DISCOVER THE BEST POP DANCE HOUSE FUSIONS OF 2020: Vienna Artist, DJ and producer ‘Flowmotion’ drops a classy tech-house meets Trap Synth Pop gem with haunting new single ‘Lights’

Flowmotion is an artist, DJ, and producer who developed a melodic style, reminiscent of artists as diverse as Steve Aoki, AVICII, and Diplo, only to mention but a few.

Recently, he came out with a brand new studio release titled LIGHTS. The song stands out for its romantic, nostalgic lyrics, not to mention its atmospheric production aesthetics. The track kicks off with some reverberated guitar tones, and it continues with a build up of sound and textures, leading up to an amazing drop.

The beat has a unique combination between tech-house influences and even some trap, with some 808-sounding snares thrown into the mix for good measure. The melodic synths merge in perfectly well with the deeper bass tones, which really set the bar higher.

The verses are more laid back, often leaving the guitar as the main instrument, before the beat returns to hit in full blast, bringing the song to its dynamic height.

Dj Flowmotion is currently 24 years old. Music was always his passion! In his childhood he started to learn the piano and since then he got interested in music.
Nowadays he is one of the most famous DJ – Artists in Vienna.

He started his first mix on Soundcloud in 2014 which got in the first two months already more than 4.000 listeners. That was amazing for that time!

Since his career started he played already at the biggest Clubs in Austria like Praterdome Vienna, Empire St. Martin, Till Neulengbach and many more.


Vienna Artist, DJ and producer ‘Flowmotion’ drops a classy tech-house meets Trap synth pop gem with haunting new single ‘Lights’

Flowmotion loves to play EDM, Hip Hop and Mainstream music in a fine combination.

Nowadays he plays like all around Austria and in summer he has a couple of international gigs, like in Croatia, USA or Italy.

A highlight of his career is the Vienna School Ball every year. This is the largest prom in Austria with more than 5000 visitors. Another highlight was a gig in the Wiener Stadthalle, with more than 3000 people or the Till Club in Neulengbach, which has more than 1000 guests every weekend.

Flowmotion introduces a brand new release: LIGHTS.



DISCOVER SINGER/SONGWRITERS: Prolific ‘Beatles’ meets ‘ELO’ on holiday with ‘Alan Parsons’ esque songwriter ‘Roy Shakked’ to release his well crafted and classic sounding new E.P ‘I’m Telling Everyone’ on 6 July 2020

Roy Shakked’ releases beautiful, sublime, melodic and majestic new E.P ‘I’m Telling Everyone’ on 6 July 2020.

Roy Shakked’s music career has taken many turns over the years. After graduating from college, he worked as a video game composer in NYC.

His next job was a record label A&R manager in Los Angeles.

I'm Telling Everyone_EP COVER

He followed that up by starting his own label, releasing eclectic underground grooves produced by himself and fellow friends, and finally releasing his songs featuring his vocals & lyrics, often playing all instruments.

His original albums have been released under different pen names including Holmes (over 3 million music streams to date), The Bright Wild, Orb Roybison and The Tao of Groove – all released under his Groove Gravy Records label.

Through the years, Roy’s music has been featured on dozens of television shows, including Teen Titans Go!, Sex and The City, Nip/Tick, Beyblade, CSI Miami, and Greenhouse Academy.

He has also written and produced music for multiple advertisements & trailers in the US, Japan and Europe and has composed scores and contributed songs to a host of films.

Roy Shakked

E.P Synopsis

Oblivion  – Vintage keys, lush strings, smokey vibes. A slow & soulful track about life changes, ambivalence and love.

I’m Telling Everyone  – Dark & funky, piano-driven electro-pop song about submission, admission and life lessons.

Natalia  – A Beatles-esque piano waltz dedicated to Roy Shakked’s girlfriend

Five Days a Week  – Tracked live, this anti-workweek anthem, originally recorded on the first Holmes album in ’08, has now been re-imagined.

In Winter – An acoustic singer-songwriter ballad written in anticipation fo Roy daughter’s birth which happened this past winter.

The new E.P  ‘I’m Telling Everyone’ by ‘Roy Shakked’ is out on all good digital retailers on 6 July 2020.



