided to rekindle with his first love and took piano lessons and trained in production in order to get back behind the synthesizers.

With his catchy songs, powerful rhythms and memorable melodies, Max M is a Pop/Dance music producer with multiple musical successes already.

His tunes are infectious and will seduce from the very first notes.

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From background singer to an international platform, ‘Enoka’ drops stunning new single ‘More Than Friends’

Enoka is an artist and songwriter with a distinctive way to combine the warmth of R&B with the melodies of Pop. Her most recent studio effort is a new track titled “More Than Friends”, which stands out as a great indication of the creative direction that highlights the artist’s path.

There is a sense of spontaneity that fuels the performance, and everything, from the lyrics to the production, hits the mark. The synth-driven bass line has a big sound and an 80s feel, which feels quite remarkable in terms of sonic variety and depth. The vocals are often reminiscent of the 80s as well in terms of lush echoes and reverberated sounds, but the production has a modern sheen, which makes the release all the more crisp and dynamic to cater to the audience of today. This one is highly recommended to fans of artists such as Lauryn Hill, Beyonce and Aliyah, only to name a few.

Find out more about Enoka, and listen to “More Than Friends”. This release is currently available on some of the best digital music streaming services out there.


She is a Swedish artist that has taken he career from background singer to an international platform. 2021 she was nominated for The Hollywood Music in Media Awards for best Dance and won the local part of Swedish national radio song competition with the track I’m Alive and she is played on radio stations around the world daily.

ENOKA collaborates closely with the Swedish producer Robin JOWI Andersson and new projects is coming 2022. Also new tracks from a collaboration with Johan Björk /Alexander Holmgren  is in the pipeline for releases 2022.

She has done vocals for artists like Arash, Gunter, popstar singer Margaret from Poland, Bobby Farrell from Bony M, and many other Swedish artist’s and performed background vocals live at The Eurovision broadcast in the Globe Arena in Stockholm Sweden.

Anna Marie Enoka (born 10 December 1980) was adopted from Sri Lanka and came to Sweden when she was 2 months. She grew up in Vellinge, a small suburb to Malmö, Sweden, where she still lives today. She went to music high school at the age of 17 in Malmoe. Her passion has always been music and performing live as well as in the studio. She has been singing since young age.

With the debut single ‘Like a Hurricane’ and the following tracks like ‘Queen on the Dance Floor’ ‘Salvation’, ‘Running Hills’ and I’m Alive she has taken the World with a storm and is ready to jump to the next level as an international recording artist.


About jewelry and the pursuit of riches and success, ‘Chain Gang’ is the new drop from S.A.E

The new single ‘Chain Gang’ from S.A.E is about jewelry and the pursuit of riches and success. It’s produced by WASABE, one of the producers they work closely with. S.A.E stands for Savages Always Eat. S.A.E are a duo of artists from Lumberton, Mississippi.

The pair includes KP4Bandz and Red Space Kid. The single is released under in-house label Atlas88 Records. They are also very business savvy, which explains they’re new single and how it relates to them as creatives.




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The new single ‘Slow it Down’ from ‘Jfons’ featuring dirty Chubby with it’s catchy, memorable, warm and upfront R&B sound is on the Hollywood playlist now

The head of music for said he loved the new single ‘Slow it Down’ from ‘Jfons’ featuring dirty Chubby with it’s catchy, memorable, warm and upfront R&B sound that has hints of classic tracks, but is bang up to date and features an efficient rap and extremely skilled vocal. The single is now on the daily playlist and will be played daily in general rotation for the next month.

The fusion of R&B, hip hop, and pop makes an enticing cocktail of great acoustic delight that is quite hard to achieve. Born talented versatile musician and music producer Jfons has mastered the art of creating a poised combination of diverse rhythmic elements in his soundscape. He has recently dropped a slow burn melodic number titled slow it down’ rich in different instrumental and acoustic resonance. The song is highly expressive, where the singer tells his beloved to take time off her busy day to enjoy the love and passion that they have together. The audience can relate to his message and find a solution for their problem in its sublime lyrics.

Hailing from Texas, the brilliant Houston music producer has been attracted to R&B music since he was very young. Soon he was inspired to express his own feelings through musical compositions. He writes all his compositions and brings the words to life through his incredible vocal performance. Blessed with a deep and enticing voice, the gifted artist has the ability to take his listeners to some higher level. All his compositions are the true depiction of real-life issues presented through articulate lyrics and groovy rhythmic flow.

Jfons is a multi-talented musician who is a songwriter, singer, music producer, and keyboard artist. Working with the production house Narja Ent, he has adopted many musical styles. It contributed to the extraordinary versatility of his soundscape. His most recent release ‘slow it down’ is a crossover of pop, hip hop, R&B, rock edge, and more. The track paints a vivid picture of the universal problem that every relationship experiences, which is lack of time. He urges lovers to spend quality time together so that time cannot wither away their relationship. He is planning to do tours in Europe soon. Follow him on SoundCloud and Facebook for updates on his future activities.