DISCOVER TRAP RAP GRIME LOCKDOWN STREET REVOLUTION OF 2020: Globally viral Trap Rap Grime artist ‘Vlad HQ’ is back with atmospheric dark and dope hot new single ‘Tonight feat. RAHLI.

After going viral multiple times, trending new artist ‘Vlad HQ’ is back with dope new single ‘Tonight (feat. Rahli)’.

Based in St. Louis, ‘Vlad HQ’ drops an infectious, dark, entrancing new style and fusion of Trap, Grime, Rap and Hip-Hop vibes.

Building with an eastern world flavoured mysterious guitar atmosphere, over dope phat thick claps and isolated pumped up mellow dark Trap beats.

Vlad HQ collaborates with Rahli on this raw, real and street track to deliver a dark vibed and mysterious sound, that keeps you addicted and infected over solid big wall of sound beats.

This is not just another Trap track, but an open ticket and invitation into experiencing a taste of the mysterious and wild Rap and Grime lifestyle of the sometimes controversial and globally trending new dark kid of Trap ‘Vlad HQ’.

‘Vlad HQ’ is followed globally by fanatics and follows in the footsteps of artists like ‘Keak Da Sneak’ and ‘Dax’ using dark beats and wild, whispery, distinctive spits that always lead to ‘Midas Touch’ catchy hooks, melodies and upfront, explicit, real life rhymes.

Going viral again and with global followers, Vlad HQ is on a world domination mission and is joined by the dope hot Rahli on this Smokey red hot, radical and atmospheric Trap, Grime and Drill fusion.

The hot steamy rap spits it’s way out of the speakers and takes us on a real life journey into the dark, decadent and dangerously hot world of  ‘Vlad HQ’ who is smoking the finest Sh*t.

Lock up your daughters or send them over this is a radical, dope, chilled and tantalising dark vibed Trap track that’s not for your parents. It’s BAD. You know it.

What are the obsessed fans saying about Vlad HQ ?

Fans on Soundcloud are going ‘Vlad HQ’ crazy dropping comments like “This is so sick mad love”, “This is some crazy sh*t”, “Vocal energy is fire, reminds me of Dax, big ups bro”, “I love the dark vibe this song has man” and thousands more after

Follow the blazing trail of ‘Vlad HQ’ with dope new single ‘Tonight (feat. Rahli)’ OUT NOW.

Tonight Artwork


DISCOVER BEST NEW LOCKDOWN RAP TRAP BOOM BAP DROPS OF 2020: ‘Grimey Hussein’ shoots straight outta the New Jersey Rap scene going lockdown Trap Rap Global with dope new drop ‘Pandemic’ Ft. Gmvcc Bandz

Hailing from Plainfield , New Jersey, Grimey Hussein is starting to make an impact in The New Jersey rap scene.

Grimey Hussein has released several singles that can be found on All platforms.

Grimey Hussein has a list of videos that you can also view on YouTube.

Grimey Hussein’s music is a mix of 90’s hip hop, Chicago and London drill, Atlanta’s trap music, and east coast boom bap rap.

Grimey Hussein is a very versatile artist. Growing up in the streets of Plainfield, Grimey Hussein has faced a lot of obstacles and you will hear it in his music.

His unique style and voice will soon be a force to be reckoned with.



You can follow Grimey Hussein on Instagram @kokanekodakz

DISCOVER BIG NEW BLUES AND SOUL VOICES OF 2020: ‘Terri Danelle’ announces new Blues/Soul single ‘Sacrifice’

The latest single from the incredible ‘Terri Danelle’ is entitled ‘Sacrifice and is a modern Blues/Soul single.

Sacrifice’ from ‘Terri Danelle’ is available on all platforms and is a heartfelt song delving into deception and a betrayal of love which is something everyone can relate to at some stage of their life.. It talks about someone choosing the materialistic 3D love over a past life deep soul connection.

The emerging artist shows off her irresistibly soulful voice on her powerful new track Born in New Zealand and currently based in West Australia, Terri Danelle has been cultivating a deeply personal style of song writing for years.

Emerging into the public consciousness with her new single, she shows herself to be an artist capable of speaking directly to audience’s hearts with her powerful voice. The retro guitar riffs that open ‘Sacrifice’ set the stage perfectly for what’s about to come.


Terri muses on romance and loss as the track gradually builds to a cathartic crescendo with a memorable hook.

Terri’s blues influences are on full display here, as she packs every line she sings full of emotion.

Fans of retro soul and modern pop will surely find something to love on ‘Sacrifice.’ ‘Sacrifice’ is available on all streaming platforms now.



Instagram: @terri_danelle



DISCOVER SUPREME TEAM RAP AND TRAP DROPS: Dope hot east side artist ‘Travis Ford’ drops the infectious rap summer banger “Tatt city ft Slim 400” off hot EP ‘HOOD WIT PALM TREE IN IT’ hosted by ‘Jadakiss’

Travis Ford is a dope Hot New artist from east side of Southern California, Born and raised on 98th and Main Street in Los Angeles by Mother (Ardalia Watson ) and Grandmother (Inez Henderson ).
Travis grew up a big fan of Michael Jackson ,lil Wayne at a young age performed at Churches ,Talent shows , School events ,Family knew he was going to be a entertainer maybe even a superstar.

After jail time , grandmother passing , Travis starting linking and taking music more serious, Came together with Royalty records Ceo signed a deal start making major singles w host like Compton av ,Pacman da gunman ,Slim 400,Jadakiss, Tanyc and many more .


On the street Now the hottest summer banger of 20/20 most are saying. “Tatt city ft Slim 400” “ Hood wit Palm treez in it hosted by jadakiss is name is ringing bells through California,Texas,Atlanta, Miami , and more.


Travis is a very talented artist fans love his music and can’t can’t to hear further projects. Royalty records artist Travis Ford is a very interesting artist,Unique sound to we’re fans are comparing talent to LIL Wayne ,NBA young boy ,roddy rich , check his YouTube and Instagram for more up dates and info.


Download and stream the new EP “Hood wit the Palm trees in it “where I come from ep” now all platforms. 


If u ask the streets they are loving Travis Ford and can’t wait for more ep’s ,albums and music.


Instagram @therealtravisford

DISCOVER RAP AGAINST RACISM 2020: The incredible Rap messenger ‘Abel Meri’ drops "#BLM" a prolific deep dive, social spit and commentary on the current state of civil rights and police brutality in America

Think Fab meets Jadakiss meets J. Cole as 90’s era boom bap lines collide with modern day sonic vibrations. Seamlessly bridging the generational gap, this is what evolved rap sounds like.

Abel is an Ethiopian-born and DMV-bred recording artist. An MC’s MC and a throwback to the era of bars and lyricism, Abel’s 90’s influence is apparent immediately, yet is refreshingly complemented by a contemporary flow and delivery.

Substantive, conscious, thought provoking rap served over soulful instrumentals. No cursing or negative imagery. Just timeless, uplifting rap music that feeds the soul. Packed full of punchlines, word play, flow patterns, cadence, delivery styles and alliteration, Abel’s versatility and range are limitless.

Employing the recording style of Jay-Z and Biggie, Abel prides himself on never writing down rhymes. All of his music is created and recorded in a stream of consciousness in the moment.
Abel has been releasing music at a furious pace in 2020 having dropped 3 EPs and several standout singles.

From R&B laced bangers like “Jaded”, “No Brainer” and “Seasons” to a punchline onslaught on “Salute”to the summertime rhythm of “Vibes” or the faith-based “We On 1“, real hip hop heads are sure to get goosebumps from the first bars. Head will undoubtedly nod from start to finish.


His latest release “#BLM” is a prolific deep dive of social commentary on the current state of civil rights and police brutality in America. Brutally honest lyrics served over gritty and soulful instrumentation, #BLM delivers a passionate and well reasoned message of frustration that necessitates immediate and drastic change to current status quo.

In an era seemingly dominated with simplistic and unimpressive lyrics submerged in a relentless flood of quasi-melodic autotune, it’s truly refreshing to hear a real lyricist delivering a meaningful and positive message to the world.