Listen to Jfons’s ‘Slow it down’ track on Soundcloud:

New hits ‘Mad Hatter’ and ‘Can’t Lack’ drop now from rising rapper ‘Kobe6’4’

Kobe6’4 is emerging as one of Southside of Chicago’s most innovative young hip-hop artists. He began making music at the age of 8. Lil Wayne is an artist who inspired him to start recording music. It has been an outlet for Kyle during the times, he has faced hardships.

As Kyle grew older, he developed a deep passion for creating music. He feels people who gravitate towards him, relate and/or understand the stories behind his songs.





Irish born Music Producer and Author ‘Dar.Ra’ starts Sunday night show on Irelands finest Radio station ‘Your Hits Digital’ and drops new E.P ‘Blood N Treasure’

Irish Music Producer and Author Dar.Ra Graces the airwaves with New Radio Show on Dublins Finest Station Your Hits Digital. Straight into the ring and punching like a heavy weight Irish born Music Producer and Author starts the battle with a Sunday night show on Irelands finest Radio station Your Hits Digital, run by a powerhouse of visionary Nikki Power who driven by passion and desire has done the Dublin proud with a Radio station to lift the Modern day blues.

Dar.Ra was the voice and production of acts such as Taste Of Paradise (EMI Records), Bliss (21st Century Records), Ultra Love Machine (Festival Records/ Mushroom, Australia, Urban Harmonix and Chillum (Kusha Deep Records) and put out his first album ‘Soul Hours’ under his own name in 2009 an album that had tracks featured on Hollywood movies and various TV shows across the UK, winning  a lot of support from Radio stations around the world.

Running the Kusha Deep Record label set up in the early 2000s has now released over 200 titles, from Rock to EDM to Reggae, all gaining major recognition from US and European Media outlets, from Billboard to Cosmo.

Last year alone 50 titles were released from two compilation albums called Majestic Retrospective Vol 1 and 2 featuring the EDM releases to a beautiful collection of laid back songs album called ‘Ballads For The Downtrodden’ and the homage to London Life on the Kings N Serfs EP.

The radio show which is aptly named the Kusha Deep Radio show is a mix bag of music which represents a varied taste in Music.

Dar.Ra says expect the unexpected. The first few shows are paying tribute to the Tech House world and classic House music from the past few decades, with future shows to feature the best in Reggae Music and World music plus hour long features with artists that need to be explored over a whole show.

The idea is each week will be something different like an hour long special on Bob Marley to U2 and all the other incredible artists that have got us through this thing called life, Prince comes to mind as I write this. The show will also feature a cheeky track from Dar.Ra, from Remixes to Original releases that have featured either on the Kusha label or from labels he has produced for over the past 25 years.

There is also a new EP called ‘Blood N Treasure’ nearing compilation which features an incredible track called ‘No Time For Tears’ which is really something to behold, an anthem for the times. Remixes from Sri Lankan music producer Vidula also feature on the EP.

So its going to be another busy year, make sure you take time out Sunday nights 5pm to 6pm Ireland and UK time each week. The show will also be broadcast on BBS in LA, Radio Rock Steady 94 and Radio Illumini and in the UK.

It would seem Kusha Deep is a place where music never stops, for more info

please check out

@dar.ra.brady Instagram

More Dar.Ra history and success

Dar.Ra is a Music Writer, Producer and Author earned his stripes with hits for EMI and 21St Century Artists set up the Kusha Deep Label in the 2000s releasing his first solo Album in 2009, called ‘Soul Hours’. The UK, USA music press and radio, made Album of the week on Heart FM Spain, supported the album.

One of the tracks ‘Haunted Dancehall’ featured in a Hollywood film staring Hilary Duff and ‘Snakes On Planes’. Dar.Ra played on BBC Radio Cambridge to a million people live when they connected up their regional stations around the Midlands. 

Various EPs ‘Now Is Now’, ‘Live For Love’, ‘Cease Fire’ and soundtrack to film documentary ‘City Of Hope’ have also had millions of streams and lead to the recent album ‘New Kinda Normal’. 

The Rock N Roll tour de force, that has seen three singles really make some movements happen in America, with well received Music video’s for ‘Rock Steady’ and ‘Night-Stepper’ being shot in NYC, while ‘Diamonds N The Shadows’ being shot in Atlanta.

Tracks have landed number 1 spots on Rock Radio stations around the USA, play-listed on TV stations LA TV, H2O NYC, Nashville Music TV as well as front cover of Hype Magazine, Top Hitz and Music Box in The UK giving Dar.Ra, a very credible big Star status.