Apple Music:

DISCOVER COUNTRY ROCK ANTHEMS OF 2020: ‘Savannah’ releases a heartfelt caring country rock anthem with the majestic and rocking sound of ‘We are us’

Savannah Nider was born and raised in Pawnee City, Nebraska, a small town in the southeast corner of the state with about 900 people. She grew up passionate about family, sports, speech, and of course… music.

At a young age, her big voice turned the heads of some prominent industry figures. At 15, Savannah was given the opportunity to work along side Geno LeSage, Steve Cox, and Kenny Royster who were involved in the careers of Grammy award-winning artists including Collin Raye and many others.

Savannah lost her biggest fan, Grandma Linda, to pancreatic cancer shortly after launching her career. She made a promise to herself and her grandmother that music would not just be a dream, but a priority.
She completed her college education in 2014, married the man of her dreams, and moved to Nashville in early 2019.

Savannah 3

DISCOVER COUNTRY ROCK ANTHEMS OF 2020: ‘Savannah’ releases a heartfelt caring country rock anthem with the majestic and rocking sound of ‘We are us’.

Soon after her move, Savannah began to make musical connections that would launch her career. Joie Scott, a well-known songwriter in Nashville, influenced Savannah’s song writing ability and co-wrote her first song “Until Always,” which she performed at her own wedding.

She was also introduced to Bryan Cole, a talented producer out of Pittsburgh, PA who took a special interest in Savannah’s unique story, sound, and powerful voice.

Savannah 4

She recorded her latest EP, produced by Bryan Cole and Grammy Award winner Steve Marcantonio, in November of 2019 with her family and friends watching the magic outside the studio glass.

Savannah 5

This small-town girl with the big voice is making waves on the international scene, reaching #1 on the iTunes country singles chart in South Africa with “We Are Us.” She feels nothing but humility, love, and support from her family, both here and gone, and will use music to make them proud.

We Are Us cover


DISCOVER DANCE AND FOLK FUSIONS: ‘DSB n Ike Okani’ release their traditional folk-flavoured electronic dance anthem ‘Limerick Sky’

The Las Vegas-based electronic dance music project ‘DSB n Ike Okani’ is composed of DJ Donut Shop Boi (DSB) and DJ, record producer and songwriter Ike Okani.

‘DSB n Ike Okani’ release their distinctly trad folk-flavoured dance anthem Limerick Sky.

Released by Gilok Music (UK) and hypnotic from the first pulsating bars of the intro, Limerick Sky is a testament to passionate encounters, hook ups, and being lost and in love in the “ruins of the city”.

 Limerick Sky from ‘DSB n Ike Okani’ is out now on all good digital music retailers.

Limerick Sky


DISCOVER ESSENTIAL POP OF 2020: Stylish new pop star ‘Aurora Olivas’ lets loose melodic emotion and sentimental pop sophistication on new single ‘When You Were Mine’ with ‘JACSIN’.

Aurora Olivas recently joined forces with ‘JACSIN’, a music production and song writing duo who collaborated with the artist on a brand new single release: When You Were Mine.

The song marks Aurora’s much-anticipated debut release. Aided by the LA-based production team, Aurora managed to bring her vision to life and unfold the full potential of her creativity with a track that truly stands out.

DISCOVER ESSENTIAL POP OF 2020: Stylish new pop star ‘Aurora Olivas’ lets loose melodic emotion and sentimental pop sophistication on new single ‘When You Were Mine’ with ‘Jacsin’ – DISCOVER POP UK

One of the most difficult tasks for any artists is definitely to come up with a sound that feels refreshing and unique, yet timeless and innovative. It is safe to say that Aurora and Jacsin managed to accomplish that and more with this masterfully conceived release.

If you are a fan of artists as diverse as Billie Eilish, as well as Sia, The Chainsmokers, Halsey and Miley Cyrus, this one is going to be right up your alley.


This is a modern production, and Aurora is a charismatic singer with a lot of passion and a great voice to offer!

Find out more about Jacsin and Aurora Olivas, and do not miss out “When You Were Mine,” which is going to be available on June 19th.