With two new EPs out ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’ a tribute to the keyworkers who have stood up to the task of the Pandemic and the Whisky n Honey EP this work continues to shape Dar.Ra’s musical catalogue.

The Beat remix called Bhangra Stance features on the Stand Up EP, is a powerful call to action for change. Top Hitz Music magazine to call the EP number 1 Lockdown release, while Music Mirror called the ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’ track, ‘the Rock anthem that Prince would of written, if he still graced this world’.

The current single is titled ‘Rise Like The Sun’ has gone down a storm with Radio and Press alike and the New album collection of best Ballads from the past ten years is out called ‘Ballads For The Downtrooden’ is doing brilliantly is getting great traction. 

A Best of Dar.Ra’s Remixes from 1995-2021 on Majestic Retrospectives Vol 1 and 2 have also just been released which have some of the big selling and Dj friendly tracks on the 40 strong playlist.

The follow up to ‘Rise Like The Sun’ single is another EP ‘Kings n Serfs’ originally written for a film about The Pearly Kings and Queens of London and now re-mastered and released with two new films to support tracks ‘Londinium’ and ‘Sweet As’ have to been seen as the quality storytelling is among the best tracks you will experience.

Dar.Ra has also written two books under his full moniker Darragh J Brady ‘Road Tales’ which is about amazing people with life changing stories that he met while touring the globe and

‘The Night That Jimi Died’ which is about a girl who channels the Spirit of Jimi Hendrix and rises to change the DNA of the World through Music. Both titles have also been given top reviews on Good Reads and Amazon Books.

Daniel Hartnett started The CorporateThief Beats to provide rap artists, singers and content creators an easy way to showcase their talent now dropping ‘I’m Good’

The Corporatethief Beats (Daniel Hartnett) has been providing high-quality hip hop beats to artists for years and now they’re giving musicians a chance at success with their new licensing program. Daniel Hartnett aka The Corporatethief Beats has always been passionate about music and the art of storytelling.

His love for this led him to found The CorporateThief Beats, which is focused on providing rap instrumentals as well as beats for mixtapes or albums!

Daniel Hartnett started The CorporateThief Beats with one goal in mind: to provide rap artists, singers and content creators an easy way for them to showcase their talent.

Latest Hip Hop Instrumental

Daniel Hartnett says “This is my latest Travis Scott Instrumental with a female hook called “Im Good”. ⭐ The beat is a commercial trap type beat. With a similar vibe to that of the rap artist Travis Scott. The beat is loop so that you can freestyle over the instrumental. See the instrumentals time stamps 【00:01】 below for more information about the structure of the beat.

Today it seems like every hip hop artist has a mixtape or album coming out, but not all of those releases will be made possible without the use of beats and instrumentals from someone who knows what they’re doing. This is why we’ve committed ourselves fully here at The Corporatethief Beats.”

He’s been in this game long enough to know how it works, and he wants you along for the ride. The CorporateThief Beat Blog is his way of giving back by sharing advice that will help your music marketing efforts take off like never before!

Daniel, who creates the beats for The CorporateThief Beats understands that having and promoting a musical career can be quite tricky and so many might be at a loss on what to do. This is why alongside beat production, the music producer has used his experience gathered over the years to write and share music marketing advice with his audience on The CorporateThief Beat Blog.

About Daniel Hartnett – Aka The Corporatethief Beats

Daniel Hartnett’s professional music production career started out at Galway Technical Institute, where he studied live sound engineering and scored some time in the recording studio. From there he went on to Dublin where he studied music production at The Academy of Sound Dublin. After that, Daniel continued his music production education at The Academy of Sound Dublin where he graduated with a Higher Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering. Daniel uses a mixture of Logic Pro-X and Pro-Tools to produce hip hop and pop music.

From the well-balanced production to the impressive instrumentation, fans of The Corporatethief Beats, as well as those who are looking for top-level beats, will definitely want to check out this release. Make sure you follow The Corporatethief Beats on social media to keep up to date with upcoming releases!

Main Website:

YouTube: The Corporatethief Beats – Hip Hop Instrumentals




The second verse of new single ‘I’ll be Me’ from DJ MC TOM covers Dwayne Wade’s transgender son and his ordeal.

DJ MC TOM an independent, underground artist from NYC who makes topical videos to help heal the world. This is a song about being yourself. Everyone in the world is different and I feel that it’s major to keep your identity and not to let anyone dictate how you act.

The song title is “I’ll Be Me”. First verse is about Colin Kapernick and his ordeal. The second verse covers Dwayne Wade’s transgender son and his ordeal. The basis isn’t about any orientation or race. It covers all spectrums of people who are different and judged. The singer is immensely talented but wishes to remain anonymous as not to interfere with her career in music, fashion and television.